Moving to Lancaster

Get ready to experience a desert oasis filled with sunny weather, breathtaking scenery, and a mesmerizing aerospace legacy! Nestled in Antelope Valley, Lancaster, California has all the charm of a small town complemented by the dynamism of a growing city. In this comprehensive guide, we'll make your imminent move to Lancaster, less daunting and more exciting. From housing options to your soon-to-be favorite local haunts, we've got you covered. Fasten your seatbelts because Lancaster's allure is about to captivate you.

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What to Know Before Moving to Lancaster


1. Lancaster Has a Unique Poppy Season

Oh, you\'ve heard of cherry blossom season in Japan? C\'mmon, that\'s mainstream! Let\'s introduce you to the lesser-known but oh-so-beautiful poppy season in Lancaster. The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve becomes a feast for your eyes from about mid-March through end-April. This stunning display of nature\'s orange carpet will have you snapping pictures left and right to capture its beauty!

2. Aerial Artistry Soars Here

Lancaster offers a front-row seat to amazing aerial displays. Lancaster\'s Aerospace Walk of Honor pays tribute to the numerous test pilots who have been involved in aviation history. Many events allow folks to view classic airshows, or even some operations of the Space Shuttle, depending on the year and the public availability.

3. A Prime Location

You\'re never too far from adventure in Lancaster. Situated within driving distance from Los Angeles, the beach, the mountains, AND the desert, Lancaster offers an ideal centralized location for diverse explorations. Just plan out your day trips, pack a picnic basket, and you, my friend, are all set for a series of delightful escapades.

4. Innovative Solar Usage

Lancaster more than just utilizes the abundant Californian sunlight; it aims to become the first Solar City in the world. An ambitious plan, indeed! The city has a multitude of solar energy projects, aimed at producing more electricity from solar power than it consumes. So, if you are eco-conscious, Lancaster is the city that matches your energy! (No pun intended).

5. Streets That Speak

Lancaster\'s BLVD Cultural District is not just a head-turner. What with its vivid art installations, colorful murals and bustling Farmer\'s markets, it\'s a place that talks to you, engages you and invites you to become a part of its vibrant community. The weekend farmer\'s markets here are particularly hit, offering the freshest fruits, vegetables and artisan foods.

6. An Unbelievable Musical Road

Lancaster hides a melodious secret in its heart only known to a few. Ever heard of a road that plays music? Lancaster\'s Civic Musical Road, designed by Honda as a part of an ad campaign, is one of the only few in the world, coded to play the finale of Rossini's William Tell Overture. So, don\'t forget to roll down your windows, hit the right speed (55 mph), and tune in to the harmonious hum of Lancaster\'s highway melody!

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your luggage and get ready for life in Lancaster, the city that promises a unique blend of natural beauty, innovative tech, accessibility and a pinch of quirky charm. The poppies are waiting to welcome you, the sky\'s ready to put on a show, and the musical road is tuned up for your arrival. It won\'t be long before you call Lancaster \'Home\'!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Lancaster

Pros of Living in Lancaster

Abundance of Outdoor Activities

Lancaster, CA, is surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes offering an array of outdoor activities. You can enjoy biking, hiking, and bird watching at the Prime Desert Woodland Reserve, or visit Apollo Community Regional Park for a picnic. The options for outdoor adventures are almost limitless.

Close Proximity to Major Cities

Lancaster is located just about an hour's drive from downtown Los Angeles. This proximity to a major city allows for convenient trips to enjoy all the amenities and attractions a large city has to offer, yet you can still come home to a quieter, more relaxed environment.

Strong Sense of Community

Lancaster residents often speak warmly about their city's sense of community. Regular community events, such as the Lancaster Performing Arts Center shows and the Thursday Street Fair, give everyone the chance to mingle and enjoy the local culture.

Remarkable Cultural Sites

Cultural enthusiasts would love the iconic landmarks in Lancaster, such as the Antelope Valley Indian Museum and the Lancaster Museum of Art and History. These places create an opportunity to learn more about the region's past and its cultural heritage.

Affordable Housing

Lancaster is known for having a cost of living lower than the California average, particularly when it comes to housing costs. Here, you can get more home for your money, making it an appealing destination for relocation.

Cons of Living in Lancaster

High Crime Rates

According to crime statistics, Lancaster has a higher crime rate compared to the national average. While efforts are being made by local law enforcement to address this issue, potential residents should consider this when thinking about safety and security.

Limited Nightlife

For those who enjoy an active nightlife, Lancaster might feel a bit limited. Though there are bars and restaurants, the city isn't known for its vibrant after-hours scene. Those looking for an active nightlife might find themselves often traveling to nearby Los Angeles.

Potential for Extreme Heat

As part of California's high desert region, Lancaster can experience extreme heat, especially in the summer months. Temperatures can reach into triple digits, which might not be comfortable for everyone.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in Lancaster isn't as developed as in larger cities. This may require owning a car for convenience, or dealing with longer travel times, considering the wide geographical spread of the city.

Limited Job Opportunities

While Lancaster has some employment opportunities, it doesn't have the job market diversity seen in larger cites. Those moving to the area for work might want to secure employment before relocating, or be open to commuting to nearby cities for more job opportunities.

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Is Lancaster a Good Place to Live?

Lancaster, CA is a great place to live because of its beautiful desert landscapes and cheaper cost of living compared to other parts of California. Its close proximity to Los Angeles provides ample opportunities for employment and leisure activities, and the city's commitment to renewable energy makes it an attractive place for eco-conscious living.

What Is Lancaster Famous For?


The Aerospace Walk of Honor

For aircraft enthusiasts and history buffs alike, the Aerospace Walk of Honor is a go-to attraction in Lancaster. It pays tribute to the tireless test pilots who've contributed to advancements in aviation technology. With monuments displaying the names of these unsung heroes lining the sidewalk, it's a walk to remember!

Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

Spring in Lancaster is a sight to behold, especially at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve. Across 1,780 acres of rolling hills, vibrant, golden California poppies blanket the landscape in a spectacular natural phenomenon. It's like walking through a landscape painting come-to-life.

The BLVD Cultural District

The heart of Lancaster, the BLVD Cultural District, is bustling with art, culture, shopping, and food. The district showcases a slew of art galleries, unique shops, and eateries. It also regularly hosts events such as farmers markets and seasonal festivities, making it a vibrant spot to explore.

Edwards Air Force Base

Home of the Air Force Test Center, Edwards Air Force Base in Lancaster is deeply intertwined with the city's rich aerospace history. Visitors can explore an outdoor display of historic aircraft, or witness contemporary aircraft launch into the azure California skies. A symbol of American innovation at its finest.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax in Lancaster, CA as of 2023 is set at 1.06% of the assessed home value. When compared to the average property tax rate in the US of 1.07%, Lancaster's property tax rate is slightly lower.

Sales Tax

Lancaster, CA has a combined city and county sales tax rate of 7.75% as of 2023. This is higher than the national average sales tax rate of 7.12%, making sales tax in Lancaster slightly more expensive than in many other parts of the US.

Income Tax

In 2023, the income tax rate in Lancaster CA is based on California's state tax rate, which ranges from 1% to 13.3% depending on income level. This is considerably higher than the average state income tax rate in the US of 4.6%.

Housing Market

The Lancaster, CA housing market, found within Los Angeles County, presents a less competitive market compared to the national average. The median home value is roughly $360,000, significantly lower than the typical US value. Home prices have seen an annual increase of nearly 9.5%, suggesting a developing market. The median rent in Lancaster is around $1,750, which is slightly below the country's median rent. The city's rental vacancy rates are higher than the US average, providing renters more options. With a balanced blend of affordable prices and promising growth, Lancaster's housing market offers intriguing possibilities for renters and buyers alike.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Lancaster, CA is currently lower than the national average, rendering it more affordable compared to other cities such as Los Angeles or San Francisco. Key factors such as housing, transportation, and groceries contribute to this affordability. However, compared to other cities in the Antelope Valley, such as Palmdale, Lancaster's cost of living is slightly higher. Overall, the lower costs in Lancaster, when compared to larger metropolitan areas, provide an appealing option for those seeking more economical living arrangements in California.

Weather & Natural Disasters

The climate of Lancaster, CA is classified as desert, characterized by hot summers and cold winters. During summer, temperatures average between 90degF and 100degF but can climb up to 115degF. Winter can bring temperatures as low as 20degF with strong winds often enhancing the cold conditions. Rainfall is minimal, happening mostly in winter with an annual average of 7.8 inches. Lancaster is also susceptible to natural disasters such as wildfires due to its dry desert conditions and earthquakes due to its location near a number of active fault lines. The region also experiences windstorms, with the most notable being the Santa Ana winds - hot, dry winds that can exacerbate wildfire incidents. From time to time, flash floods may occur following periods of intense rainfall. These climatic conditions and natural disaster hazards significantly shape life in Lancaster, CA.

Typical weather in Lancaster, CA

Economy & Job Market


* Aerospace and Defense

* Healthcare and Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Manufacturing

* Education Services

Boasting an economy rooted in history, Lancaster, CA offers a cornucopia of career opportunities amidst Antelope Valley's beautiful high desert scenery. Historically, Lancaster's economy was driven by mining and agriculture, but the need of the hour and the city's strategic location led it to become a major player in the aerospace and defense industry. Now, it's the home base for several significant aerospace companies. Presently, healthcare and social assistance have also become key segments of the city's economy, with Antelope Valley Hospital being one of the top employers. Retail trade also flourishes in 'The Golden Poppy State,' and you'll find an eclectic mix of little boutiques, vibrant markets, and major shopping centers spread across the city.

If you're planning to moonwalk to Lancaster, CA (and by that, we mean move, not Michael Jackson dance!), there are a few things you should know about the job market. Lancaster boasts a lower unemployment rate than the national average, so that's definitely a cheery cherry on top! The aerospace and defense industry is undoubtedly one of the top job providers in the city; however, don't overlook the opportunities in healthcare, education services, retail, and manufacturing sectors. There's something for everyone in this sunny city, whether you're a retail associate with a love for customer service, a nurse committed to improving community health, a teacher passionate about molding young minds, or an engineer ready to reach for the stars! Your next career leap could very well be waiting for you in Lancaster.


Traffic and Transportation

Hey there, road warrior! Start your engines; we're exploring the adventurous landscape of traffic and transportation in the vibrant city of Lancaster, CA. Here, stories are inked in daily commutes averaging a somewhat leisurely 30 minutes - not a bad trade for the experience of traversing enchanting desert-scapes! But fear not, if sitting behind the wheel isn't your cup of tea, Lancaster's Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA) comes to the rescue! With their trusty buses, you can traipse around the city like a pro without having to worry about parking or gas! Craving a swift, more bird's-eye travel experience? Lancaster's General William J. Fox Airfield has you covered. This little gem of an airport caters to private and cargo aircraft, reminding us of the thrill and elegance of air travel. So, whether you're journeying by road, bus, or sky, Lancaster's got your wanderlust needs covered!

What is the traffic like in Lancaster, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Lancaster

1. Quart Hill

Quartz Hill is a desirable neighborhood situated in the west of Lancaster, California. Known for its family-friendly atmosphere and quaint, small-town charm, Quartz Hill offers peaceful suburban living alongside a scattering of local shops, boutiques, and restaurants. If you're a nature enthusiast, you'll enjoy the surrounding desert landscape and the scenic views of the nearby Antelope Valley. Add in a highly-rated school district and close-knit community vibes and Quartz Hill makes for an ideal place to settle for families and retirees alike.

2. Rancho Vista

Welcome to Rancho Vista, a vibrant and lively neighborhood that promises a variety of amenities and recreational activities. The crown jewel is the Rancho Vista Golf Course, where residents can enjoy a round of golf alongside stunning panoramic views. Families will appreciate a host of well-maintained parks and playgrounds, and shopping enthusiasts will delight in quick access to the Antelope Valley Mall. Above all, Rancho Vista emanates a friendly and welcoming atmosphere making it an attractive community to put down roots.

3. West Lancaster

West Lancaster, or as the locals call it "The Westside", is filled with beautiful palm-lined streets, diverse architecture, and stunning desert views. This neighborhood is perfect for those who value quiet residential living without sacrificing convenience. It's home to several superior public schools attracting families seeking quality education. From trendy coffee shops to sophisticated restaurants, West Lancaster also offers a variety of eateries for foodies to explore.

4. East Lancaster

Eager for some desert adventure? East Lancaster could be your answer. With the Saddleback Butte State Park as its neighbor, this neighborhood offers spectacular views, hiking trails, and outdoor adventures. Alongside this is a selection of suburban amenities ranging from grocery stores, restaurants to a cinema. East Lancaster also prides itself on diversity, boasting a multi-cultural community that adds to the rich, vibrant atmosphere of the area.

5. Antelope Acres

If rural serenity is what you're after, then Antelope Acres is the neighborhood for you. Nestled on the outskirts of Lancaster, it presents a rural ambiance with wide, open spaces, agricultural fields, and sweeping desert landscapes. This peaceful neighborhood is perfect for those who love the outdoors, yet it's close enough to the city center to benefit from urban amenities whenever needed. Residents love the tight-knit community, regular farmers' markets, and the feeling of living in a desert oasis.

In conclusion, Lancaster, CA is a city of diversity and charm, offering an array of neighborhoods each with their unique personality, landscape, and amenities. Whether you long for the quiet bliss of rural living, the adventure of outdoor explorations, the vibrancy of a lively community, or the charms of a quaint town, there's a neighborhood in Lancaster that will fit your lifestyle perfectly. So, pack those bags, and get ready to experience the charm that these neighborhoods have to offer.

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Things to Do

Welcome to Lancaster, CA - the golden gem of Antelope Valley. It is a place that entices you with a storybook charm, unique culture, and incredible vistas. A city where you'll get to relish gorgeous landscapes, striking architecture, and dynamic attractions that stir up both chill and thrill. Whether you're moving to the city or just visiting, we've cooked up a list of seven must-do things in Lancaster. Grab a pen and paper folks, as we deep dive into our delectable list.

1. Explore the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is a sight to behold and the perfect playground for the nature aficionados. When spring hits, the valley transforms into an enchanting carpet of bright orange poppies. This is an Instagram worthy location that surely eases stress after you finish moving into your new home. There are also several walking trails to explore the scenic beauty around.

2. A Stroll Down The BLVD

Lancaster Blvd, popularly known as The BLVD, is the bustling heart of the city. This trendy and walk-friendly street boasts of a wide variety of dining, entertainment, and shopping options. From local boutiques to art galleries and delicious eateries, there's no lack of options for people of all ages. A perfect start to soak up the local flavour of the new city.

3. Immerse in History at The Western Hotel Museum

If you are a fan of history, then the Western Hotel Museum is a must-visit. This hotel-turned-museum is a testament to Lancaster's rich history. It was once a stopover for travelers and pioneers and today serves as a portal to the bygone era. The antiques and memorabilia will transport you back in time.

4. Delve into Space at The Aerospace Walk of Honor

Lancaster takes immense pride in their place in aviation history. Take a gander at the Aerospace Walk of Honor dedicated to commemorate the test pilots who risked lives contributing to the evolution of flight. Each monument in the walk signifies a pilot and their contribution. A great way to learn about the incredible feats of these daredevils!

5. Visit Lancaster's Musical Road

Here's our first unique pick - Lancaster's Musical Road. This road is tucked on Avenue G between 60th and 70th Streets West. As you drive over the groove-like patterns, it plays the classic "William Tell Overture". Yes! You read it right. A road that sings to you. Talk about Lancaster's quirks!

6. Experience the Kill Bill Church

Film buffs, rejoice! Our second special pick is the Church of Divine Prophecy, better known as the "Kill Bill Church". This iconic film location from Quentin Tarantino's cult flick Kill Bill is on East Avenue G. Although the church is not open for tours, catching a glimpse of this cult movie location is a must. Don't forget your camera!

7. Enjoy the Lancaster Performing Arts Center

The Lancaster Performing Arts Center (LPAC) plays host to a wide range of artistic presentations. With an impeccable reputation for showcasing high quality entertainment, LPAC promises a great blend of music, theatre, and dance. A perfect night out option!

Lancaster is like an interesting patchwork quilt, with each piece representing unique charm and character. The countless attractions the city offers would keep any newcomer immersed in its beauty. Whether it's the captivating nature, rich history, or the unique quirks of the city, there's a part of Lancaster that would charm every newcomer into calling it their home. It's not about finding something to do, but rather trying to fit it all in. Think of this list as your starter kit, and let the Antelope Valley guide you towards adventure and fun. Welcome home!

Things to do in Lancaster, CA?

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