Moving to Baytown

Prepare to be swept off your feet as we journey through the ins and outs of moving to Baytown, Texas! Our comprehensive guide will unveil the charming allure of this gulf coast gem, unravelling everything from its robust economy, diverse cultures, tantalizing local cuisine, to its vibrant arts scene and beyond. Trust us, by the time we're done, you'll be daydreaming about your future Texan sunsets. So, hold onto your cowboy hats as we dive headfirst into Baytown - a place that seamlessly blends small-town charm with big city opportunities!

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What to Know Before Moving to Baytown

1. Location, Location, Location!

Baytown couldn't be better situated. Nestled in the southeast corner of Harris County and just a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown Houston, Baytown offers the best of both worlds. The buzzing city life of Houston and the bay's peaceful tranquility are within reach whenever you're in the mood for them. Proximity to major roadways like the I-10, TX-146, and the Grand Parkway are absolute perks you cannot ignore!

2. The Land of Giants

What's a giant doing in Baytown, you wonder? Here it's about industrial giants! With one of the biggest oil refineries in the country, Baytown is home to ExxonMobil. Covestro and Chevron Phillips are no small potatoes either. These companies add to the local economy, maintain a vibrant job market, and literally light up the town when their plants are illuminated at night. It's like Christmas all year round!

3. No, It's Not Named After the Bay

Hate to spoil the logical guess but Baytown's actually named after its founder, not the prominent bay. Who did this dandy deed? A chap named Nathaniel Lynch set up a ferry service across the Buffalo Bayou in 1822. There you have it: Baytown isn't just about the bay but also a bit of history.

4. An Oasis of Outdoor Fun

For those who want to escape the hustle and bustle, Baytown has got you covered! Enjoy some peace with a rod and reel at the Baytown Nature Center, or challenge friends to a game at the 18-hole Evergreen Point Golf Course. And here's a delightful surprise: Baytown features the largest urban wilderness preserve in the U.S., the Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center. Talk about being green, eh?

5. Immerse in the Arts and Culture

Baytown might not be the first place that comes to mind when you hear "arts and culture," but wait till you get a look at the Lee College Performing Arts Center. From local performances to visiting Broadway shows, there's always something to stir your soul. Don't forget to visit the Sterling Municipal Library, the third largest in Harris County after Houston and Pasadena, which also hosts a variety of events and workshops.

6. More Than Meets the Eye

Did you know that Baytown has a heart... and it's bright blue? Well, not literally, but the %22Community of Baytown Heart%22 logo is a bright blue. Baytown takes pride in its strong sense of community. And hold on, there's something else unique. Baytown has its own song, "Born in the Bayou City"! Composed by Clifton Chenier, the King of Zydeco, Baytown serenades you in a way you'd least expect. So, when you move to Baytown, you're not just moving to a new town; you're being ushered into a catchy tune.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Baytown

Pros of Living in Baytown

Lower Cost of Living

Compared to many other parts of Texas and the United States, Baytown offers a lower cost of living. From groceries to housing, you'll often find your dollar stretches further here. This can make life a little easier and help you save money for other interests or adventures.

Proximity to Houston

Living in Baytown means that you get to enjoy the quiet, small-town feel while still having easy access to the Houston metropolitan area. That means you have access to all the amenities, employment opportunities and cultural attractions of a major city without dealing with the hustle and bustle on a daily basis.

Nature and Outdoor Opportunities

Residents often enjoy access to a plethora of parks, wetlands and outdoor spaces. From the Eddie V. Gray Wetland Center to the Baytown Nature Center, there are numerous opportunities for experiencing the region's natural beauty and diversity of wildlife.

Strong Community Spirit

Baytown has a strong sense of community, often showcased in city-wide events and festivals like the Baytown Little Theater and the Grito Fest. It's a city where neighbors often know each other and there is an overall friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Good Quality Education

Baytown offers a strong and diverse school district with several higher education opportunities close by, including Lee College. Thus, it's a suitable place for families with children or individuals interested in pursuing further education.

Cons of Living in Baytown


The climate in Baytown can be hot and humid, particularly in the summer months. For those not accustomed to or not particularly fond of such weather, this can be a downside of living in the area.

Hurricane and Flooding Risks

Being situated near the Gulf Coast, Baytown is prone to hurricanes and flooding. This can be a source of concern and necessitate additional preparation and insurance considerations for residents.

Potential for Industrial Pollution

Due to its proximity to major oil refineries, Baytown suffers from industrial pollution problems. Although efforts are being made to reduce this impact, this could be of concern to those sensitive to air quality or with specific health conditions.

Lack of Diversity in Nightlife

While Baytown provides a plethora of outdoor recreational activities, it lacks the diverse nightlife options found in larger cities. This could be a potential downside for those who crave a bustling nightlife scene.

Public Transportation

Public transportation options are limited in Baytown, making it necessary to own a car for commuting or getting around town. This can increase the cost of living and may not appeal to those used to more robust public transportation systems.

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Is Baytown a Good Place to Live?

Baytown, TX is a great place to live because of its exciting waterparks, the popularity of outdoor activities like fishing and bird-watching, and its rich history showcased in beautiful historic sites. The city's warm climate invites residents to indulge in various fun outdoor recreation year-round, while the top-notch schools and friendly neighborhoods are ideal for families. Plus, being just a short drive from downtown Houston means you have all the advantages of the big city nearby, while enjoying the charm of smaller town life at home!

What Is Baytown Famous For?

Home to the San Jacinto Monument

Baytown is known for housing the San Jacinto Monument, one of the tallest freestanding structures in the US. The monument, dedicating to the "Heroes of the Battle of San Jacinto and all others who contributed to the independence of Texas", is cherished by locals, historians, and tourists alike.

Massive Presence of Oil Companies

The city of Baytown is famous for its oil industry. Being home to one of the largest Exxon-Mobil refineries in the world, the oil industry is fundamental to the city making it a significant player in the Texas's economy.

The Baytown Nature Center

The city boasts the Baytown Nature Center, a 500-acre peninsula along the Houston Ship Channel and surrounded by Burns and Crystal Bays. The nature reserve is known for its bird-watching opportunities, fishing, and beautiful views making it a haven for nature lovers.

Thriving Arts Scene

Baytown is also renowned for its rich arts culture. With a vibrant community theater at the Lee College Performing Arts Center and the popular Baytown Little Theater, the city nurtures performing arts in a big way. The Baytown Symphony Orchestra also regularly delight locals and visitors with melodious symphony performances.

Capital building of Baytown, TX in artistic rendering

Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

The property tax rate in Baytown, TX as of 2023 is 2.76%. This is quite high compared to the national average property tax rate of 1.07%.

Sales Tax

Baytown residents are subject to a sales tax rate of 8.25% as of 2023, which is only slightly higher than the national average sales tax rate of 7.12%.

Income Tax

Texas, including Baytown, does not have a state income tax as of 2023. This is significantly lower than the average state income tax rate of 3.07% across the US.

Housing Market

The housing market in Baytown, TX offers promising prospects for both renters and buyers. As per recent trends, the median home value in Baytown stands at $140,200 - lower than the national average. This reduced cost is paired with a steady yearly growth in home values. For renters, average monthly costs are also conveniently lower than the national median. Additionally, the home ownership rate in Baytown is high implying a stable community. Overall, Baytown's housing market embraces affordability while maintaining a promising growth rate - a reasonable choice for buyers and renters alike.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Baytown, TX is significantly lower than the national average, making it an affordable option for many families and individuals. While housing costs are nearly 50% lower than the national average, other expenses such as transportation, groceries, and healthcare are similarly lower. This allows for a comfortable lifestyle that's light on the wallet compared to larger cities in Texas such as Austin or Houston. Despite its affordability, Baytown offers a high quality of life with diverse recreational options, good schools, and a thriving job market.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Baytown, Texas, has a humid subtropical climate characterized by hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters. The average temperature ranges from as low as 45degF in January to as high as 93degF in July. Rainfall is typically significant throughout the year, totaling around 53 inches annually. The wettest month is May while February tends to be the driest. Baytown is susceptible to severe weather events, particularly hurricanes, due to its coastal location near the Gulf of Mexico. Apart from hurricanes, the area occasionally experiences flooding, tornadoes, and thunderstorms. The city's weather patterns and associated risks necessitate preparedness from its residents throughout the year.

Typical weather in Baytown, TX

Economy & Job Market

* Petroleum refining and petrochemical processing

* Education and health services

* Manufacturing

* Retail trade

* Hospitality and tourism

Baytown, Texas is an industrial oasis, with a strong and diversified economy, its roots and strength lie in oil, more specifically petroleum refining and petrochemical processing. That's right! Featuring the likes of ExxonMobil and Chevron Phillips, these powerhouses essentially lay the golden eggs that drive this economy. Dating back to the early 20th century, oil has always been the lifeblood of Baytown and continues to reign today. But don't think for a moment that the economy here is a "one trick pony". The city is also becoming a magnet for new industries such as education and health services, manufacturing, retail trade as well as, hospitality and tourism, infusing the economy with fresh vibrancy and variety. So, like a good Texas BBQ, Baytown is cooking up an eclectic economic mix!

Packing your bags for Baytown? Great idea! The job market here is as hot as the Texas sun. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, the Baytown area is enjoying unemployment rates lower than the national average. That means more chances of landing a job once you set your boots here. The best bet for job seekers would be to explore opportunities in the petroleum and petrochemical sectors. After all, with ExxonMobil alone providing employment to about a tenth of the city's workforce, the odds are in your favor! Also, don't underestimate the potential in health services, manufacturing and retail trade sectors. These are fast growing economic sectors offering robust job opportunities. So dust off your resume, put on your cowboy hat and let the job hunting fun start in Baytown, TX.

Traffic and Transportation

Baytown, TX, a bustling town where sparkling waters meet southern charm, is a place where conversations about traffic flow as smoothly as the San Jacinto River! With an average commute time of just a smidgen over 25 minutes, Baytownites are no strangers to their car radios and audiobooks. Don't have a car? No worries! Baytown's public transportation, run by Harris County Transit Services, serves up reliable bus routes across town, which is rivaled only by their Texas-sized hospitality. If you have lofty aspirations and air travel happens to be more your speed, then say howdy to nearby George Bush Intercontinental Airport, just an hour's rodeo ride away. With direct flights to all corners of the continent, and even overseas, your next adventure is only a stone's throw away! So buckle up, or rather, fasten your seatbelt - Baytown's transportation scene is as warm and welcoming as a Texas sunset!

What is the traffic like in Baytown, TX?

Best Neighborhoods in Baytown

1. BHV Heart of Baytown

The BHV Heart of Baytown neighborhood is a place where history meets the hustle and bustle of a lively city life. This place is in one word, diverse! It houses the historic Texas Avenue, where you can enjoy local businesses and festive street markets, while also being in close proximity to the Baytown Nature Center. The community is warm, welcoming, and embodies a charming small-town vibe despite being a prominent zone for entertainment and events in the city.

2. Clear Creek Estates

For those looking for a peaceful respite, Clear Creek Estates is your repose in the heart of Baytown. It features large houses with big yards, where kids can freely play under the sweeping views of Texas skies. Clear Creek Estates showcases the beauty of nature with its nearby park and creek. It's a family-friendly neighborhood where block parties are a regularity and strangers are just friends you haven't met.

3. Lakewood

Lakewood is the perfect compromise between city life and suburban peace. This neighborhood is known for its tranquility, beautiful landscapes, and upscale homes. It's in close proximity to the city's best schools and biggest shopping mall - perfect for individuals who value education and convenience. Joggers, cyclists, and dog-walkers will absolutely love the picturesque walking trails that meander around the neighborhood.

4. Goose Creek Landing

Goose Creek Landing is ideal for those seeking an active, outdoorsy lifestyle. Positioned at the heart of the city's recreational areas, you'll be a stone's throw away from a fishing lake, golf course, and a park. This beautifully planned community is known for its spacious homes, well-maintained yards, and friendly neighbors. A close-knit community with ample recreational facilities, Goose Creek is the epitome of leisure living.

5. Ponderosa

The Ponderosa neighborhood gives you a slice of old-world charm with its tree-lined streets, classic homes, and friendly residents. Despite its serene environment, Ponderosa is just a short drive away from key city hotspots. A morning stroll in this neighborhood exposes you to the delightful spectacle of squirrels, birds, and blooming flowers. Plus, it boasts of some of the city's favorite dining spots within its vicinity. If you're longing for a laid-back atmosphere but still want to be close to all the action, Ponderosa is the place for you.

Whether it's the historic charm of BHV Heart of Baytown, the peaceful vibe in Clear Creek Estates, the convenience of living in Lakewood, the recreational lifestyle in Goose Creek Landing, or the quaint atmosphere of Ponderosa, you're sure to find a neighborhood in Baytown, TX that fits your lifestyle preferences. Each neighbourhood holds a unique character and charm, promising an overall captivating and fun experience. So pack your bags and get ready to create some awesome Texas memories!

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Things to Do


Welcome to Baytown, a vibrant city tucked away in the corner of the alluring Gulf Coast of Texas. Whether you've just moved here or you're an old settler looking to revivify your link with the city, Baytown will surely captivate you with its mesmerizing blend of culture, history, nature, and pure Texan sensation. Okay, ready for some adventure? Well, pull on our cowboy boots, cause here are the top seven things to explore in Baytown!

1. Get Lost in the Baytown Nature Center

How about starting with a quiet retreat to the sublime Baytown Nature Center? Spanning over 450 acres of natural beauty, this area perfectly captures the tranquility and allure of the Texas coast. Get lost (not literally) in the picturesque trails, encounter a variety of wildlife, and enjoy the idyllic weather. Best part? It's free!

2. Step Back in Time at the Republic of Texas Plaza

This complex is home to a fascinating collection of historic buildings, including the 1896 one-room Wooster School and the significant 1894 Brown-McKay House. If you're keen to delve into the past, this might just be your time-travel ticket!

3. Have a Splash at the Pirates Bay Water Park

Texas heat can sometimes be unyielding. When the sun begins to sizzle, Pirates Bay Water Park is your oasis. With a wave pool, water slides, a lazy river, and a surf machine, there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy. It's the perfect place to beat the heat!

4. Indulge in the Arts at the Lee College Performing Arts Center

Looking for high-quality performances? Look no further. With a schedule chock-full of plays, concerts, and dance recitals, the Lee College Performing Arts Center is a sanctuary for art lovers.

5. Be Dazzled By the Baytown Symphony Orchestra

Not many know about this hidden treasure. The Baytown Symphony Orchestra, composed of a resilient community of musicians, is one of the city's secret gems. Their shows offer a stunning array of classical, pops, and youth concerts that are sure to enthrall your senses.

6. Explore the Evergreen Produce Farm

Here's another lesser-known activity-- exploring the city's local farm. At Evergreen Produce Farm, you get an insight into Baytown's agricultural roots, all while enjoying the freshest farm-to-table produce. Fancy picking your own strawberries? Well, come spring, you can do just that!

7. Get Active at the Baytown Skate Park

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is the action-packed Baytown Skate Park. With a variety of ramps, rails, and a big bowl, it's an ideal place for skating enthusiasts to perfect their tricks. And if you're new to skating, it's a cool place to start!

So, there you have it! Seven fabulous things to do in Baytown, Texas. Whether it's embracing the outdoors, delving into the past, enjoying art, or simply relishing some Texas-sized fun, this city has got you covered. Here's to many grand adventures in Baytown!

' Things to do in Baytown, TX?

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