Moving to Green Bay

Welcome to the doorway of your newest adventure, a relocation guide to Green Bay, WI! Known for much more than just cheese and football, this quaint city nestled in the beautiful state of Wisconsin has a unique blend of small-town charm, modern convenience and a vibrant social scene. Whether you're swayed by the stunning landscapes, the happening downtown, or the much-celebrated Green Bay Packers, you'll discover endless reasons to love your new home. Walk through this comprehensive guide to unfold the hidden treasures this city offers as we take you on a playful, engaging, yet professional journey of moving to Green Bay.

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What to Know Before Moving to Green Bay

1. Cheeseheads Unite!

You need to know straight up that Green Bay, Wisconsin, is an infamous Cheesehead territory. And by Cheesehead, we don't mean a co-worker who gobbles up all the Gouda at office parties. No, a Cheesehead in these parts is a diehard fan of the Green Bay Packers, an NFL team that shares its fame with the city itself. It's an inescapable megaphone of spirit that echoes throughout the city, and you'll soon find yourself swept up in the infectious Packer Pride.

2. Low Crime Rates

If safety is one of your top priorities, then Green Bay should go right to the top of your moving list. It boasts of impressively low crime rates compared to the national average, making it a super safe and family-friendly place to reside. The people here are all about community, and that care extends to upholding a great living environment for everyone.

3. Art Street

One of Green Bay's lesser-known gems is Art Street. For lovers of art, culture, and beauty, the annual Art Street festival provides a brilliant opportunity to immerse yourself in creativity. Each year artists, crafters, musicians, entertainers, exhibitors, and even food vendors come from all over to fill the entire street with color, life, and vibrancy. This festival is a testament to Green Bay's thriving local talent and appreciation of the arts.

4. It's All About The Weather

Your patience with extreme weather conditions could be seriously tested in Green Bay! The summer can be humid, with temperatures soaring as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Simultaneously, the winter embraces the full brunt of the polar vortex, often resulting in freezing temps and piles of snow. The weather consistently keeps locals on their toes, but for those who enjoy the changing seasons, it's just part of Green Bay's charm.

5. Unexpected Wine Haven

This might come as a pleasant surprise, but Green Bay is home to some fantastic wineries. Captain's Walk Winery and Parallel 44 are two local favorites where you can enjoy wine tasting in a relaxed atmosphere. Wine enthusiasts moving to Green Bay will be delighted with this somewhat atypical but unique aspect of the city's character. Why hesitate to pack up your stuff when you can uncork quality wines upon arrival?

6. Abundance of Outdoor Activities

And finally, if you love the outdoors, the activities in Green Bay will never disappoint you. The city is enriched with a variety of parks and trails where you can go biking, hiking, or have peaceful picnics amidst nature. Plus, with Lake Michigan right next door, you can indulge in boating, fishing, sailing, and even freshwater surfing.

In conclusion, Green Bay offers more than just its infamous love for football. Its exceedingly friendly and community-based atmosphere, coupled with its surprising artistic and culinary treasures, make the city an absolute treat for those considering making it their home. So gear up, pack your cheese hats, and make your move to Green Bay, 'The City of Cheeseheads'.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Green Bay

Pros of Living in Green Bay

Affordable Cost of Living

Green Bay, Wisconsin, is generally considered to have a lower cost of living compared to many other American cities. This affordability extends to groceries, utilities, and other essentials, making it a place where your dollar stretches farther. You'll likely find that you can afford a higher standard of living here than in comparable size cities.

Richer History

Green Bay is one of the oldest European settlements in America, providing a rich historical context. From exploring the Heritage Hill State Park to visiting local museums, you'll get the added benefit of learning about the history of the United States in an engaging and hands-on manner.

Close-knit Community

The sense of community in Green Bay is strong, with many local events, farmers' markets, and festivals that bring people together. This strong community spirit makes it a welcoming place to live, especially if you're new to the area and looking to make connections.

The Love for Sports

Green Bay is home to the Packers, one of the NFL's most storied franchises. The town lives and breathes football, which can be great if you're a sports fan. Even if you're not into sports, the community rallies behind their team, making game days a lively spectacle to witness.

Outdoor Activities

With a rich natural landscape around Green Bay, there's plenty for outdoor enthusiasts to do all year round. Between Fox River, Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, or the summer Farmers' Market, you won't lack for things to keep you busy outside.

Cons of Living in Green Bay

Winters can be Harsh

Winters in Green Bay can be quite cold and heavy snowfall is not unusual. This can make getting around difficult, particularly for those not familiar with these conditions. If you're not a fan of cold weather or winter sports, this could be a downside.

Public Transportation

Green Bay has public transportation, but it is not as extensive or reliable as in some larger cities. This means that a car is pretty much a necessity, which could increase your cost of living with car payments, insurance, and gas.

Limited Job Opportunities

While there are some industries that are thriving in Green Bay, the job market could be limited, depending on your sector. You'll need to research potential employment opportunities in your field before making the move to ensure it aligns with your career goals.

High Property Taxes

While the cost of living is generally lower in Green Bay, one area where this doesn't apply is property tax rates. Wisconsin typically has higher property taxes in comparison with the national average, which can be a downside for homeowners.

Small Town Feel

If you love the hustle and bustle of a large city, Green Bay may not be your cup of tea. While it offers most of the amenities and facilities found in a typical American city, it retains a small-town charm. If you enjoy a fast-paced life with a high level of anonymity, you might not find it here.

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Is Green Bay a Good Place to Live?

Green Bay, WI is a great place to live because of its affordable housing, low cost of living, friendly community, and of course, the exciting football culture! It offers a wide array of recreational activities with beautiful parks, a bustling downtown, and unique attractions like Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary and the National Railroad Museum. Plus, there's the perk of being a part of the Packers' strong and spirited fanbase, making for some lively Sundays!

What Is Green Bay Famous For?

Home of the Green Bay Packers

Perhaps most famously, Green Bay is home to the Green Bay Packers, one of the oldest teams in the National Football League. The team's home, Lambeau Field, is a must-visit for any football fan and provides a unique, communal experience on game days.

Located on the Bay of Green Bay

Green Bay isn't just a name, it's a description. The city is located on an arm of Lake Michigan known as the Bay of Green Bay. It provides wonderful opportunities for water sports, fishing, and spectacular views.

History represented at Heritage Hill State Park

History buffs will appreciate a visit to Heritage Hill State Park, which is a living history museum that showcases the settlement history of Northeastern Wisconsin from 1672 to 1940. Visitors can explore 25 historic buildings and enjoy immersive experiences all year round.

Thriving Arts Scene

Green Bay maintains a vibrant arts scene with a variety of galleries, theaters, and music venues. Notably, the Weidner Center for the Performing Arts is recognized as one of the leading cultural venues in the state, presenting a diverse array of musical and theatrical performances.

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Overview of Tax Rates

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Property Tax

As of 2023, the average property tax rate for Green Bay, WI is 2.10%. Compared to the national average of 1.07%, Green Bay's property tax rate is higher.

Sales Tax

Green Bay, WI, as part of Brown County, imposes a 5.5% sales tax as of 2023. This rate is comparable to the average sales tax rate of 5.56% across the US.

Income Tax

As of 2023, Green Bay residents face a state income tax rate ranging from 4% to 7.65% depending on their income level. This rate is somewhat similar to the national average state income tax range from 1% to 13.3%.


Housing Market

The Green Bay, WI housing market offers affordability relative to many U.S regions. As of 2021, the median home value stands around $165k, lower than the national average. However, this market is competitive with home values having risen over 9% in the past year. Rent is also below the national average, with a median rent of about $800 monthly. The city has a homeownership rate of approximately 61.4%, surpassing the national rate. It is essential to consider these data points before making a move to the Green Bay housing market.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Green Bay, WI is considerably lower as compared to other cities. It is 18% less than the national average which makes it an economically viable place to live. Housing, groceries, and transportation are significantly cheaper. Therefore, it is attractive to those looking for a high quality but affordable lifestyle. However, the average salary (or income) is also comparatively lower, affecting the overall purchasing power of inhabitants. Relatively, Green Bay strikes an impressive balance offering a more affordable lifestyle with ample opportunities.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Green Bay, Wisconsin, experiences a diverse climate throughout the year. With cold, snowy winters and warm, humid summers, locals experience a dramatic contrast between seasons. Winter temperatures often slide below freezing, creating idyllic landscapes blanketed in fresh snow ideal for winter sports, while summer can reach the high 80s, perfect for enjoying the city's waterfront locales. The area experiences moderate precipitation throughout the year, with the bulk of rain and snowfall often happening in spring and early winter. As for natural disasters, Green Bay is not frequently afflicted but is susceptible to occasional severe storms, cyclones, and floods. Despite nature's unpredictability, the region's changing seasons and climatic diversity add to its charm, making it a unique place to live or visit.

Typical weather in Green Bay, WI

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare and Social Assistance

* Manufacturing

* Retail Trade

* Education Services

* Accommodation and Food Services

Green Bay, Wisconsin has a robust and diverse economy that has its roots deeply buried in paper manufacturing, cheese production, and shipping. As the heart of the Green Bay metropolitan area, it warmly embraces its historical ties with industries like paper production and wood processing which were once the backbone of the local economy. Nowadays however, sectors like healthcare and social assistance, manufacturing, retail trade, and education services have taken center stage and are the primary contributors to the city's economic development.

If you're considering a move to Green Bay, I bet you'll find it interesting that the unemployment rate here is lower than the US average. With its burgeoning industries, employers in this region are constantly looking for top talents to fill positions. Health care and manufacturing are, especially, the biggest employers, followed closely by the retail sector. Education is another area to consider, with numerous private and public schools, as well as institutions for higher learning like the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Furthermore, the city's abundance in accommodation and food services makes it a perfect spot for hospitality career enthusiasts. So, whether you're a skilled professional or just starting, there're countless opportunities waiting for you in 'Titletown'.

Traffic and Transportation

Green Bay, WI is more than just cheeseheads and touchdown dances! When it comes to getting around town, locals enjoy an average commute time of around 18 minutes - imagine all you can do with that extra time! Swap your car for a bus ride and hop onto Green Bay Metro. With routes covering the city and suburban areas, you're sure to arrive at your destination stress-free. The Bay Lakes Regional Bus system is another fantastic commuter, running between Green Bay and surrounding towns. Roll out the red carpet for the Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport, offering flights to key cities across the country. It's never been easier or more fun to get around in Titletown, USA. Whether you're hailing a ride, catching a bus, or jetting off, Green Bay transportation is all about efficiency and convenience!

What is the traffic like in Green Bay, WI?

Best Neighborhoods in Green Bay

1. Astor

Framed by the scenic waters of the Fox River, Astor is a delightful treasure chest of historic homes and natural beauty. Imagine meandering down tree-lined streets, past charming houses with decades-old histories. Is there a better way to spend a lazy afternoon? To live in Astor is to be a page in a history book, albeit with all the modern conveniences. It's a great place for young professionals and families, and it's just a short jaunt from Festival Foods, numerous parks, and the Brown County Library.

2. Bellevue

Ready to escape the city bustle without stepping too far away from civilization? Bellevue is your green retreat. This area is mostly residential with plentiful green space - perfect for nature enthusiasts. Enjoy a family picnic in Josten Park, kick off a match of soccer or simply bask in the tranquil beauty of nature. Bellevue is perfect for those who love a good balance of city accessibility and country quiet, making it ideal for families and retirees.

3. Allouez

Allouez, boasting a tight-knit community vibe, is filled to the brim with character. Whether it's strolling through Heritage Hill State Historical Park, visiting the seasonal farmer's market or participating in local events - there's always something going on in Allouez. Great schools and community friends at every corner make Allouez an excellent neighborhood for families. Allouez has a small-town charm that's irresistible with an added bonus - it is only a quick ten-minute drive from downtown Green Bay!

4. De Pere

Located in southern Green Bay, De Pere offers an eclectic blend of historic charm and a buzzing downtown area. St. Norbert College, one of the prime features of this area provides cultural and educational events galore, while East River Trail is perfect for days when you feel like soaking in the city's natural beauty. De Pere is a dynamic cocktail of diversity - making it a magnet for students, young professionals and families alike.

5. Howard

You're in for a suburban delight with Howard! With top-notch schools, shopping galore, and excellent dining options, every day is a full life in Howard. The neighborhood's crown jewels are Meadowbrook and Howard Parks - expansive green spaces perfect for fun-filled family days out. Howard impressively carries a laid-back, suburban charm yet thrives with community spirit, making it a beloved neighborhood by its residents.

Green Bay is truly a city of hidden gems when it comes to neighborhoods. Each one is unique, offering a variety of amenities, atmospheres and lifestyles. Whether you're craving historical ambiance, green vistas, a vibrant community or a quiet suburban life, Green Bay's got a neighborhood ready to welcome you home.

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Things to Do

Welcome to Green Bay, WI! Whether you're a sports enthusiast, history buff, foodie, or nature lover, our city provides a warm Midwestern heart with things to do that run the gamut from the traditional to the eclectic. Here are seven must-do experiences for you to dive into your new local life. Trust us, you'll want to get these on your bucket list.

1. Embrace the Packers Fandom at Lambeau Field

Even if you're not a monumental NFL fan, you can't miss the spirit of Green Bay's beloved Packers at Lambeau Field. Take the guided tour for insights into Green Bay's rich football heritage and go behind the scenes of the stadium. Or join the die-hard fans on game day for an exciting and unique American football experience.

2. Discover the Bay's History at Heritage Hill State Historical Park

Take a step back in time and explore the area's history at Heritage Hill State Historical Park. This outdoor museum spans 50 acres and showcases over 25 historical buildings, each with its story that paints a picture of Northeastern Wisconsin between the 1600s and 1900s. Costumed interpreters and hands-on activities provide an interactive and enjoyable learning experience.

3. Experience the Wildlife at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Enjoy a slice of nature at Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, a beautiful 600-acre urban wildlife refuge. Connect with nature by hiking the trails, feeding the ducks, or viewing wildlife. Free to the public, it's a great way to spend a family day and learn about local ecosystems.

4. Shop Local at the Farmer's Market On Broadway

Experience the local way of life at the premiere downtown Farmer's Market on Broadway. Packed with over a hundred vendors offering Wisconsin-grown produce, crafts, and ready-to-eat food. Held every Wednesday during the summer, it's a food lover's paradise amidst live music, cooking demonstrations, and a great community atmosphere.

5. Savor Wisconsin Cheese at Scray Cheese

What's Wisconsin without the cheese? Just south of downtown Green Bay, Scray Cheese has been specializing in handcrafted, high-quality Wisconsin cheese since 1924. Watch the cheesemakers at work, stroll around the quaint family-run farm, and treat your taste buds to a variety of delicious cheese, homemade fudge, and ice cream.

6. Hit the Vintage Shops on Broadway

Broadway Street boasts a little-known treasure trove of vintage and thrift stores, offering everything from retro clothing, unique antiques to quirky home decorations. Spend an afternoon exploring the charming boutiques and finding unique items to see how recycling can get creative in Green Bay.

7. Discover Urban Arts at the Olde Main Street Arts District

This hidden gem is a vibrant cultural hub that supports local artists and businesses by offering pop-up art galleries, local craft beers, and modern cuisine. The district is filled with colorful murals, funky sculptures, and hosts creative events such as the popular Art Hop. It's a must-visit for the artsy souls who love to explore local arts scenes.

These are just a sampling of the experiences that make Green Bay unique. Once you start exploring, you'll find that what truly sets our city apart is the hospitality and warmth of the people. Welcome to the neighborhood! We're excited to share our Green Bay with you, from the roaring of Lambeau Field to the quiet murmur of wildlife in the sanctuary, the rich history of our buildings, and the creativity bursting from our arts district.

Things to do in Green Bay, WI?

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