Moving to Menifee

Welcome to the golden gateway of adventure and opportunity! Blow off the dust of everyday life and saddle up for a journey to Menifee, CA. This little slice of paradise in the heart of Southern California awaits to embrace you with its warm weather, scenic landscapes, and a cornucopia of exciting activities. Our comprehensive relocation guide is your trusty compass for a seamless transition to your new home in Menifee. We'll dish out all the local secrets this charmer of a town holds, from irresistible eateries, top-class schools to vibrant community events. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating new chapter, the Menifee way.

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What to Know Before Moving to Menifee

1. A city with a warm, small-town vibe

Located in the beautiful state of California, Menifee is a charming city that offers a warm small-town vibe with the convenience of major urban centers nearby. The city is characterized by its friendly community, lush parks, and a diverse assortment of shopping and dining options. Whether you're craving solitary tranquillity or a bustling weekend market, Menifee has something for everyone. So, brace yourself and get ready to immerse in the city's endearing charm.

2. An active outdoorsy lifestyle awaits you

Menifee's picturesque landscape sets the stage for a multitude of outdoor activities. City parks such as Wheatfield Park cater to your active lifestyle with basketball courts, soccer fields, and even a skate park. If hiking, biking, or horseback riding is more your style, the city has sprawling trails nestled around Menifee Lakes. Moreover, if you're an enthusiastic golfer, this city can be your paradise with its impeccably manicured golf courses.

3. Menifee's real estate screams luxury at affordable prices

The cost of living in Menifee may be higher than the average U.S. city, but its real estate is surprisingly affordable. Offering a mix of lavish yet pocket-friendly properties. From single-family homes to ultra-modern apartments featuring vogueish amenities, there's something to cater to every taste. Plus, the average price per square foot in Menifee is significantly lower compared to other Californian cities.

4. A thriving hotspot for rare gems and precious minerals

If you've ever harboured dreams of stumbling upon a rare gem or precious mineral, Menifee might just be your best bet. This somewhat unknown fact about the city is that it rests atop a particularly mineral-rich part of the state. So, who knows? Your weekend hike could end with a shimmering surprise!

5. The city is home to the mysterious Maze Stone

Adding to Menifee's intriguing aura is the Maze Stone - a prehistoric carving that is a somewhat unknown commodity, even to some locals. This cultural feature carved onto a granite boulder depicts a complex labyrinth and is believed to have been created by Native Americans centuries ago. It's the perfect destination for adding a bit of mystery and culture into your weekend outings.

6. A City with time-defying heritage constructions

Last on our list but certainly not least, Menifee is not devoid of historic charm. The Motte Historical Museum and the Barile Residence are just a couple of the heritage properties you can explore to get a glimpse of Menifee's rich history and legacy. Packed with historical records, photographs, and antique cars, the museum is a beautiful reminder of the city's varying cultural influences throughout its history.

Living in Menifee, California is a beautiful blend of indulging in the casual comforts of a small town and being at an arm's length from the bustling city culture. Whether you're seeking an active and outdoorsy lifestyle, a place of historical significance, or the chance to potentially find a gem or two during your hikes, Menifee is a welcoming community that is ready to amaze you with its charm and unique offerings.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Menifee

Pros of Living in Menifee

Affordable cost of living

Compared to many other areas in Southern California, Menifee offers a lower cost of living. Your dollars go further here when it comes to things like housing, groceries, and transportation. This makes Menifee a great place for those who are dreaming of California living, but on a budget.

Outdoor activities

Set in the foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains, Menifee offers an abundance of outdoor activities. From hiking and biking trails to fishing at the Diamond Valley Lake, nature lovers will appreciate the city's proximity to the great outdoors.

Good schools

Menifee is known for its well-regarded school system. Both Menifee Union School District and Perris Union High School District serve the city, offering programs that are recognized for their academic achievements and innovative programs.

Growing economy

The economy in Menifee is growing, with several large employers in the area and being in close proximity to the more industrial areas of Riverside and San Bernardino. This makes it a good city for job seekers and those looking to advance their careers.

A small-town feel

Even though Menifee is growing and developing, it still maintains a small-town feel. People know their neighbors and there's a strong sense of community, which can be particularly appealing to those tired of the anonymity of big city living.

Cons of Living in Menifee

Hot summers

One downside of living in Menifee is the hot summer weather. The city often sees high temperatures in the 90s or even 100s during the summer months, which can be uncomfortable for some.

Limited cultural attractions

While the city is peaceful and offers an easygoing lifestyle, some could find the number of cultural activities or big-city amenities to be lacking. For museum visits, theater outings, or fine dining, residents often need to travel to larger nearby cities like Los Angeles or San Diego.

Growing Pains

As a rapidly growing city, Menifee is experiencing some growing pains. There can be issues with traffic or infrastructure as the city works to keep up with the expanding population.

Dependence on a car

Public transportation is limited in Menifee, so residents typically need a car to get around. This can lead to additional costs and time spent on commuting, especially for people working or studying in other cities.

Distance from major cities

While the distance from bigger cities can be seen as a pro for some, for others it may be a negative. The drive into Los Angeles or San Diego can take over an hour without traffic, which can be a drawback, especially for those who wish to frequently visit these places for work or leisure.

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Is Menifee a Good Place to Live?

Menifee, CA is a great place to live because of its sunny weather, welcoming community, and abundance of recreational opportunities. It boasts a variety of outdoor activities from hiking trails to award-winning golf courses and has an array of dining and shopping destinations that cater to all tastes and budgets. The educational facilities are commendable, promoting a nurturing environment for families. Indeed, the charm of Menifee is hard to resist!

What Is Menifee Famous For?

Rapid Growth

Menifee, CA is famous for its incredibly rapid growth. It was officially incorporated in 2008, and since then, it has quickly expanded to become one of the fastest-growing cities in California with a population of over 90,000 residents. It's an ever-evolving place that's always full of excitement!

Outdoor Recreation

If you're a lover of the great outdoors, Menifee will definitely catch your interest. The city is well-known for its extensive park system with 20 parks covering more than 200 acres, perfect for families and sports enthusiasts. Not to mention, it's surrounded by stunning natural beauty with the San Jacinto Mountains being just a short drive away.

Warm Weather

Can't stand the cold? Then pack your sunscreen and come live in Menifee! The city is famous for its warm weather year-round. With sunny skies most days, it's the perfect spot for those who love soaking up the sun's rays outdoors or by the poolside.

Potato Festival and Spring Fest

Menifee might not be Hollywood, but its local events like the Potato Festival and Spring Fest make the city stand out. The Potato Festival, a staple for over 60 years, commemorates the city's rich agricultural history, while Spring Fest draws in visitors with its array of food, music, and fun activities. Both are beloved traditions that make Menifee a festive place to be.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate in Menifee, CA as of 2023 is 1.1% of the property's assessed value. This is relatively low compared to the national average property tax rate of 1.211%.

Sales Tax

As of 2023, the sales tax rate in Menifee, CA is 8.75%, which is slightly above the US median sales tax rate of 7.12%. Compared to other parts of California, this rate is quite typical.

Income Tax

The state income tax rate in California as of 2023 is 13.3% for the highest earners, while lower income brackets have lower rates. This is one of the highest state income tax rates in the United States. However, Menifee residents may also be subject to federal income taxes.

Housing Market

The housing market in Menifee, CA is highly competitive, with home values surging significantly over the past year. The values are significantly above the national average, reflecting the area's desirability and in-demand status. Homes typically receive multiple offers, often selling for around list price. Rent figures are also comparably high. Despite this, strong appreciation rates make Menifee a potentially profitable choice for both homeowners and investors, albeit a pricier one compared to many parts of the US. The city's stable economy, burgeoning job market, and aspects such as good schools and lifestyle amenities further intensify its attractiveness in the long run.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Menifee, CA is moderately lower compared to other cities in California. Comparing to statewide median, housing costs are more affordable in Menifee. However, utilities, groceries, and transportation costs are largely on par with the state average. Thus, whilst the cost of living in Menifee is relatively less, it is beneficial to thoroughly consider all components to gauge a comprehensive view of the overall living expenses in this city.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Menifee, CA, experiences a warm Mediterranean climate characterized by hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The temperatures typically range from 42degF in December to 96degF in July. Its annual average precipitation is approximately 12 inches, with a significant portion occurring in the winter season. Menifee's weather is majorly influenced by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and its inland topography, marked by rolling hills and expansive valleys. However, this serene beauty does not exempt Menifee from natural disasters. The region sees risks of wildfires due to its dry, hot summer conditions and earthquakes, given its location in the seismically active zone of California. Additionally, occasional flood risks exist because of heavy rainfalls and potential dam failures. However, the city's disaster management system is efficient and responsive, which mitigates these risks and ensures the safety of its residents.

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Economy & Job Market

Health Care and Social Assistance

Retail Trade

Education Services


Public Administration

Menifee, California, is a charming city that boasts a vibrant and dynamic economy. Historically, Menifee was known for its robust mining and agriculture industries, dating back to the mid-1800s. However, Menifee has evolved with the times, with the healthcare and social assistance sector leading the pack as the most prominent industry today. In addition, the retail trade, education services, construction, and public administration sectors also play a key role in Menifee's current economic landscape. So, whether you're a healthcare pro, a retail rockstar, an education evangelist, a construction guru, or a public administration aficionado, Menifee's diverse economy offers ample opportunities to make your mark!

Now, if you're considering packing your bags and catching the next flight to Menifee, we have a few job market nuggets to share. Menifee's employment rate is slightly above the national average, which is a positive sign for job seekers. While job opportunities can be found across the city, the quaint community of Sun City, the bustling Menifee Lakes area, and the city center are hotspots you might want to focus your job search on. For folks with a knack for healthcare or social assistance, the local hospitals, clinics, and social service institutions hold some promise. Meanwhile, retail enthusiasts can explore opportunities in the city's many shopping hubs. Passionate educators, constructors, and public administrators - the local schools, construction companies, and government offices await your expertise. So, come to Menifee, and bring your talents where they can shine the brightest!

Traffic and Transportation

If you're zipping around Menifee, CA, gear up for an average commute time of roughly 35 minutes. Don't fret, you can the time to learn a new language, audiobooks, or discover the next hit podcast! As for public transportation, Riverside Transit Agency (RTA) is your chariot, offering several convenient bus routes throughout the city. Always dreamed of riding in one of those big, cool, double-decker buses? Well, RTA's route 208 is your dream come true! And for the high-flyers amongst us, Perris Valley Airport and French Valley Airport are just a short drive away, offering general aviation opportunities. So whether you're a road warrior, a bus buff, or an aviation aficionado, Menifee, CA's traffic and transportation scene has got you covered!

What is the traffic like in Menifee, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Menifee

1. Audie Murphy Ranch

Oh, sweet Audie Murphy Ranch. This masterfully planned community is a crowd pleaser, offering an exciting fusion of serenity, beauty, and recreation. Think of it as your private paradise. Here you can enjoy outdoor activities at the Plunge, the Ranch House, Silver Star Park, or the Spirit Park. You can choose from five unique neighborhoods within the community, each with gorgeous single-family homes. So, if you love picturesque scenery coupled with the luxury of modern living, then Audie Murphy Ranch is the place for you.

2. Menifee Lakes

Menifee Lakes is another great option with its own distinct flavor. The neighborhood is anchored by a spectacular 36-hole golf course, making it a golfer's dream. The country club and lakes add to the allure of this residential community. If you're looking for family-friendly fun, the beach club lagoon and parks will keep you occupied. The neighborhood is also home to the Mt. San Jacinto College, providing easy access to quality education for residents. It is undoubtedly a place to feel at home in.

3. Sun City

Step into the Sun City, an age-restricted community of 55 and better, and you will feel welcomed by its warm hospitality. The neighborhood offers abundant amenities, including recreation centers, golf courses, and clubhouses that offer everything from arts and crafts to dance classes. Mix this with the impressive health and wellness programs and the community's active lifestyle and Sun City becomes a perfect place to retire or spend your golden years.

4. Romoland

Delightful and charming, Romoland is a predominantly residential neighborhood with a dash of rural vibes. This neighborhood stands out for its low crime rates and overall family-friendly atmosphere. Heritage High School, a top-ranked high school, is located in Romoland, solidifying its status as a great place for families. Overall, if peace and quiet, coupled with safe streets, is what you're after, Romoland is as good as it gets.

5. Quail Valley

Quail Valley, known for its beautiful highlands, breathtaking canyon views, and the enchanting Riverside County wildlife, is a neighborhood that sings of the great outdoors. It offers fascinating hiking trails and picnic spots for the entire family. The houses are unique and varied, offering a wide range of styles and price points. Quail Valley is certainly for those who have an affinity for nature and tranquility.

So, there you have it! Five unique neighborhoods perfectly poised to welcome you into the spectacular Menifee community! Whether it be the luscious landscapes of Audie Murphy Ranch, the refreshing vibes of Menifee Lakes, the adult-oriented Sun City, the peaceful suburbia of Romoland, or the outdoor paradise that is Quail Valley, Menifee has a home awaiting your arrival. Your adventure in this sun-kissed haven should be filled with delight - just as life in Menifee is. Welcome and enjoy!

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Things to Do


Welcome to Menifee, California -- a destination that's far more than just a sunny locale in the Golden State. Nestled in the heart of Southern California, Menifee offers a vibrant blend of leisure activities, rich history and rustic vistas. Here are seven exciting things to do in Menifee that are sure to make you feel right at home.

1. Golf at the Menifee Lakes Country Club

With two stunning 18-hole championship courses, Menifee Lakes Country Club is a golfer's paradise. The plush greens, rolling fairways, and marvelous mountain vistas make a golf outing here a must-do for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

2. Visit the Motte Historical Museum

Take a step back in time at the Motte Historical Museum, where the history of the region comes alive in the form of an impressive collection of vintage cars and local artifacts that tell fascinating tales of the past.

3. Enjoy a Day at DropZone Waterpark

Looking to cool off on a hot day? DropZone Waterpark, with its array of wild slides, lazy river, and pool, is the ideal destination for family fun under the Californian sun.

4. Take a Stroll on Salt Creek Trail

Pack a picnic and lace up your boots for a peaceful walk along the winding Salt Creek Trail. Surrounded by native flora, this trail offers a relaxing way to enjoy nature's beauty and serene atmosphere in the heart of Menifee.

5. Visit the Menifee Farmers Market

Experience the flair of small-town life by exploring a variety of fresh produce, homemade goodies, and unique crafts at the Menifee Farmers Market. It's a great opportunity to support local businesses and discover some homegrown delights.

6. Attend a Class at Painted Earth

Unleash your inner artist at Painted Earth, a local pottery and art studio. Attend a pottery painting class, glass fusing session, or canvas painting workshop. This is a lesser-known gem in Menifee, where visitors of all ages can have fun while stepping out of their comfort zone and tapping into their creativity.

7. Explore the Secretly Luxurious Glen Ivy Hot Springs

If you're willing to drive a bit, the Glen Ivy Hot Springs is a luxurious spa resort located just outside Menifee. It boasts various therapeutic pools filled with mineral water from deep within the earth. Not only can you soak in the mineral baths, but you can also participate in yoga classes, enjoy a massage, or get a mud treatment. It's a hidden paradise that promises ultimate relaxation.

Whether you're into history, sports, arts, outdoor activities or just looking to relax, Menifee is a city of endless possibilities. The vibrancy and richness of life here are bound to keep you enthralled and entertained as you embark on your new journey in this charming city. Welcome to your new home, welcome to Menifee!

' Things to do in Menifee, CA?

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