Moving to Compton

Welcome, potential Compton transplants! Rest assured, the asphalt jungles of Compton, CA aren't solely the turf of gangsta rap lyrics. Rather, they hold an enticing blend of eclectic neighborhoods, moody blues history, and a thriving cultural mecca eager to change prevailing preconceptions. But, relocating is no simple task. As you contemplate making the big move, our comprehensive relocation guide is designed to unveil the true essence of this effervescent city, providing insider insights and practical solutions. So, brace yourself as we embark on this riveting journey into the heart of the Comp-town!

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What to Know Before Moving to Compton

1. It's All About Music and Heritage

Compton, often dubbed as the "Hub City" due to its geographical centrality in LA, is renowned for being a major influence in the world of hip-hop and rap music. Home to iconic figures like Kendrick Lamar and the legendary group N.W.A, this city vibrates with rich African-American heritage and culture, especially in music. On moving to Compton, prepare yourself for a kaleidoscope of music festivals, street performances and a community that stands unified in its love for beats.

2. Sumptuous Local Cuisine at Every Corner

Foodies, rejoice! Compton will conquer your heart with its delectable local cuisine. Favorites include mouth-watering tacos, barbecued ribs, and tender chicken from locally beloved spots like Bludso's BBQ and Tacos Los Guichos. Moving here may need a slight expansion in your gym schedule, but it's totally worth it!

3. Compton's Hidden Oasis - The Richland Farms

A unique and lesser-known fact about Compton is the rural paradise of Richland Farms. Amidst urban landscape, Richland Farms comes as a refreshing, surprising oasis of agricultural land filled with horse ranches, roosters, and fruit trees. This 10-acre farmland acts as a green lung of the city and stands as a perfect escape for nature lovers.

4. 'Compton Swap Meet' - Shopping at its Best!

Shopping in Compton is nothing less than an adventure, thanks to 'Compton Swap Meet' also known as the Compton Fashion Center. This place is famous for unique collections of apparel, jewelry, and other items at great bargains. The swap meet made an appearance in the 2015 'Straight Outta Compton' movie and it has sort of become a part of Compton's cultural identity ever since.

5. Safety is an Ongoing Story

Compton, infamous for its crime rate in the late 80s and 90s, has come a long way over the years. With several anti-crime initiatives implemented in recent years, a significant drop in the crime rate is observed. But, like any city or town, it is always prudent to look after personal safety. Make sure to stay informed and aware of your surroundings.

6. Art and Education are in the Air

Another little-known fact is the education and art scene in Compton. Home to Compton College and a vibrant school district, everyone's talking about education here. Plus, with the Compton Art Walk, an Arts and Music Festival hosted by the city, there's plenty to stimulate your artistic senses. As a new resident, immerse yourself in these enriching experiences to truly feel at home.

Moving to Compton certainly requires an open mind and a heart willing to embrace diverse cultures. This quaint city, with its rich heritage, vibrant music scene, and spirited community, promises an elevated living experience. Despite the challenges and stereotypes, Compton shines as a diamond in the rough, ready to share its colorful tapestry with those who choose to call it home.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Compton

Pros of Living in Compton

Urban Atmosphere

Compton offers its residents a diverse and vibrant urban atmosphere. The hustle and bustle, the street markets, music, and cultural activities provide a lively city living experience.

Access to amenities

Being part of the greater Los Angeles area, Compton residents have easy access to a wide range of amenities such as premier shopping centers, hospitals, and educational facilities. Also, the city is in close proximity to LAX and major highways.

Diverse Cultural Activities

There's a robust presence of cultural activities in Compton. The city is known for its contributions to rap and hip hop music, and it is home to the Charles A. Lindbergh house, which is listed in national register of historic places.

Affordable housing compared to its surroundings

Compton provides more affordable housing options compared to neighboring cities like Los Angeles or Long Beach. This makes the city appealing to those who want to live in the Greater Los Angeles area without paying the high property prices.

Public Transport

Compton has solid public transport connections. The city is serviced by the Metro Blue Line rail service and multiple bus lines, making it convenient for those who prefer not to drive or don't own a vehicle.

Cons of Living in Compton

High crime rate

Compton has a high crime rate compared to national average. Safety can be a concern, and potential residents should research this aspect thoroughly prior to moving.

Traffic and Parking

The city's traffic and parking can be daunting, especially during peak hours. Commuting to work or navigating the city during rush hour can become a time-consuming affair.

Lower performing schools

Compared to surrounding areas, some schools in the Compton Unified School District perform lower in standard testing. However, this varies from school to school and some do perform well.

Economic disparities

While there are prosperous areas in Compton, economic disparities exist, with pockets of poverty observed. There are noticeable contrasts between different neighborhoods.

Air and Noise Pollution

Being an urban area and close to LAX and industrial areas, Compton does have issues with air and noise pollution. This could be a con for those seeking a quieter and cleaner living environment.

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Is Compton a Good Place to Live?

Compton, CA is a great place to live because of its rich history, emanating from its role at the heart of hip-hop culture, and vibrant social life with year-round events and festivals. The city offers a diverse food scene encompassing a wide range of cuisines from every corner of the globe. Moreover, Compton's central location allows residents to easily access all the amenities and attractions of nearby Los Angeles.

What Is Compton Famous For?

Hip-Hop Music and Artists

Compton is known for birthing a number of iconic rappers and hip-hop artists who have changed the game including N.W.A, Kendrick Lamar, and YG. Their unique storytelling style about life in Compton has given us a glimpse into the city and its culture, making us bob our heads in the process.

Birthplace of the West Coast Custom Style

Beyond just cool music, Compton is also the home of West Coast Customs, a prominent car customization company known worldwide. Whether you want a car with neon lights under it or a vehicle fit for a superhero, Compton's got you covered with the wildest ride designs!

Compton Cowboys

Who said you have to go to the countryside to see cowboys? In the heart of Compton, you can catch the Compton Cowboys riding their horses. Through horseback riding, this fascinating group has been encouraging young people in their community to stay out of trouble and choose horse shows over gang membership.

Birthplace of Serena and Venus Williams

Did you know the city of "Bompton" also served as the training ground for tennis prodigies Serena and Venus Williams? Raised on the public tennis courts of Compton, their journey to global stardom began here, breaking records and setting new standards in the world of tennis.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Compton, CA, the average property tax rate is approximately 0.793%. This is significantly lower compared to the national average of 1.07%. However, due to high property values in Compton, homeowners still pay, on average, more in total property taxes compared to the national average.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Compton, CA as of 2023 is at about 9.5%. This is higher than the average sales tax rate across the US, which stands at 7.12%. The high sales tax rate in Compton is partly due to the added state, county, and city sales taxes.

Income Tax

The state of California has one of the highest income tax rates in the US, with marginal rates ranging from 1% to 13.3%. This implies that residents of Compton, depending on their income level, could potentially be taxed at the maximum rate. This is significantly higher than the average state income tax rate of 4.6% across the US.

Housing Market

The Compton, CA housing market presents a unique blend of affordability and opportunity. As of 2021, median home prices stand around $458,300 versus the national median of $379,500. Though higher than the national median, it's considerably lower than other areas in California. The rental market is similarly competitive, with a median monthly rent of $1,495 compared to the national average of $1,062. Despite the challenges of a highly competitive market, Compton offers an accessible entry point into the famously expensive California housing market, making it an intriguing option for both homeowners and renters alike.

Cost of Living

Living in Compton, CA, is relatively cheaper than in many parts of California, especially compared to coastal cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco. Nonetheless, it's higher than national averages, primarily due to above-average housing and transportation costs. Expenses like groceries, health and utilities are slightly below state averages, providing some relief. Though less expensive than many nearby cities, Compton's costs remain indicative of California's generally high cost of living.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Compton, California enjoys a Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Average summer temperatures hover around 82degF, while winter hovers around 68degF. The region generally sees about 13 inches of annual rainfall, predominantly falling between November and March. The weather in Compton is typically sunny, with over 275 appreciable sunlit days per year. The city is not shielded from the risk of natural disasters, however. Located in the Pacific Ring of Fire, California is a seismically active area. Consequently, Compton has a relatively high risk of experiencing earthquakes. Furthermore, while not as common, the city is also susceptible to wildfires and occasional flooding. This combination of idyllic weather and potential for significant natural disasters offers a unique blend of beauty and danger that shapes the experience of living in Compton, California.

Typical weather in Compton, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Health Care & Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Manufacturing

* Educational Services

* Transportation & Warehousing

The economy in Compton, CA is as rich and diverse as its cultural history! Once home to bustling steel, automotive, and shipbuilding industries, today's Compton sees a shift to more service-oriented sectors. Health Care and Social Assistance top the chart as the leading industry which is followed by Retail Trade. The Manufacturing sector which played an integral part of Compton's economic history still continues to play a significant role. Meanwhile, Education Services and Transportation & Warehousing industries have also established themselves as major players, meeting the needs of Compton's growing population and trading necessities.

Alright, so you're considering a move to Compton, CA and ready to look for a job, huh? Well, you're in luck! Compton has moved past its high unemployment rates from the past, and now boasts rates lower than the national average, making it a promising location for job seekers. If you have experience in medicine, education, retail, manufacturing or logistics, you'll find plenty of opportunities here. But no worries if you're not, other sectors like Food Service, Government, and Construction are gaining steady growth too. So don't hesitate, Compton is ready to greet you with open job opportunities!

Traffic and Transportation

Residents of Compton, CA mix it up with an average commute time of around 28.6 minutes- a touch above the national average, but who can blame them? They're just busy soaking up the picturesque California landscapes! Public transit is the charm of the city with options like the Metro, giving residents easy access to greater Los Angeles. The cherry on top? LA's Metro Blue Line. Rolling out from Downtown LA straight to Downtown Long Beach, with a stop in Compton. For those with a taste for higher altitude, say hello to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Just a 20-minute drive from Compton, stepping into LAX is like stepping onto a global stage, connecting folks to almost any destination imaginable. For all the travel bugs in Compton, it seems like the world is ready and waiting!

What is the traffic like in Compton, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Compton

1. East Rancho Dominguez

First on our list is the vibrant East Rancho Dominguez. This neighborhood is known for its cultural diversity and strong sense of community. The streets are laid out in charming grids, and the homes are a mix of cozy bungalows and traditional single-family houses. The area's atmosphere feels both welcoming and protective. With nearby parks and public spaces like the East Rancho Dominguez Park, there are countless opportunities to enjoy the sunny California weather.

2. Sunny Cove

Next up is Sunny Cove, a slice of coastal heaven. This peaceful community is an idyllic hub for scenic lovers. The unique geographical location of Sunny Cove offers its residents breathtaking views of Dominguez Channel, a gorgeous water body that forms the northern boundary of the neighborhood. Simply put, Sunny Cove provides a beautiful seaside escape, just a stone's throw from the hustle and bustle of city life. The peacefully meandering waterways alongside the diversity in housing options give it a distinctive charm like no other.

3. Downtown Compton

Downtown Compton offers a unique fusion of urban and suburban lifestyles that appeal to a wide variety of people. Artsy souls will fall in love with the multitude of murals that dot the neighborhood walls. Known for its robust farmers market and diverse dining options, this quadrant highlights the area's culinary prowess. The Compton Courthouse, the Martin Luther King Jr. Transit Center, and various shops give this area a distinct city feel. The bustling vibe is counterbalanced by cleaner, quieter residential areas, making it an ideal home for individuals and families alike.

4. West Compton

West Compton brings together a blend of residential and commercial charm. The neighborhood exudes a sense of tranquillity which can be attributed to its well-planned streets, pristine parks, and beautiful homes. The small-town feel is complemented by the convenience of accessible shopping centers and a variety of eateries. The West Compton Park is a delight to any outdoor lover, hosting numerous community activities. West Compton has a very low crime rate, making it one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.

5. College Park

Rounding off our list is the cozy and chic neighborhood of College Park. Offering a beautiful blend of modern and contemporary homes, the area exudes elegance. Its close proximity to El Camino College - Compton Center is a boon for students and educators. College Park also has its fair share of parks and open spaces where residents can enjoy a leisurely weekend. Amiable neighbors, lush greenery, quiet streets, and top-notch schools give College Park an appeal that is hard to resist.

To conclude, Compton is loaded with amazing neighborhood options, each with its own unique charm and character. So whether you're craving the seaside serenity of Sunny Cove, the urban allure of Downtown Compton, or the tranquil vibes of West Compton, there are plenty of places to call home in this city. With a little bit of exploration, you're bound to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

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Things to Do

Welcome to Compton, CA, a vibrant city in southern Los Angeles County that's rich with culture, history, and plenty of fun. Compton, often heralded as the "Hub City" due to its geographical centrality, is bursting at the seams with unique experiences around every corner. So, buckle up as we take you on a rollercoaster ride through 7 of the top-rated things to do in this splendid city.

1. Visit The Martin Luther King Jr. Transit Center

Start your Compton adventure with a visit to this cornerstone of the community. The Martin Luther King Jr. Transit Center is not just for transportation; it is also a hub of cultural and artistic experiences in Compton. Admire the beautiful mural commemorating Martin Luther King Jr., a must-see for both locals and tourists alike.

2. Explore The Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum

Compton's Tomorrow's Aeronautical Museum is an interactive and hands-on experience designed to educate and inspire budding aviators. The museum offers aviation and STEM-based programs, workshops, tours, and flight simulations. It's definitely a must-visit for anyone drawn to the wonder of flight.

3. Check Out The Compton City Hall

This striking Brutalist architecturally influenced building is not just for city employees and politicians. The Compton City Hall, surrounded by manicured green spaces and beautiful fountains, makes for a lovely tour and walk. Pop in to admire the bold concrete designs or watch a city council meeting in action!

4. Visit The Richland Farms

Richland Farms, a semi-rural community within Compton, is the perfect little detour from the city's hustle and bustle. Here, horse lovers can take horseback riding lessons, rent stalls, or simply enjoy the peaceful ambiance. It's a quaint, bucolic experience that's surprisingly nestled within city limits.

5. Drop By The Bloomfield Park

Compton's Bloomfield Park is an exquisite green space perfect for family time or solitude. With vast green areas for relaxing, playgrounds, basketball courts, picnic areas, and a public pool, it's a local favorite and perfect for those seeking outdoor activities within the city.

6. Relish The Compton's Farmers Market

Now, this is one of Compton's best-kept secrets. Open every Saturday, the Compton's Farmers Market is a local paradise filled with fresh fruits, vegetables, homemade goods, and crafts. The food trucks and live music make it a fantastic place to spend a Saturday morning fueling up with locally sourced goodies.

7. Gorge On Tacos At Tacos El Unico

There's nothing like Compton's local cuisine, and Tacos El Unico is considered an institution. A fixture in the community since 1981, this food truck turned into a chain serves up some of the best delicious tacos, quesadillas, and burritos in the city. Don't miss out on this South LA culinary gem!

There you have it; Compton is more than meets the eye. On the surface, it might look like just another city in California, but dig a little deeper, and you'll unveil a lively city rich with culture, history, and thrilling activities. So, pack your bags and move to Compton to live the hub city life up close and personal!

Things to do in Compton, CA?

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