Moving to Hawthorne

Get ready to embrace the vibrant lifestyle of Hawthorne, CA! Known for its sunny days, and proximity to the stunning beaches of the South Bay, this city is a gem in the heart of Los Angeles County. As the proud home of innovative companies like SpaceX, Hawthorne entices with its fusion of youthful energy and dynamic economic growth. But life in Hawthorne is not just about work, as our comprehensive Hawthorne relocation guide will reveal - from its diverse culinary scene to distinctive neighborhoods, there's so much more to uncover in Hawthorne, CA.

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What to Know Before Moving to Hawthorne

1. It's all about the location

Ever dreamt of living in a city that's a stone's throw away from gorgeous beaches, popular tourist spots, and a fantastic urban atmosphere? Hawthorne, California quite literally ticks all these boxes. Perfectly situated, it's only 15 minutes away from the picturesque coastline that California is known for. Whether you want a quick dip in the Pacific Ocean or a fun-packed weekend at one of the nearby theme parks, you're never too far from what you love in Hawthorne.

2. The Space Age is right at home

Now this one is for the tech enthusiasts. You're probably aware that Hawthorne is home to the headquarters of SpaceX, Elon Musk's visionary space exploration company. But did you know Hawthorne also harbors The Boring Company? Another one of Musk's ventures, this one aims to alleviate traffic through an extensive network of underground tunnels for travel. How cool is that?

3. A rich cultural melting pot

If you're a fan of a diverse cultural milieu, you'll feel right at home in Hawthorne. This sunny city is known for its rich blend of cultures that paint a vibrant picture of inclusivity and diversity. With a variety of festivals, restaurants serving cuisine from around the world, and neighbors from every walk of life, there's always something new to learn and discover.

4. Birthplace of the Beach Boys

Here's a fun fact that even some locals might not know. Hawthorne is the city where the iconic band, The Beach Boys, was formed. If you're a fan, visit the commemorative landmark on 3701 W. 119th Street and bask in the city's musical history. So, get ready to hum "California Girls" as you stroll down the Hawthorne streets.

5. It's a foodie's paradise

If you love to experiment with food, Hawthorne is the place to be. This city has an enviable selection of eateries and restaurants that cater to just about every palate on the planet. Whether you're in the mood for classic American comfort food, spicy Mexican delicacies, fulfilling Asian cuisine, or fancy a Mediterranean spread, the options are endless. Plus, Hawthorne's knack for infusing innovation into the culinary scene is just too tempting to pass up.

6. The Great Magnet of the West

When it comes to magnets, Hawthorne quite literally has one of the biggest. Often overlooked, the city houses one of the largest free-standing magnets in the world at the Magnetic Resonance Imaging Centre. Not only is it a cool sight to behold, but it's also a testament to Hawthorne's commitment to cutting-edge technology.

So there you have it. From its awesome location to the SpaceX headquarters, its rich cultural mishmash, the Beach Boys beginnings, fabulous food options, and even a gigantic magnet--Hawthorne has it all. It's more than just a city; it's a community filled with distinct character and charm that you'll absolutely fall in love with.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Hawthorne

Pros of Living in Hawthorne

Convenient Location

Hawthorne is located right in the heart of the South Bay. It provides easy access to Los Angeles, the beaches, LAX airport, and many major freeways. This makes it an attractive spot for those who want the convenience of city living but also desire the feel of a suburban community.

Local Businesses and Amenities

The city is home to a diverse range of businesses and amenities. From local coffee shops, to boutiques, grocery stores, restaurants, parks and more. It's a self-sufficient town that provides almost everything residents might need without having to venture far from their homes.

Cultural Diversity

Hawthorne is characterized by a diverse cultural mix, which contributes to the richness of the community. This diversity is reflected not just in the people, but also in the food, festivals, and other cultural expressions you can find in the city.

Tech Industry Presence

Hawthorne is home to several tech companies, including SpaceX. This presence of tech industry giants translates into job opportunities and a vibrant job market. It also adds to the city's progressive and forward-thinking atmosphere.

Affordable Housing

Compared to many other cities in Los Angeles County, Hawthorne is more affordable when it comes to housing. While still offering much of the benefits associated with living in the LA area and South Bay, the more reasonable housing costs make it an attractive option.

Cons of Living in Hawthorne

Traffic and Parking

Like many other cities in the LA County, Hawthorne suffers from traffic congestion, especially during peak commuting hours. Also, finding parking in the city can sometimes be a challenge, particularly in high density areas.

Air and Noise Pollution

Due to its proximity to the LAX airport and major freeways, noise and air pollution can be a concern. This might not suit everyone, especially those seeking a quieter and more relaxed living environment.

Public Schools

While Hawthorne does have some notable exceptions, overall the public schools in the area are often considered to be underperforming. Hence, families moving in with school-aged children may want to research school options carefully.

Crime Rate

The crime rate in Hawthorne, while improving, is higher than the national average. It is important that potential residents are aware of this and take steps to ensure their personal safety and security.

Urban Sprawl

Being part of the massive Los Angeles metropolis, Hawthorne faces issues related to urban sprawl including lack of open green spaces. This may be less ideal for those who are seeking a more nature-integrated lifestyle.

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Is Hawthorne a Good Place to Live?

Hawthorne, CA is a great place to live because of its wonderful weather, strategic location near major attractions like Los Angeles and Belmont Shores, and cultural diversity offering a wide variety of food and events. The area boasts beautiful parks and recreational facilities, strong schools, and a vibrant local economy influenced by its proximity to the tech hub, Silicon Beach. Additional perks include short commutes to spectacular beaches and well-organized community events for all ages that make Hawthorne, CA a delightful place to call home.

What Is Hawthorne Famous For?

Birthplace of The Beach Boys

Did you ever tap your feet to the tunes of "Good Vibrations" or "Surfin' USA"? Then you have the city of Hawthorne to thank for that! The world-renowned band, The Beach Boys, was formed right here in 1961 by the Wilson brothers, their cousin Mike Love, and friend Al Jardine.

The SpaceX Headquarters

Ever dreamt of exploring outer space? Hawthorne is more than just a star in the world of aerospace, it's a whole constellation! The city is home to SpaceX, the revolutionary aerospace manufacturer, and space transport service company founded by Elon Musk. SpaceX designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft.

The Childhood Home of Jim Thorpe

If athletics is your game, Hawthorne is your hall of fame! The city was home to Jim Thorpe during his childhood. Once dubbed the 'world's greatest athlete' Thorpe gained fame as an Olympic gold medalist in the pentathlon and decathlon, professional football player, and baseball player.

Hawthorne Municipal Airport

Aviation enthusiasts, buckle up! The Hawthorne Municipal Airport, also known as "Jack Northrop Field", is one of the most vibrant aspects of the Hawthorne city-scape. This bustling airport, which houses numerous exciting businesses, including design studios, continues to play a crucial role in the world of aviation.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Hawthorne, CA is approximately 1.1% of the assessed value, which is slightly below the national average rate of 1.3%. This makes it more affordable for property owners when compared to other parts of the US.

Sales Tax

The current sales tax rate in Hawthorne, CA is 10.25%, which is considerably higher than the national median rate of 6.5%. Residents here would notice higher costs for the same goods as compared to the majority of the country.

Income Tax

Residents in Hawthorne, CA pay state income tax at rates that range from 1% to 13.3%, with the highest rate being the highest of any state. When comparing the income tax to other parts of the US, residents here are likely to pay more.

Housing Market

Hawthorne, CA, is a competitively priced housing market, with a median home value of $732,209, higher than the US average. Appreciation rates are strong, offering considerable return for homeowners. The median rent in Hawthorne is slightly above the national average, at approximately $1,993 per month. Investment in the local housing market holds potential, driven by job opportunities in the aerospace industry and proximity to downtown LA. Real estate decisions should consider reported crime rates and school district performance. Buyers and renters are advised to monitor market trends and seek professional advice for optimal outcomes in Hawthorne's complex market landscape.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Hawthorne, CA is considerably higher than the national average, largely due to housing prices. While it's less expensive than some California cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, it's still more costly than many other areas of the country. Factor in higher costs for amenities, services, and transportation, Hawthorne demands a higher income to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. However, considering factors like job opportunities and weather, many residents find the lifestyle worth the cost.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Hawthorne, California enjoys a Mediterranean climate characterized by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Weather patterns here typically consist of a prolonged summer period of clear, sunny days with average temperatures hovering around 28degC, while winter months experience cooler temperatures averaging at 18degC. Rainfall is usually confined to the winter months with an annual average of approximately 14 inches. Despite its inviting climate, Hawthorne does witness some instances of natural disasters. While it does not bear the brunt of hurricanes and tornadoes, it is located within an active seismic zone. Consequently, earthquake occurrences are relatively common, although severe incidents are less frequent. Furthermore, as part of Southern California, Hawthorne is also subject to occasional wildfires during prolonged dry spells, although these are less prevalent compared to more rural or mountainous areas of the state.

Typical weather in Hawthorne, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Aerospace and Defense Industry
* Manufacturing Industry
* Education Industry
* Accommodation and Food Services Industry
* Healthcare and Social Assistance Industry

In the beating heart of California is the vibrant city of Hawthorne, where the economy is soaring to new heights, quite literally! Throughout history, Hawthorne has been the bedrock of the Aerospace and Defense sector, even earning the moniker 'The Cradle of the Aerospace Industry'. Iconic tech juggernaut SpaceX has its headquarters here, bolstering the prestige of the city. The Manufacturing and Education industries also have a significant foothold here, contributing a substantial part to Hawthorne's economic magic carpet ride. But don't be fooled, the ride doesn't stop there. There's more! A flavorful slice of the economic pie also belongs to the Accommodation and Food Services, and Healthcare and Social Assistance sectors.

So, are you looking to shoot for the stars and land a job in wonderful Hawthorne? Well, you're in luck. Hawthorne boasts an employment rate that's almost as healthy as its golden California sunshine is abundant. Jobs are ripe for the picking with countless opportunities in the thriving Aerospace and Defense industry, given its stellar reputation in the field. And if you're longing for variety, try dipping your toes in the robust Manufacturing, Education, or Healthcare sectors. Don't forget to check out the bustling Accommodation and Food Services industry. After all, who doesn't love a good work environment where fantastic food and buzzing hospitality are part of the package? Get ready to unpack those suitcases and dive headfirst into Hawthorne's bustling job market. It's a thrilling ride you won't want to miss!

Traffic and Transportation

Oh, Hawthorne! A vibrant city nestled in sunny California where getting around becomes an adventure. Let's buckle up and zoom into the traffic and transportation scene in Hawthorne, shall we? With a slightly higher average commute time of nearly 30 minutes, one does get ample time to plan their day or catalogue their thoughts while entwined in the spiderweb of traffic! For those who prefer to ditch driving, the Metro Green Line light rail service serves as a trusted steed, galloping through the city to whisk you to your destination. As for winged travel, the renowned Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is just a short car ride away - perfect for those globe-touters or last-minute business trips. Come rush hour or weekend, be it by land or sky, Hawthorne, CA keeps you moving!

What is the traffic like in Hawthorne, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Hawthorne

1. Holly Glen

Put on your sunglasses and get ready to enjoy this sunny and delightfully friendly neighborhood. Holly Glen exudes a charming suburbia feel that melts hearts instantly and is crowned by cozy, well-maintained homes with manicured gardens and tree-lined streets. Ideal for families, it boasts a great school district and community parks where residents enjoy weekend picnics and frisbee games. Need to unwind after a long day? Stop by Three Weavers, a local craft brewery to enjoy a pint of local goodness.

2. North Hawthorne

For those who love a splash of cultural vibrance in their everyday life, North Hawthorne is the place to be! This neighborhood is dotted with colorful murals and edgy street art that instantly strike a chord with art enthusiasts. Among its many gems is the popular Jim Thorpe Park, which morphs into a local hot spot on weekends with its bustling sports activities. An irresistible mix of hip restaurants and cozy cafes ensure your taste buds are never left unattended.

3. Hawthorne Boulevard

If an active nightlife is high on your agenda, then roll up your sleeves and dive into the pulsating vibe at Hawthorne Boulevard. This neighborhood is a smorgasbord of trendy bars, live music venues, and aromatic eateries that turn into a vibrant hotspot as the sun dips down. But it's not just about nightlife; the El Capitan Theatre and Big Fun Market are daytime attractions that never fail to impress.

4. Del Aire

Leafy and lush, Del Aire is that peaceful respite residents escape to after a bustling day in the city center. This suburban neighborhood has a laid-back feel that's incredibly rejuvenating, and is home to ample parks, including the Del Aire Public Fruit Park, an urban orchard enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. And don't miss the Hangar 18 Climbing Gym Southbay, a popular indoor climbing gym for the thrill-seeking citizens and their tiny counterparts.

5. East Hawthorne

East Hawthorne is an eclectic mix of suburban tranquility and urban jive. It's home to a dynamic community, that shines through the neighborhood's diverse dining and shopping scene. This part of town also hosts the annual Hawthorne Hometown Fair, an event that's cloaked in local flavors and music, giving you the chance to soak in Hawthorne's essence while bonding with your fellow citizens.

There you go, future Hawthorne dwellers! A nifty sip from the diverse cocktail of neighborhoods that this charming city has to offer. While each of these neighborhoods offers something unique, they all carry one common thread - a welcoming and inviting vibe that instantly makes you feel right at home. Pick your favorite and get ready to join the Hawthorne family!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Hawthorne, California, a true gem of the sunny South Bay region! Get ready to experience all the glamour of Hollywood and the relaxed lifestyle of beach communities, all within a short drive from your new home. So, what are some of the top things you should do after moving to Hawthorne, you ask? Here are seven suggestions to immerse yourself in the local marina, art scene, outdoor activities, and, of course, the food!

1. Explore the Hawthorne Arts Complex

As an artist, or just an art enthusiast, you will love exploring the Hawthorne Arts Complex, a 44,000-square-foot warehouse that houses over 60 private and semi-private artist studios. Here, local artists produce works in all kinds of disciplines, from painting and sculpture to photography and videography.

2. Visit SpaceX

How could we not mention SpaceX when talking about Hawthorne? Although they do not typically offer public tours, driving by the facility is an experience in its own right. Look out for the Falcon 9 rocket by the entrance - an essential selfie location for any newcomer.

3. Try Your Hand at Hangar 18

Raring for some exercise? Hawthorne is home to one of the largest indoor climbing chains in Southern California, called Hangar 18. With over 12,000 square feet of climbing area including a bouldering section and top roping, this place has enough challenges to keep even an experienced climber entertained.

4. Enjoy Jim Thorpe Park

Need more outdoor activities? Jim Thorpe Park provides a great spot for hiking, picnicking, and even playing basketball. Families with kids especially love the recently renovated playground full of attractions.

5. Experience the South Bay Ballet

If you are feeling culturally inclined, then you can't miss an opportunity to see a South Bay Ballet live performance. They perform classic ballets like Cinderella and The Nutcracker in their traditional forms, attracting audiences from all over the region.

6. Get a Taste of Monkish Brewing Co.

Moving to a new city can be thirsty work, so why not take a break at one of the area's top craft breweries, Monkish Brewing Co.? Located in a former carpet warehouse in Hawthorne, Monkish Brewing has become a hit in the local craft beer scene. Here, you can try exotic brews with names such as "Nectar of the Gnomes" and "Monk's Brew."

7. Drive down Beach Boys Historic Landmark

Last, but by no means least, no trip to Hawthorne would be complete without a visit to the Beach Boys Historic Landmark. This little piece of California history commemorates the boyhood home of the Wilson brothers, who formed the iconic band. It's not your conventional tourist attraction, but it's definitely one that music fans won't want to miss.

So there you have it, a guide to Hawthorne that will, hopefully, make you feel right at home in your new city. It might not be as well-known as some of its neighbors like Manhattan Beach or Beverly Hills, but Hawthorne has a unique charm and identity all of its own. From art to ballet, to craft beer and rock climbing, Hawthorne truly has something for everyone. Cheers to your new adventure!

Things to do in Hawthorne, CA?

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