Moving to Escondido

Welcome to your premiere guide on relocating to the charming city of Escondido, nestled cozily in a sun-kissed Californian valley. With its enticing blend of urban flair and suburban comfort, Escondido offers an unmatched quality of life that's set to surpass your dream living expectations. This city promises a thrilling mix of culinary delights, vibrant art scenes, boutique shopping, and more, all tucked within scenic rolling hills and lush vineyards. Get ready to embark on this engaging exploration of all the diamond-ringed secrets Escondido has in store for your new life.

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What to Know Before Moving to Escondido

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1. Soak Up the Sun in Sunny Escondido

Escondido, located in the golden state's sunniest corner, boasts a warm, pleasant climate year round. With over 266 sun-filled days each year, you'll have plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities or simply basking in a warm, sunny day. However, keep in mind that summers can get quite hot, with temperatures often going above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. That only means, there'll be ample chances to flaunt your sunglass and straw-hat collection!

2. Live your Wine Connoisseur Dreams

One of Escondido's best kept secrets is its thriving wine scene which is perfect for those who enjoy a glass of the red, white or bubbly. The region is sprinkled with several family-run wineries and vineyards where wine lovers can take tours, sample local vintage, participate in wine and cheese tastings or just enjoy the scenic vineyard views during sunset.

3. Embrace the Outdoorsy Lifestyle

Escondido is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts! With over a dozen parks and nature reserves, including the beautiful Lake Dixon and the mystical Daley Ranch, nature lovers particularly adore this city. It's the perfect place to hike, bike, fish, watch wildlife or spend the day picnicking with your family. If you're moving here, get ready to live the outdoorsy California dream.

4. Savor the Foodie Culture

Escondido might not be as famous as San Francisco or Los Angeles when it comes to food, but its culinary landscape is bustling with amazing Mexican and Californian cuisine. From waterfront dining spots to street food stalls, there's a culinary adventure waiting to be embarked upon at every corner.

5. The Hidden Gem of Niki de Saint Phalle's Queen Califia's Magical Circle

This might be a surprise even to the locals! Nestled inside Kit Carson Park is one of the most intriguing and unique art installations, Queen Califia's Magical Circle. It is the only American sculpture garden by the renowned French artist Niki de Saint Phalle. Its vibrant, larger-than-life sculptures give it an almost surreal charm and it's a must-visit for everyone living in or visiting Escondido.

6. Live the Big-City Life with a Small-Town Feel

If you prefer the laid-back lifestyle of a small city but also enjoy the perks of a metropolis, Escondido hits the sweet spot. Although it has a comparatively small population, it isn't far behind in terms of events, culture, shopping, or nightlife. While it maintains a charming small-town feel with its friendly locals and community-based events, it's not lacking in big-city amenities.

As you make your move to Escondido, remember that this is more than just a relocation; it's embracing a lifestyle that combines sunny skies, artistic charm, sumptuous food, robust wines, outdoor adventures and an enchanting small-town vibe. Welcome to your new home in Escondido!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Escondido

Pros of Living in Escondido

A Plethora of Outdoor Activities

Escondido is home to multiple parks, hiking trails, and Lake Hodges which provides plenty of options for outdoor activities. Whether you're a fan of hiking, biking, picnicking, or fishing, you'll have plenty of options to choose from.

Excellent Climate

Living in Escondido means you'll enjoy a pleasant climate throughout the year. With an average annual high temperature of around 75 degrees, and low of around 50 degrees, this city offers a comfortable climate perfect for outdoor living and activities.

Rich Cultural History

Escondido is known for its rich historical roots, with several historical neighborhoods preserving the city's unique character. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park and California Center for the Arts, are some of the notable attractions that reflect the city's cultural heritage.

Superb Wineries

Escondido is also famous for its wineries with some of the top vineyards located in the region. Wine lovers can visit various small and large-scale vineyards for wine tasting tours, further contributing to the city's tourism.

Sense of Community

Despite being considerably populated, Escondido maintains a small-town feel with a strong sense of community. Local events like the "Cruisin' Grand" classic car cruise and the farmer's market are popular spots for locals to mingle, adding to the city's vibrant community spirit.

Cons of Living in Escondido

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Escondido is higher than the national average, particularly when it comes to housing and utility costs. While salaries may also be higher to offset the cost of living, it's something to consider when planning to move here.


Like many California cities, traffic can be a concern in Escondido, both during rush hour and on weekends. Additionally, public transportation options are somewhat limited, potentially adding to the reliance on personal transport and contributing to congestion.

Limited Nightlife

While there's a lot to do in the daytime, the nightlife in Escondido is relatively subdued. If you're looking for a bustling nightlife scene, Escondido might not meet your expectations as compared to larger cities like nearby San Diego.

Summer Heat

While the climate in Escondido is generally pleasant, it can get quite hot in the summer months. The inland location leads to temperatures that can occasionally reach into the high 90s or even the 100s.

Water Shortages

Due to Escondido's location in Southern California, the city periodically faces water shortages and droughts. This could be a concern if you're planning on having a lush garden or are particularly conscious about water conservation.

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Is Escondido a Good Place to Live?

Escondido, CA is a great place to live because of its warm weather, numerous outdoor recreational activities, and rich cultural history. You'll enjoy a variety of dining options, a local winery, and entertaining local events like the weekly "Cruisin' Grand" car show. Plus, it's proximity to San Diego means you're never far from the excitement of a big city, while still enjoying the charm of a smaller community.

What Is Escondido Famous For?

Queen Califia's Magical Circle

This is one-of-a-kind outdoor sculpture garden created by late French artist Niki de Saint Phalle. The vibrant, colorful artwork and towering totems paired with maze-like walkthroughs make Queen Califia's Magical Circle a unique and beloved attraction in Escondido.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

It's more than just a zoo, it's a thrilling safari adventure with over 3,500 animals in their natural habitats. The San Diego Zoo Safari Park in Escondido offers exciting experiences like the Africa Tram, Cheetah Run, and even a hot air balloon safari.

Stone Brewing Co.

This is not just another brewery, but the largest in Southern California and one of the most well-known craft beer companies in the United States. The Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido offers tours, tastings and an outdoor garden for guests to enjoy their award-winning brews.

The California Center for the Arts

As a cultural and artistic haven, The California Center for the Arts in Escondido hosts over 400 performances and events annually. It offers an engaging blend of visual, performing, and literary arts to over 250,000 visitors each year, making it a magnet for culture and creativity.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the average property tax rate for residents in Escondido, CA is approximately 0.76%. This is relatively lower compared to the national average property tax rate, which roughly stands at 1.1%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Escondido, CA in 2023 is 7.75%, one of the higher rates in the nation. The national median sales tax rate is approximately 6.5%, indicating that Escondido residents pay a noticeably more substantial sales tax.

Income Tax

California has one of the highest state income tax rates in the U.S, and as of 2023, the income tax rate for residents of Escondido, CA can reach up to 13.3% for high-income earners. This is significantly higher compared to the average U.S. state income tax rate, which typically ranges between 0% and 9%.

Housing Market

The housing market in Escondido, CA differs significantly from other US regions. Median home values in Escondido are approximately $564,200, nearly double the national average. This Californian town has experienced a 7% annual increase in home values, outpacing many US areas. Property demand often outstrips supply, making competition for homes fierce. For renters, the average monthly cost is roughly $2,002, also higher than the national average. While pricier than other regions, Escondido offers high-quality living with an abundance of dining, leisure, and outdoor activity options.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Escondido, CA is currently observed to be relatively higher compared to other cities in the US. While it offers beautiful sceneries and a vibrant cultural scene, residents can expect elevated expenses, particularly in housing and healthcare. The median home price is notably higher than the national average. Although groceries and utilities align closer to the average, the overall cost of living index surpasses other cities in inland California and is significantly higher than the national average. However, this can be balanced by higher average salaries in the area.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Escondido, CA enjoys a semi-arid Mediterranean climate characterized by warm winters and hot summers, receiving a yearly average of 260 sunny days. Temperatures can range between 42degF (5.6degC) in December/January and 92degF (33.3degC) in July/August. While snow is nearly unheard of, rainfall as part of a Mediterranean climate is more common during winter months, averaging about 15 inches per year. Escondido's weather largely facilitates numerous outdoor activities all year round. As for natural disasters, the city is susceptible to wildfires due to the high temperatures and dryness, especially during the summer. Earthquakes, a common natural threat in California, can occasionally occur due to Escondido's location along the Pacific Ring of Fire. Despite these, the city's municipal programs actively work towards disaster risk reduction, making Escondido a generally safe place to live.

Typical weather in Escondido, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare and social assistance

* Retail trade

* Manufacturing

* Education services

* Accommodation and food services

Located in a valley surrounded by mountains, Escondido, California is more than just a city with breathtaking landscapes and sunny weather. Its economy is a colourful tapestry, made rich by a blend of various flourishing sectors. Historically, Escondido was an agricultural hub, with its fertile soils providing a robust ground for farming avocados, citrus, and olives. To this day, a touch of this tradition remains, Most notably seen during the annual Escondido Grape Day Festival. However, the economic backdrop of the city has evolved over the years to a more diversified setup, served as a heartbeat by the healthcare and social assistance, retail trade, and manufacturing sectors. The city is also home to various education services and an active accommodation and food services industry, adding to its vibrant local economy.

Planning to pack up your bags and move to Escondido? You are heading to a city where the job market is pretty much alive and bustling! Recent data has indicated a positive job growth in this city, and economists predict this trend to continue in the future. Unemployment rates are lower than the national average, which paints quite an encouraging picture. Healthcare is a leading industry in Escondido, so if you're a medical professional, you're in luck! The retail, manufacturing, and food service sectors also promise booming opportunities, whereas the education sector offers a variety of roles for aspiring academics. The city's economy has something for everyone, with plenty of room for innovation and growth, so gear up for an exciting professional journey in Escondido!

Traffic and Transportation

In Escondido, CA, we're all about that relaxed Southern Californian vibe, but let's chat about what it's like to navigate around our city. Average commute time is a breezy 23 minutes. Now, that's not too shabby compared to the national average, right? Getting around town is a cinch with our sprightly BREEZE buses, or you could hop on the SPRINTER trains for a smooth ride. Exploring the city via public transportation is a fun adventure in itself!

Got a date with the clouds? Sky's the limit with Palomar Airport nearby for domestic flights; and for your international needs, the mightily impressive San Diego International Airport is just a short jaunt away. Whether it's by land or air, traversing across beautiful Escondido, CA, always feels like a delightful trip, even if it's just going to work!

What is the traffic like in Escondido, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Escondido

1. South Escondido

South Escondido is characterized by its scenic hillsides and a very laid-back suburban atmosphere. It's a highly sought-after spot for both families and retirees because of the close-knit community vibe it exudes. Families love the area for its great schools, while seniors adore the calm aura it maintains. Plus, there are ample boutiques, antique stores and eateries to explore. For outdoor enthusiasts, the proximity to Kit Carson Park, with over 300 acres of green space, is a huge bonus. It's great for hiking, picnics, and even features a neat sculpture garden.

2. North Broadway

If you're looking for a neighborhood boasting a vibrant community, look no further than North Broadway. It's close to downtown Escondido, making it a hub for cultural, recreational, and gastronomical activities. Escondido Municipal Gallery, a popular spot, often holds exhibitions displaying dazzling local artworks. The neighborhood is also graced with the Grape Day Park, a space for festivals and community gatherings. However, despite the buzz, North Broadway still retains a peaceful, small-town feel.

3. Midway

Midway, aptly named for its position in the heart of Escondido, boasts a charming mix of new and old. Classic Californian architecture stands side by side with more contemporary designs, giving the area a uniquely eclectic vibe. Midway is home to the Center for the Arts, host to numerous concerts, plays, and art shows throughout the year, providing a constant source of entertainment. And foodies, rejoice! The neighborhood has a diverse range of brilliant eating joints, perfect for weekend brunch escapades.

4. East Grove

Elegant and tranquil, East Grove comprises mostly residential areas with large lot sizes, offering both privacy and open space. East Grove is a delight for nature lovers, blessed with beautiful views and the nearby Daley Ranch, known for its hiking and horse riding trails. While quiet and peaceful, it's just a short drive to all the happenings of Escondido, making it a perfect blend of calm and convenience.

5. West Ridge

West Ridge is a tucked-away gem with a warm and welcoming community. The neighborhood features architecturally diverse homes, encouraging a sense of creativity and individuality among residents. West Ridge prides itself on its community-centric features, such as the community pool and tennis court. Overlooking Lake Hodges, the neighborhood also offers a plethora of outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, and bird-watching, ensuring you are never at a loss for something to do.

So, there you have it, five lively and lovely neighborhoods---each with its unique flavor---awaiting you in Escondido, CA! No matter what kind of vibe you are looking for, Escondido ensures you will find your sweet spot within its boundaries. So pack up, move, and get ready to explore these exceptional neighborhoods and all they have to offer.

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Things to Do

Welcome to Escondido, California - a city packed with hidden gems, stepping stones to awesome adventures, and a springboard to create unforgettable memories. With its perfect blend of natural beauty, urban sophistication, and small-town charm, Escondido is a fantastic place to explore, whether you're just passing through or planning to stay here forever.

1. Uncover Art at the California Center for the Arts

A must-visit destination for arts enthusiasts, this vibrant cultural hub hosts exhibits, performances, and educational programs throughout the year. Whether it's contemporary art that fascinates you, or you're a fan of classical music, this versatile center has something for everyone.

2. Be One with Nature at Daley Ranch

Located in the northeastern part of the city, Daley Ranch offers over 20 miles of hiking, mountain biking and equestrian trails. Feast your eyes on the stunning wildflowers in springtime, get a glimpse of local wildlife, or just soak in the serenity of nature.

3. Savor the Flavors at Escondido's Farmers Market

Experience the flavors of Escondido's local produce at the Farmers Market held every Tuesday. You can handpick fresh fruits and vegetables, purchase home-baked goods, or treat yourself to culinary creations from numerous food stalls.

4. Explore Escondido's History at the San Pasqual Battlefield State Historic Park

Travel back in time and learn about the battle of San Pasqual, a significant event in the Mexican-American War. This site offers excellent views of the city and hosts a variety of events throughout the year.

5. Sip and Swirl in Escondido's Wine Country

Did you know Escondido is home to several award-winning wineries? Visit the area's vineyards, enjoy wine tours or take a winemaking class. It's the perfect way to spend a leisurely afternoon or a fun-filled weekend.

6. Chart Your Course at Queen Califia's Magical Circle

Uncover a relatively unknown gem in Kit Carson Park - the quirky Queen Califia's Magical Circle . This larger-than-life, fantastical sculpture garden, was designed by the late French artist, Niki de Saint Phalle, and is the only one of its kind in America. You'll find yourself surrounded by vibrant, mosaic-encrusted sculptures, making you wonder if you've stepped into a fairy tale!

7. Challenge Your Wits at The Entrapment Escape Room

Not many people are aware of Escondido's best kept secret - The Entrapment Escape Room . Packed with mind-bending puzzles and intriguing mysteries, this place offers an exciting and immersive group activity. With patience, creativity, and teamwork, beat the clock and escape before time runs out!

In conclusion, Escondido is brimming with fascinating experiences that will fill your life with joy and color. Regardless of whether you're the more outdoorsy type or the type that enjoys indoor activities, Escondido has a myriad of things to do to keep you entertained and engrossed. So, strap on your adventure shoes, pick your favorites from this list, and get ready to explore Escondido like never before!

Things to do in Escondido, CA?

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