Moving to Dallas

There's a certain charm to Dallas, TX that draws newcomers like bees to honey. Whether you're intrigued by its thriving job market, the breathtaking skyline, the exciting sports scene, or the warm southern hospitality, moving to Dallas might be on your horizon. Our comprehensive Dallas relocation guide is here to help if you're considering making the 'Big D' your new home. We've got the inside scoop, you just need to pack! So saddle up folks, as we embark on a jazzy journey brimming with exciting stops - all about moving to Dallas, TX.

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What to Know Before Moving to Dallas

1. Texas Heat Isn't a Joke

Now, you may already know Texas is hot, but it's crucial to understand just how hot it can get. Expect summers to pierce the triple digits consistently, and it's not just your run-of-the-mill dry heat. Nope, it's a straight up, honest-to-goodness humid heat. Make sure to perfect your paleta recipe and invest in a quality sun hat. You're definitely going to need it.

2. Dallas Is a Melting Pot of Cultures

You might have the preconceived idea that Dallas is all Stetson hats and cowboy boots. While we do enjoy a great rodeo, Dallas is incredibly diverse, boasting a melting pot of cultures. Here you'll find eclectic food scenes ranging from authentic tacos to seriously satisfying Vietnamese pho. So, polish off your most cultured palette and leave preconceptions at the border.

3. State Fair Is a Serious Affair

If you think you've seen a state fair, think again. The Texas State Fair, hosted annually in Dallas, is one of North America's largest and most-anticipated events. An embodiment of Texas pride featuring foods like fried everything, and yes, we do mean EVERYTHING. We've perfected the art of frying - Oreos, beer, avocado, you name it. Come with an empty stomach and leave with off-the-charts cholesterol.

4. Dallas Has a Hidden Underground Scene

Here's something you probably didn't know: Dallas has a network of underground tunnels and skywalks spanning three miles. While it may not be as bustling nowadays, it's an architectural marvel and a treat for urban explorers. These tunnels were intended to help citizens escape the oppressive summer heat, and now it serves as a secret refuge from the world above.

5. It's Not All Flat Plains

Contrary to popular belief, Dallas isn't all flat plains and tumbleweeds. The city's Trinity River Audubon Center offers hiking trails through lush wetlands, while White Rock Lake provides a tranquil oasis in the city. Adventure is always a stone's throw away here in Dallas.

6. We Love Our Sports.

Last but definitely not least, Dallasites are fervent about their sports. From the legendary Dallas Cowboys to the Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars, there are few things we love more than cheering for our home teams. So whether you're a lifelong fan or eager to dive into the local sporting culture, you're sure to feel the infectious team spirit in the air.

So there you have it, six captivating aspects of life here in Dallas. Some you may have been aware of, and others you might not have been. But rest assured, there's a whole lot more to discover in the Big D than can be encapsulated in a 600-word article. Welcome, future Dallasite!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Dallas

Pros of Living in Dallas

Strong Economy

Dallas boasts a durable and diverse economy which is home to various Fortune 500 companies. The robust job market presents opportunities in many sectors including technology, finance, healthcare, and energy which holds considerable appeal for job seekers and professionals.

Vibrant Sports Culture

If you're a sports fan, you'll be in good company in Dallas, which is home to five professional sports teams: the Dallas Cowboys (NFL), Dallas Mavericks (NBA), Texas Rangers (MLB), Dallas Stars (NHL), and FC Dallas (MLS). The city's residents take their sports seriously and games offer a great community experience.

Food and Dining

Dallas is a mecca for food lovers. The city is famous for its barbecue, authentic Mexican, and Tex-Mex cuisine. In addition to these, there are plenty of international restaurants and food trucks offering diverse culinary options.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to other major cities, Dallas offers a fairly low cost of living. While it's urbanized, the residential areas are still affordable, and it's possible to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without overspending.

Strong Arts and Culture Scene

The cultural scene in Dallas is thriving and diverse, with numerous museums, art galleries, and live performance venues. The Dallas Art District is one of the largest urban art districts in the country, and the city also hosts numerous cultural festivals throughout the year.

Cons of Living in Dallas

Intense Summer Heat

The summer heat in Dallas can be extreme, with temperatures regularly exceeding 100 degrees. These high temperatures, which typically last from late May to early October, can make outdoor activities and exercise challenging during these months.

Traffic Congestion

With the growth of the city, traffic congestion has become an inherent part of Dallas living. Despite improvements in public transportation, Dallas is a city built around cars, and lengthy commutes can be a common frustration for residents.

Higher Property Taxes

While the cost of living is generally affordable in Dallas, the property taxes are relatively high. This might not be a concern for renters, but for homeowners, it is certainly something to consider when purchasing property in the city.

Lack of Geographic Diversity

Dallas is situated on the mostly flat plains of Texas, which might be a con for those who love mountainous or coastal landscapes. The lack of geographical diversity means outdoor activities can be somewhat limited compared to other parts of the country.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Aside from the sweltering summer heat, Dallas can also experience severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, hailstorms, and occasional ice storms in winter. Moreover, the rapid weather changes can often be unpredictable.

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Is Dallas a Good Place to Live?

Dallas, TX is a great place to live because of its thriving job market, moderate cost of living and a myriad of leisure activities to participate in. The city is known for its exceptional culinary scene and a diverse blend of cultures that enrich the lives of its residents. Plus, sports enthusiasts can revel in the glory of Dallas' numerous top-tier professional sports leagues!

What Is Dallas Famous For?

The Dallas Cowboys

When you think of Dallas, there's a good chance you'll think of the Dallas Cowboys. Known as "America's Team," this popular NFL team has an immense fan base, both at home and around the country. Their cheerleaders are just as iconic!

Delicious Barbecue and Tex-Mex Cuisine

With a food scene as big as Texas itself, Dallas is particularly known for its mouthwatering barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisine. Visitors and locals alike can't pass up the opportunity to devour slow-smoked ribs, brisket, or sizzling fajitas - the catchphrase 'Everything's bigger in Texas' certainly applies to the food portions here!

The Reunion Tower

Standing tall at 561 feet, the Reunion Tower is a Dallas staple and offers a panoramic view of the city that is simply breathtaking. It's spherical top, affectionately known as 'The Ball,' includes a revolving restaurant and an observation deck, letting you eat and sightsee truly in style.

The State Fair of Texas

Held annually at Fair Park, the State Fair of Texas is the biggest fair in the country and has been a Dallas tradition since 1886. It showcases everything great about the Lone Star State - from live music, agricultural exhibitions, to fried food galore (Yes, even a fried margarita). It's also home to Big Tex, a towering 55-foot cowboy. Howdy, folks!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate in Dallas, TX as of 2023 is approximately 2.06%. This is considered to be fairly high when compared to the national average which sits around 1.07%.

Sales Tax

As of 2023, the sales tax rate in Dallas, TX is 8.25%, which includes 6.25% state tax and 2% local tax. This level of sales tax is moderately high when compared to other states in the United States. Some cities have rates as low as 5%.

Income Tax

Texas is one of several states in the US that does not impose a state income tax on its residents as of 2023. Therefore, Dallas residents are responsible only for federal income taxes which vary dependent on income bracket. This is significantly lower compared to states like California which has a top state income tax rate of 13.3%.

Housing Market

Dallas, TX represents a robust housing market with a median home value of $238,156, slightly lower than the national median. It offers a more balanced affordability ratio, appealing to both renters and potential buyers. The rental market is equally diverse with a median rent of $1,262 per month. The growth rate in property value and rent price remains promising, indicating potential good returns for property invesmtents. Compared to other US cities, Dallas offers a unique blend of affordability, profitability, and residential satisfaction, making it an enticing housing market for both renters and buyers.

Cost of Living

Dallas, TX presents a relatively affordable cost of living compared to many other US cities. Housing generally falls below the national median, benefitting from Texas' sprawling landscape and efficient property development. Utilities and healthcare are slightly above the national average but transportation and grocery costs are less burdensome. This balance creates a favorable economic climate in Dallas. However, it's essential to factor in personal lifestyle and income when considering overall affordability.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Dallas, Texas, features a humid subtropical climate marked by hot, humid summers and mild, cool winters. Average high temperatures in the summer soar around 96degF, with winters often seeing high 50sdegF. Spring and autumn bring pleasant conditions, serving as transitional periods between extreme seasons. However, Dallas's weather is also known for its volatility, with frequent changes in temperature and atmospheric conditions. As for natural disasters, Dallas is situated in the infamous "Tornado Alley," making it prone to tornadoes, especially in spring and early summer. Other possible disasters include severe thunderstorms, hail storms, and occasional flash floods. Despite these challenges, Dallas residents are resilient and well-equipped to handle the city's unpredictable weather patterns.

Typical weather in Dallas, TX

Economy & Job Market

* The Information Technology industry

* The Aerospace & Defense industry

* The Life Sciences industry

* The Trade, Transportation & Utilities industry

* The Professional & Business Services industry

Howdy, partner! Let's mosey on over to the conversation about the dynamic and vibrant economy of Dallas, Texas, shall we? Historically rooted in agriculture and cattle, Dallas has evolved into a metropolis teeming with a diverse array of industries. The city now sits pretty in the fields of Information Technology, Aerospace and Defense, Life Sciences, Trade, Transportation and Utilities, and Professional and Business Services, making it more than just a one-horse town. From tech startups sparking innovation left, right, and center, to the brisk movement of goods and services connecting Dallas to the world, this city is a staple of the Texan and American economies.

Thinking of staking a claim in Dallas, TX? Well, saddle up because Dallas's job market is as hot as a Texas summer! With one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, your prospects of digging up a job in this town are higher than a cowboy hat! Information Technology, Healthcare, and Educational Services often have the most job openings, with areas like Uptown, Downtown, and the artsy Deep Ellum being the hottest spots to secure employment. The city is also home to over 20 Fortune 500 companies, so whether you're an experienced hand on the job, or a young buck seeking your first big break, Dallas has a rich spread of opportunities that would get any outlaw or lawman excited!

Traffic and Transportation

Hey there, let's talk Dallas traffic and transportation! This bustling city in the Lone Star state is known for many things, including some pretty impressive commute times. The average time Dallasites spend trekking to work is around 27 minutes. Now that's not too shabby, right, partner?

But if you're not into the whole driving scene, Dallas has your back! The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), with its busses, light rail and commuter rail, gives you plenty of options to travel greens. You can even consider hopping on a bike or going for a stroll on some of Dallas' scenic trails!

If you're jetting off or flying on in, the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is your gateway to the world. No wonder it's one of the busiest airports globally! Whether by road or sky, Dallas transportation might just be how you "remember the Alamo."

What is the traffic like in Dallas, TX?

Best Neighborhoods in Dallas

1. Uptown

For a dose of the Dallas high life, Uptown is the place to be. Located just north of Downtown, Uptown boasts a vibrant nightlife, upscale shopping, and an abundance of gastronomical delights for the foodie in you. The McKinney Avenue Trolley (which is free, by the way) trundles through the district, offering that extra dash of charm. The neighborhood's character is defined by leafy streets, neighborhood taverns, and upscale boutiques. While Uptown is a hub for upscale living, it also hosts a plethora of parks to enjoy the outdoors.

2. Bishop Arts District

Bishop Arts District is a small jewel in Southwest Dallas characterized by its quirky, artsy atmosphere. It's packed with unique boutiques, delightful eateries, vibrant street art, and historic architecture. The District is the perfect place to discover one-of-a-kind finds and savor gourmet experiences, making it a paradise for vintage aficionados, art enthusiasts, and food lovers alike. One must-visit spot is the Bishop Arts Theatre Center, which hosts a variety of performing arts events. Its creative vibe makes it a unique neighborhood you'd love to call home.

3. Lakewood

Lakewood is a gorgeous, family-friendly neighborhood located just east of downtown Dallas. Known for its stunning historic homes, highly rated schools, and tight-knit community, it truly is a gem. The centerpiece of Lakewood is the scenic White Rock Lake, which offers a host of recreational activities including biking, sailing, or bird-watching. Quaint shops, top-notch restaurants, and art galleries line the leafy streets of the neighborhood, radiating a strong sense of community.

4. Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is a lively neighborhood known for its vibrant music scene and fascinating history. If you love to immerse yourself in local culture and enjoy a great mix of art, music, and food, Deep Ellum is the place for you. The streets here are filled with murals, sculptures, and art venues. You'll find inventive menus in many of the area's eateries, and there's always live music playing somewhere on the streets or in the many music venues.

5. Highland Park

Located just four miles north of Downtown Dallas, Highland Park is synonymous with luxury. This neighborhood offers top-notch public schools, high-end shopping, grand homes, and posh restaurants. The area is also home to several parks that feature tennis courts, soccer fields, and jogging trails. The laid-back vibe of this neighborhood combined with its accessibility make it an ideal place for families and professionals alike. The Dallas Country Club and the shopping center at Highland Park Village are the cornerstones of this elite neighborhood.

In conclusion, whether you're seeking upscale living, thriving arts, or family-friendly communities, Dallas, Texas, offers numerous neighborhoods each with its own unique charm and character. From the vibrant nightlife of Uptown to the creative buzz of Bishop Arts District, and the family-oriented Lakewood to the music hub of Deep Ellum, there's a neighborhood to cater to every lifestyle and preference. So pack your bags, and come discover the Big D for yourself!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Dallas, a city steeped in American history and vibrant southern culture. There's no shortage of things to see and do in this Texas gem. Prepare to be wooed by skyscraper-filled skylines, bustling markets, thriving art districts, and mouthwatering culinary delights. Here's a glimpse at the seven top things to do in Dallas, whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned local.

1. Witness the Iconic Reunion Tower

Dubbed "The Ball" by locals, the Reunion Tower offers breath-taking panoramic views of Dallas. Each night, this city landmark illuminates the skyline with 259 custom LED fixtures. Be sure to stop by the observation deck or the fine dining establishment, Five Sixty, located at the top for a truly memorable experience.

2. Tour the Dallas Museum of Art

Set aside a day to get lost in the artistic masterpieces housed in the Dallas Museum of Art. Extended collections here range from ancient Mediterranean art to contemporary pieces. With over 24,000 works from different continents and centuries, you'll be engrossed in the beautiful world of creativity and expression.

3. Attend a Game at American Airlines Center

For the sports enthusiasts, catching a Mavericks basketball game or Stars hockey match at the American Airlines Center is a must. This buzzing sports hub also hosts regular concerts and other events, adding a lively element to Dallas's nightlife.

4. Stroll Through the Bishop Arts District

This neighborhood, located in the heart of North Oak Cliff, is home to over 60 independent boutiques, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and art galleries. It's a perfect outdoor area to walk around while soaking in Dallas' vibrant culture and maybe pick up some souvenirs.

5. Visit the Bath House Cultural Center

Now, this is a hidden jewel of Dallas! The Bath House Cultural Center on the shore of White Rock Lake was originally built as a bathhouse in 1930. Today, it is a vibrant hub for visual and performing arts with a 116-seat theater, three gallery spaces, and a variety of art classes. Don't forget to admire the unique architecture of the building itself.

6. Venture into the Texas Discovery Gardens

A visit to the Texas Discovery Gardens is a must for nature lovers. This organic garden allows you to explore a wide variety of plant species, graceful butterflies, and insects - all this right in the middle of one of the largest cities in the US!

7. Admire the Statues at Pioneer Plaza

For a slice of Texas' history, head to Pioneer Plaza. Here, you'll find a life-size bronze statue recreation of a cattle drive; this is a tribute to Dallas' cowboy past. With 49 cattle and 3 trail riders, it's one of the most significant open-air bronze sculptures in the world. The plaza is also close to the Dallas Convention Center, making it convenient for sightseeing.

So there you go - seven things to add to your Dallas bucket list! And don't forget, Dallas is all about braving the big and the daring. So, explore outside these suggestions, try everything at least once and, most importantly, have fun discovering your new city. After all, they didn't nickname it 'The Big D' for nothing!

Things to do in Dallas, TX?

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