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Are you considering an adventure to the laid-back serenity of suburban life? Join us as we delve into the sun-drenched charms of Lakewood, CA. Nestled amid bustling cities yet maintaining its relaxed vibe, this hidden gem offers a montage of tree-lined streets, thriving economy, safe neighborhoods, and top-notch schools. Our comprehensive Lakewood relocation guide brings you a detailed panorama of this charming city, that effortlessly combines the simplicity of small-town living with a touch of urbane sophistication. A place where every sunset paints a beautiful picture, moving to Lakewood is like coming home to a vacation.

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What to Know Before Moving to Lakewood

1. It's Suburban Living with a Twist

If you're looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city living, yet still crave the creature comforts of metropolitan life, Lakewood, CA ticks all the boxes. Nestled in the heart of Los Angeles County, this city offers a laid-back, suburban atmosphere complemented by convenient proximity to the metro area. While it's known as the "suburban mecca," Lakewood offers much more than just white picket fences, with an array of shopping centers, eateries, and recreational activities at your fingertips.

2. The Shopping is Top-Notch

Calling all shopaholics! Lakewood houses one of California's first-ever malls, the Lakewood Center. Stroll through this expansive establishment housing over 250 shops and guaranteeing an unrivaled shopping experience. And if that wasn't enough, the city is sprinkled with numerous other smaller shopping plazas catering to your every whim and fancy. See, told you it's suburban living with a twist.

3. The Tree-Lined Streets aren't just for Show

The city is renowned for its beautiful, tree-lined streets that give the neighbourhoods a charming, idyllic appeal. But did you know these trees play a pivotal role in Lakewood's innovative water conservation efforts? That's right! The city conscientiously plants trees to absorb rainwater runoff and enhance groundwater resources. Adds a whole new level of appreciation for strolling those leafy avenues, doesn't it?

4. It's a Sporting Paradise

If you're a sports enthusiast, Lakewood will undoubtedly be your playground. Known for producing big-league stars like Matt Duffy and Mike Fitzgerald, this city takes sports seriously. Home to more than a dozen parks, numerous sporting leagues, and a dedicated youth sports program, Lakewood residents have plenty of opportunities to either participate in or enjoy watching a host of sports activities.

5. A Taste of World Cuisine

In Lakewood, your taste buds are in for a treat. With a rich amalgamation of cuisines from around the world, dining out in Lakewood is like embarking on a gastronomic world tour. From classic American comfort food to exotic international delicacies, you're sure to find something that tantalizes your palate. An insider tip - make sure you hit the local Farmer's Market for fresh, local produce and delicious food stalls.

6. Written in the Stars

Here's a relatively unknown fact to charm the quiz lovers or amaze the newcomers. The city of Lakewood was built by the stars, quite literally! In the 1950s, MacDonnell Douglas, an aerospace manufacturer, helped fund the creation of Lakewood so its employees could reside near the Long Beach plant. So when the sky sparkles brightly above Lakewood, it might just be the stars tipping their hats to the city's unique history.

So there you go, folks. Lakewood, CA is not only about serene suburban comfort, but also about innovative conservation efforts, thriving sports culture, array of shopping choices, diverse food scenes, and a unique, star-studded history. Prepare to be charmed by this captivating city where common meets uncommon and tradition meets modernity. See you on the flip side!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Lakewood

Pros of Living in Lakewood

Proximity to Major Cities

Lakewood enjoys a strategic location that places it close to major cities such as Los Angeles and Long Beach. This means residents can take advantage of the job opportunities, amenities and attractions these cities offer while still living in a more serene and relaxed environment.

Active Community

Known for its tight-knit community, Lakewood offers a strong sense of belonging. The city frequently organizes community events and gatherings that are well-attended by residents, fostering a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Outdoor Recreation

Lakewood features a number of parks and outdoor recreational facilities. From biking and walking trails to playgrounds and picnic areas, these spaces provide plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and exercises.

Healthcare Facilities

Lakewood is home to several top-quality healthcare institutions. This makes accessing quality healthcare services convenient for residents, contributing to a healthier and happier community.

Education System

The education system in Lakewood is commendable with a good number of well-rated public and private schools. This makes it a great place for families with school-going children and those planning to raise a family.

Cons of Living in Lakewood

Cost of Living

Like many cities in California, the cost of living in Lakewood is significantly higher than the national average. This is reflected in the cost of housing, groceries, transportation, and other basic necessities.

Traffic Congestion

Despite its relatively small size, Lakewood experiences traffic congestion, especially during peak hours. This could potentially increase commute times to work and other activities around town.

Limited Nightlife

While Lakewood offers a serene environment and is considered family-friendly, it has limited options when it comes to nightlife. Those accustomed to vibrant and robust nightlife might find it a bit quiet.

Limited Public Transportation

Public transportation options in Lakewood are relatively limited. Residents often need to rely on personal vehicles or rideshare services to get around, which can be inconvenient for those without cars.

Air Quality

Being close to major cities, Lakewood often experiences lesser air quality. This could potentially affect those with respiratory conditions or people concerned about environmental issues.

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Is Lakewood a Good Place to Live?

Lakewood, CA is a great place to live because of its friendly community, excellent schools, and beautiful parks. With mild weather all year round and a multitude of amenities and activities nearby, it's hard not to fall in love with this little gem in Southern California. Additionally, with a low crime rate and quality healthcare services, Lakewood offers a safe and healthy living environment for all its residents.

What Is Lakewood Famous For?

Birthplace of the Denny's Restaurant Chain

Yes, the city of Lakewood is home to many firsts, and one of them is Denny's! This beloved American diner-style restaurant chain first set up shop on Lakewood Boulevard in 1953. Thanks to Lakewood, we all have a place to enjoy pancakes at 2am!

Architectural Masterpiece: Lakewood Center

As one of the largest enclosed shopping malls in the United States when it opened in 1951, Lakewood Center was considered an architectural marvel. It's also a big part of the cultural fabric of the city, having served as a social hub for generations of Lakewood residents.

Home of the Championship Lakewood High School Sports Teams

Lakewood takes its high school sports seriously, and boy does it show! For years, Lakewood High School's sports teams, particularly in baseball, basketball, and football, have been bringing home championship titles, raising the city's flag high up in the California sports scene.

Lakewood's Proximity to Long Beach Airport

While there are many airports in California, none are as conveniently located as Long Beach Airport is to Lakewood. This nifty little city is just 15 minutes away from the airport, making it a travel-friendly destination and an excellent starting point for a Californian adventure!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the average property tax rate in Lakewood, CA, is approximately 0.76% of the property's assessed fair market value, which is slightly lower than the national average of 1.07%. This rate can vary depending on the precise location within the county.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Lakewood, CA, is 10.25% in 2023, which is higher than the national average of 7.12%. The high sales tax is part of California's comprehensive tax structure, with revenue contributing to both state and local government funding.

Income Tax

In 2023, the state income tax rate for California, including Lakewood, ranges between 1% and 13.3% depending on income. This is one of the highest in the country; the national average income tax rate is approximately 4.6%.

Housing Market

In comparison to other US regions, Lakewood, CA's housing market is relatively pricey, a reflection of the state's overall high cost of living. The median home value significantly exceeds the national average. As for renting, monthly payments tend to be high, with rates surpassing those of many US cities. However, Lakewood's safe neighborhoods and quality amenities such as schools and parks make it a prime location. Potential buyers should note the competitive nature of the market, while renters should prepare for the high rates. Nevertheless, the city's robust real estate market indicates a strong investment potential.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Lakewood, CA is slightly higher than the national average. Housing takes the major share of residents' income, followed by transportation and groceries. Compared to neighboring cities like Long Beach and Bellflower, Lakewood has a higher cost index. However, when compared to more upscale cities like Beverly Hills or San Francisco, living in Lakewood is more affordable. Despite the higher cost, the city offers a safe environment, quality education, and excellent amenities that account for the living cost. It's vital to thoroughly consider these factors when planning to relocate.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Lakewood, CA, enjoys a Mediterranean climate marked by warm, dry summers, and mild, wet winters. The city basks in around 287 sunny days a year, significantly higher than the U.S average, with high temperatures averaging at 84degF in August and dipping to 46degF in January. Rainfall is concentrated in the cooler months, peaking in February with an annual average of 13 inches. As a part of coastal Southern California, Lakewood is relatively safe from severe natural disasters. However, the region is susceptible to occasional earthquakes due to its proximity to several significant fault lines, such as the San Andreas Fault. The city is also impacted by drought conditions intermittently, highlighting the necessity for efficient water use. Despite these challenges, Lakewood continues to be a highly desirable place to live, thanks to its mostly pleasant climate.

Typical weather in Lakewood, CA

Economy & Job Market


* Health Care & Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Manufacturing

* Educational Services

* Accommodation & Food Services

In sync with California's diversified economy, Lakewood too, has an eclectic mix of major industries that contribute to its vibrant economy. The city was initially created as a bedroom community supporting the aircraft and automobile industries located in the nearby towns post-war. However, with time, Lakewood transitioned from its manufacturing roots into a more diverse economy, supporting a variety of industries, such as health care and social assistance, retail trade, manufacturing, educational services, and accommodation & food services. Even today, these industries continue to dominate the job market in Lakewood, making it a flourishing hub filled with opportunities.

If you're planning to shift to Lakewood, hey, that's exciting! From the job perspective, let's get you some intel. Luckily, Lakewood's unemployment rate is generally lower than the national average, making the city a relatively stable job market. Health care and social assistance industry stand out as the most significant employer, but the retail trade and educational services also offer sizeable employment. If you're in the service industry, the hospitality sector is not lagging, my friend. It holds promising potential too! Not to mention, the city is famous for its shopping village, The Lakewood Center, one of the largest recreational shopping centers in the United States. So, folks looking for jobs in retail, this might be your lucky city!


Traffic and Transportation

Whoa, let's zip into the bustling roads of Lakewood, CA, shall we? A place where the average commute time clocks in at around 31 minutes - isn't that a perfect opportunity to listen to that favorite podcast of yours? Yes, we're all about making lemonade out of lemons here! Or better yet, why not ditch the car and hop on local public transportation? With Long Beach Transit and Metro buses making stops throughout the city, getting around's a breeze. Now, want to jet off to distant lands? Long Beach Airport's just a quick 10 minute ride from Lakewood. Sky's the limit, friends! Whether by road, air or rail, getting around Lakewood, CA is a breeze. But hey, don't take our word for it, come explore! Feel the pulse of this city, while we make sure you stay... well, mobile!

What is the traffic like in Lakewood, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Lakewood

1. Carson Park

Carson Park captures the essence of the American dream with its pristine mid-century houses and white picket fences. Every day feels like a small-town fairytale in this cozy neighborhood. The collective family-friendly vibe and serene environment make it a prime location for families or retirees. It boasts close proximity to the Heartwell Park and Golf Course, offering a variety of outdoor activities for children and golf enthusiasts alike. Carson Park endears itself with a genuinely friendly community, making it a top choice for new Lakewood arrivals.

2. Lakewood Village

For those who seek a balance between city thrills and peaceful bliss, look no further than Lakewood Village. This neighborhood brims with character, being famous for its distinct architectural style and tree-lined streets. The star attraction here is the Lakewood Center, one of the largest malls in the United States. The neighborhood also provides a beneficial mix of commercial establishments, including top-rated restaurants and unique retail shops. Lakewood Village manages to maintain its peaceful suburban charm amidst its thriving commerce, offering the best of both worlds.

3. Lakewood Country Club

A haven for the sport-loving folks, the Lakewood Country Club neighborhood is centered around the famous Lakewood Country Club, home to an 18-hole championship golf course. It's a prestigious and quiet neighborhood blessed with beautiful views of expansive green spaces combined with a strong sense of community. Known for its invitingly spacious homes, it continues to attract those craving an exclusive lifestyle within an active, close-knit community. Its convenient location, just near Long Beach City College, also makes it an ideal choice for staff and students seeking short commutes.

4. Mayfair

If you dream of living in a historically rich and charming area, Mayfair is the place for you. This neighborhood gained fame as the original development in Lakewood and has retained its authentic charm. Known for its small-town ease, it features a lively community calendar filled with year-round cultural and recreational events. The local Mayfair Park is popular for its swimming pool, baseball field and summer concerts. Add its excellent schools into the mix, and Mayfair is a great choice for new families and history buffs alike.

5. Woodruff

Woodruff blends a contemporary flair with a friendly community, creating a fun and vibrant neighborhood. The area offers great connectivity with easy access to freeways and public transportation, making it perfect for career-focused individuals. It also beckons nature lovers with its lush parks and well-maintained bike paths. Its inclusion in the ABC School District, known for its high-achieving schools, adds to the appeal for families. For foodies, Woodruff offers a variety of delectable eateries, ensuring you're never far from your next culinary adventure.

In conclusion, whether you're a family-focused individual, a golfer, a shopaholic, a fan of architecture, a history buff, or a lover of suburban peace, you're bound to find a neighborhood in Lakewood that feels just like home. Each neighborhood has its unique, inviting qualities, promising you a warm welcome to this charming city.

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Things to Do

Are you planning to move to Lakewood, CA? Brilliant! You're going to adore this city which is a true gem in Southern California. Bursting with vibrancy, Lakewood radiates with picturesque parks, superb shopping, eminent eateries, glorious historical sites and fun activities for all ages. Let's explore seven top things to do in Lakewood that would inject an exhilarating energy into your residency. Buckle your seat belts for an exciting journey!

1. Experience Exquisite Shopping At Lakewood Center

The Lakewood Center is a paradise for every shopaholic settling in the city. It is one of the largest shopping malls in the United States, boasting a wide range of leading retailers, boutique shops and a food court to match every palate. A day at the Lakewood Center offers a fabulous shopping experience along with entertainment options like the Pacific Theaters.

2. Delve Into History At Rancho Los Alamitos

Lakewood is not only about the present but has rich links with history as well. Rancho Los Alamitos is a sprawling historic site showcasing a fragment of the region's ranching era. Along with stunning gardens, a working ranch, and historic buildings, it offers educational programs to help residents and visitors understand and appreciate the history of Southern California.

3. Unleash Recreation At Mayfair Park

Mayfair Park, with its vast expanse of green space, offers a multitude of recreational opportunities. There is something for everyone at this park--playgrounds for kids, walking paths for nature lovers, swimming pools for the swimmers, and baseball fields for sports enthusiasts. It's the perfect place to bask in the sunny SoCal weather!

4. Savor Delicious Bites At Glory Days Sports Grill

At Glory Days Sports Grill, enjoy a hearty meal while cheering for your favorite sports team. This local favorite serves classic American comfort food accompanied by an exciting sports atmosphere, with walls decked in sports memorabilia and games airing on multiple screens.

5. Relish The Natural Beauty Of El Dorado Nature Center

A little-known gem in Lakewood, El Dorado Nature Center is a place of tranquillity amidst the bustling city life. Hike through the nature trails, enjoy bird-watching or simply soak in the peace of the surroundings at this serene site.

6. Dive Into The Farm Life At The hundred-acre Blooms at Lakewood

That's right; Lakewood homes an urban farm that stretches over a hundred acres. At the Blooms at Lakewood, you can pick your own fruits and vegetables, wander through the greenhouses and learn the intricacies of farming. This authentic farm experience is truly unique to Lakewood.

7. Fine-tune your swing at the Heartwell Golf Course

Another untapped gem, the Heartwell golf course, offers a challenging yet fun golfing experience. Suitable for all levels, one can practice their swing, take golf lessons, or even participate in various tournaments. The beautiful setting makes for a perfect day of golfing under the Californian sun.

In the end, Lakewood, CA, is a city brimming with countless adventures and highlights that are waiting for your exploration. From its modern malls and eateries to the tranquility of nature and historical landmarks, this city encapsulates the essence of Southern California. Get ready to be impressed by everything Lakewood has to offer and enjoy your new home!

Things to do in Lakewood, CA?

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