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Well howdy there, prospective Texan! So, you're fantasizing about moving to San Antonio, huh? That's a mighty fine idea you got there. Our comprehensive San Antonio Relocation Guide is all geared up to help you navigate through the exciting journey. We're talking vibrant culture, mouthwatering Tex-Mex, hallowed historic sites like the Alamo, fantastic festivals and that oh-so forgiving Texas winter. But dig in and get the comprehensive scoop - so you can ride into your San Antonio sunset with as few speed bumps as possible. Now then, let's saddle up!

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What to Know Before Moving to San Antonio

1. The Alamo City is oozing with history!

You may remember it from your history books, but there's no substitute for seeing the Alamo in person. As San Antonio's most famous landmark, the Alamo is a must-see for any newcomers! But, the history doesn't stop there. Walk along the River Walk, wander through the stunning Spanish colonial missions found in the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, and immerse yourself in the rich past that makes up the fabric of this beautiful city!

2. You're about to fall in love with Breakfast Tacos

Say "hasta la vista" to your breakfast cereal because in San Antonio, breakfast tacos rule the morning. These savory morning treats filled with eggs, beans, cheese, and sometimes, even brisket, will make your taste buds dance. Famous local spots like Pappasito's Cantina aren't just a meal, they're a way of life.

3. San Antonio has a hidden forest!

This might come as a surprise! Nested right in the middle of the city is a hidden gem of nature - The Friedrich Wilderness Park. With over 10 miles of hiking trails through a diverse variety of landscapes, it's a paradise for nature lovers! Picnics, hiking, bird-watching - there's plenty to indulge in. So, remember to keep your hiking boots handy!

4. The Fiesta is real and it's spectacular

For ten days every April, San Antonio becomes party central. Trust us, it's like nothing you've ever seen. With parades, parties, and tons of local food, Fiesta is a citywide celebration that honors the heroes of the Alamo and Battle of San Jacinto. You might want to check out Visit San Antonio for a guide on the annual cultural events in the city. Get ready for a sensory overload of color, music, and community spirit!

5. The cost of living in San Antonio is impressively low

If a high standard of living at a low cost appeals to your sensibilities, then San Antonio is the place for you. Not only are house prices lower than the national average, but day-to-day expenses like groceries and healthcare are also impressively affordable. Check out the Cost of Living in San Antonio for a detailed breakdown. Furthermore, the Official City of San Antonio Property Search can assist you in your house hunting.

6. It is the Tejano music capital of the world

Tejano music what? Yes, you heard it right. A thrilling mix of various music genres with a Mexican flavor, Tejano music is a big deal in San Antonio. From mega dance halls like Cowboys Dancehall to smaller, more intimate venues, the city thrums with this vibrant music scene. You can find some suggestions on places to enjoy live music on the Visit San Antonio website.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Move to San Antonio and you'll discover a city that's bustling with character, culture, and a vibe that you'll find nowhere else. The Alamo City, with its infectious spirit, delicious food, and dynamic lifestyle, is more than ready to welcome you with open arms!

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Pros and Cons of Living in San Antonio

Pros of Living in San Antonio

Low Cost of Living

San Antonio, Texas is distinguished by its lower cost of living compared to many other cities in the US. Everything from housing to groceries is notably cheaper, making it an attractive destination for individuals, families and retirees.

Rich Culture and History

San Antonio is a city with deep cultural roots and a rich history. With sites like the Alamo, the River Walk, and many unique cultural festivals, San Antonio offers a wealth of cultural experiences and historic landmarks to explore.

Food Scene

Known for its Tex-Mex cuisine, San Antonio offers a diverse and thriving food scene. From food trucks to high-end dining, residents appreciate the variety and the authenticity of the city's culinary offerings.

Outdoor Activities

With a variety of parks, rivers, and biking trails, San Antonio provides plenty of outdoor activities. The mild winters also mean that you can enjoy these activities most of the year.

Strong Economy

San Antonio is backed by a robust economy with a strong job market. It is home to several Fortune 500 companies and has a thriving healthcare and tourism industry.

Cons of Living in San Antonio

Hot Summers

San Antonio can have extremely high temperatures in the summer, which might not suit everyone. The heat often restricts outdoor activities and increases dependence on air conditioning.

Higher Sales Tax

Considering San Antonio's higher sales tax, which is also applied on groceries, it can put a strain on monthly budgets. Although this helps fund public services, it adds to the overall cost of living especially for lower income groups.


San Antonio is notorious for its allergens, especially during the spring. Those with allergies may find themselves constantly dealing with symptoms or needing to take daily medication.


Like any other growing city, San Antonio also deals with traffic congestion, especially during rush hours. While it can't compete with the gridlock in cities like Los Angeles or New York, it's still a consideration for those commuting daily.

Limited Public Transportation

Public transportation in San Antonio isn't as developed or widespread as in other large cities. For most residents, having a personal car is a necessity to get around the city efficiently.

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Is San Antonio a Good Place to Live?

San Antonio, TX is a great place to live because it boasts a rich historical heritage, warm weather, and delicious Tex-Mex cuisine. Plus, it's home to the fabled Alamo, spectacular River Walk and even a SeaWorld, making it a city that offers something fun for everyone!

What Is San Antonio Famous For?

San Antonio Zoo

The San Antonio Zoo is a fun-filled and educational attraction for people of all ages. The zoo is home to more than 750 species and has a range of exhibits showcasing animals from across the globe. In addition to the traditional zoo experience, San Antonio Zoo also offers unique experiences, such as behind-the-scenes tours and animal encounters.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Explore the largest known commercial caverns in the U.S. state of Texas at Natural Bridge Caverns. Named for the 60 ft natural limestone slab bridge that spans the amphitheater setting of the cavern's entrance, the caverns offer various guided tours, a maze to navigate, and other amenities to enjoy.

SeaWorld San Antonio

If you're looking for thrilling rides, up-close animal encounters, entertaining shows, and time at a water park, SeaWorld San Antonio is the place to go. This 250-acre marine mammal park, oceanarium, and animal theme park is sure to be a memorable experience for the whole family.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In San Antonio, Texas as of 2023, the average property tax rate is around 2.5%, which is considered high compared to the national average of 1.07%. This rate may vary by county and the specific value of the property.

Sales Tax

As of 2023, the combined state and local sales tax rate in San Antonio is approximately 8.25%, which does not deviate much from the average US combined rate of 7.12%. Texas is one of the states with no income tax, therefore has higher sales tax.

Income Tax

San Antonio, like the rest of Texas, does not impose an income tax on residents as of 2023. This is a significant divergence from the national average, where most states levy a state income tax ranging anywhere from 1% to 13.3%.

Housing Market

San Antonio's housing market offers both affordability and growth potential. The median home value is significantly lower than the national average, making it an attractive destination for homeownership. It also remains a stable rental market, with rents below national averages. Consequently, the city experiences a steady influx of new residents contributing to its property value growth. However, the low cost of living coupled with economic growth could increase competitiveness, potentially raising housing and rental prices. Whether you're a potential buyer or renter, San Antonio presents a unique, budget-friendly opportunity within the current US housing market landscape.

Cost of Living

San Antonio, TX has a lower cost of living compared to the national average and several other cities. Housing is particularly affordable, providing significant savings. Other key factors such as groceries, utilities, and transportation are also less expensive. However, healthcare costs tend to be slightly above the national average. Overall, San Antonio's cost of living can be attractive for individuals seeking a balanced lifestyle, while also providing opportunities typical of a big city. Remember though, individual experiences with cost of living vary based on personal lifestyle and income.

Weather & Natural Disasters

San Antonio, TX experiences a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, long summers and mild to cool winters. The city's weather averages around 220 sunny days annually, providing ample sunshine for residents and visitors. The summer temperatures can often reach high 90s, while winters can drop to lows of 40s. San Antonio also experiences a fair share of thunderstorms, particularly during spring and fall. The city is situated in the southern edge of "Tornado Alley", and although tornado sightings are fairly rare, the possibility do exist. Flooding and hailstorms pose a more significant risk, particularly given the city's susceptibility to heavy rainfall during certain periods of the year. With its diverse weather patterns, San Antonio provides an interesting climate range in any given year.

Typical weather in San Antonio, TX

Economy & Job Market

Healthcare and Social Assistance


Retail Trade

Hospitality (Accommodation and Food Services)

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

San Antonio, Texas, a gem of the Lone Star State, plays host to an exciting array of both historical and modern industries! Historically known for its pivotal role in the cattle and oil industries, this fun-filled city has radically evolved in recent decades. Today, it still holds onto its roots with manufacturing playing a key role in its thriving economy, however, it proudly pioneers forward with new sectors of growth. Healthcare and Social Assistance sit at the top of the industry tree with a grand flourish, while Retail Trade, Hospitality, and Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services bloom like wildflowers in the spring, adding a vibrant mix to the economy.

So you're moving to San Antonio and still need to lock down a job after making the move? Good news! San Antonio exudes vibrancy not only in its culture but also in its job market. As a growing city, job opportunities are bountiful and the employment rate is generally favorable. Healthcare and Social Assistance are your best bet with an endless supply of positions if that happens to be in your line of work. Manufacturing and Retail Trade also offer a plethora of possibilities. And if you're more into the lion-hearted Hospitality industry or stride confidently in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, well, there's a pie slice of the market waiting for you too! San Antonio joyfully shouts "Welcome, and celebrate your soon-to-be booming career!"

Traffic and Transportation

If you're a Texan used to living life in the fast lane, don't fret! San Antonio knows how to keep up. With an average daily commute around 25 minutes, you can still listen to your favorite podcast, song, or perhaps a cowboy story before reaching your destination. But hey, if you'd rather sit back and enjoy the ride, hop on into San Antonio's VIA Metropolitan Transit services, where a ridership of over 43 million can't be wrong! With frequent service and extensive routes, you can explore the city without burning a hole in your pocket! Now, should your adventures be calling from the skies, San Antonio International Airport provides you with a convenient gateway to about 53 destinations both domestic and international. Regardless of where your journey may lead, San Antonio, TX has got your transportation covered, cowboy! Buckle up, and enjoy the ride!

What is the traffic like in San Antonio, TX?

Best Neighborhoods in San Antonio

1. Alamo Heights

Alamo Heights, often referred to as "the 09" because of its zip code, is known for its charm, character, and strong sense of community. With tree-lined streets and stately homes, it offers a calm and green haven within the bustling city. This neighborhood is home to some of the best school districts, making it a magnet for families. Local boutiques, restaurants, and galleries will keep your afternoons full, whereas the nearby Witte Museum and San Antonio Zoo cater to the curious minds!

2. Southtown

If you are someone who lives and breathes art and culture, then Southtown, or "SoTo," should be your next casa. This eclectic neighborhood is filled with local art galleries, trendy boutiques, and restaurants. Head to Blue Star Contemporary ArtCenter or check out First Fridays, a monthly celebration of arts and culture with numerous street vendors and food stalls. Southtown is a neighborhood that never sleeps and perfect for those looking for a vibrant and artistic community.

3. Stone Oak

Stone Oak is a community that masterfully combines modernity with natural beauty. You'll find towering real estates and an array of restaurants, cafes, and shopping destinations juxtaposed with the area's beautifully preserved parks and trails. Known for its excellent schools and well-planned streets, Stone Oak provides a sense of calm in a bustling city. It's an ideal area for families looking for modern conveniences nestled in a serene environment.

4. Pearl District

If food, drink, and community sound like your language, the Pearl District awaits you. This former brewery has been transformed into a vibrant neighborhood with a bit of history at every corner. Known for its historic buildings turned hip lofts and apartments, the Pearl District boasts a popular farmers market, riverside amphitheatre, and an impressive culinary scene. If you're a foodie or a history enthusiast, this is the neighborhood for you!

5. King William Historic District

Known as the first historic district in Texas, King William Historic District oozes charm and elegance from every corner. The district is known for its stunning mansions that blend German and Victorian architectural styles, leafy avenues, and is just a stone's throw from the San Antonio River Walk. This area is perfect for those who appreciate architecture, love a downtown vibe, and enjoy neighborhood traditions such as the popular King William Fair.

To conclude, San Antonio is a delightful blend of the old and the new, making it a great place to call home. Each neighborhood carries its distinctive allure, from the artistic vibrancy of Southtown to the historic grandeur of the King William District. Whether you're seeking tranquility in bustling Alamo Heights, modern suburban life in Stone Oak, or foodie heaven in the Pearl District, San Antonio has a neighborhood for everyone. Happy relocating!

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Things to Do

Oh, sweet San Antonio! You're about to discover that this vibrant Texas city isn't just about the Alamo. There's a mix of epic history, a buzzing food scene, fascinating museums, and natural beauty awaiting. With cowboy culture fused with Mexican influence, San Antonio is unapologetically unique, offering a fascinating journey from breakfast tacos to nighttime strolls along the River Walk. So put on your best pair of cowboy boots and get ready to explore these seven top things to do in San Antonio!

1. The San Antonio River Walk

Seriously, no day in San Antonio is complete without a stroll on the River Walk. This network of pedestrian street/boulevard, lined with lush green trees and blooming flowers, bustles with shops, eateries, and historical landmarks. By day it's beautiful, but by night it's truly magical, with the path illuminated by twinkling lights reflecting in the water.

2. Explore The Alamo

Want some history with your adventure? The Alamo, the site of the famous 1836 battle, is one of the most iconic historic sites in America. You can tour the old mission, explore the museum and immerse yourself in the dramatic story of Texas independence.

3. Taste Your Way Through Pearl Brewery

No, this isn't just a brewery! The Pearl Brewery is a 22-acre site with award-winning restaurants, stylish boutiques, and of course, the namesake brewery. The former brewery traces its roots back to the late 19th Century and is now home to more than 15 independent retailers making it a haven for foodies and shopaholics alike.

4. Discover Japanese Tea Garden

Want a Zen moment? Escape to the Japanese Tea Garden. This free city park, complete with a waterfall, stone bridges, and lush foliage, is one of the top hidden gems in San Antonio. It's perfect for a peaceful afternoon retreat or a picturesque picnic.

5. Visit McNay Art Museum

Art enthusiasts, rejoice! McNay Art Museum, the first modern art museum in Texas, boasts an impressive collection, spanning centuries and continents. From medieval art to contemporary installations, there's something here to captivate everyone.

6. San Antonio's Ghost Bus Tours

Ready for a thrilling night out? Try the Ghost Bus Tours. This isn't your ordinary city tour. Instead, you're led through the city's most haunted spots, hearing about local ghost stories and legends. You might be skeptical, but you'll still find yourself looking over your shoulder!

7. Experience Life Underground at Natural Bridge Caverns

For those who like their adventures with a side of geology, venture into the Natural Bridge Caverns. These underground caves, located just outside of San Antonio, offer guided tours where you can gaze at stunning stalactites and stalagmites, and even do some spelunking of your own.

So there you have it! These are just a taste of what San Antonio has to offer. It's a city brimming with history, diverse cultures, flavors, and unexpected adventures. So get ready to soak in the beautiful Texan sun, explore the mesmerizing streets, and create your unforgettable Alamo City memories.

Things to do in San Antonio, TX?

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