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Ever considered savoring the delights of suburban living in the heart of the Golden State? Well, it's time to pack your bags and your adventurous spirit because we're embarking on a journey to Chino, California! Nestled in the scenic San Bernardino County, this bustling city boasts a blend of urban amenities, quaint charm, and excellent recreational opportunities. But don't just take our word for it - let this comprehensive Chino relocation guide be your trusted compass and a fun friend, leading you through every aspect of your journey to your new home. Ready? Let's go!

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What to Know Before Moving to Chino

1. Small Town Charm with Big City Amenities

If you're on the prowl for a small town vibe but still want the perks of city living, then moving to Chino, CA is just the ticket. With a population of just over 85,000, Chino has managed to maintain its close-knit community feel while offering an array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Not only that, but it's also conveniently located, just a short drive away from major California cities like Los Angeles and Riverside.

2. Friendly for Families

Chino is a great option for families with kids in tow. With excellent schools and loads of outdoor activities, your children will grow up learning and having fun. The community planning of Chino also means that there are plenty of parks, libraries, and recreational centers dotted around town. This makes it immensely easy for children to engage in creative learning and active lifestyle habits.

3. Equestrian Paradise

Get ready to saddle up! If you're a horse enthusiast, you'll be thrilled to know that Chino is known for its equestrian facilities. This picturesque townscape is home to multiple barns, boarding stables, and equestrian trails. The city even holds an annual horse parade, celebrating its commitment to preserving the equestrian lifestyle. So, get ready to horse around after you settle in Chino, quite literally.

4. The Under-the-Radar Wine Lover's Retreat

Most people think of Napa when they picture Californian wine country, but here's a secret: Chino has its hidden viticultural delights that will satiate any wine lover. It may not be as famous as Napa Valley, but Chino houses quite a few lesser-known, cozy wineries worth exploring. So, after the moving boxes are put away, treat yourself to a sneaky wine-tasting session.

5. Land of Festivals

There's always something happening in Chino! From the Chino Summer Nights to the Planes of Fame Air Show, the city hosts an array of events and festivals that cater to all interests. In particular, the annual Chino Fair is an event to watch out for. With thrilling rides, live music, and finger-licking food, it surely is a crowd-pleaser!

6. Low Crime Rates

The safety of a neighborhood is often a top concern when moving to a new city. Rest easy knowing that Chino has a lower crime rate compared to the national average, making it one of the safer cities in San Bernardino County. In fact, Chino was named one of the "100 Best Communities for Young People" thrice by America's Promise Alliance! Isn't that a comforting notion when moving with family?

So, there you have it! Moving to Chino holds the promise of a safe, family-friendly environment coupled with a rich local culture and an active, outdoor lifestyle. This charming city in California surely knows how to blend the idyllic tranquility of small-town life with the vibrant opportunities of the big city. Welcome to Chino, the city that embodies the best of both worlds!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Chino

Pros of Living in Chino

Top-Quality Schools

Chino has a reputation for excellent educational institutions. Serving the area are a number of top-ranked schools that offer quality education spanning from elementary to high school levels. Parents can be assured that their children will get the best in terms of education.

Low Crime Rate

Chino is known for its low crime rate compared to other California cities. The strong presence of law enforcement agencies has ensured residents' safety and security, making the area an attractive place for families and individuals alike.

Great Outdoor Activities

For people who enjoy spending time outdoors, Chino provides numerous opportunities. The Prado Regional Park is a popular destination for fishing, shooting, archery, camping, and bird-watching. Other parks include Ruben S. Ayala Park, which offers playgrounds, baseball fields, and a skate park.

Strong Community Spirit

Chino holds several community events throughout the year that bring residents together. The community is known for its strong bonds, friendly neighborhoods, and a sense of unity. Be it the annual Chino Corn Feed Run or the Chino Summer Nights, residents look forward to these community experiences.

Good Job Opportunities

Chino has a thriving economy that offers good job opportunities in various fields. From tech firms to the agricultural sector, the variety of industries present in the area ensures a decent employment market for job seekers.

Cons of Living in Chino

Pricey Cost of Living

Like many California cities, Chino's cost of living is higher than the national average. From housing to groceries and healthcare, everything is a bit more expensive, which can be a drawback for some.

Hot Summer Temperatures

The city experiences high temperatures during the summer, which many people may find uncomfortable. The mercury often soars above 90 degrees, requiring residents to use air-conditioning most of the time.

Traffic and Commute

Traffic can be a challenge in Chino, mainly during peak hours. Also, if you are working in Los Angeles or other nearby cities, the commute time can be substantial, depending on your exact location and time of travel.

Air Quality

Chino struggles with air quality, mainly due to its location in the Inland Empire area known for higher pollution levels. This could be a concern for those with respiratory issues or people who value clean air.

High Taxes

California is known for its high personal state income tax, and since Chino is part of California, residents here also bear the brunt of high taxes. This could be a potential downside for people considering a move to Chino.

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Is Chino a Good Place to Live?

Chino, CA is a great place to live because of its beautiful landscapes, excellently-rated schools, and its strong sense of community. The city provides numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation, including biking, hiking, and picnicking, and residents enjoy numerous family-friendly events throughout the year. Plus, it's also conveniently located near many of California's top attractions, giving you access to the best the state has to offer.

What Is Chino Famous For?

Dairy and Agriculture

Chino, CA is famously known as a dairy and agricultural hub. Despite its recent shift towards urban development, Chino maintains its agricultural spirit with a number of dairy farms and farming events, such as the annual Corn Feed Run classic car show and the Harvest Festival.

Prado Regional Park

Another highlight in Chino is the Prado Regional Park - a hidden jewel in the city. Perfect for camping, fishing, shooting, archery, and even a good ole' BBQ, this park serves as an oasis for residents and visitors to escape the busy city life and commune with nature.

The Planes of Fame Air Museum

Aviation enthusiasts rejoice! Chino is home to the Planes of Fame Air Museum, which collects, restores, and exhibits rare and vintage aircraft. Numerous events and airshows are held by the museum, letting visitors not just to see these iconic planes but also to see them in action.

Youth Sports Programs

Have an up-and-coming athlete at home? Chino is known for its robust youth sports programs, offering a range of sports including soccer, basketball, and baseball. The city's Ayala Park is a hub for youth sports, where you'll see future sports stars in the making!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Chino, CA, as of the year 2023, the average property tax rate is 1.16%, which is slightly lower than the national average of 1.21%. This percentage is applied to the estimated market value of the property every year.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Chino, CA as of 2023 is 7.75%. This is moderately higher than the national average rate, which sits around 5.56%. These rates apply to the sale of most goods and services.

Income Tax

Residents of Chino, CA in 2023 are obligated to pay a state income tax of 9.3% on top of the federal income tax, one of the highest rates in the country. However, these taxes are progressive, so the rate can fluctuate depending on individual annual income.

Housing Market

The housing market in Chino, CA exudes an appealing blend of affordability and quality. Median home values are slightly higher than the national average, indicating robust property investment potential. For buyers, this means a higher initial expenditure, but with promising returns on resale or lease. Renting in Chino also fits comfortably within most budgets, with median rents below California's average, while still ensuring proximity to key metropolitan centers. However, Chino's rather competitive housing market calls for potential buyers and renters to act promptly when opportunities arise.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Chino, CA, is generally higher than the US average cost. Housing tends to be the most significant factor driving Chino's high cost of living. While its cost of living is higher than in some US cities, it is considerably lower compared to other Californian cities such as San Francisco or Los Angeles. Utilities, transportation, and groceries also contribute to the overall cost. However, Chino remains an attractive place to live due to its excellent amenities, low crime rate, and high employment opportunities.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Chino, CA, nestled within the San Bernardino county, enjoys a warm-summer Mediterranean climate which contributes to its regular sunny weather with hot summers and mild winters. Temperatures often range from lows of 40degF in winter, to highs of 95degF in the peak of summer, providing great opportunities for outdoor activities year-round. While the area receives a modest annual rainfall of around 15 inches, mostly concentrated in the winter months, it rarely experiences instances of snowfall. Extreme weather conditions, though infrequent, can result in natural disasters liked wildfires during the arid months and flooding during the rainy season, which can be exacerbating conditions given its vulnerability to earthquakes, being located in seismic California. Nevertheless, Chino, CA, generally enjoys a quite promising climate, making it an attractive city for living, working and recreational activities.

Typical weather in Chino, CA

Economy & Job Market

- Manufacturing Industry

- Education Services, and Healthcare and Social Assistance

- Retail Trade

- Construction

- Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

In the heart of the sunny state of California, Chino prides itself as a vibrant city with a diverse economy. This city's milk mustache is real and rich as it is historically known for its robust agricultural industry, especially dairy farming. In fact, Chino was once considered the dairy capital of America's West Coast. Fast forward to today, while it still maintains its ties to agriculture, Chino's economy has diversified and evolved in splendid ways. Manufacturing leads the way, employing a good number of the population, closely followed by sectors like Education Services, and Healthcare and Social Assistance. The very streets of Chino hum with the retail trade, and the city skyline is ever-changing thanks to a bustling construction industry. Not to forget the realm of professional, scientific, and technical services actively contributing towards the city's economy.

Planning to make Chino your nest and looking for a job? Congratulations, you've chosen a city that holds genuine promise. The city's unemployment rate is lower than the national average, and job growth is on a positive trajectory. This means, out here, your career aspirations can turn a delightful reality. Job opportunities are diverse in Chino, but remember the manufacturing industry holds the largest piece of the employment pie. So, if factories and workshops get your gear running, you're in luck. If you have healthcare or education qualifications, the city has solid roles to offer. If your calling is retail or you have a knack for construction, Chino won't disappoint. And what's more? The city embraces technology and innovation, so professionals in that sector get a fair shake too. So, pack your dreams with your luggage, because Chino is ready to welcome you.

Traffic and Transportation

Traipsing around the charming city of Chino, CA can be a breezy experience! For residents of Chino, the average commute time is 31 minutes, quite a bit above the national average due to spread-out charm of Southern California. But worry not! There are delightful public transportation options at your service too. Chino denizens can jump aboard Omnitrans buses that whirl around the city, making commutes hassle-free. Foothill Transit and Metrolink are other great options, connecting Chino to the pulsating network of Greater Los Angeles. If you're a jet-setter, Chino Airport is your hub for general aviation. Plus, LA/Ontario International Airport is just a quick 15-minute jaunt if you're looking to spread your wings wider. So, whether it's by road or sky, roaming in and around Chino is a cakewalk!

What is the traffic like in Chino, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Chino

1. Preserve

The Preserve neighborhood is the epitome of suburban heaven. The area is known for its pristine lush parks, multi-use trails, and stunning recreational spaces that evoke a sense of community. You'll enjoy The Preserve Park, an ideal spot for family gatherings, BBQs, or even just a quiet evening walk. Plus, there's the community center, which not only focuses on fostering social interaction, but also includes a fitness room, meeting room, and a fully stocked kitchen if you're planning an event. Love education and environment? The neighborhood also has The Cal Aero Preserve Academy serving Kindergarten through to high school, which is known for its exceptional academic program. This neighborhood truly provides idyllic living for everyone.

2. College Park

Widely recognized for its high quality of life, College Park ranks high among the best neighborhoods in Chino. This area offers its residents a small-town feel with all the perks of urban living. What makes College Park exceptional is its fantastic amenities, including The Commons, a private recreational facility with pools and a fitness center, and the 2,200 square foot garden perfect for weekend get-togethers. True to its name, it's home to Chaffey College Chino Community Center where lifelong learning opportunities are abound.

3. Los Serranos

If you love golf, then the Los Serranos neighborhood is calling your name. Built around the Los Serranos Golf Club, this area has a relaxed and friendly vibe that attracts both retirees and families alike. The neighborhood is also home to outstanding schools and just a few blocks away, there's the Shoppes at Chino Hills where a range of mouth-watering restaurants and retail outlets await.

4. Ramona Avenue

Romana Avenue is full of charm and character. It stands out due to its friendliness, where everyone seems to know everyone else, creating a tight-knit community vibe. This neighborhood boasts beautiful tree-lined streets and a variety of beautiful homes, from charming bungalows to modern new builds. It's within walking distance to Chino's vibrant downtown, making it a perfect choice for those that value community, convenience, and charm.

5. Chino Hills

Chino Hills is another shining gem of the city. With a magnetic blend of rolling hills views, reputable schools, and an enviable safety record, it's the neighborhood of choice for many families. This area is a true outdoor paradise featuring 44 beautiful parks, including the sprawling Chino Hills State Park offering countless outdoor adventures. There's also a host of daily conveniences, from supermarkets to restaurants that add to the allure of this vibrant neighbourhood.

In conclusion, it's evident that Chino, CA is more than just a city; it's a collection of diverse, friendly, and beautiful neighborhoods, each offering a unique taste of what makes this city remarkable. Whether you are seeking a family-oriented serene place, a sports enthusiast's paradise, or the charms of small-town living with the perks of urban convenience, Chino is ready to welcome you.

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Things to Do

Welcome to Chino, a city in California brimming with charm and character. Famed for its beautiful hills, picturesque landscape, and its friendly suburban atmosphere, Chino has a variety of activities to offer newcomers. Here are seven delightful things to do in Chino that will keep you entertained from sunrise to sunset.

1. Visit the Planes of Fame Air Museum

Aviation enthusiasts unite! The Planes of Fame Air Museum is a must-visit attraction. Home to an extensive collection of vintage aircraft, you not only get to see these magnificent flying machines up close but also learn about their history and significance. The museum also hosts exhilarating airshows that will dazzle you with gravity-defying aerobatics.

2. Hang out at Chino Hills State Park

Chino Hills State Park is the perfect escape for nature lovers. With more than 60 miles of trails spread over 14,000 acres, prepare yourself for a day exploring diverse wildlife, beautiful wildflowers, and soak in the panoramic views from the hilltops. It's a great place for hiking, horse riding, or having a peaceful picnic.

3. Get fresh produce from the Chino Farm at Goodland

If you love organic and high-quality fruits and vegetable, take a trip to the Chino Farm at Goodland. Renowned for their sweet strawberries and flavorful heirloom tomatoes, you'll fall in love with the farm-fresh taste. Plus, supporting local farmers is a terrific way to contribute to the community.

4. Indulge in authentic Mexican Cuisine at Centro Basco

Craving some authentic Mexican cuisine? Look no further than Centro Basco. From Basque Chicken to Chorizo, their delicious, home-cooked meals will transport you straight to the heart of Mexico. Add to this a warm, welcoming atmosphere, and it's a culinary experience you can't resist.

5. Watch a show at the Chino Community Theatre

For all you arts lovers, visit Chino Community Theatre, a lively hub for local talent delivering everything from classic scripts to modern day musicals. Enjoy an evening of spectacular performances that will make you applaud, laugh, and even shed a tear or two.

6. Discover the Yanks Air Museum

Here's a hidden gem most people don't know about: The Yanks Air Museum. This private museum is a treasure trove for aviation history buffs, preserving and restoring American aircraft from the past. It is home to the world's largest collection of WWI and WWII aircraft, so prepare to step back in time on this aviation journey.

7. Shop and dine at the Shoppes at Chino Hills

Shopping and dining at the Shoppes at Chino Hills is a treat. With a healthy mix of high-end shops, popular retailers, and delicious dining options, this outdoor mall is the perfect place for a full day of retail therapy or a chilled-out evening under the stars.

Moving to Chino is about embracing not only a new city, but a new lifestyle. With these attractions (and many more to discover), Chino holds something fascinating for everyone. So, whether you are an outdoor enthusiast, history buff, foodie, or shopaholic, you'll be amazed at the ways you can make unforgettable memories in your new city.

Things to do in Chino, CA?

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