Moving to Eugene

Picture a charming city nestled between lush waterways and tranquil hills, where culture meets outdoor adventures - that's Eugene, Oregon for you. As you consider making this vibrant locale your new home, our comprehensive Eugene Relocation Guide is designed to assist you. We'll uncover the exquisite blend of downtown excitement, rustic escape, and an unparalleled quality of life. From finding the perfect neighborhood and understanding the local job market to exploring schools and leisure activities - it's time to embark on this exciting journey through the heart of the Pacific Northwest.

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What to Know Before Moving to Eugene

1. Get Ready for Outdoor Adventures

Any local will tell you that the natural beauty is a big part of life in Eugene. Nestled at the end of the Willamette Valley and surrounded by lush forests and mountains, Eugene is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. There are over 4,000 acres of public parks and nature preserves in the city itself, and the Pacific coastline is just an hour away. If you enjoy hiking, biking, bird-watching, or just plain 'getting lost in the nature', this Pacific Northwest city can be your perfect 'base camp'.

2. The Arts Scene is Vibrant

From the world-class Hult Center for the Performing Arts to the many fabulous murals throughout the city, Eugene's arts scene is thriving and has something for everyone. Local artisans sell their wares at markets and festivals throughout the year, and there are many art galleries and exhibits to explore. There's a thriving music scene, and the city's public art program is considered among the best in the country. A truly artistic city!

3. Eugene is a Bike-friendly City

Whether you're commuting, running errands, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, biking is a way of life in Eugene. Known as the 'Biking Capital of the World', the city has earned the highest possible rating from the League of American Bicyclists. With a network of bike lanes, paths, and boulevards that cover more than 100 miles, the city is designed to make riders feel safe and at home. So, get ready to pedal your way around!

4. The Saturday Market is a Must

No visit to Eugene is complete without a trip to the Saturday Market -- the oldest open-air crafts market in the US! While this market is not exactly a secret, its charm and importance are immeasurable. Each week, vendors sell everything from handmade crafts to locally-grown produce, while local bands often provide live entertainment. The food court alone is worth the visit, serving up a global feast of culinary delights.

5. School Spirit is Palpable

The University of Oregon calls Eugene home and the Ducks (the college's official team name) pride runs deep. You'll see green and yellow everywhere and 'Go Ducks!' is almost an exclamation. Whether or not you're a sports fan, joining the local community in a wave of school spirit is truly a unique experience.

6. TrackTown, USA

One of Eugene's most unique claims to fame is its status as 'TrackTown, USA'. Hosting three Olympic Trials and countless national championships, the dedicated running community and the world-class facilities at the University of Oregon make the city a mecca for track and field. Ever wanted to share the track with Olympians or running legends? Or watch a world-class meet on a sunny summer evening? You've found the perfect place!

Ultimately, Eugene has its own unique vibe, a mixed atmosphere that pulls from its natural beauty, vibrant cultural scene, and active community. Whether you're a nature lover, a budding artist, a die-hard sports fan, or a bicycle enthusiast, Eugene is ready and waiting to welcome you with open arms.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Eugene

Pros of Living in Eugene

Great Access to Nature

Eugene is often regarding as a gateway to the great outdoors due to its proximity to natural areas like Willamette National Forest, Three Sisters Wilderness, and the Oregon Coast. It's a haven for outdoor lovers with plenty of opportunities for hiking, biking, camping, fishing and more.

Vibrant Cultural Scene

Eugene offers a lively arts and culture scene, featuring numerous music festivals, art shows, and theater performances. It's also home to the University of Oregon's Museum of Art and Natural History, providing plenty of opportunities for cultural enrichment.

Strong Community Spirit

Eugene is known for its strong sense of community and friendly residents. Whether it's the weekly farmers' markets, neighborhood gatherings, or community events like the annual Oregon Country Fair, there's always a sense of togetherness and camaraderie.

Excellent Education Opportunities

Home to the University of Oregon and several reputable public and private schools, Eugene boasts an array of excellent education establishments. The University, especially, contributes to the vibrant, intellectual, and diverse atmosphere in the city.

Moderate Climate

Eugene boasts a moderate climate, marked by mild, wet winters and warm, dry summers. The city gets ample rain, leading to lush, green landscapes, and there's less snow here than in other parts of Oregon, which may be a bonus for those who prefer milder winters.

Cons of Living in Eugene

Rainy Weather

While Eugene's mild, wet climate leads to beautiful green landscapes, the high amount of rainfall can be a downside. Those not used to living in rainy conditions might find the constant drizzle and cloudy skies during fall and winter a bit depressing.

Lack of Big-City Amenities

Although Eugene has many wonderful features, it lacks some of the amenities found in larger cities. For example, there might be fewer options for upscale dining, high-end shopping, or international flights directly from Eugene's airport.

Increasing Cost of Living

While Eugene's cost of living is lower than larger West Coast cities like Seattle or San Francisco, it has been growing rapidly in recent years due to increased demand, particularly in the housing market. This has made it more challenging for some residents, especially those on a tight budget.


Eugene is located in the Willamette Valley, which is known as 'Grass Seed Capital of the World'. As such, it has high pollen counts, especially in spring and summer, making it a challenging place for individuals with allergies.

Somewhat Limited Job Market

Eugene's job market, while diverse, can be somewhat limited, particularly in industry-specific careers. With the University of Oregon being the biggest employer, many jobs are linked to education and healthcare, which may not suit everyone's career paths.

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Is Eugene a Good Place to Live?

Eugene, OR is a great place to live because of its vibrant arts scene, ample recreational opportunities, and a strong sense of community. The city homes pleasant weather, fantastic food, access to beautiful parks, and the University of Oregon, offering an incredible blend of educational and cultural experiences. The natural beauty and the city's dedication to sustainability make it an idyllic place for outdoor enthusiasts and those who cherish green living.

What Is Eugene Famous For?

Track Town USA

Known as Track Town USA, Eugene is a haven for runners and home to many legendary athletes. It hosts the annual Oregon Track Club All-Comers Meet and was the birthplace of the first Nike shoes, created by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight.

The Oregon Country Fair

Every year in July, Eugene comes alive with the Oregon Country Fair, a three-day festival filled with music, food, and handmade crafts. It's known for its unique blend of hippie culture, artistry, and community spirit, offering a one-of-a-kind celebration that's part county fair, part arts festival.

The University of Oregon

The city's heart and soul is the University of Oregon - a top-tier research institution known for its programs in education, law, and physiological science. The Ducks, the university's athletic teams, are a source of local pride and community connection, especially the football team which draws big crowds to Autzen Stadium.

Outdoor Adventure

Surrounded by wide-open nature and plenty of green spaces, Eugene is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. From hiking trails in the Cascade Mountains, cycling paths along the Willamette River, to bird-watching in Delta Ponds, Eugene provides endless opportunities for active adventures and wildlife encounters.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Eugene, OR is around 1.34% of the property's assessed value, above the US average of 1.1%. The high rate supports local services such as education and sanitation.

Sales Tax

Eugene, OR, as part of the state of Oregon, does not have a sales tax in 2023, in stark contrast to the national median of 6.2%. Oregon is one of five states without a statewide sales tax.

Income Tax

The income tax rate in Eugene, OR in 2023 is based on a progressive state tax rate ranging from 5% to 9.9%, one of the highest rates in the U.S. The national average in 2023 is 4.6%.

Housing Market

The housing market in Eugene, OR exhibits unique characteristics compared to other U.S. regions. Median home value in this vibrant, Pacific Northwest city is approximately $349,900, a figure above the national median but lower than other parts of Oregon like Portland. Renters should expect to pay around $1,495 per month, higher than the U.S. median. Despite the costs, Eugene seduces with a comfortable blend of urban and rural living, boasting a robust job market and scenic beauty. Both buyers and renters should explore this dynamic market with an open mind but be ready to act quickly due to high demand.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Eugene, OR is slightly lower than the national average. Housing is the biggest factor in the cost of living difference. Despite recent growth, Eugene still offers a more cost-efficient living standard compared to Oregon's larger cities like Portland. While healthcare and transportation costs are slightly above the national average, grocery and miscellaneous expenses are comparable. This diverse cost rate, coupled with the region's rich cultural scene and natural beauty, makes Eugene an appealing choice for many.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Eugene, Oregon is renowned for its temperate and mild climate, featuring four distinct seasons. Summers are typically dry with an average high of around 82degF, while winters are chilly and damp, dropping to an average low of 34degF. The city receives approximately 51 inches of rainfall annually, the bulk of which falls between October and May. Spring and autumn are particularly picturesque, offering bright, comfortable weather conducive to outdoor activities. Snowfall in Eugene is rare but can occur during colder winters. The city also experiences occasional fog, particularly in the morning hours. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and wildfires have occurred due to its location in the Pacific Ring of Fire. However, emergency preparedness is a priority in Eugene, ensuring that necessary measures are promptly implemented for public safety.

Typical weather in Eugene, OR

Economy & Job Market

* Healthcare and Social Assistance

* Educational Services

* Manufacturing

* Retail Trade

* Accommodation and Food Service

If you're a history buff, you probably already knew that Eugene, OR started out as a fur trading hub, but did you know that it's now famous for more than just its cozy, stylish hats? Yep, Eugene has diversified and evolved over the years, but not entirely - we still know how to make things! Manufacturing remains one of the city's top industries. However, it's the healthcare and social assistance industry that leads the pack these days, employing a sizeable chunk of this friendly city's population. The thriving educational services sector, buoyed by the presence of the University of Oregon, makes the cut too. Let's not forget the retail trade and accommodation and food services that cater to Eugene's locals and tourists alike, who appreciate a good shopping hunt and a tasty meal.

Are you feeling the lure of Eugene's charm and thinking of making it your new home? Excellent choice! Be prepared for a pretty accommodating job market. While the unemployment rate in Eugene is slightly higher than the national average, the city definitely isn't short on opportunities, especially within the aforementioned industries. Healthcare professionals, educators, and manufacturers should have an easier go of it. If you're someone who knows their way around a store or a kitchen, the retail trade and food services sectors might just have the right gig for you. And guess what? The job market in Eugene is projected to grow by 37%, which is higher than the U.S average. So, pack up that fun-loving, adventurous spirit of yours and come join us in lovely Eugene - your job search could end up being easier than you think!

Traffic and Transportation

Imagine cruising around Eugene, OR--that magical place where the traffic flows as smoothly as the Willamette River. Eugene offers a dreamy commute, with average times just north of 22 minutes--way quicker that you could whip up a spicy Chipotle barbecue sauce. And for all those eco-warriors out there, Eugene bus system, Lane Transit District (LTD), has you covered--with routes that'll get you everywhere from the heart of downtown to your favorite secluded hiking trails. Plus, some routes are free--no need to break into your piggy bank! Not to mention, Eugene's gadget-packed EmX Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is the one-stop solution to beat that peak hour commotion. And jetsetters, gear up! With the Eugene Airport (EUG) providing direct flights to some sizzling destinations across the US, there's always an exciting getaway on the horizon. So, folks, in Eugene, it's all about enjoying the journey, not just the destination!

What is the traffic like in Eugene, OR?

Best Neighborhoods in Eugene

1. Friendly Street

Starting with a warm welcome, Friendly Street is true to its name! This vibrant neighborhood, nestled in the south of Eugene, is a eclectic mix of urban and suburban charm. Blessed with local businesses, boutique stores, creative eateries, and coffee shops, you will never run out of places to explore. With tree-lined streets, aromatic gardens, and friendly neighbors, it's wholesome community vibes would fill even the biggest skeptic with a sense of home.

2. South University

Calling all scholars and family folks! The South University neighborhood is a seamless blend of academia, history, and family living. Right next door to the University of Oregon, this neighborhood is buzzing with young energy, intellectual pursuits, and a healthy dose of Oregon Ducks pride. Architectural enthusiasts will be thrilled to see the array of historic homes, while families can take advantage of the ample parks and top-rated schools.

3. Amazon

No, we're not talking about your favorite online marketplace. Amazon, the neighborhood in Eugene, is a verdant gem boasting extensive parks, organic markets, and a bustling community center. Primary attractions include the Amazon Park and Community Center which offer a pool, running trails, dog areas, and more. The close-knit community vibe and green living mindset make Amazon an enticing choice for eco-conscious residents.

4. Downtown Eugene

If you love being in the heart of the city, then Downtown Eugene is the place for you! Filled with a myriad of artsy outlets, food trucks, craft breweries, and funky music venues, this neighborhood is the epicenter of Eugene's cultural scene. Be spoilt for choice at the Saturday Market or explore the extensive art galleries. This vibrant and diverse neighborhood is perfect for those who value a dynamic, fast-paced lifestyle.

5. Crescent Village

Think of Crescent Village as the modern, upscale side of Eugene. This newly developed, planned community features stylish homes, manicured lawns, and chic retail stores. The centerpiece is the village square, delivering everything from yoga studios to gourmet food options. With its meticulously planned amenities, Crescent Village provides a polished and comfortable living for those who enjoy a side of luxury in their day-to-day life.

In conclusion, Eugene, Oregon is a small city with a big heart, offering a diverse range of neighborhoods to suit every kind of lifestyle. Whether it's the homey charm of Friendly Street, the intellectual buzz of South University, the eco-friendly vibe of Amazon, the hustling energy of Downtown, or the chic sophistication of Crescent Village - Eugene has a neighborhood ready to welcome you home.

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Things to Do

Are you moving to Eugene, Oregon, in the near future? Then you're in luck. Nestled in the Pacific Northwest's lush Willamette Valley, Eugene, often called "Emerald City", boasts a special blend of arts, food, culture, and outdoor activities, with a vibe that might be described as a lively and lovely quirkiness. Let's dive into the must-do activities you shouldn't miss when you make the exciting move to Eugene!

1. Indulge in the Saturday Market

Eugene's Saturday Market is a must experience for the city's vibrant pulse. It boasts an array of local artisans, growers, and chefs offering an eclectic mix of handmade crafts, fresh produce, and foods. Plus, there's always live music - a delight to the ears as you explore what the local scene has to offer!

2. Embark on the Whiteaker Neighborhood Adventure

Wander into the quirky and colorful Whiteaker neighborhood. Teeming with offbeat murals, local breweries, unique eateries - including the legendary Pizza Research Institute - it's a neighborhood unlike any other and provides a real taste of what makes Eugene unique.

3. Experience Autzen Stadium's Magic

If you're a fan of college football, then visiting Autzen Stadium is a must, a home to University of Oregon Ducks. Even if you aren't a sports enthusiast, the stadium's infectious spirit and sporting culture will captivate you. It's the community's pride and a unifying factor among locals.

4. Stroll around Mount Pisgah Arboretum

This gem hidden away in Buford Park offers 209 acres of pure botanical bliss. Splatter yourself with gorgeous palettes of various vegetation, wildflowers, and trees, while rivers and birds' songs accompany you as their soundtrack. It's a perfect way to immerse yourself in Eugene's natural beauty.

5. Discover The Secret Art Galleries

A venture slightly off-the-beaten-path, the studio and art gallery scene at the Last Friday ArtWalk in Whiteaker neighborhood is worth it. The area comes alive with local artists displaying their creations in nearby homes, studios, outdoors and even bakeries. It's an authentic Eugene experience. The art scene here adds colour to the Emerald City.

6. Float on the Willamette River

A hot summer day in Eugene is incomplete without a cooling float down the serene Willamette River. Indulge in some lazy river floating, a coveted Eugene pastime. Let the gentle current carry you through the scenic cityscape. Just remember to pack some sunscreen and perhaps a picnic!

7. Explore the Eugene Ale Trail

Explore the fantastic sunny must-dos - a hop across the breweries strewn along the Eugene Ale Trail! From small-batch craft fermentations to larger establishments, immerse yourself in the extensive variety and perhaps discover your new favorite brew. It's an essential experience for beer aficionados.

From leafy hikes to hidden art-scenes, thriving sports culture to food-tasting, floating to sipping crafts brews, Eugene promises a wholesome living experience. Unearthing Eugene's unique character and charm will make you fall in love with your new home in no time! Welcome to the unique, vibrant, and beautiful Emerald City - your new start in Eugene awaits!

Things to do in Eugene, OR?

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