Moving to Jurupa Valley

Close your eyes and imagine a city nestled between rolling hills, with an abundance of parks, near the vibrant cities of Southern California. Sounds lovely, doesn't it? Well, let's turn your imagination into reality as we take you on a journey to Jurupa Valley, California. As your trusted relocation guide, we're here to make your move smooth and enjoyable. So, let's embark on this exciting adventure together and explore all the wonderful features Jurupa Valley has to offer!

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What to Know Before Moving to Jurupa Valley

1. It's community-oriented

First thing's first, Jurupa Valley is huge on community-wide activities! Neighborhood potlucks, citywide yard sales, community clean-up days, holiday parades... the list goes on and on. It's a small-town feel on a big town scale. This is the perfect place to engage with your neighbors and be part of a welcoming community that looks out for one another. Doesn't that just warm your heart?

2. Horses galore!

Get ready to put your cowboy or cowgirl boots on because Jurupa Valley LOVES horses. The city is home to miles of horse trails and numerous equestrian centers. Many homes even have their own stables! There's something magical about waking up in the morning to see horses peacefully grazing in the distance. Just remember, these hulking beauties have the right of way on the trails, so be prepared to step aside!

3. Outdoorsy Eden

Mountains, rivers, parks - oh my! For those who like to venture outside, Jurupa Valley will be your paradise. The Jurupa Mountains provide excellent hiking opportunities with mesmerizing views at the top. If water is more your thing, the Santa Ana River is perfect for fishing, rafting or just enjoying a peaceful afternoon picnic by the shores. Plus, with the mild California weather, you can enjoy these activities year-round.

4. Surprising wine scene

Now on to the lesser-known stuff. Jurupa Valley, believe it or not, has a burgeoning wine scene! There's a handful of charming vineyards scattered across the city. What better way to spend a Saturday than by touring a vineyard, learning about the grape cultivation process, and then savoring a beautifully crafted glass of wine? Cheers to that!

5. Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery

Here's a quirkier side to Jurupa Valley: the oldest graveyard in the county resides here. The Agua Mansa Pioneer Cemetery dates back to the mid-19th century and is a final resting place for many of the area's first inhabitants. While some might find this creepy, it's actually quite intriguing and a legitimate slice of California history right in your backyard.

6. Great connection to major California highlights

Last but not least, living in Jurupa Valley places you within a couple of hours of many of California's best attractions. Whether you fancy hitting the beaches in Los Angeles, exploring the desert landscape of Palm Springs, or relishing in the magical world of Disneyland, they're all an easy drive away. It's the cherry on top of the Jurupa Valley sundae!

Moving to a new city is always an adventure, and Jurupa Valley is certainly no exception. With its strong sense of community, love for horses, access to breathtaking outdoor activities, unexpected wine scene, historic cemetery, and ideal location for exploring more of California, you'll find this city just as captivating as we do! So what are you waiting for? Saddle up and welcome to Jurupa Valley!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Jurupa Valley

Pros of Living in Jurupa Valley

Natural Beauty

Jurupa Valley is known for its stunning natural beauty, nestling in the foothills of the Jurupa Mountains. The area offers a multitude of opportunities for outdoor activities including hiking, biking or simply enjoying the scenic views.

Close-knit Community

Residents of Jurupa Valley often comment on the strong sense of community spirit in the area. Local events and community groups help to bring people together and create a friendly, neighborly atmosphere.

Small-Town Feel

Jurupa Valley offers a small-town feel with all the conveniences of being close to larger cities. This offers the best of both worlds - the peace and quiet of a smaller town with easy access to urban amenities.

Low Crime Rate

Jurupa Valley is proud of its safe neighborhoods and low crime rate. This makes it an especially attractive place to raise a family or for those seeking a peaceful and secure environment.

Wide Range of Housing Options

Jurupa Valley offers a variety of housing options to suit a wide range of budgets and needs, from compact apartments to larger family homes. High-quality houses are available at comparatively reasonable prices compared to other California locations.

Cons of Living in Jurupa Valley

Limited Nightlife

For those seeking a lively nightlife scene, Jurupa Valley may not be the ideal choice. The area's charm lies more in its tranquil, residential character rather than in a bustling night scene.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in Jurupa Valley is somewhat limited. While there are some bus services, the area is best navigated by car, which could be a drawback for those who rely on public transit.


The weather in Jurupa Valley can be very hot during the summer months with temperatures often reaching quite high. This extreme heat may be uncomfortable for some residents or visitors.

Employment Opportunities

While there are job opportunities within Jurupa Valley, some residents find that they need to commute to nearby cities for work in their specific fields. The commute times can sometimes be long, particularly during peak hours.

High Cost of Living

Even though housing options can be more affordable than other California locations, the overall cost of living in Jurupa Valley is still relatively high when compared to the national average. This can include higher prices for groceries, healthcare, and other essential services.

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Is Jurupa Valley a Good Place to Live?

Jurupa Valley, CA is a great place to live because of its picturesque landscapes, phenomenal weather, and its close proximity to some of California's best attractions. The area offers a variety of recreational facilities promoting an active lifestyle, as well as bustling shopping districts and a diverse culinary scene for those who love to indulge. Plus, the community is known for its welcoming and friendly residents, making it an inviting place to call home.

What Is Jurupa Valley Famous For?

Horse Culture

With a rich horse culture, Jurupa Valley is distinctly known for its rodeos, trail riding, and cowboy culture. Residents and visitors alike can often be spotted on horseback, traversing the many trails in the area. This equestrian lifestyle sets Jurupa Valley apart from typical Californian city life.

Scenic Beauty

Jurupa Valley is blessed with magnificent natural beauty, including picturesque rolling hills, sparkling waterways, and verdant landscapes. From the breathtaking Santa Ana River to the stunning Jurupa Mountains, the city offers a slice of California's diverse scenery all in one place.

Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center

This fascinating science and educational center is a gem located in Jurupa Valley. From dinosaur eggs to earth science topics and hands-on activities, this center offers an exciting and educational experience for all ages. It is also home to one of the largest outdoor dinosaur sculpture gardens in the U.S!

Golfing Paradise

Jurupa Valley is a golfer's paradise, thanks to its well-maintained golf courses. Enthusiasts can tee off at places like the Jurupa Hills Country Club and Indian Hills Golf Club, which provide magnificent views while offering a tranquil place to play. So, pull out those golf clubs and let the games begin!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Jurupa Valley, CA, the average property tax rate, as of 2023, is 0.76% which is lower than the state average rate of 0.74%. This rate is still significantly higher than the US average property tax rate which currently stands at 1.07%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Jurupa Valley, CA, as of 2023, is 8.75%, above both the US average sales tax rate of 7.3% and the CA state average of 8.66%. Thus, Jurupa Valley residents are subject to slightly higher sales taxes.

Income Tax

Jurupa Valley, CA residents, experience a top marginal income tax rate of 13.3% as of 2023, following the rate of the entire state of California -- making it the state with the highest income tax rate in the United States. The US average stands at a significantly lower rate of 4.6%.

Housing Market

The housing market in Jurupa Valley, CA is unique, with median home values of $482,200, which is higher than the U.S median price. Boasting an appreciated value of 42% over the past 5 years, future homeowners could enjoy significant investment returns. For renters, the median monthly rent is $1,995, compared to the US median of $1,062. With a high homeownership rate of 72.2%, Jurupa Valley leans more towards the buyers' market. Although living in Jurupa Valley comes at a premium, factors like amenities, community, and housing quality present a good value proposition for both renters and buyers.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Jurupa Valley, CA is relatively moderate when compared with other California cities. While it is pricier than the national average, it is certainly more affordable than cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco. Key factors such as housing, grocery costs, utilities, transportation, and health care are considered reasonably priced. Nonetheless, individuals planning to move to Jurupa Valley should carefully evaluate their income against these typical costs to assess financial feasibility.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Jurupa Valley, California offers a favorable Mediterranean climate characterized by hot, dry summers, and mild, wet winters. The weather tends to be sunny most of the year, with average summer temperatures in the high 80s and winter temperatures generally in the low 50s. Periodic Santa Ana winds may cause temperatures to rise dramatically during both spring and fall. As part of California, Jurupa Valley is inherently vulnerable to natural disasters such as earthquakes due to its location in a seismic zone. It also faces occasional risks from wildfires during hot, dry periods, and flash floods during periods of heavy rain. Despite these challenges, Jurupa Valley's climate contributes to the region's natural beauty and agricultural abundance.

Typical weather in Jurupa Valley, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Trade, Transportation, and Utilities

* Government

* Professional and Business Services

* Education and Health Services

* Manufacturing

Jurupa Valley, located in sunny California, is an area rich in hustle and bustle. Over the years, it has seen significant growth, both economically and population-wise. Historically, the city has been industrious, with a spread of different sectors each contributing to the local economy. The trade transportation and utility industry has been especially prominent, employing most of the workforce in the city. Manufacturing is another key pillar supporting Jurupa Valley's economy, with a solid history that traces back to the city's earlier days. However, the times are changing, and more modern industries like professional services and health services are experiencing tremendous growth.

So, if you're planning to pack up your bags and head toward Jurupa Valley (great choice, by the way), here's the inside scoop on the job market. The city has a decent employment rate compared to the national average. The areas with the most job opportunities tend to be in the trade, transportation, and utilities sector, as well as the professional and business services sector. If you have prior experience or skills in these areas, you'll probably find good opportunities here. Government and education & health services sectors also offer steady employment options. So whether you're a fresh graduate or an experienced professional, the Jurupa Valley job market has something for everyone!

Traffic and Transportation

Oh, Jurupa Valley, the diamond of the CA valley! Don't we all just love a good commute? Well, buckle up, because the average commute time in Jurupa Valley is about 33.6 minutes! That's a good chunk of 'me time' if you ask us. Get out your favorite podcast or audiobook and enjoy the ride. And for those of you who prefer to let someone else do the driving, the Riverside Transit Agency has got you covered with several bus routes zig-zagging the city. If you're heading further afield, the air can be your highway. Ontario International Airport is a hop, skip, and jump away - And by that, we mean about 15 miles. So, whether your travel style is by land or air, Jurupa Valley, CA won't let you down!

What is the traffic like in Jurupa Valley, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Jurupa Valley

1. Mira Loma

The Mira Loma neighborhood maintains a nice balance of residential and commercial spaces. The residential areas of Mira Loma are known for their family-friendly environment, offering a quiet getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. Yet, it doesn't compromise on entertainment and shopping options. It's home to the Eastvale Gateway, where you can satisfy your retail itch. If you enjoy the outdoors, Mira Loma has got you covered too with the Santa Ana River Trail in the vicinity.

2. Pedley

If you're dreaming of a neighborhood with a small-town spirit yet want all the city amenities within your easy grasp, Pedley might just be the perfect fit. Nature lovers will appreciate the recreational offerings at Rancho Jurupa Park and the Big Rock Creek Wilderness Area. If you have a furry friend, you'll appreciate the dog park contained within. Pedley has a peaceful, community-focused vibe that's palpable as you stroll down the streets, making it another great pick for families.

3. Rubidoux

A mix of suburban vibes and rural landscapes, Rubidoux certainly stands out. This unique fusion makes Rubidoux an attractive option for those who enjoy both, the conveniences of city living and the freedom of open spaces. Mt. Rubidoux Park and the adjacent nature trails are treasures for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. In addition, Rubidoux is known for hosting the biggest fireworks show in Riverside County on July 4th, a testament of its vibrant community spirit.

4. Glen Avon

Glen Avon proves that you don't need to compromise on peace and quiet to live near the city center. This neighborhood offers a tranquil residential environment, and it's situated very close to the central city area, making the daily commute a breeze. Glen Avon is filled with lush parks, perfect for picnics and long walks, like Rancho Jurupa Park and Prado Regional Park. Plus, with a library and a community center, it's a neighborhood brimming with community spirit.

5. Belltown

Characterized by smaller homes and lush greenery, Belltown offers loads of charm and a laid-back lifestyle. A bit further away from the city center, Belltown is a fantastic spot for those wishing to escape the bustle. This neighborhood is also home to a smattering of coffee shops and eateries where you can while away a lazy Sunday. Add to this a close-knit community, and Belltown surely deserves a spot on the list of top Jurupa Valley neighborhoods.

And there you have it - a quick guide to some of the best neighborhoods in Jurupa Valley, CA. Each one has its unique vibe, from the cozy, community spirit in Pedley to the refreshing mix of city and country in Rubidoux. All you need to do is take your pick and start your next adventure in Jurupa Valley. Happy moving!

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Things to Do

Hidden amidst the hustle and bustle of California lies a charming yet somewhat unraveled gem, Jurupa Valley. It brims with unique attractions, surreal natural beauty and some wonderful recreational activities. Whether you are moving to the city or simply passing through, wondering what's exciting around here? Look no further as we guide you through 7 special things you can do in Jurupa Valley.

1. Experience the Thrill at Jurupa Mountains Discovery Center

Offering a perfect blend of entertainment and education, the Discovery Center is a must visit. It has an array of gardens, each unique in their exhibits of various plant species. Plus, the prehistoric dinosaur and turtle shows are sure to keep children and adults intrigued.

2. Explore the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area

A nature lover's paradise with over 1500 acres of riparian and upland habitats to explore. Here, you'll have the chance to encounter several wildlife species while soaking in the serenity. There are also biking and hiking trails for those looking to add a touch of adventure.

3. Test Your Golfing Skills at Goose Creek Golf Club

This meticulously manicured course is often regarded as one of the best in Southern California. The Goose Creek Golf Club is not only a beautiful spot to tee off but also offers private lessons for those wanting to improve their skills.

4. Visit the Riverside County Animal Shelter

Home to numerous rescued and rehabilitated animals, this shelter is a valuable community resource. Plus, you might even find your new furry friend here, as the Riverside County Animal Shelter runs a successful adoption program.

5. Romance with the Past at Patterson House Museum

Did you know that Jurupa Valley is steeped in history? Housed in an original 1891 Victorian styled Farm House, Patterson House Museum lets you experience the early 20th century lifestyle. You can explore various artefacts and antiques that echo the area's rich past.

6. Challenge Your Mind at Unity Escape Rooms

For some thrill and mental exercise, head to Unity Escape Rooms. A live escape room game where you and your team will have to work together to decipher clues, solve puzzles, and escape from the room before the time runs out. It's an exciting, unique, and brain-churning experience!

7. Get Vintage at the Country Village Antique Mall

A treasure trove for antique lovers! The Country Village Antique Mall is filled with collectables, knick-knacks, and one-of-a-kind items. It's like visiting dozens of vintage estate sales all at once. You never know what unforgettable gems you'll uncover on your visits here.

In conclusion, Jurupa Valley is a city that beautifully merges the allure of nature, rustic charm, and thrilling entertainment. An undercover hotspot, the city seamlessly infuses elements of fun and learning, making it a splendid place to call home. So, embrace the city's vibe and let Jurupa Valley introduce you to its kaleidoscope of spectacular offerings.

Things to do in Jurupa Valley, CA?

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