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About 3 Men Movers - San Antonio

3 Men Movers is one of Texas' largest moving companies, with locations in San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, and Austin. With over 30 years of experience, 3 Men Movers is a popular choice in San Antonio due to its team of professional movers and excellent customer service. This company has a variety of relocation services that make even the largest and most complicated of moves a breeze, including full-service packing, portable storage, and some of the largest moving trucks in the country. With hundreds of five-star reviews and a long history of service, 3 Men Movers is one of San Antonio's top moving companies available.

Why Hire 3 Men Movers - San Antonio

You should hire 3 Men Movers - San Antonio for a long distance move if you value efficiency, professionalism, and care for your belongings. Numerous customers have praised the team's hard-working attitude, friendliness, and ability to handle heavy and delicate items. While some reviews mention the service being expensive, most clients feel that the quality of service provided justifies the cost. A few reviews also discussed concerns about pricing transparency, so it may be helpful to inquire about the full cost upfront. Overall, 3 Men Movers - San Antonio offers a reliable and professional moving service that many customers have found to be worth the investment.

Services Offered

  • Local moving
  • Long-distance moving
  • Packing services
  • Unpacking services
  • Corporate relocations
  • Apartment moving
  • Portable storage
  • Partial packing services
  • Residential moving
  • Commercial moving
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About Little Guys Movers

Little Guys Movers is a franchised nationwide moving company operating in eight states, including Texas. It has a location in San Marcos, one of several in the state, offering all types of residential and commercial moving services. Whether you’re moving to a single-family house, an apartment complex, or a high-rise building, this team will make your move easy and stress-free. Little Guys Movers can also transport specialty items, such as pianos, pool tables, and other hard-to-move possessions. If you prefer to do the packing yourself, this company has boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap, and other supplies that you can purchase to prepare for your move. Through its flexible scheduling options, Little Guys Movers will work around your busy schedule while getting the job done right.

Why Hire Little Guys Movers

You should hire Little Guys Movers for a long distance move if you want a highly professional and respectful team of movers who will treat your belongings with the utmost care. The reviews consistently mention how hardworking and polite the movers are, with many customers feeling that their items were handled as if they were the movers' own personal belongings. Little Guys Movers also have excellent communication throughout the moving process, with frequent updates and confirmation calls. This level of communication helps to alleviate any stress or uncertainty during the move. Customers appreciate the efficiency and speed with which Little Guys Movers work. In many reviews, customers mention that the movers finished the job ahead of schedule, saving both time and money. The movers are also described as working well as a team, displaying professionalism and good teamwork. Additionally, Little Guys Movers receive praise for their attention to detail and their organizational skills. Customers note that their belongings were handled and stacked carefully, with special care taken for fragile items. The movers also receive commendation for their problem-solving abilities, such as finding the best way to maneuver large and heavy pieces of furniture. In summary, while there have been a couple of negative reviews mentioning miscommunication and a misunderstanding about the extent of the move, the overwhelming majority of reviews speak highly of Little Guys Movers' professionalism, efficiency, and careful handling of belongings. Hiring Little Guys Movers for a long distance move ensures that you will have a positive and stress-free moving experience.

Services Offered

Fabulous! based on 450+ data points.

About Half Price Movers

With over 40 years of experience moving in San Antonio, Half Price Movers is one of South Texas' premier moving companies. Half Price Movers performs both residential and office moves on a local and long-distance basis, including out of state and even overseas. This moving company offers relocation services including packing, junk removal, and shipping. No matter how large or complicated the move, Half Price Movers has decades of experience and a long history of helping its customers move safely and efficiently. With hundreds of five-star reviews, this moving company is known in San Antonio for its exceptional customer service.

Why Hire Half Price Movers

You should hire Half Price Movers for a long distance move if you value professionalism, hard-working crews, and great attention to detail. Many clients have praised their efficiency, friendliness, and careful handling of belongings. Though some customers experienced challenges, the majority of reviews highlight the positive experiences with the movers and the overall satisfaction with the service provided. Keep in mind that it's always a good idea to clarify any specific moving requirements upfront to ensure a smooth experience.

Services Offered

  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Packing Services
  • Moving Supplies
  • Shipping Services
  • Apartment Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Self Storage
  • Rental Trucks
Authorized for Interstate Moves
Last Checked: 9/14/21

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Information

Legal Business Name Kc Adventures Inc
DBA Company Name Half Price Movers
USDOT 2023987 Verify
MC MC-960378 MC-705421 Verify
Registered Trucks/Vans 1
Registered Drivers 1
Total Annual Miles Moved 85,000 (2019)
Very Good based on 650+ data points.

About Apple Moving

Apple Moving is a full-service moving company, in operation since 1991, offering various moving services such as home and apartment moving, office moving, local moves, long-distance moves, packing and unpacking services, furniture moving, appliance moving, and storage. The company prioritizes customer satisfaction and takes pride in their 5-star level of service. Apple Moving is one of the oldest moving companies in Austin, Texas, and provides services in other cities across the US. Apart from their experience and professionalism, they also have dedicated on-site storage facilities and are licensed and insured nationwide carriers.

Services Offered

  • Home & Apartment Moving
  • Office Movers
  • Local Moves
  • Long Distance Moves
  • Packing & Unpacking Services
  • Furniture Moving
  • Appliance Movers
  • Loading & Unloading Services
  • Storage
  • Specialty Items Moving
Authorized for Interstate Moves
Last Checked: 9/06/23

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Information

Legal Business Name Apple Moving LLC
DBA Company Name Apple Moving
USDOT 3538096 Verify
MC MC-1361596 Verify
Registered Trucks/Vans 77
Registered Drivers 51
Total Annual Miles Moved 300,000 (2022)


  1. 3 Men Movers - San Antonio is the #1 long distance moving company in St. Hedwig, TX with a superb rating based on 1150+ data points.
  2. Little Guys Movers is the #2 long distance moving company in St. Hedwig, TX with a fabulous rating based on 450+ data points.
  3. Half Price Movers is the #3 long distance moving company in St. Hedwig, TX with a fabulous rating based on 450+ data points.
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