Moving to Springdale

Welcome to the start of your next great adventure in Springdale, AR! Known for its charm, vibrant spirit, and community-oriented lifestyle, Springdale provides an atmosphere that's simply irresistible. We'll be your tour guide, providing top-notch advice and insider insights to make your move a breeze. So, whether you're allured by our impressive gastronomy, exceptional school districts, or breathtaking natural beauty, Springdale has something awaiting every newcomer. Now, strap in and let's begin this captivating journey to your new hometown!

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What to Know Before Moving to Springdale

1. Springdale is a Bountiful Blend of Business and Nature

Budding with businesses, Springdale in Arkansas is not just about the 9-5 grind. This blossoming city is also home to a delightful array of natural attractions that would make any outdoor enthusiast green with envy. From Lake Fayetteville offering gorgeous waterside hikes to the breathtaking beauty of the Ozark Mountains, this place has got your nature cravings sorted! Plus, with companies like Tyson Foods and J.B. Hunt Transport headquartered in the city, you would be in the center of the corporate bloom as well.

2. Foodie Haven with a Twist

Are you a devout foodie? Well, Springdale will tantalize your taste buds! The city boasts of an extensive gastronomic scene with everything from Southern comfort food to international cuisine. But here's the twist - the city is renowned for its Salvadoran pupusas and Peruvian style rotisserie chicken. Who would have thought?

3. Brush Up Your Spanish

Learning Spanish in high school might finally pay off here. Springdale has a large and vibrant Latino community that has greatly enhanced the city's culture, food, and festivities. So if you've been looking for an excuse to brush up on those Spanish skills, moving to Springdale might just be it!

4. It's a Land of Festivals

Get ready to celebrate life Springdale-style! Known for a vibrant array of annual festivals, this city sure knows how to have a good time. From the colorful Cinco de Mayo celebrations to the fascinating Native American Cultural Symposium, there's always something festive in the air.

5. Your Kids Will Thank You

It's parenthood win-win in Springdale! Not only does the city offer some reputable schools but there's also a variety of family-friendly activities. Whether it's the Small Hands on the Farm experience for the little ones or the Springdale Aquatic Center for some watery fun, your kids will have those wholesome childhood memories to cherish forever.

6. It's the Poultry Capital of the World

Got the chicken cravings? Welcome to the Poultry Capital of the World! In Springdale, poultry runs more than just the plates. The city is the proud home to Tyson, one of the world's largest processors of - you guessed right - chicken! There's even a Poultry Festival for all you bird lovers out there. But it's not all about the chicken game, there is also a thriving assortment of local farms and farmer's markets to balance your bird-enrichment.

So, what's not to love about Springdale? With an interesting blend of business, nature, diverse cultures, thriving culinary scene, exciting festivals, great schools, and poultry prowess, it sounds like the perfect place to roost. Wait no longer, pack your bags and get ready for an experience of a lifetime in this vibrant city. Springdale, here you come!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Springdale

Pros of Living in Springdale

Natural Beauty

The natural beauty in and around Springdale, Arkansas is a big draw. From the Ozark National Forest to the multitude of rivers and lakes, there is no shortage of breathtaking scenery. It can be a wonderful place for those who love to spend their time outdoors, hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying nature.

Vibrant Art scene

Springdale boasts a rich art scene, with a thriving community of artists and artisans. Numerous art galleries, exhibitions, and events can be found throughout the year, providing endless cultural experiences. The city also hosts the annual Art Buzz event showcasing local talent.

Low Cost of Living

Compared to many areas of the US, Springdale offers a lower cost of living. Notably, groceries, healthcare, and many services cost less, making it a financially attractive place to call home. This lower cost of living can make life much more comfortable and less stressful.

Job Opportunities

Springdale has a robust job market, with a large number of employers in different sectors. Some notable employers include Tyson Foods (their headquarters are in Springdale), JB Hunt, and the University of Arkansas. This makes it easier to find work and provides opportunities for job advancement.

Friendly Community

Residents of Springdale often mention the welcoming and friendly nature of the community. Whether it's neighbors, local businesses, or city organizations, new residents can feel welcomed and quickly integrate into their new home. Special city programs and events encourage community engagement and contribute to this friendly atmosphere.

Cons of Living in Springdale


Springdale's weather can be a drawback for some. Being in the South, it can have hot, humid summers and sometimes severe storms. These conditions can be hard for people who prefer a more temperate or predictable climate.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in Springdale is not as comprehensive or robust as in larger metropolitan areas, which could make getting around challenging for those without personal vehicles. Limited bus services and a lack of other transportation options mean residents are often reliant on personal vehicles.

Educational Disparity

While there are some excellent schools in Springdale, not all schools have the same resources or outcomes, which can be a potential drawback for families. The quality of education may differ between different areas of the city, requiring families to be diligent in researching their options.

Crime Rate

Springdale, like any city, does have concerns regarding crime. Depending on the area, some neighborhoods have higher crime rates than others. New residents will need to research carefully to find safer communities within the city.

Pollen and Allergies

Springdale is in an area of the US with a high pollen count, which can trigger allergies and conditions such as asthma. Residents have noted that spring can be particularly challenging due to increases in airborne allergens.

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Is Springdale a Good Place to Live?

Springdale, AR is a great place to live because of its bustling local economy, reputed public schools, and its many parks and rec facilities offering ample outdoor adventure for everyone! Additionally, the city thrills foodies with its diverse culinary scene and craft breweries. Not to mention, its friendly community and affordable cost of living make it an appealing residential destination.

What Is Springdale Famous For?

The Shiloh Museum of Ozark History

The Shiloh Museum of Ozark History is a must-visit for everyone traveling to Springdale, AR. The museum offers you a comprehensive time capsule into the Ozark's heritage with historic structures, artifacts, and exhibits that weave a tale of the region's past. It's a perfect family destination, educational, fun and has something for everyone.

Arvest Ballpark

Arvest Ballpark is home to the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, a Double-A Texas League minor league baseball team. This modern ballpark offers exciting games, great concessions, and a friendly family atmosphere. Whether you are a sports enthusiast or looking for a great night out, you won't strike out with this one!

Bussey Brake Reservoir

Whether you're an experienced angler or someone who simply enjoys a day on the water, Sailorville's Bussey Brake Reservoir is a treat. Known as one of the prime fishing spots in Arkansas, this picturesque reservoir boasts a variety of fish and stunning surroundings. Don't forget your fishing rod!

The city's poultry industry

The city of Springdale holds a significant place in the poultry industry, being the birthplace of Tyson Foods. This massive corporation, started as a family business, is now one of the world's largest producers of chicken, beef, and pork. Now that's something to cluck about!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Springdale, AR averages at about 0.63% of the property's assessed fair market value. This is significantly lower than the national average property tax rate of 1.07%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Springdale, AR as of 2023 is currently 9.75%, which includes the state, county, and city sales taxes. This is relatively higher as compared to the average sales tax rate of around 7.12% in the United States.

Income Tax

The income tax rate in Springdale, AR as of 2023 ranges from 2% to 6.6% based on six income brackets. This progressive tax structure is generally similar to that of many other states in the US.

Housing Market

Springdale, AR housing market has been noted to underscore affordability. The median home value is significantly lower compared to the national average, making it an attractive destination for homebuyers. Renters too find the market affordable, with the average rent well below the national average. Growth in Springdale's real estate sector is steady, which signals good potential for long-term investment. Moreover, the city boasts a high homeownership rate. Do note, supply crunch could cause upward pressure on prices. Therefore, both renters and buyers are suggested to keep an eye on market trends before making a decision

Cost of Living

Springdale, AR, offers a desirable cost of living that is noticeably lower than many other U.S. cities. The median home cost, a significant factor in the cost of living, is significantly below the national average, offering affordable housing options. The expenses for groceries, healthcare, and utilities also tend to be lower. However, with rapid growth and urban development, the cost may increase in the future. Overall, Springdale's lower cost of living provides residents with increased purchasing power and better quality of life.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Springdale, AR experiences a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. The average high temperature in summer hovers around 90degF, while winter lows can drop to the mid-20s. Spring and fall are comparatively mild and enjoyable. This region witnesses a significant amount of rainfall, with approximately 48 inches per year, and occasional snowfall during the winter months. Tornadoes, being part of the infamous Tornado Alley, are the most common natural disaster faced by Springdale, typically occurring during spring and early summer. Flash floods and severe thunderstorms can also occur. Despite these challenges, Springdale's climate supports a diverse range of flora and fauna, enhancing its natural beauty and charm.

Typical weather in Springdale, AR

Economy & Job Market

- Agriculture and Related Sector

- Manufacturing Industry

- Retail Trade

- Health and Education

- Arts, Entertainment, and Tourism

The economy of Springdale, AR leans heavily upon two major industries: agriculture and related sectors, and manufacturing. With its roots deeply embedded in farming, it's not surprising to find a high concentration of poultry, dairy, and crop production businesses in the area. This is coupled with the presence of large corporations like Tyson Foods, the world's second-largest processor of chicken, beef, and pork. On the other side of the industrial coin, manufacturing thrives with the likes of Apex Tool Group and Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies based in the city. In recent years, the retail trade industry has also made a significant mark on the local economy, with significant growth in businesses offering everything from groceries to automotive goods.

Anyone considering moving to Springdale, AR for job opportunities should be prepared to tap into the recognizable robust job markets in agriculture and manufacturing. However, do not underestimate the burgeoning opportunities in retail trade, health and education, and arts, entertainment, and tourism sectors. According to recent statistics, employment rates in Springdale are notably high, pointing to a healthy job market. Plus, if you love a vibrant work-life balance, Springdale offers numerous recreational and cultural activities that make it an appealing place to settle down and work. So whether your skills lean towards getting your hands dirty in farming and manufacturing or serving the local community in health, retail, or education, Springdale's got a place for you.

Traffic and Transportation

In Springdale, AR, you do not have to worry about being stuck in traffic jams for hours on end. Our average commute time is a breezy 20 minutes, a real treat compared to larger locales! To make your commute even more of a breeze, why not try public transportation? Ozark Regional Transit runs a series of bus routes around Springdale, giving you plenty of options to navigate the city easily. For our jet-setting residents and visitors, the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport is conveniently located just 17 miles from downtown Springdale, offering a range of domestic and international flights. So, whether you're commuting, exploring, or globetrotting, Springdale's got you covered and then some!

What is the traffic like in Springdale, AR?

Best Neighborhoods in Springdale


1. Downtown Springdale

Let\'s kick things off with a neighborhood that truly has it all - Downtown Springdale. This vibrant area shines in the heart of the city, bustling with the mix of community pride and progressive evolution. Here, heritage buildings graciously mingle with new developments, creating a unique charm that is as far removed from bland suburbia as you can get. With an abundance of restaurants, shops, parks, and museums, it\'s easy to understand why locals hold this historic neighborhood close to their hearts. Plus, with events like the annual Christmas Parade and the Farmer\'s Market, fun is never far away in Downtown Springdale.

2. Har-Ber Meadows

If you\'re seeking suburban comfort with unparalleled convenience, turn your attention to Har-Ber Meadows. Designed with a classic neighborhood vibe, Har-Ber Meadows feels incredibly welcoming. It features tree-lined streets, well-manicured lawns, and numerous walking paths. It\'s perfect for families, offering numerous schools, shops, and restaurants just a stone\'s throw away.

3. Elm Springs

For those wanting a mix of city conveniences and scenic beauty, Elm Springs is ready to steal your heart. Located on the outskirts of Springdale, this neighborhood offers the tranquility of rolling hills and an abundance of green spaces without sacrificing proximity to quality schools and conveniences. Whether you prefer a morning jog in serene parks or a quick coffee run to your favorite Springdale cafe, Elm Springs will serve you both experiences in a silver platter.

4. Willow Creek

Next, we move over to Willow Creek- A neighborhood that embodies classic Southern charm. Bleached in elegance, Willow Creek boasts large, inviting homes, wide open spaces, and a top-rated golf course loved by locals and visitors alike. Community spirit is palpable here, with neighborly get-togethers, family-friendly events, and an overall atmosphere of warm Southern hospitality. Willow Creek proves you don\'t have to sacrifice style for a sense of community or friendly vibes.

5. Sonora

Last but not least, nestling on the southern fringe of Springdale is the idyllic Sonora. This quaint neighborhood retains its rural charm while keeping the hustle and bustle of Springdale within easy reach. Unspoiled forests, vast farm fields, and the gentle flow of Clear Creek offer a quiet retreat for nature lovers and peace seekers. If you find harmonious melody in the cooing of birds and rustling of leaves, make Sonora your new playground.

When it comes to moving to a new city, finding the right neighborhood is key to creating a home. Springdale, with its diverse selection of neighborhoods, provides envious choices. From the vibrancy of Downtown to the serene Sonora, there\'s a perfect place for everyone to build their nest and start their new chapter in Springdale, AR. So, pack your bags, say goodbye to old, and get ready to say hello to the delightfully captivating life that is waiting in Springdale.

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Things to Do

Welcome to Springdale, AR! A charming city nestled amid the majestic Ozark Mountains, it's a homely place, bursting with incredible activities and hidden gems that you'll want to uncover right away. We've put together a list of seven must-do activities in Springdale to help you immerse yourself in the soul of this engaging city. Buckle up as we explore!

1. Dive into Local History at Shiloh Museum of Ozark History

Start your journey with a trip to the past at the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History. Delve into the rich culture of the Arkansas Ozarks with collections dating back to the pioneer days. Interactive exhibits bring history to life, allowing you to experience the Ozarks region like never before.

2. Unleash Your Inner Artist at Arts Center of the Ozarks

The Arts Center of the Ozarks hosts a vibrant visual arts program where local artists often exhibit their work. Sign up for pottery, acting, or drawing classes to brush up on your creative skills. It's a fantastic way to embrace the local culture while pursuing your passions.

3. Watch a Game at Arvest Ballpark

Home to the Northwest Arkansas Naturals, the minor league baseball affiliate of the Kansas City Royals, Arvest Ballpark is a great venue to enjoy America's favorite pastime. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a warm evening, rooting for the Naturals with the crowd and enjoying a classic ballpark hot dog.

4. Explore Tontitown Winery

One of Springdale's lesser-known gems, the Tontitown Winery is situated in the "Talbot House," built over a century ago. Tour the winery, learn about the winemaking process, and enjoy a tasting of the delicious wines. They also host events regularly, giving you a chance to socialize with locals.

5. Enjoy the Outdoors at JB Hunt Park

Take advantage of Springdale's green spaces by visiting JB Hunt Park. With its tranquil walking trails, playground, and picnic areas, it's a great place to relax and unwind. The park's butterfly house and disc golf course also offer unique entertainment options.

6. Visit the Arkansas Country Doctor Museum

Visit Arkansas Country Doctor Museum, a special place that provides a way-back trip into the medical history of the last century, presenting a vivid picture of the life and practice of the country doctor. While many might overlook this fascinating museum, it holds a treasure trove of historical narrative about rural medicine.

7. Take the Razorback Greenway Trail

The Razorback Greenway Trail is a masterpiece that everyone living in or visiting Springdale needs to experience. This seemingly endless trail winds its way through several towns, showcasing picturesque landscapes and points of interest. Whether you're cycling, running, or simply enjoying a leisurely walk, the journey along this trail is always an adventure!

There you have it! These are just a few of the fantastic things that you can do in Springdale, AR. The city, with its distinctive blend of small-town charm and trendy urban life, offers an array of activities for newcomers and locals alike. There's always something happening in Springdale, so get ready to dive right in and enjoy all that this lovely city has to offer. Welcome home!

Things to do in Springdale, AR?

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