Although Millennials are moving less frequently than previous generations, over 11% of Americans still move in any given year. According to the American Moving & Storage Association, most take a “do-it-yourself” approach. Whether you hire cheap long distance movers through, or recruit a few friends and rent a truck to haul your belongings, you’ll want to keep track of your possessions.

Creating a home inventory is one of the easiest ways to track belongings for a move. While home inventory creation was once a tedious undertaking involving computer spreadsheets or pen and notebook paper, you can now accomplish this task more efficiently using an app for your iPhone or Android.

The Balance named Insurance Information Institute’s inventory app, Know Your Stuff, as its number one choice for home inventory apps, but, unfortunately, the company has since discontinued this top-rated free product. Here are six alternative apps you might consider for creating a home inventory when you move:

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1. Sortly

Sortly is an app-based management software that allows you to keep track of your home inventory. With this program, you snap photos of your possessions, add them to folders, group your items any way you like, label them, and then back up your inventory. Sortly offers several benefits:

  • Simple organization that does not require tech experts
  • The ability to track on your phone, table, or online at the website
  • Attractive visual inventories
  • The opportunity to customize your list rather than confining yourself to templates
  • The ability to export your inventory across devices

Pricing: Sortly offers three individual plans. The free version allows you to add up to 100 items, maintain the inventory on a single device, and add custom tags and notes. The Plus Plan, which is $4.99 per month, includes unlimited items, the ability to sync across three devices, and web access. The Pro Plan, which is $30 a month, is typically used by businesses. With the Pro Plan, you can have up to three users, give customers access, track with barcodes or labels, add your company logo, recover lost data, and get priority e-mail support.

Phone Compatibility: Available on both Android and iPhones.

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2. Magic Home Inventory

The idea for Magic Home Inventory came about when its developer moved to Hungary for an extended vacation. It allows users to categorize, arrange, and create infinite hierarchies of inventory. Benefits of the app include:

  • Advanced search capability
  • Custom camera
  • Sunburst chart for an attractive visual overview of your inventory
  • Quick entry
  • Ability to edit and navigate catalogs with ease
  • Backup and sharing
  • Importing and exporting to and from other apps
  • Ability to use multiple images per item
  • Specialized color, brand, and price fields

Pricing: Free on the Google Play app store

Phone Compatability: Android

3. Encircle: Home Inventory

The Encircle productivity app is a convenient tool for documenting home inventory. Its many benefits include:

  • The ability to generate detailed reports in PDF and Excel formats
  • Accessibility via smartphone, tablet, or website
  • Automatic updates synchronized across devices
  • The opportunity to quickly add rooms, properties, and details
  • Unlimited storage of items
  • Streamlined setup for new users

Pricing: Free in the iTunes or Google Play stores for basic use.

Phone Compatibility: Android and iPhone.

4. Home Inventory

This app from Binary Formations, L.L.C. has received rave reviews from Business Insider, Lifehacker, Macworld, and The New York Times, which called it “quick and easy to use.” Benefits of the Home Inventory app include:

  • The ability to enter details including model numbers, serial numbers, the price paid, and date of purchase
  • A feature that allows you to upload and store receipts, photos of your items, and warranty information
  • An estate planning tool for assigning inventory items to heirs
  • Maintenance scheduling alerts for items in your inventory, such as appliances
  • The ability to upload digital manuals and attach them to your inventory items so that you don’t have to keep hard copies
  • Coverage analysis to determine if you have sufficient homeowner’s or renter’s insurance for your inventory
  • Expedited claim filing for lost, damaged, or stolen inventory

Pricing: $39.99 on iTunes

Phone Compatibility: iPhone

5. Home Inventory Organizer

Developed by Smartware Inc., Home Inventory Organizer was named the number two best Android home inventory app by The Balance. Benefits of this app include:

  • Customizable room lists
  • Ability to search for items within rooms
  • Storage for both photos of inventory items and pictures of receipts
  • Printable inventory lists that you can email
  • Backup and restoration of data as needed
  • Storage of serial numbers
  • A lending record for keeping track of items in your home inventory that you loan out to other people

Pricing: $2.50 on Google Play for the full version

Phone Compatibility: Android

6. MyStuff2 Pro

The MyStuff2 Pro app, designed by Rick Maddy, serves as a kind of personal assistant that enables you to remember where you’ve put all your stuff. While this app requires a bit of time and set-up effort, there’s a lot you can do with it. With this app you can:

  • Easily organize collections of movies, books, music, video games, jewelry, and more
  • Prepare wine lists
  • Keep inventories of office supplies
  • Store an unlimited number of items
  • Scan in items by barcode
  • Check for duplicate things
  • Customize lists
  • Import inventory lists
  • Synch across devices, including iPads
  • Format your inventory with pictures and summaries

Pricing: $8.99 for the full version. The free trial version limits you to only15 items.

Phone Compatibility: iPhone

In addition to helping you to create an inventory for your move, you can use these six inventory apps for a variety of other purposes. They will come in handy if you ever need to file a claim through your homeowner’s or renter’s insurance because of loss of property due to theft or damage. A home inventory is also useful for estate planning purposes and decorating.

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