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About U-Pack

U-Pack is a long-distance moving company based in Fort Smith, Arkansas, offering convenient and affordable moving solutions since 1997. With flexible service options such as door-to-door delivery, storage, and guaranteed transit, U-Pack provides a customized moving experience to fit any budget. The company offers a range of services including long-distance moving, military moves, cross country moving, senior moving, student moves, job relocation, and small moves. U-Pack also includes fuel costs in their rates, setting them apart from other moving services. The team of experienced consultants at U-Pack is available to assist customers with every step of their move.

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Is U-Pack Licensed To Perform Interstate Moves From Arkansas To Another State?

This licensing information comes from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and applies to a moving company's ability to perform a long distance INTERstate move
(for example: from California to Texas). If your move crosses state lines within the same commercial zone, or metropolitan area (for example: DC to Alexandria, VA), it is generally not considered an interstate move and a moving company may not need an "Active" license from FMCSA to perform this type of move. INTRAstate moves (within the same state or city) are regulated by state and local jurisdictions and licensing requirements vary according to locale.
Authorized For Interstate Moves

Last Checked




Entity Type

Freight Forwarder/broker



Entity Type

Freight Forwarder/broker

Legal Name: Moving Solutions Inc

DBA Company Name: U-Pack Movebuilder

Physical Address: 8401 Mcclure Drive Fort Smith AR 72916

Mailing Address: P O Box 10048 Fort Smith AR 72917 0048

# of Registered Trucks, Tractors, or Vans: 0

# of Registered Drivers:

Most Recent USDOT Update (MCS 150): 1/01/70

Most Recently Reported Annual Interstate Miles:

*Note: this license information has not been manually verified. Please confirm all license information at


1221 Wheeler Ave, Fort Smith, AR, 72901
(844) 611-4582
  • AL
  • YP
U-Pack offers cheap, long distance, cross country, storage, packing, local and international moving services.
To get an immediate quote, Click HERE or text “MOVE” to (800) 787-5428.

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