Moving to El Paso

Picture this: a vibrant city basking in the warmth of over 300 sun-blissful days in a year. That's El Paso, Texas - a jewel that seamlessly blends the charm of the Old West with modern urban allure. If you've dreamt of a life infused with rich culture, captivating landscape, and an engaging community, then get ready to pack your bags. El Paso patiently awaits. As we dive into this comprehensive El Paso relocation guide, we'll equip you with all the essentials you need to traverse the beautiful, but uncharted, journey of relocating to this fantastic city.

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What to Know Before Moving to El Paso

1. Sunshine Almost all Year Round!

If you're someone who appreciates warmth, make El Paso your home! This city boasts over 300 days of sunshine per year. That's ample sunlight for your Vitamin D needs, outdoor activities, and scenic adventures in El Paso's numerous parks and recreational spots. El Paso's climate is quite dry, so even during hot summer days, you won't experience much humidity, which is quite the comfort!

2. A City Teeming with History and Culture

El Paso is rich in history and culture. For those who enjoy a good history journey, El Paso offers an array of historic sites like the El Paso Mission Trail connecting three centuries-old Spanish mission churches at Ysleta, Socorro, and San Elizario. Culture buffs can appreciate the ongoing mix of Mexican and Texan cultures, offering El Paso a distinctive vibrant border-town charm often unseen in other cities.

3. Delicious Cuisine

Foodies, rejoice! El Paso is your paradise if you dig Mexican cuisine. The city offers a lip-smacking blend of Tex-Mex and authentic Mexican dishes. From street food stands offering tacos and elotes to fine dining venues serving top tier enchiladas and tamales, El Paso is a culinary hotspot. It also plays host to numerous food festivals throughout the year celebrating its diverse cuisine, making it a total must-visit for any gastro explorer.

4. Home to One of the Tallest Mountains in Texas

El Paso houses the Franklin Mountains State Park, home to North Franklin Mountain, one of the highest peaks in Texas. This might come as a surprise for some who picture Texas as flat terrain. Hiking, sightseeing, mountain biking, and rock climbing are some of the activities you can indulge in, making El Paso, a perfect home for outdoorsy folks!

5. A City of Hidden Art Gems

El Paso might not be your conventional art hub like New York or LA. Still, it's a city filled with hidden artistic gems! The downtown area is home to multiple murals that bring the district to life. In addition, the city organizes regular art festivals and has an active theater scene with local theater groups performing throughout the year. The city's commitment to promoting the arts is great news for all art enthusiasts who are contemplating a move to El Paso.

6. El Paso's Ghost Lights

Here's a fun fact: Did you know, El Paso is home to a famous and somewhat eerie Marfa Light phenomenon? These strange, glowing orbs seen around the Chinati Mountains are unexplained to this day and attract many paranormal enthusiasts and curious folk to El Paso. The local residents have countless theories about their origin, from ghosts and spirits to extraterrestrial signals. But whatever they are, they sure add a spooktacular element to your residency in El Paso.

In conclusion, El Paso, Texas, is a city brimming with bright sun, rich culture, delicious food, outdoor adventures, thriving arts, and even some mysterious lights! This city has a unique charm, and there's something for everyone. So, if El Paso is on your list of potential moves, prepare for a life filled with sunshine and excitement!

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Pros and Cons of Living in El Paso

Pros of Living in El Paso

Low Living Cost

El Paso is well-known for its affordable cost of living. This makes it an attractive location for individuals and families who aim to save more without sacrificing a comfortable lifestyle. Affordable housing, groceries, healthcare and utilities contribute significantly to the low cost of living.

Beautiful Weather

If you love sunshine, El Paso is the place for you. It boasts of over 300 sunny days each year. Apart from the bright weather, winters are generally mild, which makes year-round outdoor activities possible and enjoyable.

Rich Cultural Heritage

El Paso is a city with a unique blend of Mexican and American cultures. This is evident in its local cuisine, the arts, and the city's festive celebrations. This makes the city a vibrant and colorful place to call home.

Scenic Natural Beauty

El Paso is surrounded by natural beauty - be it mountains, deserts, or parks. If you're an outdoor enthusiast, you will find plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, and camping.

Strong Job Market

El Paso boasts a strong job market, particularly in the healthcare, education, and military sectors. The presence of Fort Bliss, one of the largest military bases in the U.S, also indicates stability and potential growth in the economy.

Cons of Living in El Paso

Public Transport System

While El Paso does have a public transportation system, it may not be as efficient or extensive as in larger cities. Hence owning a vehicle may become a necessity for many residents to commute efficiently and effectively.

Somewhat Isolated

El Paso is somewhat isolated. If you are someone who frequently wants to be in the midst of big-city bustle or needs to make frequent trips out of the city, then the distance to other major cities may be a disadvantage.

Heat in Summer

While El Paso has beautiful weather, it can get very hot in the summer. Temperatures can rise above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which could be unappealing to those not used to such heat.

Limited Entertainment and Shopping Options

Compared to cities like Houston, Dallas or Austin, El Paso has fewer entertainment and high-end shopping options. While this may not bother many, those who seek an active nightlife or premier shopping may find the options limited.

Lower Educational Scores

Historically, some schools in El Paso have struggled with lower-than-average educational scores. While efforts are ongoing to improve educational standards, families moving into the area might need to investigate school options carefully.

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Is El Paso a Good Place to Live?

El Paso, TX is a great place to live because of its warm, sunny climate, diverse local cuisine, and vibrant cultural scene. This Texas city offers residents affordable living, beautiful landscapes, and an array of outdoor activities ranging from hiking in the Franklin Mountains to strolling through the El Paso Zoo. The lively and friendly community in El Paso truly makes it a unique and lovely place to call home.

What Is El Paso Famous For?

The Sun City

El Paso is famously known as The Sun City, giving a nod to the city's whopping 300-plus days of sunshine per year. The sun-soaked town has a warm desert climate, making sunglasses and sunscreen a regular requirement for its residents and visitors!

Fort Bliss and the El Paso Mission Trail

This historic U.S Army post is not only one of the largest military complexes of the U.S Armed Forces but is also an iconic part of El Paso's heritage. El Paso's Mission Trail is a famous tourist attraction that showcases some of the oldest churches in the United States, symbolizing the city's deep-rooted history in a walkable, Instagrammable package.

The "Borderplex"

El Paso is part of the broader region combining El Paso, Las Cruces and Ciudad Juarez, often referred to as the "Borderplex". It's the largest bilingual, binational work force in the Western Hemisphere, which makes it a fun potpourri of Texan, Mexican and New Mexican cultures, languages, food, and traditions.

The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP)

El Paso is home to the University of Texas at El Paso, known for being the second-largest university in the United States to have a majority Mexican American student population. Its unique Bhutanese architecture gives the campus a distinctive look, and it's recognized for its commitment to providing access to excellent higher education to all residents of the region.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate in El Paso, TX as of 2023 is approximately 2.21%, higher than the national average property tax rate of around 1.07%. This indicates that residents of El Paso pay more on average in property taxes compared to the rest of the United States.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate for El Paso stands at 8.25% in 2023, where 6.25% goes to the state of Texas and 2% to the city. This is comparable to the U.S. median sales tax rate of roughly 7.25%.

Income Tax

Texas, including El Paso, has a statewide income tax rate of 0%, which is far lower compared to the average U.S. state income tax rate that ranges from 0% to around 4.6% as of 2023. This makes income tax non-existent for El Paso residents.

Housing Market

The El Paso, TX housing market strikes a balance between affordability and growth. The median home value is lower than the national average, making it an attractive option for buyers. Rental rates are also competitive, inviting for those preferring to rent. However, El Paso has seen slower appreciation rates compared to the U.S. average, which could affect investment potential. Economic stability, propelled by a strong military presence and cross-border trade, bolster the market. Thorough research and careful consideration are indispensable for both renters and buyers in this distinct market.

Cost of Living

El Paso, TX currently ranks lower in cost of living compared to most cities in the United States. This is primarily due to affordable housing options and utilities, which are significantly less expensive than the national average. While everyday expenses like groceries and transportation are relatively comparable to other cities, overall, El Paso continues to be an attractive choice for both individuals and families seeking for an economic yet quality urban lifestyle.

Weather & Natural Disasters

El Paso, Texas experiences a desert climate characterized by hot summers and mild winters. The city averages about 300 sunny days annually, with temperatures typically exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the height of summer, while winters regularly witness temperatures in the mid-50s to lower 60s. Night-time temperatures across all seasons can be much cooler due to the city's high elevation. El Paso's annual rainfall is low, averaging approximately 9 inches, concentrating mostly in the summer with infrequent snowfall in winter. Despite its desert climate, El Paso is occasionally susceptible to natural disasters including floods and severe storms. Unusual weather events like sandstorms and hailstorms can also occur. However, El Paso's overall risk for extreme natural disasters is relatively lower than in other parts of Texas.

Typical weather in El Paso, TX

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare and Social Services

* Retail Trade

* Educational Services

* Manufacturing

* Accommodation and Food Services

Giddy up and hold onto your cowboy hat, because El Paso's economy is constantly shifting and evolving like a buckin' bronco! Once, El Paso was known mainly for its bustling trade along the Texas-Mexico border, its rowdy cattle-rustlin', and oil production. Nowadays, El Paso has diversified quite a bit, with healthcare and social services topping the charts as the leading industry. Concomitantly, the retail trade industry, educational services and manufacturing are also significant contributors to El Paso's economic skeleton. But, don't be mistaken, El Paso hasn't gone all corporate, not by a long shot! Its richly diverse food culture translates directly into its economy with accommodation and food services also being among the top industries. If you're looking for down home southern eats or a spicy taste of Mexico, El Paso's economy, much like its cuisine, has got quite an interesting blend of east meets west.

So, you're considering saddling up and moving to El Paso, huh? Well, partner, it helps to be armed with knowledge about the job market! As of late, El Paso has been enjoying an employment rate that's above the national average, which is quite a feather in our cowboy hat. The areas where you'd likely find the most job opportunities are larger boroughs like North West and East Side where the majority of business activity is located. And hey, even if the Healthcare and Social Services field isn't your bag, there are plenty of vacancies in Retail, Education, Manufacturing and of course plenty of openings in the epicurean world of food accommodation and services. So, rest assured, in El Paso there's plenty of room for you to find your niche and make it your own. Welcome, future El Pasoan, to your wild west of job opportunities!

Traffic and Transportation

Driving in El Paso, TX is a breeze! Our wonderful city presents a variety of transportation options while boasting below-average commute times. Average El Pasoans commute in less than 22 minutes, a full 6 minutes less than the national average - it's practically 'drive-thru' commuting. But if you want to ditch the car keys, Sun Metro was voted the 'Outstanding Public Transit System' in North America. It's not just road-friendly, El Paso is also air-friendly. El Paso International Airport offers non-stop flights to major hubs, so you can hop from our delightful slice of Texan life to anywhere in the world. Whether by car, bus or plane, getting around in El Paso is as spicy, fun, and convenient as our local enchiladas!

What is the traffic like in El Paso, TX?

Best Neighborhoods in El Paso

1. Kern Place

No, you haven't mistakenly landed in an old Hollywood movie set. Kern Place just has this dreamy vintage charm that isn't easy to overlook. Life here is practically out of a romantic novel. With its winding, tree-lined streets, this neighborhood resonates with a feel of old El Paso charm mixed with a fresh, youthful vibe. It's a hop, skip and jump away from the University of Texas at El Paso, making it a vibrant hub of student activity. Not to mention, a lovely medley of interesting restaurants, boutiques and charismatic pubs provide plenty of leisurely pursuits. In Kern Place, neighborly warmth mixes with intellectual vibrancy. It's a concoction you won't easily find elsewhere.

2. Manhattan Heights

Ever wanted to live in a living museum that also offers a delightful sense of community? Manhattan Heights might just be what you're looking for. This El Paso gem is famous for its early 20th century architecture, with each property a virtual time capsule whispering stories from a bygone era. Design lovers and history buffs, rejoice! But it's not all about the past. Manhattan Heights stands firm in the present too, offering a plethora of modern day amenities, delectable dining options, cozy coffee spots and engaging outdoor spaces.

3. Mission Hills

Embrace the spirit of El Paso in Mission Hills. Here, the synthesis of natural beauty and urban sophistication runs deep. Nestled amid rugged hillsides, this community is an attractive gush of greenery packed with scenic parks and hiking trails. It provides ample space and fresh air for those seeking a respite from a hectic metropolitan existence. Cultured and cosmopolitan, it is home to everything from well-established Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups. And when you've had enough of exploration, the neighborhood's collection of bistros, galleries and chic shops will keep you pleasantly occupied.

4. Sunrise

Calling all nature lovers! Sunrise is a place that lives up to its name, with glorious sunlit mornings and breathtaking starry nights. This neighborhood boasts access to Franklin Mountains State Park, making it ideal for avid hikers, cyclists or those who simply love to bask in the beauty of nature. Sunrise truly embodies the best of both worlds - it's got a laid back, suburban feel while also holding close proximity to the city's amenities. Its community is known for being friendly and tight-knit, making you instantly feel like you're part of the family.

5. Sunset Heights

Last but not least, we have Sunset Heights, an area that serves up a colorful cocktail of culture, history, and eclectic vibes. This neighborhood, as one of El Paso's oldest, holds a special, multicultural charm with its vibrant street life, murals, and historic sites. Through the day, it is full of life with bustling coffee houses, indie boutiques, and quirky art studios. Come sundown, its passion shines through its live music and the lively hum of friendly conversations from cozy bars and chic sidewalk cafes. Sunset Heights is a neighborhood that will have you feeling at home as soon as you step foot within its lively streets.

Each El Paso neighborhood is special in its own right. It all depends on what you're looking for--be it peace and quiet, history and charm, a sense of community, outdoor adventures, or a taste of the city's pulsating energy. You're bound to find a corner that feels like home in one of these five top neighborhoods in El Paso, TX.

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Things to Do

So you're packing up and moving to the ever-bustling city of El Paso, Texas. For those unfamiliar with the locals' well-kept secrets, we've got you covered. Here are seven things to do in El Paso that are guaranteed to give you a taste of the vibrant city and its rich culture.

1. Scale the Franklin Mountains

El Paso is home to the sprawling Franklin Mountains State Park, the largest urban park in the entire country that's fully within city limits. For a breath of fresh air, some much-needed nature therapy, and panoramic views of El Paso, take a day to hike or bike along the trails. Remember to bring your binoculars for bird spotting!

2. Time Travel in Concordia Cemetery

Immerse yourself in the rich history of the city by visiting the Concordia Cemetery. This resting place of over 60,000 souls, including gunfighters, pioneers, and Civil War Veterans, spans 52 acres. Though slightly eerie, the cemetery offers a slice of local history in a unique, peaceful setting.

3. Live the Nightlife at Cincinnati Street

Get to know El Paso's vibrant nightlife by heading over to Cincinnati Street. Home to a bright and bustling assortment of bars, clubs, and restaurants, it's a fun way to unwind, meet locals, and have amazing food and drinks after a long day exploring El Paso.

4. Wander Through Keystone Heritage Park

Experience an unexpected slice of nature in the desert at Keystone Heritage Park. The park is home to a restored wetland and El Paso's desert botanical gardens. Apart from being a haven for bird watchers, it's also a secret archaeological site housing evidence of 4,000-year-old human life!

5. Explore the Mission Trail

Take a photo-worthy trip back in time along El Paso Mission Trail. The trail connects three beautifully restored mission churches, each over 320 years old. In addition, you can take a stroll through the old-timey markets and pick up some local crafts along the way.

6. Observe the Night Sky at Gene Roddenberry Planetarium

A little-known treasure in El Paso, the Gene Roddenberry Planetarium, offers breathtaking astronomical shows to the public. Named after the creator of Star Trek, this planetarium is a must-visit for science enthusiasts, families, or anyone who enjoys gazing at the stars.

7. Enjoy Authentic El Paso Cuisine

Finally, moving to El Paso wouldn't be complete without indulging the local cuisine. Make sure to visit L&J Cafe, a local favorite for authentic Mexican food. Known as "the old place by the graveyard," this restaurant offers delectable dishes and a rich history dating back to the 1920s.

With its rich blend of cultures, invigorating natural landscapes, vibrant nightlife, and little-known treasures, El Paso is a box of surprises waiting to be opened. So strap on those boots, dust off those binoculars, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime in El Paso, Texas.

Things to do in El Paso, TX?

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