Moving to Oklahoma City

Welcome to the heart of the Great Plains! If you're considering making a move to Oklahoma City, you're in for a truly vibrant experience. Lined with stunning landmarks, passionate sports culture, and a bustling arts district, Oklahoma City embodies a unique blend of cosmopolitan charisma and warm Southern charm. Known for its cowboy culture and prime steakhouse scene, OKC is also making strides in innovative sectors, making it an increasingly appealing location for diverse professionals. Our comprehensive relocation guide unfolds everything you need to know about moving to Oklahoma City, OK, enhancing your transition to this vibrant metropolis.

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What to Know Before Moving to Oklahoma City

1. The Weather is Scenic and Dramatic

One of the surprises that await newcomers is the drapery of unpredictable weather in Oklahoma City. It's fair to say that we have it all here - sunny summers, freezing winters, and a range of climatic delights in between. The climate is continental, so you get the full heat of the summer sun and a cold winter. Okay, you might have to deal with the occasional tornado, but don't worry too much, there's a certain sultry charm to that too!

2. The Cost of Living is Friendly on Your Wallet

Before you get a heart attack from the cost of living, here's something to put your mind at ease. Oklahoma City is very affordable! It boasts a cost of living that's below the national average. Here, your dollar stretches further, making it a great place for enjoying life without breaking the bank. High-quality living spaces, shopping, and entertainment are all within reach at prices that will make your wallet smile.

3. The Oklahoma City Thunder

If you're a bit sporty or just passionate about thrilling sports, you'll love the Thunder! OKC is home to this thriving NBA team that boasts not just great games, but astounding fan support too. It's always basketball season in this city, and the energy that comes with the games makes it one amazing spectacle. So, get that jersey ready, because we're one super enthusiastic cheering squad!

4. A City with an Underground Pedestrian Tunnel

This might come off as surprising, but Oklahoma City has a system of underground tunnels! The downtown area is laced with a series of pedestrian tunnels, originally designed as a means to escape the heat. Known as The Underground (or, originally, The Conncourse), it's now a colorful, art-filled walking space, providing a unique way to get around downtown while staying high and dry, whatever the weather may offer.

5. Rich Native American History

OKC is a place where the past and the present seamlessly blend. As a part of a state named after the Choctaw phrase "Okla Humma" or "red people", Oklahoma City has a rich Native American history. Are you a history lover? Then you're going to love the numerous historical venues and museums like the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, and the Red Earth Native American Cultural Festival, which shows off the state's Native American legacy.

6. Oklahoma City is The Horse Show Capital

No, we're not horsing around with this fact. Oklahoma City is known as the "Horse Show Capital of the World". Each year, the city hosts more than a dozen top national and world championship horse shows, attracting riders and spectators from across the globe. So, if you're an equestrian enthusiast, it's definitely a plus to live beside some of the best horse shows in the world!

In conclusion, Oklahoma City is a wonderful place with a unique charm and a funky flare. It's a city that comfortably mingles affordability, sports, history, and fun. It offers newcomers an affordable yet rich quality of life with a robust splash of culture and history, and the beautiful diversity of weather to give you a proper four season experience. And, of course, we have horses. Lots of them. So get ready to pack your bags and join us in this remarkable city. Oklahoma City is waiting to welcome you home!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Oklahoma City

Pros of Living in Oklahoma City

Affordable Cost of Living

Oklahoma City is considered affordable compared to many other major US cities. The cost-effectiveness is reflected in various aspects, including housing, health care, utilities, taxes, and general expenses. This affordable cost of living makes Oklahoma City an attractive place for families, retirees, and young professionals just starting out.

Strong Community Vibe

Known for its strong sense of community and Southern hospitality, Oklahoma City offers a friendly and welcoming environment. Community events, including local festivals, farmers markets, and neighborhood get-togethers, are common occurrences, nurturing a close-knit and sociable community.

Outdoor Recreation

Oklahoma City offers a variety of outdoor activities, including boating, hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. The city's geographical diversity, with the presence of the Oklahoma River, multiple parks, and outdoor venues, provides plenty of opportunities for recreation and enjoyment of nature.

Vibrant Culinary Scene

The city boasts a vibrant and diverse food scene, offering a combination of local specialties and international cuisine. From food trucks to fine dining and award-winning BBQ joints, Oklahoma City provides exciting culinary experiences for food lovers.

Good Employment Opportunities

With a prospering job market, Oklahoma City provides employment opportunities in various industries, including energy, health care, manufacturing, and technology. The city's steady economic growth and business-friendly policies attract new companies and foster job creation.

Cons of Living in Oklahoma City

Extreme Weather Conditions

Oklahoma City is known for its extreme weather conditions, including tornadoes, hail storms, and high summer temperatures. These conditions may prove challenging and may require residents to take necessary precautions.

Limited Public Transit

The public transit system in Oklahoma City is not as developed or extensive as in other major cities. This can make commuting challenging for those without a personal vehicle, and it may necessitate relying more on cars for transportation.

Education System Challenges

The education system in Oklahoma City, particularly public schools, faces several challenges, including overcrowded classes and underfunded programs. While there are several high-rated schools, the average performance of schools indicates a need for improvement.

Lack of Diversity in Landscape

Unlike some other states, Oklahoma City does not offer much diversity in terms of landscape. The city predominantly features flatlands and lacks mountains or beaches, which could limit options for certain outdoor activities.

Lower Health Standards

In various health statistics and rankings, Oklahoma City often falls below the national average. While there are many health facilities, the city struggles with various health issues like high obesity rates, smoking, and a deficiency in mental health resources.

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Is Oklahoma City a Good Place to Live?

Oklahoma City, OK is a great place to live because of its vibrant local culture, affordable living costs, and its fantastic mix of urban and rural environments. The city boasts an array of delicious food, unique attractions, such as the Myriad Botanical Gardens and the Oklahoma City Zoo. Furthermore, the diverse job opportunities and friendly community make it even more appealing for anyone considering to settle here.

What Is Oklahoma City Famous For?

Oklahoma City National Memorial

In the heart of the city lays the Oklahoma City National Memorial, a testament to resilience after the tragic bomb attack in 1995. This is a must-visit landmark, featuring outdoor symbolic elements and an educational exhibit inside the museum that takes you through a journey back in time to that fateful day.

Amazing food and drink scene

Oklahoma City is known for its thriving culinary scene, from food trucks and independent cafes to high-end restaurants. Here, visitors can expect to indulge in some top-notch food and drinks, with a blend of traditional Oklahoman cuisine and global influences.

Intriguing cowboy culture

Experience the old west in the modern day in Oklahoma City. The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum offers a fascinating insight into the cowboy culture and the history of the American west. It's a real step back in time!

Adventure District

It's all fun and games in the Adventure District! This entertainment hub features top attractions such as the Oklahoma City Zoo, Science Museum Oklahoma, and the Remington Park Racing Casino. It's a perfect location for family-friendly adventures and excitement.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In Oklahoma City, the average property tax rate as of 2023 is approximately 0.87%, lower than the national average of 1.08%. This makes Oklahoma City an attractive place for prospective homeowners.

Sales Tax

The combined state, county, and city sales taxes for Oklahoma City totaled 8.63% as of 2023. This is considerably higher than the national median of 6.90%, which may influence decisions of potential residents or businesses.

Income Tax

Oklahoma has a progressive income tax and the rate for Oklahoma City residents in 2023 is 5.0% at the highest income bracket. This ranks Oklahoma as the 35th highest of the 41 states plus the District of Columbia that collect state income taxes.

Housing Market

Oklahoma City's housing market appears more affordable than most US cities. The median home value stands around $145,600 and median rent around $892, generally lower than national averages. Despite steady growth, the cost of living remains lower than the national average too, making it favourable for buyers. For renters, it is good to note that rent has increased slightly over years. However, this is consistent with national trends. The city's economy is diverse, presenting opportunities in sectors like energy, aviation, and healthcare, creating job security for residents. Buyers and renters should also consider the low property and income tax rates.

Cost of Living

Oklahoma City, OK has a remarkably low cost of living compared to many US cities. The overall cost of living index stands at 85.4, well below the national average of 100. Housing is particularly affordable, with indices significantly lower than elsewhere in the country. Utilities and groceries are also cheaper. However, healthcare is slightly above the national average. Such affordability draws many to the comfortable and economically advantageous lifestyle in Oklahoma City.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Oklahoma City, OK experiences a temperate climate with notable seasonal variations. Summers are typically hot and humid with temperatures reaching the mid-90s, while winters can plunge to the 30s. The city encounters precipitation throughout the year, with May being the wettest month and January the driest. Spring and autumn offer mild and comfortable weather conditions, painting a picturesque canvas with changing leaves and blossoming flowers. Oklahoma City is part of "Tornado Alley," thus prone to extreme weather conditions. Tornadoes are fairly common, especially during spring and early summer. Additionally, the city also experiences occasional seismic activity. Despite the potential for natural disasters, Oklahoma City continues to captivate inhabitants and visitors alike with its variety of weather and unique natural spectacles.

Typical weather in Oklahoma City, OK

Economy & Job Market

* The Oil and Gas Industry

* Government Services

* Transportation and Logistics Industry

* Manufacturing and Construction

* Health Care and Social Assistance Industry

Like a cowboy riding proudly into the sunset (or sunrise, if you're into mornings), Oklahoma City's economy has always had a rugged, trail-blazing spirit. Historically, the city's economic storyline has been dominated by the oil and gas industry, and it remains a key player even today. However, as we gallop forward into the 21st century, OKC has diversified its economic portfolio. Industries such as government services, transportation and logistics, construction and manufacturing, and health care and social assistance have quickly gained momentum. Combined, they create a vibrant, diversified economy that keeps OKC thumping with energy (and we're not just talking about oil here!).

If you're saddling up for a move to Oklahoma City, it's time to get your job-market bearings. With an unemployment rate below the national average, the city's job market is strong, just like the brewed coffee in your favorite local cafe. Whether you're a healthcare hero, manufacturing maven, or transportation whizz, you'll likely find ample opportunities to lasso a new job. While opportunities abound citywide - downtown Oklahoma City, the Health Center, and the manufacturing areas to the West and Southwest of town might be your best bet for quality job prospecting. So grab your hat and get ready to join the Oklahoma City job rodeo!

Traffic and Transportation

Oh, Oklahoma City, where the winds of travel and transportation come sweeping down the plain! Here in the heartland, folks have an average commute time of just 21.7 minutes - a breeze compared to some of those big cities up north. But what if you want to leave the car at home? No problem! Embark, the city's public transportation system, has got your back, with buses and a spiffy new streetcar to help you navigate the city's charming boulevards.

And if you're one for the friendly skies, Will Rogers World Airport is the city's main aviation gateway. Named for Oklahoma's favorite lasso-twirling, wisecracking son, it serves over 3.6 million travelers every year. So, whether you're zipping around town or jetting off to faraway lands, Oklahoma City makes getting there half the fun!

What is the traffic like in Oklahoma City, OK?

Best Neighborhoods in Oklahoma City

1. Nichols Hills

There's something quaint and charming about Nichols Hills that makes it one of the loveliest neighborhoods in Oklahoma City. With a vast array of parks like Kite Park, it's a beautiful place for outdoor enthusiasts and families. Nichols Hills remains one of the safest areas in the city, hence providing residents with peace of mind. The community here is strong, with plenty of social events and community gatherings throughout the year to foster stronger ties among residents. You'll indeed feel right at home in this friendly neighborhood.

2. The Paseo Arts District

Are you an artist at heart? The Paseo Arts District might just be the neighborhood for you. Known for its thriving arts scene, this area features a unique Spanish revival architecture. Each year, the district is whipped into a frenzy with the much-anticipated Paseo Arts Festival, where local artists display and sell their work. Apart from the arts scene, the district is peppered with popular eateries, charming boutiques, and a vibrant nightlife scene that guarantees fun-filled nights.

3. Quail Creek

For those looking for a suburban feel while still enjoying the city's perks, Quail Creek is an ideal choice. The neighborhood is family-friendly with top-rated schools and safe surroundings. Known for its Easter Egg Hunt and Fourth of July Parade, there's a strong sense of community here with various events that bring the residents together. Plus, Quail Creek has some of the city's best golf courses for those who love to tee off in their downtime.

4. Bricktown

For those who want to be in the heart of the action, Bricktown is your answer. This lively neighborhood is famous for its vibrant entertainment section with restaurants, shopping outlets, and parks. The picturesque Bricktown Canal, adorned with public artworks, is perfect for quiet romantic strolls or boat rides under the twinkling OKC skyline. It's also home to Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark and a movie theatre, ensuring you're never short of entertainment options.

5. Mesta Park

Historic and beautiful, Mesta Park is known for its tree-lined streets and stately homes boasting historical architecture. The community is tight-knit, hosting popular events like the Mesta Festa, an annual neighborhood festival. The neighborhood is also near the bustling Midtown District, making dining, shopping, and entertainment easily accessible. It is a diverse neighborhood with a rich history and a welcoming community, making it a wonderful option for anyone moving to Oklahoma City.

In conclusion, each neighborhood in Oklahoma City has its unique charm and personality. Whether you're looking for a creative hive, a festive community, a tranquil suburb, a bustling downtown, or a historical haven, Oklahoma City offers a neighborhood to match your preferences. So pack your bags and get ready for an exciting new chapter in one of these fantastic areas!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Oklahoma City! OKC is full of surprises with its eccentric festivals, renowned food spots, fabulous entertainment options, and extraordinary natural beauty. Even if you're here for a few days or moving here for good, this city has a lot to offer. Picture this as your personalized map to the must-dos and hidden gems of Oklahoma City. So, buckle up, here is your listicle guide of 7 fantastic things to do in this lively city.

1. Get Artsy at the Paseo Art District

The Paseo Art District, a vibrant artistic community, hosts over 20 galleries and studios where you can witness amazing artwork ranging from paintings, pottery, jewelry, to photography. Additionally, be sure to explore the monthly Paseo First Friday Gallery walk which features new art exhibitions, refreshments, and lively locals.

2. Explore the Oklahoma City Zoo

With over 1,900 rare and exotic animals, the Oklahoma City Zoo offers an exciting day of fun. Get up close and personal with the giraffes at the Giraffe Feeding Platform, or catch the Sea Lion Show for some splashing entertainment. Be sure to visit the recently opened Sanctuary Asia, aimed at providing excellent habitats for the Asian elephants, Indian rhinos, and Komodo dragons.

3. Walk Along the Bricktown Canal

Bricktown Canal offers a picturesque walkway flanked by restaurants, shopping outlets, and historic brick buildings. You can also take a water taxi for a relaxed tour packed with entertaining narratives of OKC's rich history.

4. Discover The Underground

This is one of the city's best-kept secrets. The Underground is a series of pedestrian tunnels and skywalks adorned with unique pieces of art, connecting several downtown buildings. It's a fun, quirky and artistic escape from the hustle and bustle above ground.

5. Experience The Boathouse District

The Boathouse District on the Oklahoma River is a hot spot for outdoor enthusiasts. With water sports like rowing, kayaking, dragon boating, and stand-up paddleboarding, there's plenty of adrenaline-pumping activities for everyone. They also have the Riversport Rapids, a man-made whitewater rafting course for bolder adventurers.

6. Visit The American Banjo Museum

This quirky attraction, housing the world's largest collection of banjos on public display, is certainly a musical mecca. The American Banjo Museum, celebrating the rich history, craftsmanship, and evolution of the banjo through detailed exhibits, it's a hidden gem that's high on backstory and charm.

7. Relish in Food Truck Wednesdays

Food Truck Wednesdays offer a gastronomic adventure where you can sample local delights. Every Wednesday during lunch, food trucks from around the city park around the downtown area. Savory empanadas, delightful pizza, and smoky barbecues - it's a midweek treat you shouldn't miss.

Oklahoma City is a melting pot of history, culture, art, sports, and food. With must-see landmarks sprinkled with hidden gems, the city creates its unique flavor that leaves everyone wanting more. From remarkable museums to delicious dining and everything in between, OKC is buzzing with life and experiences waiting to be discovered. So embrace the adventures that OKC throws your way, after all, as they say here, "the sky's not the limit, it's just the view!"

Things to do in Oklahoma City, OK?

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