Moving to Corona

Shifting your life to a new city can indeed stir up a cocktail of excitement and anxiety. But let us ease you into the contemplation of moving to Corona, CA. Known as the 'Circle City' thanks to its unique street layout, Corona offers a blend of suburban comfort and access to the energetic metropolitan life of nearby Los Angeles and Orange County. Our comprehensive Corona relocation guide is designed to unravel the charms, highlights, and practical information you need, making your decision-making process and transition as smooth as possible. Buckle up, and welcome to your future in Corona!

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What to Know Before Moving to Corona

1. So much more than citrus

Corona, quaintly known as the "Circle City", is so much more than citrus groves. While its moniker can be traced back to the comforting curves of Grand Boulevard -- a street that was once used for international car racing, the city's history goes beyond that. Today, it thrives as a bustling city with a diverse community, rich heritage, and loads of opportunities for work and play.

2. Oh, the weather is delightful!

Keep those snow boots and heavy jackets packed away! Corona brags an idyllic Mediterranean climate, which equates to sunny, mild winters and warm (although sometimes quite hot) summers. This makes the outdoors in Corona a playground for enthusiasts all year round.

3. Let's take this outside

Speaking of the outdoors, Corona is an absolute treat for nature lovers. With a host of recreational parks and landmarks such as the Corona Lake, Prado View Park, and Skyline Drive Trails, the possibilities for outdoor activities are endless. Hike, fish, bike, or just enjoy a calm picnic amidst the greenery.

4. A Food Lover's Haven

Craving for Mexican, drooling over Italian or in the mood for some finger-licking BBQ? Corona's diverse culinary scene is here to satiate your taste buds. With an impressive assortment of both chain and local restaurants, the city boasts a whole gamut of international cuisines and craft breweries to choose from.

5. A hop, skip and a jump away from SoCal delights

One great aspect about Corona is its strategic location. Its proximity to major Southern California attractions means you're just a whisker away from a fun day trip. Disneyland, Universal Studios, and the beaches of Orange County are all comfortably reachable within an hour's drive.

6. It's lemon history is not just about lemons!

Okay, this might come as a surprise, but Corona is famous for something totally unexpected. Lemons! Yes, you heard it right. But it's not just about the fruit, it's about the history they hold. Corona was once known as "The Lemon Capital of the World". It even hosted annual lemon festivals, including activities like a giant lemon pie making. You can still catch a whiff of this tangy past with a visit to the Corona Heritage Park and Museum.

To conclude, Corona is a vibrant city that's ready to welcome you with open arms. Its beautiful weather, incredible outdoors, diverse cuisine, strategic location, and intriguing history offer a wonderful blend of modern and historical living. So pack up, gear up, and say hello to your new adventure in the Circle City.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Corona

Pros of Living in Corona

Abundance of Recreational Activities

Corona offers a plethora of recreational activities to its residents. From beautiful hiking trails at Skyline Drive Trail to camping at Corona Lake, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy.

Excellent Education Facilities

Corona boasts of some excellent public and private schools offering quality education. Furthermore, its proximity to some prestigious universities and colleges makes it an excellent location for families with children.

High Safety Levels

In comparison to many other California cities, Corona has a relatively low crime rate. The local authorities are proactive and responsive, which makes the residents feel safe and secure in their homes.

Vibrant Community

Corona has a warm and welcoming community. The residents often participate in local events and festivals, making it a lively place to live in.

Economic Diversity

Corona has a diversified economy with thriving sectors like health care, education, manufacturing, and retail. This diversity creates ample employment opportunities for both professionals and blue-collar workers.

Cons of Living in Corona

High Cost of Living

The cost of living in Corona is typically higher than the national average, mostly due to higher housing costs. While salaries tend to be higher in the area, the overall cost might be a deterrent for some people.

Traffic Congestion

Like many thriving cities, Corona also suffers from traffic congestion issues, particularly during rush hour. This can typically increase commuting times and might be a factor worth considering if you will be commuting to work daily.

Hot Summers

Corona experiences quite hot summers, with temperatures often soaring high. If one is not used to such weather, it could take some time to adapt to the local climate.

Periodic Smog

Corona is part of the larger Los Angeles basin which is known to experience periodic smog due to the high number of vehicles. This could pose potential health issues for certain groups of people, particularly those with respiratory conditions.

High Tax Rates

California as a state is known for its high tax rates which is also true for Corona. This is something to watch out for while considering your overall living costs.

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Is Corona a Good Place to Live?

Corona, CA is a great place to live because of its year-round sunshine, beautiful mountain views, and diverse selection of restaurants and shopping centers. From enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking and biking to exploring craft breweries and farmers markets, there is something for everyone here. Plus, it's perfectly nestled between Los Angeles and San Diego for those looking for the occasional big city adventure!

What Is Corona Famous For?

Historic Landmarks

The city is full of historic landmarks like the Corona Heritage Park and Museum, preserving the city's rich agricultural and industrial heritage. Also, the Corona Historic Preservation Society protects other historical sites around the city for visitors to enjoy.

The Circle City

Corona is famously known as 'The Circle City' because of its unique street layout designed in a circular format. Visitors and locals often find this layout both amusing and fascinating as it's uncommon in typical city planning.

Foothill Lemon Company

Famed for its citrus production, Corona was once the "Lemon Capital of the World". The Foothill Lemon Company, established in 1893, used to pack and ship thousands of boxes of Corona-grown lemons each week!

Outdoor Activities Galore

Corona is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with its ample recreational opportunities. The city boasts hiking trails, parks, and the popular Corona Lake known for fishing - it's an adventurer's dream destination!.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Corona, CA, the current average property tax rate is around 1.16% as of 2023, which is fairly close to the average for the entire state of California. While this rate is higher than the national average of around 1.07%, it is still considerably lower than in some other states like New Jersey, which has the highest rate at 2.44%.

Sales Tax

The total sales tax rate in Corona, CA is currently 7.75% as of 2023, slightly below the California average of 8.56%. This rate is relatively high compared to the national median, which is around 6%-7%. However, it is lower than areas like Chicago, which has a rate of over 10% with local add-ons.

Income Tax

Residents of Corona, CA in 2023 are subject to California's income tax rates, which range from 1% to 13.3%, depending on income level. These are some of the highest rates in the nation; only Hawaii has a slightly higher top rate. By comparison, seven states in the US have no income tax at all.

Housing Market


Corona, CA exhibits a competitive housing market. The median home value in Corona is about $580,000, significantly higher than the national median of around $278,000. Renters can also expect higher prices with an average rent of $2,350 compared to the national average of $1,650. Despite higher costs, Corona offers a robust job market and excellent quality of life, with home values projected to increase by 1.7% in the next year. Yet, affordability can be an issue here for some people in comparison to other parts of the US.


Cost of Living

The cost of living in Corona, CA is considerably higher than the national average. Essential aspects such as housing, utilities, groceries, and healthcare tend to be pricier compared to other U.S. cities. However, this is typical of many California locations, as they generally offer higher income levels, attractive lifestyle amenities and strong job markets. Yet, when compared with major Californian cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles, Corona is relatively more affordable. As with any city, living costs vary based on individual lifestyles and choices, making it paramount for prospective residents to thoroughly research beforehand.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Located in Riverside County, California, Corona experiences a hot-summer Mediterranean climate. Its yearly temperatures range from average lows of around 41degF in winter to average highs of 92degF in summer. Clear, sunny skies dominate most of the year with an estimated 275 sunshine-filled days. As for rainfall, Corona averages about 13 inches per year, mostly falling during the cooler months. While occasional heatwaves and Santa Ana winds can increase fire risk, the city isn't typically prone to severe natural disasters. However, the city lies in a seismically active region, meaning residents may experience earthquakes - a common phenomenon across California. Nevertheless, Corona's climate offers an appealing balance between sunny, warm conditions and cooler, wetter periods, making it a desirable location for those who enjoy diverse weather.

Typical weather in Corona, CA

Economy & Job Market

* The manufacturing industry

* The healthcare sector

* Retail and service industries

* Education sector

* Finance and insurance industry

Throughout its history, Corona, CA, affectionately known as "Circle City" due to its circular street layout, has maintained a robust economy primarily sustained by a diverse range of industries. In its early days, agriculture dominated with citrus fruits being the cherry-on-top. When the opportunity to host one of the ten branches of the national citrus growers' Fruit Growers Supply Company came around, things really took off. Fast forward to the present, the city has managed to raise other economic lions. The manufacturing industry is having quite a moment in the limelight, but the healthcare sector, retail and services industries, education sector, and finance and insurance industry are all hot on its heels. The economy is as vibrant as the city's lively cultural scene, reflected in its attractive job market.

If you're considering a move to this southern slice of sunny California heaven and are curious about the job market, you're in for a pleasant surprise. Corona, CA brags a lower unemployment rate than the national average and job growth that is projected to outpace the rest of the country in the coming years. Whether you're a newly minted graduate or experienced professional, the healthcare sector and education field always seem to have job openings. Consider waltzing into the manufacturing industry if you like the smell of grease and metal mixed with opportunity and promising growth. If you are more into finer things, perhaps an opportunity in the finance and insurance sector is waiting for you in this charming city. Trust us, in Corona, CA, picking a field is like being a kid in a candy store - everything is so good, you won't know what to choose!

Traffic and Transportation

Zip through the lively streets of Corona, CA, where the average commute time is a snappy 34 minutes. Less hassle, more dazzle! If you prefer hanging up your car keys, Corona's got you covered with the Riverside Transit Agency (RTA); providing passengers a network of convenient routes all around the town. Bus or bike, every ride's a delight! Not a fan of the roads? Let's go sky-high. Corona Municipal Airport is your friendly neighborhood hub for all things aviation, perfect for general and private air travel. So, whether you're catapulting through the skies or zipping around the city, transportation in Corona is a breezy, easy journey. Be it on the road, in the bus or up in the air, living in Corona makes every commute an adventure!

What is the traffic like in Corona, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Corona

1. Dos Lagos

Dive into a lifestyle of accessibility, affluence, and community in Dos Lagos, one of Corona's top neighborhoods. With its charming blend of residential, commercial, and recreational amenities combined with elegant home architectures, Dos Lagos tops the chart. Nearby, you'll marvel at the two scenic lakes that enrich the neighborhood's aesthetic appeal. Not to mention the outdoor shopping center that offers a variety of retail shops, restaurants, and a luxury theater for a family fun day or night out. If you're into golf, the Dos Lagos Golf Course awaits! With lush, rolling landscapes and tranquil ambiance, Dos Lagos offers a comfortable, suburban feel.

2. Horsethief Canyon Ranch

Horsethief Canyon Ranch is another gem in Corona known for its serene, family-friendly neighborhood and strong community values. Waving palms, beautiful landscaping, hiking trails, and picturesque mountain views make it postcard perfect! The community brags of amenities including swimming pools, parks, tennis courts, a gym, and a clubhouse - all set to keep you active and social. If you're one for open spaces, themed events, and a vibrant community spirit, then Horsethief Canyon Ranch is a fantastic bet.

3. Eagle Glen

Take a claim to a slice of the good life at Eagle Glen! This sought-after Corona neighborhood is renowned for its upscale residences, lush yards, charming streets, and the pristine Eagle Glen Golf Club. The vicinity boasting of the Corona Crossings and The Shops at Dos Lagos will take care of all your shopping and dining needs. This premier community, providing a blend of sophistication, tranquility, and convenience, presents an enriching lifestyle for both growing families and retired enthusiasts alike.

4. Sycamore Creek

Sycamore Creek is a remarkable Corona neighborhood, nestled where the beautiful Cleveland National Forest and the majestic Santa Ana Mountains meet. Complementing its inviting homes, Sycamore Creek encompasses a wealth of recreational amenities from resort-styled swimming pools and fitness centers, to sports parks, a dedicated clubhouse and nature trails perfect for biking or walks. Showing off idyllic scenery and outdoor fun, this neighborhood gifts you with a slice of nature's paradise in the heart of the city.

5. Mountain Gate

Finally, introducing Mountain Gate, a tranquil neighborhood with a suburban feel, ideal for family-centric individuals. Mountain Gate is well-known for its excellent schools and green spaces with parks and hiking trails abounding - indeed a great place to raise your children! Its quiet streets and friendly community vibes make it an inviting place to call home. Plus, downtown Corona is just a short drive away, which means you're close to plenty of shopping, dining, and entertainment options.

Choosing the right neighborhood is as essential as selecting your dream house. Whether you prioritize community vibe, proximity to amenities, or the beauty of your environment, Corona, California has a lot to offer. Each of these neighborhoods hold their unique charm and lifestyle, promising a dream Californian living. So, pack up, make the move, and find the perfect neighborhood that aligns with your lifestyle in Corona. Welcome in advance to your new chapter in the Golden State!

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Things to Do

Just under the shadow of the Santa Ana Mountains, nestled comfortably within Riverside County, lies the quaint and bustling city of Corona, California. Offering a balanced blend of small-town charm and teeming LA appeal, it's a haven for locals and beckoning beacon for newcomers. Grab your Californian spirit, and let's dive into seven top things you should do when your compass steers you towards Corona!

1. Exploring Corona's Crown Jewel: Corona Heritage Park and Museum

If time-travel fries your circuits, saunter over to Heritage Park. This five-acre history center shelters 1913-inspired scenery, vintage gardens bristling with multi-hued blooms, a smattering of historic buildings, and even a plant nursery. It's a perfect blend of history, serenity, and loveliness, all wrapped neatly in Corona's bow.

2. Take a Walk--or Ride--on the Wild Side: Skyline Drive Trails

Put on your hiking boots or straddle a bike, and feel the wind in your hair on Skyline Drive Trails. The sweeping views of the city and the rustling serenity of wilderness make every step worth its weight in Instagram likes. If you're lucky, you might even spot some friendly wildlife!

3. Break Bread in The Hot Dog Shoppe

For the foodies, Corona's very own, The Hot Dog Shoppe, is a gourmet paradise. From classic hot dogs and brats to sausages and towering sides, this local treasure delivers loyalty-inspiring bites that will make you dive in fork-first and leave you craving for following day's brunch.

4. Swing Away at the Dos Lagos Golf Course

Feel the sun on your face and the velvety touch of the green beneath your shoes at the Dos Lagos Golf Course. Perfect for seasoned veterans or golfing greenhorns, this premier course offers a competitive but relaxing golf experience like no other.

5. Sail over Corona with Adventure Flights

Truly a lesser-known, heart-pounding thrill - sashay above the Corona landscapes in a hot air balloon! Adventure Flights offer one of the region's best-kept secrets: unbeatable scenic tours of Southern Cali's heartland, floating under the ether in a spectacular hot air balloon.

6. Whisper to the Animals at Santa Ana River Wildlife Viewing Area

Sure, Corona is a human haven, but it's also a critter-friendly city. Don your binoculars and set course for the Santa Ana River Wildlife Viewing Area. Don't miss out on catching a glimpse of a wild heron majestically perched on a tree or a playful otter slipping into the water.

7. Follow the Grapevine to the Vindemia Winery

Last, but certainly not least, on the list is the sophisticated Vindemia Winery. Set amidst scenic rolling hills and vine-blanketed valleys, the winery showers you with olfactory wonders, velvety vintages, and delicate culinary delights.

Whether you're a nature enthusiast, a foodie, a history buff, or someone who just loves a good glass of wine, there's plenty to keep you entertained in Corona! Now it's over to you. Begin your adventure today and discover, explore, and fall in love with this hidden oasis called Corona!

Things to do in Corona, CA?

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