Moving to Burbank

Get ready for an exciting journey as we explore the prospect of moving to Burbank, California! Often called the 'Media Capital of the World,' Burbank pulsates with the allure of Hollywood magic, yet graces residents with a small-town feel. From illustrious studios, charming shopping districts, to peaceful tree-lined neighborhoods - a melange of attractions make it a dynamic place to reside. In our comprehensive guide, we'll delve into all the nitty-gritty details of making Burbank your new home. Let's get started!

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What to Know Before Moving to Burbank

1. Welcome to the Media Capital of the World

Did you know that Burbank is referred to as the "Media Capital of the World"? Houses of massive players in the entertainment industry such as Disney, Warner Bros., and ABC are headquartered here. If you're an aspiring actor, writer, or director, this place can turn out to be your golden goose. Even if you're not in the entertainment business, witnessing the behind-the-scenes of some of the biggest shows can really make your day.

2. Indulge in Burbank's Foodie Paradise

Burbank is a paradise for food lovers. Seriously, the food scene here is dynamite! From cozy cafes to hip bars, this place will keep your palate excited. Try Porto's Bakery for its famous Cuban sandwich, and don't forget to visit the iconic Bob's Big Boy for a classic American drive-in experience. Culinary explorers, you won't be disappointed.

3. A Unique Local Tradition

Okay, this one is bizarre and that's what makes it intriguing. Every year, Burbank hosts a charmingly strange event - a flash mob of cardboard tube fighters. Yes, you heard it right. The Cardboard Tube Fighting League encourages folks to engage in epic battles using nothing but cardboard tubes. It's all about fun, laughter, and community. Disclaimer: no cardboard tubes are harmed during the event.

4. Greenery Galore

If you love outdoor activities, Burbank won't disappoint you. There are several parks and golf courses throughout the city, plus hiking and horseback riding trails in the beautiful Verdugo Mountains. Be sure to check out the Wildwood Canyon Park for breathtaking views. Burbank pulls out all the stops when it comes to preserving its green spaces.

5. Burbank's Weather: Always Camera Ready

One of the many perks of moving to Burbank is its steady, sunny climate. Burbank takes pride in its 350 days of sunshine every year! With a decent temperature range of 57 - 89 degrees Fahrenheit (14 - 32 Celsius) throughout the year, your plans will rarely get rained off. Just be prepared for some sultry summers!

6. It's Not LA, But It's Close

One key fact about Burbank that many seem to overlook is its advantageous location. Its close proximity to Los Angeles is indicative of ample opportunities and activities, without the hustle and bustle typical of a metropolis. Spoiler alert: you might end up bumping into celebrities every now and then, given the strong Hollywood influence in and around the city.

So, if you're contemplating a move to Burbank, go for it! With its unique local traditions, sumptuous culinary scene, and year-round cordial climate, coupled with super cool chances of bumping into your favorite stars, Burbank is a quintessential Californian heaven. Pack your bags, notch up your excitement levels and get ready for a dazzling life in Burbank!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Burbank

Pros of Living in Burbank

Thriving Entertainment Industry

Burbank is often referred to as the "Media Capital of the World," seeing as it is home to numerous TV and film studios, including Warner Bros (also known as Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank) and Walt Disney Studios. Therefore, opportunities abound for those wishing to work in entertainment, making this a great spot for aspiring filmmakers, actors, and other creatives.

Convenient Location

Positioned in the heart of the Los Angeles County, Burbank boasts a prime location. With easy access to other parts of Los Angeles, outdoor adventure spots, the beach, and a host of other attractions, living in Burbank offers residents an opportunity to experience the best of Southern California without the need for long commutes.

Excellent Public Services

The city of Burbank prides itself on quality public services. These include a top-quality school system, a well-maintained infrastructure, a safe community, and effective law enforcement - all of which contribute to a high standard of living.

Dynamic Food and Dining Scene

Being diverse and rich in culture, Burbank offers a wide array of culinary delights. Residents can indulge in a variety of cuisines from family-friendly eateries, fine dining restaurants to numerous food trucks and farmer markets that are available at your disposal.

Year-round Sunny Weather

The climate in Burbank is characterized by sunny weather for much of the year. This pleasant climate not only makes every day feel like a vacation, but it also allows residents to partake in outdoor activities whenever they wish.

Cons of Living in Burbank

High Cost of Living

Burbank, like most of Southern California, is not a cheap place to live. From housing to everyday expenses, such as groceries, healthcare, and transportation, many find the cost of living in Burbank to be higher than the national average.

Traffic Congestion

Although Burbank boasts a strategic location, the dense population of Los Angeles County often results in heavy traffic, particularly during rush hours. If you're commuting to other parts of Los Angeles for work, getting stuck in traffic can be a regular occurrence.

Parking Difficulty

Parking in Burbank can be a challenge. With the high population density and lots of visitors, finding a parking spot in the city can often be a tedious task, especially in the downtown area or near popular attractions.

Lack of Nightlife

If you enjoy a bustling nightlife scene, Burbank may fall a bit short of your expectations. While there are some bars and entertainment venues, the nightlife here isn't as vibrant or diverse as you might find in other nearby areas, like Downtown Los Angeles.

Air Traffic Noise

Burbank is home to the Hollywood Burbank Airport, which, although convenient for travel, can mean a fair amount of air traffic noise. While some residents get used to it, for others, it could be a disturbance, particularly if you live close to the airport.

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Is Burbank a Good Place to Live?

Burbank, CA is a great place to live because it offers a perfect blend of suburban comfort, bustling city life, top rated schools, and fantastic shopping and dining options. At the heart of the entertainment industry, it boasts close access to studios like Disney and Warner Brothers, making it a hub for creative minds. Not to mention, it's blessed with a warm, sunny climate that makes every day feel like a vacation!

What Is Burbank Famous For?

Burbank Media District

Known as "The Media Capital of the World," Burbank hosts many prominent entertainment and media companies, including Warner Bros. Entertainment, The Walt Disney Company, and Nickelodeon Animation Studios. If you're a fan of TV shows and movies, you might get a kick out of seeing where the magic happens!

Bob's Big Boy

Calling all foodies! The city is home to Bob's Big Boy, which is the oldest remaining Bob's restaurant in America, and a classic example of "Googie" architecture. It's also home to a car show every Friday, which takes you straight back to the old-school Americana vibes of the 1950s!

Starlight Bowl

If you love live music, Burbank's Starlight Bowl is a must-visit. Nestled in the Verdugo Mountains, this outdoor amphitheater frequently hosts a variety of concerts and events - from rock and roll to symphony orchestra performances. And with a picnic area available, it's an ideal spot for a fun summer evening!

Burbank Aviation Museum

Known as the 'Portal of the Folded Wings', the Burbank Aviation Museum is dedicated to showcasing the rich history of aviation in the area. It's situated at a standpoint with a staggering view of the Burbank airport and is the final resting place for many aviation pioneers, making it an interesting stop for history enthusiasts.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate in Burbank, CA as of 2023 is around 1.03% of the home's total assessed value, which is below the national average of 1.07%. However, due to the high property values in Burbank, homeowners often end up paying more in absolute terms compared to homeowners in other parts of the US.

Sales Tax

As of 2023, the total sales tax rate for Burbank, CA is 10.25%. This is notably higher than the US average which typically ranges from 5-7%. Therefore, residents in Burbank may encounter higher prices on goods and services due to this elevated rate.

Income Tax

Residents of Burbank, CA as of 2023 face state income tax rates that range from 1% to 13.3%, based on income levels. This is in addition to federal income taxes. California has some of the highest state-level income taxes in the nation, adding to the overall tax burden for Burbank residents.

Housing Market

The housing market in Burbank, CA features a median home value of approximately $900,000, significantly higher than the US median of about $240,000. Rental prices are also above national averages, with median rent standing at approximately $2,500 per month. High demand for property due to its excellent amenities, great climate, and proximity to several entertainment studios, contribute to high prices. However, Burbank boasts lower crime rates and better public schools compared to other California locations, making it an attractive option for families considering renting or buying in the area.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Burbank, CA is relatively high compared to other cities in the United States. Based on a US average of 100, Burbank's cost of living index sits at around 199. This dramatic difference is majorly due to high housing costs. Additionally, other necessities such as grocery items, healthcare, and transportation also contribute to the elevated costs. However, the high living costs are often balanced with good quality of life, adequate job opportunities in the entertainment industry, and attractive weather conditions. It's a city where one receives what they pay for.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Burbank, California, typically showcases a Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Summertime temperatures can climb into the 90sdegF (mid-30sdegC) while winters usually hover around 40s-50sdegF (5-15degC). Annual rainfall is approximately 17 inches, primarily occurring between December and March. The region enjoys more than 280 days of sunshine per year, promoting a vibrant outdoor culture. Burbank is in an earthquake-prone zone due to multiple fault lines nearby. Powerful temblors, while not frequent, are inherent risks. The hot, dry summers coupled with Santa Ana winds occasionally instigate wildfires. Floods and landslides may follow heavy rain. While these natural disasters are potentially destructive, comprehensive preparedness and response mechanisms are in place to manage such events. In summary, Burbank's climate is typically enjoyable, albeit with certain environmental contingences.

Typical weather in Burbank, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Entertainment - broadcast television, radio, and film.

* Manufacturing - aircraft and industrial parts

* Health Care - hospital and outpatient care centers

* Education - public and private education services

* Retail Trade - consumer goods stores

Located amidst the SoCal sunshine, Burbank, CA is often affectionately referred to as "Media Capital of the World". And trust us, this is not just a fancy title. Historically Burbank has been the home of numerous entertainment and media companies, including the renowned Walt Disney Studios and Warner Bros. Studios. But don't let the spotlights dazzle you just yet, there's more to Burbank than just Hollywood glitz and glamour. Burbank's economy has also always had a strong grip on the manufacturing sector, particularly those revolving around aircraft and industrial parts (thanks to companies like Lockheed). Today, not only do these industries continue to thrive, but Burbank's expanding healthcare, education, and retail trade sectors are flourishing as well.

If you're planning to pack your bags and move to Burbank, CA for job hunting, polish that resume because the opportunities are vast and varied! Burbank's employment rate often outperforms the national average, suggesting a relatively healthy job market. Whether your skills are suited to the movie set or the medical field, Burbank has a slot for everyone. Due to its media roots, opportunities in entertainment are always hot in town, especially broadcast television, radio, and film. But don't limit your job search to only these. The healthcare and education sectors are expanding rapidly and the retail trade offers dynamic job prospects too. It's Burbank, baby! - a town where dreams do come true!

Traffic and Transportation

Hey there, let's talk about the bustling city of Burbank, CA! Nestled in sunny SoCal, it's got its fair share of traffic, with average commute times hovering around 29 minutes. That's barely enough time to listen to your favorite podcast! But don't worry, Burbank also offers solid public transportation options. Powered by the Burbank Bus and the Metrolink, these services get you from point A to B, while helping you dodge that dreaded traffic. And for those globetrotters, Burbank hosts the Hollywood Burbank Airport. It's not as massive as LAX, but its charm and efficiency make it a local favorite. So, whether you're zooming towards your exciting 9-to-5, catching a ride to run errands, or jetting off on an adventure, Burbank's got your transportation needs covered!

What is the traffic like in Burbank, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Burbank

1. Magnolia Park

If you're a fan of eclectic and vintage vibes, you'll adore Magnolia Park. This unique Burbank neighborhood is famed for its retro-chic shopping and funky eateries found along Magnolia Boulevard. With annual events like "Ladies and Gents Night Out" street fair and "Holiday in the Park," there's always something fun happening. Plus, with an assortment of distinctive boutique shops, it's a shopper's paradise. This walkable neighborhood keeps its residents active and engaged with its community-centric mindset.

2. Burbank Hills

For breathtaking views, look no further than Burbank Hills. Offering some of the most spectacular panoramas of the city and its surrounding valleys, this neighborhood is a sight to see! You'll find a variety of lovely homes nestled into the hillside, along with exceptional schools. Burbank Hills is also home to the Stough Canyon Nature Center and Wildwood Canyon Park, perfect for those who love the outdoors and enjoy hiking or mountain biking.

3. Downtown Burbank

Downtown Burbank is the entertainment center of the city. If you love living in the heart of action, this is the spot for you. It's home to numerous theaters, restaurants, galleries, and more. With the Burbank Town Center at its core, you'll discover a vast array of shopping options. Additionally, Downtown hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, making it a vibrant and lively neighborhood. Plus, if you're in the entertainment industry, you'll find plenty of opportunities here, with major studios located nearby.

4. Rancho Equestrian

Where city meets country, you'll find the quaint neighborhood of Rancho Equestrian. A dream for horse lovers, this area is famous for its equine-friendly ambiance, complete with horse-friendly roads and numerous riding facilities. Many homes in this charmingly rustic neighborhood come with stables. But don't worry if you're not a rider - there's plenty more to enjoy in Rancho Equestrian. The neighborhood is adjacent to Griffith Park and the L.A. Equestrian Center, offering activities for everyone.

5. Chandler Park

With a name inspired by the iconic Chandler Bikeway, this Burbank neighborhood is a haven for bikers, walkers, runners, and anyone else who enjoys spending time outdoors. The Chandler Bikeway is a former railroad track turned into a beautiful paved path. This beautiful neighborhood features a mix of single-family homes and apartments and is well-renowned for its strong sense of community. Moreover, its close proximity to both Downtown Burbank and the 5 freeway provides residents with easy access to all the city has to offer.

In conclusion, Burbank boasts vibrant neighborhoods, each offering unique characteristics and activities. Whether you're a lover of the great outdoors, an equestrian enthusiast, a fan of vintage shopping, or a city dweller who loves the hustle and bustle, Burbank has a place for you. Have fun exploring these neighborhoods and find your perfect fit!

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Things to Do

With a handful of attractions that include a touch of Tinseltown, award-winning breweries, high-end restaurants, and eclectic shops, Burbank has something for everyone. Whether you're moving to the city, have just landed, or are planning a visit, here are seven must-dos in Burbank, CA including both famous and offbeat spots.

1. Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your favorite shows and movies at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood. This three-hour tour allows you to explore the sets and soundstages used for productions like 'Friends', 'The Big Bang Theory' and 'Batman'. You might even spot a celebrity or two!

2. Starlight Bowl

What's better than listening to music under the stars in the summer? The Starlight Bowl provides an intimate concert experience against a backdrop of nature's beauty and city views. Grab your picnic basket, a bottle of wine, and get ready to groove to some awesome music.

3. Downtown Burbank Car Classic

If you're a car enthusiast, you won't want to miss this! Every summer, Downtown Burbank transforms into a vintage car paradise with the Car Classic. It's a wonderful showcase of hundreds of classic cars, celebrity vehicles, and custom cars.

4. Bob's Big Boy Restaurant

A visit to Burbank would certainly be incomplete without a meal at Bob's Big Boy. A classic example of Googie architecture, it's the oldest remaining Bob's Big Boy in the US, being open since 1949. Also, every Friday night, it holds a classic car show!

5. Flappers Comedy Club

For those seeking laughs and local craft beers, the Flappers Comedy Club is your spot. Featuring a lively lineup of hilarious comedians, amazing food and drink specials, it's sure to make your night in Burbank an absolute hoot.

6. The Mystic Museum

This one is for the people who stand out from the crowd and prefer the peculiar! The Mystic Museum is a unique and mysterious blend of art and occult museum, vintage items shop, and event space. It's one of Burbank's most intriguing and less-known attraction, offering exhibitions like 'Slashback Video,' a tribute to 80s video store culture with a horror twist.

7. Wildwood Canyon Park

Who says only Hollywood has famous hiking trails? Widely unknown to outsiders, the Wildwood Canyon Park offers breathtaking views of the city and the chance to see local fauna. It's perfect for an early morning hike or a sunset picnic, away from the city's buzz.

No matter what your idea of fun is, Burbank has an experience tailor-made for you. With rich history, vibrant arts and exciting nightlife, it's a city sure to win your heart. So, pack your bags and get ready to create some amazing memories in this unique Southern California city.

Things to do in Burbank, CA?

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