That old, outdated furniture may not mean a lot to you after the furniture movers haul it away. But for many people, your worn pieces could provide them treasures for their home, hope, a bright future, and an excellent starting point. A plethora of non-profit organizations not only accept donations of your gently-used furniture, but many offer tax receipts and will come to your home, office, or business to remove the items. These organizations help those in various stages of need, either selling in a thrift store or giving them to a homeless family seeking a fresh start. Instead of trying to figure out how to move a couch, you could simply give it a way and make someone’s day.

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Nationwide Charities with Furniture Donation Pick-Up

Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Habitat for Humanity ReStore sells a variety of used goods, including building materials, home fixtures, clothing, appliances, and furniture. Proceeds from donation sales benefit local communities by building homes for families. These families may otherwise be unable to own a home. Your donation to the Habitat ReStore helps to restore hopes and dreams to many people. The 501(c)(3) organization offers tax receipts for those who itemize their IRS tax deductions and wish to deduct their contributions.

The National Furniture Bank Association

Furniture Bank Association of North America has around 80 locations throughout Canada and the U.S.A. The organization helps approximately 100,000 families annually. The Furniture Bank offers pick-ups of gently used furniture donations, providing these items to families in need. Many of the families the organization assists are working poor, previously homeless, or families who’ve suffered other severe financial hardships, such as a fire or robbery. Tables and chairs, beds, sofas, dressers, and other furniture are accepted, with free pick-up available.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Vietnam Veterans of America is a non-profit organization supporting our veterans of the American Armed Forces. Call to schedule pick-up of gently used furniture, and your items are sold in the local thrift stores to benefit veterans by supporting various programs they need. Call your local VVA organization to ensure they accept the things that you wish to donate. Acceptable donations may vary from one location to the next. This 501(C) nonprofit organization offers tax receipts.


The AmVets organization also serves the needs of those who’ve served in the military. Their local thrift stores sell the donations with all proceeds benefiting veterans in one of many ways, whether it is through medical services, homeless services, transportation, medication, or otherwise. All AmVets donations are tax deductible. Accepted contributions vary from one location to the next. Inquire about accepted furniture items when scheduling your pick-up.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army uses the slogan ‘Doing the Most Good,’ and the organization has made an impact on thousands of families in more than 128 countries since its founding. This non-profit organization assists homeless men, women, and families with shelter, clothing, hot meals, and transitional housing. The organization also provides various drug rehabilitation programs and other services that address the underlying causes of homelessness. Program availability varies from one location to the next. The Family Center thrift stores sell furniture donations, where monies raised benefit the Adult Rehabilitation Programs. Free pickup of gently used furniture items including sofas, loveseats, chairs, and dressers is available. All furniture donations are tax deductible.

ARC Donation

The ARC has thrift stores across the U.S. These thrift stores sell donations the organization has collected and uses the money to help those with developmental delays. Furniture donations are accepted if the items are still in good condition and are free of stains, holes, and tears. Donations to the ARC are tax-deductible. Bean bag chairs, mattresses, box springs, and waterbeds are among the furniture items that are not accepted.


Goodwill stores are found all across the country. This non-profit organization sells furniture and other goods in its thrift stores. The money raised from these sales benefits low-income families by helping them find employment and receive employment training. The organization also hires disabled workers. The Goodwill truck can pick up your gently used furniture donation after you call your local store to schedule the service. You can also book a pick-up online.

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Local Donation Sites

In addition to those mentioned above, numerous organizations in your local area also welcome donations of your gently used furniture items. Not all these organizations are non-profits, so if you’re interested in a tax receipt with your gift, choose appropriately. Donating furniture to one of the organizations in your area is rewarding and benefits the people closest to you who are in need.

Domestic Violence Shelters

Domestic violence is no laughing matter. It affects families of all sizes, lifestyles, and backgrounds and shatters lives. Domestic violence organizations aim to help those who are involved in such relationships break free. They offer shelters, transitional housing programs, counseling, and an abundance of other services that help men and women, as well as their children, become self-sufficient. The YWCA has one of the most extensive domestic violence programs in the United States, with shelters and services offered across the country. Look for this and other domestic violence shelters in close to your neighborhood and ask how your donations can help.

Homeless Shelters

Homeless shelters provide a safe, secure bed for homeless men and women in the community. Food, shower, and laundry services are also available at most of the shelters. Local homeless shelters use furniture donations in transitional housing for their clients who’ve maneuvered their way into self-sufficiency. Some furniture is sold in thrift stores to raise money to fund the programs these centers offer. Check with shelters in and near your local area to learn more about your furniture donation and how it helps those in the local community.

Final Thoughts

In the end, there will likely be certain items you simply can’t donate. If you don’t want to “pay” someone to move it for you, you could always sell it on craigslist with the expectation that the buyers would bring the manpower to move it themselves.

Before moving to a new state, don’t toss out that furniture simply because it is no longer of value to you. Alternatively, you might want to re-think your strategy of moving your mattress if it’s already well past its prime. Furniture is easy-to donate to an organization of your choice and helps out people who will appreciate and value those items. As a bonus, you can itemize your donations at the end of the year when filing your taxes and get a bit of a break before you pay Uncle Sam. Helping out others feels good inside and out. Find out firsthand how rewarding your furniture donation is and choose a great organization to receive your donation.

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