Moving to Nashville

With its electric skyline, soulful music roots, and a culinary scene to rival any, moving to Nashville, Tennessee, promises an engaging, quintessentially Southern experience. Our comprehensive Nashville relocation guide will serve as your compass, coaxing you deeper into the soul-stirring rhythm of this vibrant city. Interwoven between tales of mouthwatering barbecue delights and strolls through music history, you'll discover practical advice on finding a Nashville home that hits the perfect note. So, whether you're a hopeful troubadour, determined professional or a family aiming for a fresh start, welcome to your melodious adventure in charming Nashville.

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What to Know Before Moving to Nashville

1. Music is more than just a pastime; it's a way of life

Yes, you've guessed it. Nashville's nickname is not for show. It truly is the "Music City", with countless live music venues and famous landmarks such as the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and The Bluebird Cafe. No matter what genre you're into, you can find live music being played somewhere every night of the week. Get ready to tap your boots and hum along!

2. Hot Chicken is the Local Culinary Delight

Prepare your taste buds for a thrilling ride! Nashville is famous for its spicy hot chicken. Dozens of diners and food trucks across the city serve this mouthwatering local delicacy. Your Nashville culinary experience wouldn't be complete without trying the fiery fowl! Just make sure to have a glass of sweet tea at hand to soothe the burn. Check out this list of top hot chicken places in Nashville to get started.

3. Nashville is Home to Approximately 20,000 Acres of Parks and Green Space

Need a breather from the city's dynamic lifestyle? Nature is just around the corner. The city boasts an impressive network of parks, greenways, and open spaces. Enjoy biking, hiking, or picnicking within the city to rest and recharge amidst natural beauty. Top spots include Centennial Park with its life-size replica of the Parthenon and the serene Radnor Lake State Park.

4. Pedal Taverns are a Unique Nashville Tradition

Now for something most people wouldn't know! Ever heard of a bar on wheels? That's exactly what a pedal tavern is. These are large multi-seat bicycles with a bar in the middle that allow you to pedal your way around town while sipping your favorite drink! it's a unique, communal and fitness-involved way to pub-crawl. A total win-win, isn't it? Check more about this unique experience on the Nashville Pedal Tavern website.

5. The City is a Healthcare Hub

Dubbed as the 'Silicon Valley of Healthcare,' Nashville has more than 300 health companies, employing around 200,000 people. It contributes roughly $38.8 billion per year to the local economy. If you are a healthcare professional, moving to Nashville could mean plenty of job opportunities!

6. The Real Parthenon Exists in Nashville

Surprised? Bet you didn't expect this. Nashville houses the world's only full-size replica of the ancient Parthenon in Athens! Who needs to travel to Greece? The Parthenon resides in Centennial Park and serves as the city's art museum. Inside, you can meet Athena Parthenos, the tallest indoor statue in the Western world. Now, isn't that fabulous?

So, there you have it, six unique and interesting facts to embrace before moving to Nashville, Tennessee. Get ready for hot chicken, healthcare innovations, a music-filled life, grand parks, pedal taverns, and a touch of ancient Greece in the heart of America's South. With its charm and dynamic pace, Nashville offers a distinct, vibrant lifestyle you can't find anywhere else!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Nashville

Pros of Living in Nashville

Rich Music and Entertainment Scene

Nashville is home to many famous music venues and is commonly referred to as "Music City". Famous for its country music, you can find live music playing in every nook and cranny on any day of the week. The city is also full of historical landmarks and museums that reflect its rich musical history.

Pleasant Climate

Nashville has a mild, four-season climate. The winters are not too harsh, and the weather is generally pleasant, particularly in the spring and fall. This allows for an abundance of outdoor activities year-round, making it a great place to live for those who love nature and outdoor recreation.

Strong Economy

Nashville's economy is robust and diverse, comprising several industries including healthcare, education, music and entertainment, and tourism. This vibrant economy offers numerous job opportunities and is one of the reasons why Nashville's population continues to grow rapidly.

Friendly Community

Nashville is known for its Southern hospitality. The city has a friendly vibe, with neighbours often helping each other out and strangers quickly becoming friends. Nashville's tightly-knit community ensures residents feel welcomed and at home.

Culinary Scene

Nashville's food scene has grown to become a major player in the culinary world. From traditional Southern cuisine to innovative fusion dishes, the local dining scene is diverse and delicious. Nashville is especially renowned for its hot chicken and barbecue experiences.

Cons of Living in Nashville


As Nashville has grown, so has its traffic. Commutes can be lengthy and frustrating, particularly during peak traffic hours. Even with attempts to improve public transportation infrastructure, many residents rely heavily on cars, leading to congested roadways.

High Cost of Living

With its rapid growth, the cost of living in Nashville has been increasing, particularly in terms of housing. While not as expensive as some larger cities, the cost of living can still be a drawback compared to other parts of the country.

Education System

While Nashville is home to many prestigious higher education institutions, its public school system has room for improvement. Concerns have been raised about the quality of education in some areas, although the situation varies from district to district.

Growth-related Issues

With the city's rapid expansion, Nashville also sees some growing pains. This includes not only increased traffic but also other challenges like rising housing prices, gentrification, and increased pressure on public infrastructure and services.

Weather extremes

Despite generally pleasant weather, Nashville can experience occasional weather extremes. This includes hot and humid summers and the potential for tornadoes. Depending on one's comfort with such conditions, this could be seen as a drawback to life in the city.

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Is Nashville a Good Place to Live?

Nashville, TN is a great place to live because it's a hub for music, arts, and fantastic cuisine nestled within captivating Southern charm. Its rich history merges seamlessly with a vibrant, modern cityscape, offering residents an attractive mix of tradition and innovation. Moreover, with phenomenal outdoor activities, friendly locals, and a top-rated education system, Nashville continues to draw people towards it for a fantastic quality of life.

What Is Nashville Famous For?

Country Music

Nashville is fondly referred to as "Music City", primarily due its rich history and influence on country music. It is home to the Grand Ole Opry, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and many major record labels. Nashville has provided the launch pad for many career-defining moments for famous country musicians.

Nashville Hot Chicken

If your taste buds are adventurous and crave something spicy, then Nashville's signature dish, the Hot Chicken, is definitely something that you can't miss. This highly seasoned, crispy treat has become synonymous with Nashville's culinary scene and is an absolute must-try for food enthusiasts.

The Parthenon

An exact replica of the ancient Parthenon in Athens stands proudly in Nashville. This marvellous architecture was constructed in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition, and it currently houses the city's art museum. It's not every day you get to see a piece of ancient Greece in the heart of the American South.

Vibrant Nightlife

From honky-tonks to sleek cocktail lounges, the nightlife scene in Nashville is as diverse as it is entertaining. Whether you want to kick up your heels and do a little two-stepping, or enjoy a quiet evening with friends over a craft beer, this city has it all. Music is often at the core of these lively scenes, making a night out in Nashville an unforgettable experience.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Nashville, as of 2023, the property tax rate is $4.221 per $100 of assessed value. This is considerably higher than the national median property tax rate of around $2.30 per $100 of assessed value.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Nashville is 9.75%, which also includes the Tennessee state sales tax of 7%. This is one of the highest sales tax rates in the country compared to the national median of 6.25%.

Income Tax

Tennessee is one of the few states in the US that does not have a personal income tax, therefore Nashville residents do not pay any. This is significantly lower when compared to the national average income tax rate of 4.6%.

Housing Market

Nashville's housing market is notably competitive, with an average home value of $262,604, a significant increase over recent years. This surge reflects the city's popularity among homebuyers and investors. For renters, the median monthly cost is around $1,491. The city's market, while robust, offers valuable opportunities for both renters and buyers compared to pricier coastal regions. Yet, compared to other parts of the Midwest, Nashville's rates are considerably higher. Nashville's thriving job market, cultural scene, and high living standards continue to allure prospective homeowners and tenants, contributing to its vibrant real estate market.

Cost of Living

The current cost of living in Nashville, TN, has been rising making it slightly higher than the national average. Its housing market, particularly, has seen notable increases, affecting overall affordability. Although less expensive than major cities like New York and Los Angeles, it is costlier than cities like Memphis, TN and Louisville, KY. However, considering factors like healthcare, utilities and groceries, Nashville's cost of living remains competitive amidst other metropolitan cities across the U.S.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Nashville, Tennessee, nestled in the heartland of the U.S. Southeast, enjoys a moderate subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Its summers are typically warm, averaging around 89degF, while winter sees average lows of 28degF. However, humidity often amplifies these temperatures, adding a hotter feel in summer and a biting chill in winter. Precipitation is well distributed throughout the year, but spring experiences the highest rainfall. Additionally, Nashville is exposed to numerous severe weather patterns, including harsh winter storms, strong thunderstorms, and tornadoes, occasionally causing floods and power outages. The city is most vulnerable to tornadoes in late spring and early fall, which have at times caused considerable damage. While these environmental hazards can be concerning, Nashville simultaneously possesses an appealing blend of warm sunshine and gentle breezes, making it a magnet for those seeking temperate weather.

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Economy & Job Market


Music and Entertainment




Nashville, affectionately known as 'Music City', is widely celebrated for its lively music scene and rich history - not just in tunes, but in a myriad of vibrant industries. Historically, Nashville's economy was shaped by its geostrategic location as a port and railroad hub, fostering a strong industrial base and a competitive market in the production of cotton, tobacco, and livestock. However, the cogs that keep the economy humming today have shifted dramatically, reflecting Nashville's exponential growth and increasing diversity. Anchored by a dominant healthcare sector - home to over 500 healthcare companies - the city is also revered for its strong educational institutions, a burgeoning finance sector, a rapidly expanding automotive industry, and of course, its iconic music and entertainment arts industry.

Thinking about hat-tipping Nashville as your next big adventure? Here's what you should know! Nashville boasts a relatively low unemployment rate, as a lively business environment teems with a multitude of job opportunities across various sectors. If you're a healthcare professional, you're in good hands, as Nashville is often fondly referred to as the "Silicon Valley of Healthcare". For all those creatives, the music and entertainment industry is ever-buzzing with exciting roles to get your creative juices flowing. Education, finance, and automotive sectors too present a significant chunk of the job market. There's a spectrum of potential sectors to explore in every nook and cranny of the city. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, jobs are abundant and the living is easy in Nashville. Bring your hat, your boots, and your dreams - this city is ready to embrace you with open arms!

Traffic and Transportation

Are you ready to roll in the rhythm of the roads in Nashville, TN? Whether you're vrooming your vehicle down the highway or cruising the city on a public bus, commuting in Music City is an experience in itself! Beware of rush hour though, where the average commute time can rise to 25 minutes. Don't fret, you have a symphony of public transportation options in your pocket. MTA buses, proudly playing the traffic tune across more than 50 routes throughout the city! To the rhythm of the railways? The Music City Star composes a comfortable commute in and out of downtown. Amped for air travel? Nashville International Airport hits all the high notes with over 540 daily flights. So buckle up, tap your feet to the beat, and enjoy the ride in Nashville!

What is the traffic like in Nashville, TN?

Best Neighborhoods in Nashville


1. East Nashville

If you\'re offbeat, a bit bohemian and lean a little toward the hipster side, your spirit neighborhood in Nashville might just be East Nashville. Part urban, part suburban, this eclectic neighborhood is a true gem, teeming with vibrant street art, quirky shops, and a fantastic restaurant scene. The area is also home to some fantastic parks, like Shelby Bottoms Park and Greenway, making it a hit with the outdoorsy types. Plus, with local fun spots like the Soda Parlor and the Cobra, there\'s never a dull night here!

2. 12 South

Get your Insta-feeds ready because 12 South is one of Nashville\'s most picturesque neighborhoods. Every street seems to be lined with beautiful historic homes and a canopy of mature trees. If you\'re a foodie or a shopaholic, this place is heaven. You\'ll find some of the city\'s best food joints here (we\'re talking gourmet donuts, fancy tacos, and artisan ice cream) along with some of the most unique, locally-owned boutiques. The welcoming, laid-back atmosphere here perfectly represents the southern charm Nashville is known for.

3. Germantown

Named after European immigrants who settled in the area in the mid-nineteenth century, Germantown oozes with historical charm. Brick sidewalks, a beautiful greenway, and Victorian buildings make this place visually stunning. This pedestrian-friendly neighborhood houses the Nashville Farmers\' Market, some of the best restaurants, and the much-loved Nashville Sounds\' First Tennessee Park. It\'s also famous for its Oktoberfest - a huge street festival that celebrates the neighborhood\'s German heritage.

4. The Gulch

If you\'re looking for an urban, upscale setting, the Gulch will appeal to you. It\'s a contemporary and sleek neighborhood with a bounty of high-end designer stores and trendy eateries. Don\'t miss the famous angel wings mural by Kelsey Montague, a favorite among locals and tourists for that \'must-have\' Nashville selfie. Plus, the Gulch is the first neighborhood in the South to be awarded LEED certification for its eco-friendly design. Fancy, right?

5. Hillsboro Village

Located between downtown and the ritzy Belle Meade, Hillsboro Village offers a small-town feel right in the heart of the city. It\'s family-friendly with one of the city\'s best elementary schools and a quick stroll away from Vanderbilt and Belmont Universities. It\'s been described as urban, cool, and a touch vintage. With a mix of coffee shops, boutiques, and the historic Belcourt Theater, you\'ll have plenty to keep you entertained.

In the end, the best neighborhood in Nashville is the one that feels like home to you. Each offers a unique style and charm that caters to a different lifestyle and personality. Whether you\'re keen for strong community ties, foodie delights, buzzing nightlife, tranquil parks, or the whole \'urban living\' experience, Nashville has a neighborhood to suit. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring and get ready to strum your life\'s next chapter in Music City.

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Things to Do

Hey there, soon-to-be Nashvillian! Get ready to immerse yourself in a city overflowing with vibrant music, delectable cuisine, and awe-inspiring history. It's no secret that Nashville, the undisputed Music City, is a cultural extravaganza, but look a little further and you'll unearth even more gems. Here are seven top things for you to savor the flavor of your adoptive city.

1. Make a Pilgrimage to the Country Music Hall of Fame

If you're in Nashville, then honoring its age-old musical heritage is a must. The Country Music Hall of Fame is home to 2.5 million exhibits tracing the evolution of country music from its origins to the present day, offering a fascinating glimpse into a genre that has helped shape the world's music scene.

2. Get to Know the Parthenon

You don't need to hop on a plane to Greece to marvel at the Parthenon. Nashville's grand replica of this Greek architectural masterpiece stands proudly in Centennial Park. A full-scale re-creation of the original in Athens, it brims with stunning sculptures and houses the city's art museum.

3. Explore the Local Breweries

Nashville's dynamic brewing scene is garnering accolades far and wide. Embark on a brewery tour to quench your thirst with some of the finest craft beers around. Local favorites include Yazoo Brewing and Tennessee Brew Works.

4. Ginormous Scrap Metal Dragon

For something truly different, make your way to Fannie Mae Dees Park. This park - locally dubbed Dragon Park - is home to a colossal mosaic tiled dragon sculpture made entirely from scrap metal. This quirky yet beautiful artwork is the perfect backdrop for your Instagram snaps.

5. Experience the 'Honky Tonk Highway'

Lower Broadway Street, often known as 'Honky Tonk Highway', is a cardinal point of Nashville's nightlife. With music bars in abundance, there's no cover charge, and where the revelry carries on until the wee hours. Legend has it that if you listen carefully, you might just hear the next country music star.

6. Chug Along the Music City Star

For a unique under-the-radar treat, ride the Music City Star, Nashville's commuter rail service. This six-station route offers majestic views of the Cumberland River and Nashville skyline, while you chat with locals and learn the city's secrets from them.

7. Get Serene at Sri Ganesha Temple

Did you know Nashville hosts one of the largest Hindu temples in the U.S? This architectural gem is a sanctuary of calm amidst the city's bustling pace. It not only offers a whiff of spiritual tranquility but also serves as a unique symbol of Nashville's rich cultural diversity.

From music-fueled nights to serene temples, surreal dragons to traditional breweries, the 'music city' embraces you with a symphony of unforgettable experiences. After all, there's a reason musicians croon about Nashville, foodies rave about it, and explorers like you get smitten with its charm. So strap in, adopt that Southern drawl, and live like a true blue Nashvillian.

Things to do in Nashville, TN?

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