Moving to Norman

Experience the local charm of Norman, Oklahoma, a hidden gem in the heart of the Midwest. As you explore this comprehensive guide to moving to Norman, you'll discover the best places to live, historic attractions, flagship universities, and a diverse set of recreational offerings. Whether you're enamored by the allure of "Sooner" football games or the lure of a vibrant art scene, Norman invites you to enjoy the coalescence of traditional values and modern lifestyle. Get ready to embark on an exciting new chapter in a city that seamlessly blends small-town charm with big-city possibilities.

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What to Know Before Moving to Norman

1. Home Sweet Home in a Cozy College Town

Known as the city of Festivals, Norman, Oklahoma is a fun, lively place, home to the University of Oklahoma. Loaded with a lot of energy, vibrancy, and youthfulness, it's a great place to live, especially for academics and football lovers. The Sooner spirit runs free in this town!

2. Enjoy a Lower than Average Cost of Living

Be prepared to breathe a sigh of relief when the bank statements start rolling in. Cost of living in Norman is significantly lower than the national average. This means you're getting more bang for your buck when it comes to housing, groceries, healthcare, and more. So, you can save those extra pennies or even splurge on a fancy dinner or two!

3. A Festive Wonder

As mentioned earlier, Norman is often called the "City of Festivals". Some of the most popular ones include the Medieval Fair, May Fair, the Summer Breeze Concert Series and the Jazz in June festival. There's always something to look forward to and a reason to celebrate when you're a resident of Norman.

4. Passionate about Paleontology? You're In Luck!

Here's a lesser-known fact: Norman is home to the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History, one of the world's largest university-based natural history museums. Stay fascinated by the mesmerizing exhibits featuring everything from dinosaur skeletons to Native American artifacts! Definitely a paradise for history buffs and dino-lovers alike!

5. Tornado Alley - Stay Aware

You've probably heard Oklahoma is part of Tornado Alley. Norman, being no exception, has its share of tornadoes. But hey, don't let that deter you! The city is well-prepared with precautionary measures and the Oklahoma Storm Prediction Center. It's essential to stay alert and be aware of local weather updates. It's just part of the thrill of living in this one-of-a-kind state!

6. Deliciously Diverse Food Scene

A little-known fact among outsiders: Norman's food scene is remarkably diverse! There's a wide assortment of cuisines to cater to every palate. From mouthwatering barbecue to Asian fusion, Norman's food scene can challenge cities twice its size. Be sure to take your taste buds on a journey at local favorites like The Mont or venture into the ethnic offerings at Misal of India!

To wrap it up, moving to Norman, OK means being a part of a vibrant, close-knit community hat's full of life, history, delectable food, and, of course, college football. There's always something fun to do, a festival to attend, or a Sooner game to cheer at. Make sure to stay weather aware, enjoy the myriad of food options, and soak in all the rich culture that this unique city has to offer. Welcome to Norman!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Norman

Pros of Living in Norman

Strong sense of community

Norman is home to the University of Oklahoma, which brings in numerous events, festivals, and a diverse crowd that helps forge a tight-knit community. With a population of just over 100,000 people, it's the perfect size to feel part of a bustling town while still being able to know your neighbors.

Vibrant Art and Music Scene

As a college town, Norman has a lively art and music scene with many festivals throughout the year. The Norman Music Festival and the Medieval Fair bring in artists from all over the country and offer great entertainment for residents.

Access to Top-tier Education

Being the home to the University of Oklahoma, residents have access to high-quality education at all levels. From grade school to postgraduate studies, educational opportunities are readily available.

Outdoor attractions

Norman boasts a wide range of outdoor attractions, including Lake Thunderbird State Park and Sutton Wilderness Park, offering residents a myriad of recreational activities from hiking, boating, and camping.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to most states in the U.S., Norman, Oklahoma, has a reasonably lower cost of living. This affordability extends to nearly all aspects of life here, from housing and utilities to dining and entertainment.

Cons of Living in Norman

Severe Weather

Norman is situated in "Tornado Alley", and severe weather conditions including tornadoes and storms are not uncommon. This can lead to property damage and sometimes, a threat to personal safety.

Public Transportation

While some parts of Norman are walkable, the public transportation options are limited. This can make it challenging for individuals without a personal vehicle to navigate the city efficiently.

Limited Job Market

While the University of Oklahoma offers numerous employment opportunities, outside of the institution, the job market can be quite competitive. The city's lack of diverse industries and a smaller economy compared to bigger cities might restrict job opportunities and wages.

Higher Crime Rate

Compared to the national average, Norman's crime rate is slightly higher. However, it's worth noting that crime rates vary within the city, and many neighborhoods are very safe and peaceful.

Lack of Nightlife

Norman's nightlife is relatively quiet compared to larger cities. While there are bars, restaurants and events around the university, options may seem limited for residents seeking a vibrant nightlife scene.

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Is Norman a Good Place to Live?

Norman, OK is a great place to live because of its eclectic mix of big city amenities and lively university town feel, along with a hint of tranquil rural charm. It boasts wonderful outdoor recreational spaces, like the beautiful Lake Thunderbird State Park, and a vibrant, locally driven food and art scene which provide a thriving social life. The community is friendly, warm, and supportive; with exemplary schools and universities, making it a fantastic place for both students and families.

What Is Norman Famous For?

Home of the University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma, a renowned institution with a strong presence in research and study fields, is nestled in the heart of Norman. Boasting over 165 graduate degree programs and a vibrant student culture, it's no wonder OU is such a central part of Norman's identity.

The National Weather Center

It's not all about tornadoes! Located in Norman, the National Weather Center houses agencies responsible for studying and predicting all things weather-related. With several meteorology organizations under one roof, it's the perfect place to learn about the ever-changing Oklahoma skies.

Norman Music Festival

Every year, Norman turns into a musical wonderland, hosting a free, independent music festival on its main street. The Norman Music Festival is a much-anticipated event that showcases local and national bands, giving audiences an unforgettable sonic experience.

Medieval Fair of Norman

Step back in time with the annual Medieval Fair of Norman, a fun-filled event packed with period costumes, arts and crafts, and jousting. Held over three days, the fair entertains over 300,000 visitors, making it not just a local, but a national attraction.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the property tax rate in Norman, OK is about 0.88%, which is lower than the national average of 1.07%. This makes Norman an attractive locale for homeowners due to the relatively lower property tax rates.

Sales Tax

The current total sales tax rate in Norman, OK is 8.75%, with the state sales tax rate at 4.5% and additional local tax rates accounting for the rest. This is higher than the average sales tax rate across the country, standing at around 7.12% in 2023.

Income Tax

Oklahoma has a progressive income tax rate that ranges from 0.5% - 5%. Therefore, the residents of Norman, OK in 2023 fall under this same system. This is overall lower than the national average, which was 5.3% for the lowest tax bracket and could go up to as high as 37% in the highest tax bracket for the same year.

Housing Market

The housing market in Norman, OK, presents an intriguing blend of affordability and growth. As per Zillow, the median home value here is $166,800, appreciably below the national average of around $277,700. Homes enjoy a steady appreciation value, making it a viable market for prospective buyers. For renters, the median rent price stands at $972, again favorably lower than the US median. Investors are drawn to the low vacancy rates, indicating a strong rental demand. Comparatively, Norman offers a cost-effective, balanced housing market with potential for healthy returns.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Norman, OK is significantly lower than the U.S. average, making it an attractive option for affordable living. Compared to other cities, housing expenses are notably cheaper, together with healthcare and utilities. While transportation costs are slightly higher, Norman offers a budget-friendly lifestyle without sacrificing quality. Overall, it's a versatile city with a combination of low costs and appealing amenities.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Norman, OK is characterized by a temperate and often variable climate, typical of the U.S. Great Plains region. Summers can be hot and humid, with temperatures frequently exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Winters are typically mild but can occasionally dip below freezing. Precipitation is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year, with a slight peak during the spring months. Norman is also situated in "Tornado Alley" and is therefore prone to severe weather events, including thunderstorms and tornadoes, particularly in the spring and early summer. Despite the severe weather potential, the overall resilient spirit of its residents, coupled with effective disaster preparedness protocols, considerably mitigate the hazards. Floods and winter storms also occur, though less frequently. Nonetheless, the city's natural beauty is often accentuated by its dynamic weather, offering a unique and engaging living environment.

Typical weather in Norman, OK

Economy & Job Market

• Aerospace and Aviation Industry

• Agriculture and Biosciences Industry

Energy Industry

• Information and Financial Services

Transportation and Logistics Industry

Smack in the middle of Tornado Alley, Norman, OK was historically known for its agricultural prowess, particularly the production of wheat. One could argue that wheat was our first love before we broadened our horizons. Over time, the economy has diversified and now, we have a number of exciting industries pulsing through our veins! Presently, the aerospace and aviation industries are soaring (get it?) with a cluster of firms that allow you to aim for the skies. The energy sector is crackling with opportunities, thanks to the abundance of both renewable and non-renewable sources ready for tapping around the state. Similarly, the agricultural biosciences, information and financial services, and transportation and logistics industries are enriched with opportunities, each representing different, yet crucial facets of our multifaceted economy in Norman.

If you're considering a move to our fair city and plan to seek employment, strap in, because the journey is likely to be super exciting! As of 2021, the unemployment rate in Norman is lower than the national average, sitting pretty at 3.3%. Convinced yet? Wait, there's more! The best areas to look for jobs in Norman would be in the aerospace and aviation industry, energy sector, and the University of Oklahoma - one of the largest employers in town. If you have a knack for biosciences or logistics, opportunities abound in those areas as well. So, put on your job-hunting hat and step into the whirlwind of opportunities in Norman, OK. You never know, you might just land your dream job or maybe even find a new passion. Welcome to Norman, where we turn work into wonder!

Traffic and Transportation

Did you know Norman, OK has an average commute time of 20.8 minutes? That's lightning fast compared to the national average of 26.4 minutes! Navigating Norman is as breezy as an Oklahoma wind, with plenty of transportation options. CART (Cleveland Area Rapid Transit) will CARToon you around town, offering public bus services that are both convenient and cost-effective. For longer journeys, simply hop on a Greyhound or an Amtrak, with stations centrally located in Norman. Looking to jet off? Be an air-nomad at Will Rogers World Airport, just a 35-minute drive from Norman! It's a fun, bustling gateway to the rest of the world. In Norman, commute times are short, the buses are ready, and the sky's the limit!

What is the traffic like in Norman, OK?

Best Neighborhoods in Norman


1. Hall Park

Calling all nature-lovers, Hall Park is the neighbourhood for you! Nestling majestically at the southeast corner of Norman, Hall Park is often touted as the greener part of town. Boasting an abundance of tree-lined streets and tranquil parks, it's perfect for those who like to stay in touch with Mother Nature while enjoying the comforts of city living. The neighborhood offers a vibrant selection of local restaurants and shopping venues, while the distinctly low traffic ensures a peaceful and serene lifestyle. Hall Park creates a concoction of the rural and urban life that very few neighborhoods can match.

2. Campus Corner

Vibrant, bustling, and full to the brim with spirit, Campus Corner is an exciting neighborhood adjacent to the University of Oklahoma. Understandably popular with students and young professionals, it offers an eclectic mix of relaxed coffee shops, fashionable boutiques and exciting nightlife. With its lively atmosphere, it's the place to be for those that appreciate youthful energy, cultural events and lively festivals. Plus, it's home to a variety of local art studios, boutique stores, and even a historic theater. It's the perfect place to soak up the local culture and the cacophonous energy of the city.

3. Brookhaven

Brookhaven is the epitome of classic suburbia, making it one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Norman for families. It is well-known for its beautiful residential areas and a low crime rate. Whether it's the esteemed local schools, vast parks, or the friendly community garage sales, Brookhaven is wrapped in a warm and cozy cloak of community spirit. Here you'll find residents enjoying weekend picnics, engaging in block parties and participating in neighbourhood bake-offs. If you're looking for a tight-knit community feel, Brookhaven should be top of your list.

4. East Norman

For those who love the charm of historic homes, East Norman is sure to strike a chord. This neighborhood is known for its larger-than-life historic houses, tranquil atmosphere, and laid-back tempo. You won't need to venture far to find charming antique stores, quaint coffee shops, or local mom-and-pop eateries. East Norman is a perfect blend of the old and new, betraying its historic grandeur while offering a suite of modern amenities for its residents to enjoy.

5. Old Silk Stocking District

Located just west of downtown Norman, the Old Silk Stocking District is filled with historic charm and character. You'll find a diverse mix of architecture here, with grand old homes standing side by side with modern, upscale apartments. The district offers easy access to the vibrant downtown area, with its plethora of restaurants, boutiques, and entertainment venues. Despite its relative proximity to the city center, the Old Silk Stocking District still manages to maintain a sense of peaceful tranquility, making it an irresistible neighborhood to call home.

In conclusion, Norman, Oklahoma, is filled with diverse and vibrant neighborhoods, each with its unique charm and appeal. Whether you're drawn to the lively buzz of Campus Corner, the tranquil greenery of Hall Park, the suburban charm of Brookhaven, the historic grandeur of East Norman, or the unique blend offered by the Old Silk Stocking District, Norman truly has something for everyone. It's time to pack those bags - wonderful adventures await you in Norman, OK!

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Things to Do

Get ready to be tickled, thrilled, and thoroughly entertained by the uniqueness of Norman, Oklahoma! If you're relocating to this vibrant city, you're going to want to get acquainted with some of the best activities the area has to offer. We've drummed up a list of seven epic things to do in Norman, OK. Be prepared to salivate, soon-to-be locals.

1. Bask in the Beauty of the University of Oklahoma

A historic center of education and sports, you can enjoy a day of basking in the collegiate atmosphere. Visiting the nationally recognized Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History on the campus is a must. The University also hosts sporting events throughout the year that can add some adrenaline to your weekend plans.

2. Embrace Your Antique Side at the Norman Antique Mall

If uncovering hidden treasures sounds appealing, then visiting this antique mall might be perfect for you. This antique heaven is packed with unique, curious, and fantastically fun items from the past that are sure to add a touch of uniqueness to any home.

3. Soak In the Art at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art

The Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art has one of the finest collections of art in Oklahoma, spanning across multiple continents and centuries. This museum offers free admission, so culture seekers need not fret about breaking the bank!

4. Engage with History at the Moore-Lindsay Historic House Museum

Immerse yourself in the charm of 19th-century living at this restored Victorian home/museum. You'll feel like you've taken a step back in time while gaining an appreciation for Norman's rich history.

5. Dine at the Original Sooner Dairy Lunch

Foodies, rejoice! The Original Sooner Dairy Lunch serve delicious burgers, corn dogs, and milkshakes that will transport your taste buds to a state of pure delight. Operating since 1954, it's a local-spot that's both a timeless tradition and a local favorite.

7. Venturing into the Unknown: Sipokni West

This hidden gem is a circa-1880s western town, created for filming purposes but open to the public. Explore the vintage surroundings, complete with saloons, bank, jail, and more. Few even in Norman know about this surprising, immersive experience!

6. Dive into DIY Projects at The Crucible OKC

For the creators and crafters, The Crucible OKC is an offbeat offering. This blacksmith shop offers classes in everything from knife making to welding. Channel your inner artist and leave with a self-made, tangible memento of your newfound skill!

Whether your idea of a good time is soaking in the atmosphere at a bustling university, digging through antiques, or interacting with art and history, Norman, Oklahoma has plenty to offer. Even those with more unconventional tastes won't be disappointed by the selection of unique experiences. Welcome to Norman - your adventure starts now!

Things to do in Norman, OK?

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