Moving to Murrieta

Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to embark on an exciting journey to Murrieta, CA - the gem of Southern California's Inland Empire! Known for its charming family-centric community, outstanding schools, and glorious sunshine all-year round, Murrieta promises a lifestyle that is equally relaxing and invigorating. Whether you're enticed by the lure of wineries and golf courses or the allure of outdoor adventures, we present this comprehensive guide to making Murrieta your new home. So, without further ado, let's discover what awaits in this welcoming city abuzz with opportunities and endless possibilities!

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What to Know Before Moving to Murrieta

1. Sunny weather year-round

There's a reason why they call California the sunshine state! In Murrieta, you get to enjoy over 275 sunny days in a year! This sunny weather is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you're into biking, hiking, or gardening, the climate will be your best friend in Murrieta.

2. Family-friendly neighborhood

Murrieta is well known for being one of the safest cities in California. This makes it a perfect place to raise a family. The city puts a high emphasis on community, which is evident in the numerous family-friendly parks, annual events, and kid-friendly activities that take place. Additionally, the education system in Murrieta is top-notch, with schools often ranking high in academic achievement.

3. Unexpected Wine Enthusiast's Paradise

While Napa Valley typically steals the California wine spotlight, Murrieta has an impressive vineyard scene of its own. This well-kept secret is situated in the southern part of the Temecula Valley wine region. Living in Murrieta, you're less than 20 minutes away from countless vineyards and beautiful rolling hills that boast tasty wines and inspiring views.

4. Crowning Place of the Avocado Dome

In the world of quirky attritions, Murrieta takes the cake. Or rather, the guacamole. The city was once home to the world's largest dome made purely from avocados during the yearly Avocado Festival, a tradition that still pulls in folks from surrounding areas. Sadly, the record no longer holds, but the memory remains strong and should give you ample conversational ammo.

5. Stargazing haven

If you're a fan of stargazing or astronomy, then moving to Murrieta will feel like winning the lottery. Given its strategic location away from light-induced cities, night skies in Murrieta are exceptionally clear. A quick trip to the outskirts of the city where there are fewer street lights and you'll be able to spend amazing evenings under twinkling celestial shows.

6. Traffic-free commute

Moving to Murrieta allows you the advantage of driving to work in relatively traffic-free conditions. Unlike major cities like Los Angeles or San Diego, Murrieta has manageable traffic conditions during peak hours. Plus, you're about an evenly distanced drive from both LA and San Diego, giving you plenty of weekend getaway options.

In conclusion, living in Murrieta has its unique advantages. With its warm weather, family-friendly activities, excellent schools, and the hidden secrets of wine culture and stargazing opportunities, there is no shortage of reasons to love this city. Add that to the delightful oddity of once hosting the world's largest avocado dome, it's clear that there's nowhere quite like Murrieta. Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle, growing a family, wine tasting, or simply want a safe, dynamic place to live, Murrieta, CA, ticks all the boxes.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Murrieta

Pros of Living in Murrieta

Safe living environment

Murrieta is known for having a low crime rate which is credited to a dedicated law enforcement team and engaged local community. Residents also comment on feeling safe at all times, which adds to the enjoyable living experience in Murrieta.

Outdoor Recreation

There are ample opportunities for those who love the outdoors. With various hiking trails, parks, and close proximity to the beach, residents of Murrieta do not lack options when it comes to outdoor activities.

Community events

Murrieta has a rich local culture, complete with community events that are tailored to residents of all ages. These activities foster a real sense of community and give residents opportunities to meet each other and deepen community ties.

High quality education

Murrieta boasts a great education system, with a number of highly rated public and private schools offering a comprehensive range of courses. This has attracted families who value quality education for their children.

Comparatively affordable living

Compared to other parts of California, Murrieta is considered to offer a comparative low cost of living. Housing is more affordable, and generally you can get more for your money compared to other cities in the state.

Cons of Living in Murrieta

Heat during Summer

Summers in Murrieta can get quite hot, which may not suit everyone. The city is notoriously known for its intense summer heat, so be prepared for high temperatures and ensure your home is adequately equipped for the climate.

Limited Nightlife

In Murrieta, the nightlife scene is not as active as those in larger cities. If you enjoy visiting fancy clubs, bars and late-night spots on a regular basis, you might find Murrieta a bit quiet in this regard.

Commuting for work

If your job is located in one of the larger Californian cities, you may need to commute to work as Murrieta is predominantly a residential city. This could mean long travel times during peak hours.

Less cultural diversity

Compared to some of the larger cities in California, Murrieta doesn't have as much cultural diversity. This doesn't mean that the city isn't welcoming, it simply means you may not find as wide a range of cultural experiences as you might in other areas.

Limited Public Transportation

Public transport options are somewhat limited in Murrieta, so owning a car is almost necessary. This could potentially add to your cost of living if you don't currently own a vehicle.

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Is Murrieta a Good Place to Live?

Murrieta, CA is a great place to live because of its consistently beautiful weather, abundant recreational activities, fantastic schools, and its close proximity to both beaches and mountains. This city promises a high-quality lifestyle with its safe neighborhoods, thriving local businesses, and exciting community events like the famous Balloon & Wine Festival. Not to mention, if you're a golf-enthusiast, you'll find a variety of top-rated courses right at your fingertips.

What Is Murrieta Famous For?


Historic Downtown Murrieta

Steeped in rich history and culture, the historic downtown district of Murrieta is where the city truly comes to life. Beauty meets heritage here as the area features some classic architecture, old-world charm, and charismatic main street dotted with quirky boutiques, dining outlets, and antique shops.

Murrieta Equestrian Parks

Murrieta is famed for its love of horses and has several equestrian parks for horseback riding enthusiasts. The city is home to top-notch horse facilities like Los Alamos Hills Sports Park that host leagues, classes, and special events revolving around horse riding, appealing to both the seasoned riders and beginners.

The De Luz Trail

The De Luz Trail situated in Murrieta is a popular spot amongst nature lovers, fitness buffs, and outdoor enthusiasts. The picturesque hiking trail offers breathtaking views of the natural landscapes and provides a reposeful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life, plus it's great for spotting local wildlife!

The Annual Murrieta Rod Run

The Annual Murrieta Rod Run is a renowned auto show event that draws vintage car enthusiasts from all over the country. Held in the heart of Murrieta, this classic car show extravaganza displays a vast range of classic, vintage, and custom autos, turning the city into a paradise for auto admirers.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Murrieta, CA, the average property tax rate as of 2023 is about 1.07%, which is relatively low compared to the national average of around 1.2%. However, due to high property values, the actual amount paid by residents tends to be above the national average.

Sales Tax

Murrieta, as of 2023, has a sales tax rate of 7.75% which is quite high compared to the national median of about 6.2%. However, this includes both the state and local sales tax and is in line with the general sales tax trends across California.

Income Tax

California has a progressive income tax system, and in 2023, residents of Murrieta fall under this system. Although the state's income tax can be high compared to other states -- with rates ranging from 1% to 13.3% -- the actual rate depends on an individual's income level.

Housing Market

In comparison to other parts of the US, Murrieta, CA presents a fairly balanced housing market with medium home values of $483,269, higher than the national average. The market has seen significant growth, at nearly 8.7% over the past year. Renters should anticipate costs around $2,100, slightly above the national median rent. Homeownership rate in Murrieta is also slightly higher than the US average, indicating a stable, desirable residential ecosystem. Despite a higher cost of living, the area's safety levels, educational opportunities, and lifestyle attractions make it a compelling place for both renters and buyers.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Murrieta, CA is relatively high compared to other cities, primarily due to housing costs. As per the cost of living index, Murrieta stands at 152, where the US average is 100, demonstrating a significantly higher cost. Although essentials like groceries and healthcare are close to the national average, housing really drives up the cost of living here. However, Murrieta's safety, quality education, and pleasant weather make it a desirable place to live.

Weather & Natural Disasters

The climate in Murrieta, CA is characterized as hot-summer Mediterranean, with long, hot summers and short, mild winters. Average temperatures fluctuate between 42-92degF, with July being the hottest month, reaching high temperatures around 92degF. Conversely, January marks the coldest season with lows of 42degF. The average rainfall is about 14 inches annually, significantly below the national average. Most precipitation occurs in Winter, with February being the wettest month. Murrieta is located in a region highly prone to wildfires due to its warm climate and dry summers. Earthquakes, also, are not uncommon in this area due to its location near numerous active fault lines. However, Murrieta is less susceptible to other forms of natural disasters such as tornados and hurricanes. Overall, the area enjoys a pleasant climate most of the year with an abundance of sunshine and clear, blue skies.

Typical weather in Murrieta, CA

Economy & Job Market


* Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

* Health Care and Social Assistance

* Manufacturing

* Retail Trade

* Educational Services

The city of Murrieta, California has a robust economy that has been shaped over the years by a range of dynamic industries. It has a rich history in mining and agriculture which laid the economic foundation in its early years. However, the economy today has greatly diversified and is majorly dominated by the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services sector, followed closely by the Health Care and Social Assistance industry, Manufacturing, Retail Trade and Educational Services. The Health Care and Social Assistance industry particularly has been instrumental in driving the city's economy, contributing significantly to its income and providing a large number of jobs. Of course, Murrieta wouldn't be the same without its bustling retail scene and top-notch educational services.

If you're thinking of making a move to Murrieta, CA, you'll be pleased to know that the job market is pretty diverse and promising! The city has an employment rate above the national average, which is great news for job seekers. The Health Care and Social Assistance industry is always looking for fresh talent, so that might be a good place to start your job search! Additionally, the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services sector is booming and offers a variety of opportunities for both fresh grads and experienced professionals. Manufacturing, Retail Trade, and Educational Services also have a consistent demand for workers. So no matter what your experience or skills are, in Murrieta, you're likely to find a job that suits your career aspirations!


Traffic and Transportation

Good news, folks! In Murrieta, CA, your commute time might be shorter than you think. The average travel time to work is around 34.6 minutes - yes, you heard that right! Now, how about public transportation, you ask? The Riverside Transit Agency has got you covered there, providing bus services throughout Murrieta and its surroundings. Plus, for those of you who prefer a more, ahem, 'aerial' commute, the nearest airport, San Diego International Airport, is only two hours away. Hop on a plane, and you could be sipping cocktails in Hawaii by sundown! In Murrieta, the world is pretty much your oyster. So, pack your bags (or your briefcase), and come see what this transportation-friendly city has to offer!

What is the traffic like in Murrieta, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Murrieta


1. Central Murrieta

First stop, Central Murrieta. Oozing with charm, this heart of the city is a perfect choice for those seeking a mix of old and new. Its historic core, dating back to the city's gold strike in the 1870s, hosts the longstanding Murrieta Community Center and quaint coffee shops. Yet, take a step into the modern section, and you're greeted by bustling retail complexes and diverse dining options. Parks anchoring this neighborhood like the Murrieta Creek Regional Trail, offer ideal spots for biking, hiking, and picnics. And yes, the annual Murrieta Birthday Bash and Firefighters' Barbeque at Town Square Park is an event you wouldn't want to miss!

2. Bear Creek

If you ever dreamt of living within a golfer's paradise, Bear Creek is your hole-in-one! Nestled around the Jack Nicklaus-designed Bear Creek Golf Club, this exclusive gated community offers premium living accompanied by stunning mountain views. While golf is undoubtedly the star attraction, Bear Creek's top notch tennis facilities, swimming pool, fitness center, and private airstrip make it a destination for luxury life. With all it has to offer, Bear Creek is certainly a swing above the rest!

3. Greer Ranch

Greer Ranch, located in Murrieta's southern foothills, offers unrivaled panoramic views. Its scenic beauty, dotted with Mediterranean-styled homes amidst rolling hills, is a mirror to a picturesque Tuscan valley. This gated hillside community doesn't compromise on safety or amenities, boasting multiple parks, hiking trails, and a clubhouse with a pool and spa. On top of that, its close proximity to the city's top schools and shopping centers enhances its appeal. Simply put, Greer Ranch is the neighborhood where beauty and convenience converge.

4. Mapleton

The family-friendly Mapleton neighborhood is an ideal spot for those looking for spacious homes, top-tier schools, and abundant recreational opportunities. With an inventory of parks boasting ball fields, playgrounds, and walking trails, there is no shortage of outdoor activities for kids and adults alike. Maple Island, an adorable duck pond located in the heart of the neighborhood, serves as a charming community centerpiece. With an emphasis on family and community, Mapleton is truly a place where you can watch your roots grow.

5. The Paseos

The Paseos, or Trailside, delivers on its name by offering a network of paseos (trail paths) weaving throughout the community, encouraging outdoor fitness, and setting the stage for neighborly bonding. Designed for active living, this neighborhood offers sports fields, playgrounds, and a community center that hosts an array of classes and events. Completing the package are top-rated schools, diverse housing options, and access to fabulous shopping and eating venues just a stone's throw away. The Paseos does not just offer a home, but a lifestyle!

So, there we are, five fabulous neighborhoods in Murrieta that each wear a unique charm and vibe. From rich history to golfer's paradise, scenic beauty to family-friendliness, and active lifestyle, Murrieta embodies a diverse residential palette. Whether you are looking for a central city hustle or a gated retreat, Murrieta welcomes you with the neighborhood that matches your dream. So, make your move and find your perfect corner in this blossoming city!

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Things to Do

You've just moved to Murrieta, California, and you're wondering what fun things there are to do in your new hometown. Known as the 'gem of the valley,' Murrieta is packed with a variety of exciting activities for everyone. Whether you're a foodie, outdoors enthusiast, or culture vulture, you're in for an enjoyable time. Here, you'll find the town's most intriguing spots, including a few hidden gems. Buckle up, your adventure awaits.

1. Discover the Town Square Park

The beating heart of Murrieta is the Town Square Park. This gathering spot is a hub of constant activity, from concerts to farmer's markets, and everything in between. You can catch a movie under the stars, let loose on the ice rink during winter, or immerse yourself in the community spirit during one of the many seasonal events.

2. Rejuvenate at the Murrieta Day Spa

After the hustle and bustle of moving, indulge yourself at the five-star Murrieta Day Spa. This full-service spa offers relaxing massages, invigorating body treatments, and a thermal mineral pool that will wash any stress away. Their top-notch service and soothing ambiance are sure to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

3. Battle at Project N1 Airsoft Field

A hidden gem nestled in Murrieta's outskirts, Project N1 offers an exhilarating, heart-pumping airsoft experience. A tactical playground for team-based warfare, unleash your competitive spirit with friends, family, or even friendly locals. Safety gear and rental guns are available, making it easy for beginners to give it a shot!

4. Savor the Flavors at Anthony's Lounge and Ristorante

For sumptuous dining, Anthony's Lounge and Ristorante tops the list. Known for its masterful take on Italian cuisine, this intimate spot serves up delectable food, fine wine, and even occasional live music. Whether you're looking for a special date night or a new favorite family dinner spot, Anthony's will not disappoint.

5. Hike the Santa Rosa Plateau

Experience the serenity of nature at the Santa Rosa Plateau. With numerous trails, ranging from easy to moderate difficulty, it's the perfect way to explore Southern California's beautiful landscapes. Make sure to keep an eye out for local wildlife and a variety of wildflowers during the springtime.

6. Enroll in Cooking Class at Cali Comfort BBQ

Tucked away in the city is an unexpected culinary surprise - Cali Comfort BBQ offers cooking classes for those looking to heat up their kitchen skills. Licensed professionals guide you through intricate recipes and techniques, turning novice cooks into bona fide barbecue masters. Get saucy with some new friends and bring the delicious heat of the pit home with you.

7. Take a Stroll Down Historic Old Town Murrieta

Last but not least, step back in time in Old Town Murrieta. This charming area is home to a colorful collection of architectural gems, antique stores, and quaint eateries. You don't want to miss this nostalgic trip to the town's past, combining history with a splash of modern comforts.

In the end, whether you're seeking thrilling experiences, delicious indulgence, or pure relaxation, the city of Murrieta holds a charm that's hard to resist. Let this be your starting guide as you explore more of what this vibrant town has to offer. Happy discovering!

Things to do in Murrieta, CA?

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