Best Pool Table Moving Companies in Bakersfield, CA

Fabulous! based on 50+ data points.

Fit Movers LLC was established in August 2018. It is one local Bakersfield moving company committed to delivering unparalleled customer care. Fit Movers LLC offers senior moving, hotel relocation, commercial moving, long-distance relocation, packing, local moving, and more. Fit Movers LLC focuses not only on transporting your belongings but also on helping you settle into your new home. These California movers hold themselves to a high standard of care and go above and beyond to protect your belongings and your home. Fit Movers LLC hires only the best, and thoroughly trains its staff members. This moving company caters to every age group, from children to senior citizens, and takes special care of these vulnerable age groups.


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  1. Fit Movers LLC is the #1 pool table moving company in Bakersfield, CA with a fabulous rating based on 50+ data points.
  2. Bakersfield Pool Table Movers is the #2 pool table moving company in Bakersfield, CA with Below Average rating.
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Best Pool Table Movers in Bakersfield, CA