Moving to Frisco

Welcome to the gateway of Texas, a thriving North Dallas suburb that simply has it all - Frisco! From attractive job opportunities, top-rated schools to energetic sports culture and family-friendly recreational activities. When it comes to weaving a captivating narrative of modern living with traditional southern charm, nothing does it better than Frisco. This comprehensive Frisco relocation guide is your ultimate primer, illuminating every aspect of this vibrant city to assist you in your exciting transition. Let's embark on this grand adventure to discover why Frisco is consistently hailed as one of the best places to live in the U.S.

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What to Know Before Moving to Frisco

1. Frisco: A Suburban Gem

Who said 'fun' and 'suburban' can't go hand in hand? Located just north of Dallas, Frisco, Texas is a quintessential suburban city bursting with opportunities for enjoyment, growth and recreation. Dubbed the 'Best Place to Live' in America by Money Magazine in 2018, this city is anything but mundane!

2. Cowboys Galore!

Are you a sports enthusiast and a Dallas Cowboys fan? You're in luck! Frisco boasts "The Star," the official headquarters and training center of the Dallas Cowboys. The 91-acre complex not only has an indoor field but also hosts public tours, so visitors and locals alike can delve into the captivating world of professional football.

3. Exceptional Education

Brace yourself! Frisco's education system is nothing short of stellar. With one of the highest graduation rates in Texas, Frisco Independent School District (FISD) boasts 10 high schools and provides rich academic and extracurricular programs. There are also tertiary options, with campuses of University of North Texas and Collin College residing in the city.

4. A Haven For Retail Therapy

Residents of Frisco enjoy the pleasure of having the mammoth Stonebriar Centre right in their backyard. This shopping complex houses hundreds of retail stores, a 24-screen movie theater, and several restaurants. Let's not forget IKEA, and the exciting Frisco Square filled with shops, eateries, and events all year round.

5. You're In The Fastest Growing City In The U.S.

That's right, in 2017, Frisco snatched the title as the fastest growing city in America. New developments continue to sprout across the city, expanding opportunities for housing, businesses and leisure. But, here's an interesting nugget: despite the phenomenal growth, Frisco manages to maintain its close-knit community feel. It's like a friendly small town wrapped up in big city digs!

6. Masterful Master-Planned Communities

One of the somewhat hidden gems of Frisco is its beautifully designed master-planned communities. These communities, like Starwood or Richwoods, provide residents with splendid amenities such as hiking trails, community pools and clubhouses, all nestled in picturesque landscapes.

7. Frisco's Deeper Charm

Settling in Frisco is not merely about the tangible facilities and conveniences. Its charm profoundly lies in its vibrant community spirit, warmth, and welcoming disposition. From the bustling Frisco Fresh Market to the enchanting Christmas in the Square light show, life in Frisco is packed with shared experiences fostering meaningful connections.

In conclusion, moving to Frisco, you quickly discover it's more than a suburb, more than a city, it's a lifestyle. Fun, mesmerizing, a tad quirky but undeniably lovable; Frisco beckons with an irresistible allure that's hard to resist. Before you know it, you'll be calling it home, having your generous slice of this charming Texan city!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Frisco

Pros of Living in Frisco

High-Quality Education

Frisco is known for its high standard of education. Frisco Independent School District is consistently ranked among the best in Texas, and Frisco is also close to several universities and colleges, making it an attractive place for families with school-aged children.

Expanding Economic Opportunities

Frisco is home to a number of large corporations and has seen immense job growth over the last decade. The city's growing economy offers excellent employment opportunities across a multitude of sectors, including tech, healthcare, and finance.

Safe and Family-Friendly

Frisco is highly regarded for its low crime rate, making it a safe place for families to live. The city offers a variety of parks, family-friendly events and amenities, reinforcing its reputation as a great place to raise children.

Strong Sense of Community

In Frisco, there's a strong sense of community and camaraderie among the residents, fostering neighborly relationships. The wide range of community events and activities, from local festivals to farmers' markets, further promote social interaction.

Sporting Events And Outdoor Recreation

Frisco is known as the 'Sports City' of Texas, home to multiple sports teams and venues. In addition to watching sports, residents can enjoy the city's beautiful parks, hike and bike trails, making it perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities and recreational sports.

Cons of Living in Frisco

High Cost Of Living

With the growing popularity and development of Frisco, the cost of living has increased accordingly. From housing to groceries, residents may find daily expenses and property prices to be higher than the national average.

Traffic Congestion

Due to rapid population growth and its status as a popular commuter city, Frisco can experience heavy traffic congestion, particularly during rush hour. This could lead to longer commutes and transportation-related stress.

Lack of Public Transportation

Frisco currently does not have a robust public transportation system. Therefore, each household would require at least one car, which can lead to additional expenses and contribute to the city's traffic congestion.

Hot Summers

Although Frisco has pleasant weather most of the year, its summers can be quite hot. The high temperatures and humidity may not be comfortable for everyone, especially for those not accustomed to such weather conditions.

Rapid Growth and Overcrowding

Fast-paced growth in Frisco has led to increased demand for housing and services, potentially leading to overcrowding, strain on infrastructure, and decreased availability of resources. This could impact the quality of life for current and future residents.

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Is Frisco a Good Place to Live?

Frisco, TX is a great place to live because of its booming economy, excellent school systems, low crime rates and the vast array of recreational activities available. The city is renowned for its sports facilities, including facilities for baseball, soccer, and even an NHL standard ice rink! Plus, Frisco's diversity in eateries and shopping centers truly mark it as an exciting place to live and explore.

What Is Frisco Famous For?

National Videogame Museum

Are you ready to channel your internal gamer? Frisco, Texas is home to the National Videogame Museum! This interactive museum houses over 100,000 videogame consoles, games, and artifacts from the 1970s to present day. It's not just a trip down memory lane for diehard gamers, but a fun adventure for anyone who's fond of creative technology.

Dr Pepper Ballpark

There's nothing quite like a day at the ballpark - and Frisco's Dr Pepper Ballpark does it right. As the home of the minor league baseball team the Frisco RoughRiders, it provides an exceptional fan experience. With unique features like a lazy river and numerous food options, you're guaranteed a memorable day of fun and games.

Frisco Sculpture Garden

Tuck yourself into the elegant world of creativity and tranquility at the Frisco Sculpture Garden. This outdoor exhibit showcases the work of Texas sculptors, providing an artistic flair to the city's Texas Sculpture Garden. A walk waltzing through the garden will gratify your senses and leave you inspired.

iFly Indoor Skydiving

If you're craving some adrenaline rush, iFly Indoor Skydiving in Frisco has got you covered. Here, you can experience the thrill of skydiving without having to jump out of an airplane. You'll float on a cushion of air in a vertical wind tunnel, making your adventurous fantasies come to life without all the risks.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Frisco, TX, the property tax rate as of 2023 is 1.8%. This is higher than the national median, which is 1.1% based on assessed home value. Keep in mind that rates may vary based on specific locations and municipal charges.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Frisco stands at 8.25%. This is considerably higher than the average U.S. sales tax rate, which is roughly around 7.12%. This rate combines the Texas state sales tax (6.25%), the Frisco city tax (1%), and an additional county/district tax (1%).

Income Tax

Texas is one of the few states in America with no personal income tax, which includes Frisco. This directly contrasts with the federal income tax levied in the majority of the U.S. states, which could range anywhere from 0% to 13.3% depending on income brackets and filing status.

Housing Market

The housing market in Frisco, TX is experiencing robust growth, with median home prices at $360K, as compared to the national median of $278K. Frisco's home value appreciation rate stands at 3.5% annually, outpacing the US average of 3.2%. For renters, the median monthly rent is $1,890 compared to the US average of $1,591. Although costs are above average, Frisco remains popular due to its high-quality education, strong job market and excellent amenities. However, with a high cost of living index, prospective homeowners and renters are encouraged to assess their financial options carefully.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Frisco, TX is slightly higher than the national average. This high standard of living majorly stems from housing costs which are particularly higher compared to other cities. However, this is balanced out by certain conveniences such as efficient transportation and healthcare, which are reported to be cheaper than the national average. Compared to other metropolitan areas in Texas like Dallas or Austin, Frisco still maintains a competitive edge in terms of living costs, making it an appealing location for families and professionals. In conclusion, while Frisco commands a higher cost for living, it offers considerable amenities and quality of life.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Frisco, TX, has a subtropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. Typical summer temperatures often exceed 90degF, while in winter, temperatures can vary between 35-60degF. The city receives adequate rainfall, averaging around 40 inches per year. Despite the humidity, Frisco's weather is mostly clear throughout the year, offering plenty of sunny days. However, North Texas is also part of Tornado Alley, making Frisco susceptible to severe storms, especially during spring and early summer. Additionally, the region occasionally experiences ice storms during winter. While natural disasters such as earthquakes and wildfires are uncommon, Frisco residents should still remain alert for flash floods and hail storms, especially during the storm season. Though such events can be intense, they are usually short-lived, allowing Frisco to quickly return to its predominantly mild and sunny weather.

Typical weather in Frisco, TX

Economy & Job Market

* Health Care and Social Assistance

* Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

* Retail Trade

* Finance and Insurance

* Educational Services

What do you say about a city that's really got its stuff together? That's Frisco, TX for you. This vibrant and progressive city has seen a monumental economic growth over the past few decades, while maintaining its charm and friendly vibe. Historically, Frisco was a vibrant transportation and trading hub, thanks to its well-developed railway system. Its job market, today, includes a diverse roster of industries, though Health Care and Social Assistance tops the list. Top that off with an impressive share in the fields of Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, Retail Trade, Finance and Insurance, and Educational Services. Say hello to a thriving ecosystem where business and pleasure coexist!

Planning to pack your bags and head to Frisco, TX with hopes to land a job after the move? Here's what you need to know: Frisco has a lower unemployment rate than the US average, so things looks pretty bright! Looking for the best fields to scout for a job? Put on your detective glasses and check out the Health Care sector or the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services sphere. Not your cup of tea? Don't worry! Explore the world of Retail Trade, Finance and Insurance, or dive into the realm of Educational Services. In Frisco, it's not just about finding a job; it's about finding a career you'll love in a city that'll make your heart sparkle with delight. Welcome to Frisco, where the grass is always greener on this side!

Traffic and Transportation

Hello there, Friscovians! Get ready to rev your engines because we're about to embark on a joyride through our beloved Frisco, TX. Now, who doesn't adore our city, right? But let's be real - traffic is a different beast altogether. Statistics show our average commute is about 30.8 minutes, which is above the US average. Don't fret, public transport is always there to whisk you away if you don't feel like engaging in a game of traffic tetris! Our city buses and DART rails are only a hop, skip and jump away. Have an urgent flight to catch? Say no more. DFW International Airport and Love Field Airport are there to ensure you literally fly over traffic. So, pack your bags, put on your travel shoes or just sit back and get carried away, Frisco style!

What is the traffic like in Frisco, TX?

Best Neighborhoods in Frisco

1. Stonebriar

First up is Stonebriar, a vibrant and active community that is home to a plethora of exciting shopping venues and delectable dining spots. Its streets are adorned with beautiful houses, leafy parks, and the renowned Stonebriar Country Club golf course. This neighborhood is especially popular among families due to its excellent school district and close-knit community feel. Overall, Stonebriar is a place of luxury and comfort, offering a suburb-like atmosphere with modern amenities within convenient reach.

2. Starwood

If you're in the market for a neighborhood that encapsulates the best of both worlds, seamlessly bringing together urban convenience and a serene environment, Starwood is the place to be. With picturesque hiking and biking trails, and beautiful community parks, Starwood is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. Plus, the neighborhood's meticulous landscaping and abundance of trees make every day feel like a walk in the park. And when the city calls, upscale shopping centers and trendy restaurants are just a hop, skip, and a jump away.

3. Newman Village

For people who crave historical charm mixed with a modern twist, Newman Village is an ideal choice. With its distinct European-style architecture, Newman Village is a unique and charming boutique community where old-world elegance meets innovative design. This neighborhood is known for its frequent community-wide events, from art shows to farmers' markets, helping residents to feel connected within a friendly and welcoming environment. If you fancy a life steeped in culture and sophistication, Newman Village might just be your perfect match.

4. Chapel Creek

Known for its quiet streets, Chapel Creek is a peaceful community that offers an escape from the hustle and bustle, without sacrificing convenience and amenities. Chapel Creek borders the beautiful, winding waters of the Trinity River and is filled with hiking trails and scenic picnic spots, making it the ideal location for those who love nature. Additionally, it's known for an excellent school system, making it a top choice for families. Here, community pride is noticeable and it's hard to beat Chapel Creek's serene, almost rural, charm.

5. Frisco Lakes

Last, but certainly not least, is Frisco Lakes, a lively and active 55+ community built by Del Webb. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, this neighborhood offers a host of amenities, including a premier golf course, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and a myriad of hobby clubs. The community's active and social vibe is unbeatable. Plus, living here puts you in close proximity to Lake Lewisville - a perfect place for boating, fishing, or simply enjoying the stunning lakeside sunsets.

So there you have it - the top picks for the best neighborhoods in Frisco. Every neighborhood offers its unique charm and personality, ensuring there's a perfect fit for everyone. No matter where you end up, you're sure to enjoy life in this friendly Texas city. Welcome to Frisco - we're glad you're here!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Frisco, TX! Nestled just north of Dallas, this vibrant city combines a dose of Texas charm, a brimming dose of unique experiences, and a sprinkle of creativity. From sports enthusiasts to retail aficionados and nature lovers, Frisco is a tantalizing treat for all. Let's uncover seven of Frisco's unique activities, including some hidden gems tucked away in its thriving landscape.

1. Take a Leap at iFly

Ever wanted to feel the thrill of skydiving without actually jumping out of a plane? iFly Indoor Skydiving is your go-to. Here, you can enjoy the sensation of free-falling in a safe, controlled environment, guided by professionally trained instructors. It's a pure adrenaline rush!

2. Step Back in Time at the Heritage Museum

Immerse yourself in Frisco's rich history at the Heritage Museum. A hidden gem for history buffs, this museum is a dive into Frisco's rich past from its earliest days to the modern era, showcasing everyday artifacts, historical documents, and interactive exhibits -- all narrating the city's captivating saga.

3. Savor the Flavors of Historic Downtown Frisco

Downtown Frisco isn't just about vintage architecture and quaint charm; it's a culinary adventure, offering a bouquet of flavors all in one place. From exquisitely curated fine-dining restaurants to cozy local pubs and diverse ethnic eateries, you're in for a foodie heaven.

4. Get Your Sporting Fix at Dr Pepper Ballpark

If you're a sports enthusiast, a visit to the Dr Pepper Ballpark -- the home grounds of the Frisco RoughRiders -- is a must. Enjoy a classic home run, savor finger-licking ballpark food, and if you're lucky, catch fireworks lighting up the night sky post-game!

5. Discover Arts and Culture at Frisco Discovery Center

Mixing art, culture, and science in one playground, the Frisco Discovery Center boasts an art gallery, a black box theater, and yes, a Sci-Tech Discovery Center. It's here that art lovers and budding scientists indulge in their passions and unearth the creative pulse of Frisco.

6. Visit the Rail District for Vintage Shopping

Delve into the eclectic spirit of Frisco's Rail District. Lined with brick and wooden storefronts, this area is filled with delightful, offbeat boutiques, vintage shops, and unique local businesses. For the unconventional shopper, this district is a treasure trove.

7. Unwind at the Frisco Commons Park

Tucked away from the hustle-bustle, Frisco Commons Park is a serene haven for nature lovers. With its shady walkways, picturesque lake, and vast playground, it's an oasis of calm and the perfect spot to unwind or share a picnic with the family.

Whichever activity piques your interest, Frisco, TX promises a diversity of experiences that goes beyond its suburban appeal. As you stroll through its streets, savor its flavors, and tune into its rhythm, you'll quickly understand why this Texan city is lauded as one of the best places to live in the state. Welcome, fellow Friscoan!

Things to do in Frisco, TX?

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