Moving to Cleveland

Are you ready for the pulsating rhythm of Rock and Roll, the sunlit vistas of the Cuyahoga Valley, the allure of world-renowned museums, or the charm and grit of the rust belt? If so, you might be ready to call Cleveland, Ohio, your next home. Known for its hearty Midwest ethos and vibrant cultural scene, this bustling city has it all. Our comprehensive guide aims to navigate your path as you embark on this exciting relocation journey. Uncover the ins and outs of living in the heart of the Buckeye State. So buckle up, and let's dive into the world of Cleveland!

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What to Know Before Moving to Cleveland

1. The Cost of Living is a Dream Come True

Many people consider moving to a new city to be a great adventure until they see the living costs. Luckily, this is not the case with Cleveland! The cost of living in Cleveland is significantly less than the national average. According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Cleveland is 72% cheaper than in New York and 42% cheaper than in Chicago. This makes it appealing for professionals looking to move to a big city culture sans the big city price tag.

2. The Food Scene is Flavorfully Phenomenal

"Cleveland? For food?" we hear you question, skeptically. Well, believe it or not, Cleveland's food scene is thriving. Locals rave about the renowned West Side Market, the city's oldest publicly owned market. Aside from that, you'll find drool-worthy barbeque at Mabel's BBQ, divine donuts at Brewnuts, and stylish and sumptuous farm-to-table dining at the Flying Fig.

3. Cleveland is Rocking...Literally!

Music lovers, particularly those partial to a bit of rock and roll, will already know Cleveland as the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. But what you might not know is that Cleveland prides itself on a rich and diverse music scene, extending beyond rock to jazz, blues, and classical. The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern is a trendy hot-spot for indie music, while the House of Blues Cleveland caters to larger international acts. Whatever your musical taste, the melodic heart of Cleveland has something for you.

4. It's a Sports Lover's Paradise

Football fan? Basketball enthusiast? Baseball aficionado? Cleveland serves up a generous helping of all. Home to the NFL's Browns, the NBA's Cavaliers, and Major League Baseball's Indians, Cleveland is a sports lover's paradise. Just keep in mind, there's nothing casual about being a fan here. Clevelanders take their sports very seriously!

5. There's a Haunted Castle Right in the Middle of the City

Yes, you read that right- there's a haunted castle right in the heart of Cleveland. Who knew, right? The Franklin Castle, built in 1881, is considered one of the most haunted buildings in Ohio. According to local legends, it has a dark and mysterious history involving tragedies and rumors of hidden passages and hidden rooms. Guided tours are limited, so plan your ghost-hunting adventure in advance!

6. Everyone's Hopping on a Bike!

If pedaling is your preferred mode of exploring a city, then Cleveland has you covered. Relatively unknown to outsiders, the city is rather bike-friendly, featuring robust bike routes and shared lanes. There's also the initiative of UH Bikes, a bike share program that promotes a fun, affordable, and convenient way of moving around downtown. And for the off-road enthusiasts? Try the Cleveland Metroparks with over 100 miles of shared-use, all-purpose trails for cycling.

In conclusion, Cleveland has something for everyone. Whether you're searching for an affordable big city living experience, an eclectic food and music scene, a sports enthusiast's paradise, a dash of intriguing mystery, or just a bike-friendly community, Cleveland is a gem just waiting to be discovered.

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Pros and Cons of Living in Cleveland

Pros of Living in Cleveland

Abundance of Cultural Institutions

Cleveland is home to a myriad of cultural institutions. It boasts the Cleveland Museum of Art, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the Cleveland Orchestra, and the Cleveland Botanical Garden, among other attractions. These venues provide enrichment and entertainment for all ages throughout the year.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to many other major cities, Cleveland offers an affordable cost of living. This can alleviate financial stress, making it easier for residents to enjoy the city's amenities and experience a high quality of life.

Sports Culture

Cleveland is passionate about sports. With professional football, basketball, and baseball teams - the Browns, Cavaliers, and Indians respectively - there's always a game to watch and a crowd to join.

Lake Access

The city is situated on the shore of Lake Erie, providing abundant recreational opportunities. You can enjoy lakeside parks, sailing, fishing, or just the view of the water, giving you the feel of a beach town within a city.

Strong Jobs Market

Cleveland's economy has been improving steadily over the years, with several sectors offering promising job opportunities. In particular, the healthcare sector is booming, with the Cleveland Clinic serving as one of the city's largest employers.

Cons of Living in Cleveland

Winter Weather

Cleveland winters can be brutal. Even for those who enjoy snowfall, the lake-effect snow, icy conditions, and bone-chilling temperatures can sometimes prove too much.

Economic Disparities

Like many cities, Cleveland grapples with economic disparities. Some neighborhoods are flourishing, while others suffer from high poverty rates and lack of investment.

Public Transportation Gaps

While the city does have public transportation, there are gaps in the system that can make it difficult to get around without a car, particularly for those living in outlying suburbs or for late-night travel.

Education System Challenges

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District has faced significant challenges, including low test scores and high dropout rates. However, there are ongoing efforts to improve the system and several high-performing schools can be found within the district.

Perception of Crime

While Cleveland's crime rate has decreased over the years, the perception of crime can still be a deterrent. The city does have neighborhoods with higher crime rates, but it's worth noting that there are also many safe and vibrant communities in Cleveland.

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Is Cleveland a Good Place to Live?

Cleveland, OH is a great place to live because of its affordable cost of living, rich arts and sports culture, and stunning Lake Erie views. The city has fine dining experiences for food lovers, top-rated healthcare facilities, and amazing education opportunities, including the renowned Case Western Reserve University. In addition, its friendly, Midwestern charm and diverse neighborhoods make it a true gem for those looking to make Ohio their home.

What Is Cleveland Famous For?

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

This iconic museum, opened in 1995, is located in downtown Cleveland next to beautiful Lake Erie. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the pivotal role rock music played--and continues to play--in our culture. It houses an incredible collection of exhibits, artifacts, and interactive displays that bring the history of rock music to life.

Cleveland's Sports Scene

A vibrant sports culture thrives in Cleveland, thanks in large part to passionate fans and the city's professional sports teams -There are the Cavaliers (basketball), the Indians (Baseball), and the Browns (Football). The city goes into a frenzy whenever any of these teams play, uniting fans and creating a special energy throughout town.

Cleveland Museum of Art

Renowned as one of the top comprehensive art museums in the United States, the Cleveland Museum of Art houses a collection that spans 6,000 years and includes more than 45,000 works of art. The museum offers free admission to its permanent collection, making fine art accessible to everyone.

Food and Dining Scene

Cleveland has made a name for itself with an emerging food scene that boasts everything from hearty traditional Polish dishes to gourmet creations from celebrity chefs. The city's West Side Market, one of the oldest public markets in the country, offers a taste of the diverse ethnic neighborhoods that make up Cleveland.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, residents of Cleveland, OH face a property tax rate of roughly 2.36%. This is considerably higher than the national median rate of 1.1%.

Sales Tax

In Cleveland, the sales tax rate is 8.0%. This rate is higher than the U.S. paradigm of approximately 7.12%, placing Cleveland on the higher end of sales tax rates in the country.

Income Tax

Cleveland residents are subject to an income tax rate of up to 2.5% on earned income, in addition to Ohio's progressive state income tax. This is unique as most cities in America do not impose a city income tax, making the overall burden higher compared to the rest of the nation.

Housing Market

The housing market in Cleveland, OH is notably more affordable compared to other US regions. With a median home value of around $76,700, Cleveland's real estate is significantly less expensive than the national median of approximately $262,604. Roughly 50.8% of residents are homeowners while 49.2% are renters. Potential tenants can expect average rent rates to clock in around $850 per month, notably lower than the national average. While Cleveland boasts a diverse array of properties, prospective buyers should understand that home appreciation is somewhat slower compared to the national average.

Cost of Living

Cleveland, OH enjoys a relatively low cost of living as compared to many other U.S. cities. The housing market is particularly affordable, significantly below national average. While utilities and healthcare costs are somewhat on par with the national average, transportation and grocery costs are also pegged lower. This positions Cleveland as a cost-effective place to reside, especially for those seeking an urban lifestyle on a budget.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Cleveland, OH, is known for its continental climate characterized by cold, snowy winters and warm, humid summers. Its strategic location on the shores of Lake Erie significantly influences its weather pattern, leading to frequent "lake-effect" snow during winter. On average, the city receives about 60 inches of snow annually. Summer temperature ranges from 70 to 85degF (21 to 29degC), benefitted by the cooling effect of the lake. In terms of natural disasters, Cleveland is relatively blessed with a low risk profile when compared to other US cities. However, it's not immune to hazards such as floods, severe storms, and occasionally, tornadoes. The area rarely experiences earthquakes. The change of seasons adds an enthralling dynamism to Cleveland's climate, making it an engaging destination to experience varied weather patterns.

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Economy & Job Market





Professional, scientific and technical services

Situated snugly on the shores of Lake Erie, Cleveland, OH has a vibrant and diverse economy decked out with a sparkling array of industries. Steeped in history as a titan of manufacturing, the city still retains its prowess in this area, despite industry shifts throughout the years. However, Cleveland has not rested on its laurels and has diversified to welcome a host of other industries. Healthcare has a strong pulse in the city, particularly due to the renowned Cleveland Clinic. Education makes the grade as a major industry, with gems like Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University. Simmering with potential, Cleveland's technology scene is also growing steadily, driven by a boom in startups. Not to forget, the professional, scientific, and technical services sectors add their own unique flavor to the ever-evolving mix, serving as an essential cog in the city's economic machine.

If you're setting your compass towards Cleveland, OH, you'll be delighted to know that the city presents an array of opportunities for job-seekers. Its unemployment rate is competitive, clocking in lower than the national average. The best places to get your foot in the door are within the healthcare and education sectors, but manufacturing also boasts a significant number of jobs. Don't fret if these fields aren't your cup of tea, the technology startup scene is gaining momentum, offering a slew of new opportunities. Plus, if you're a scientist or tech wizard, you'll be thrilled by the numerous opportunities within professional, scientific, and technical services. So pack your bags, bring your skills and get ready to carve out your own piece of Cleveland's bustling economic pie!

Traffic and Transportation

Hey there, fellow traveler! Whether by car, bus, train, or plane, Cleveland has got you covered. For those who prefer four wheels, the average commute time in this Ohioan city is just under 24 minutes, a swift ride compared to most U.S. cities. For those who prefer to kick back and let someone else do the driving, the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority offers a wide array of options, from buses to rapid trains, making those trips through the "Forest City" a breeze. Fret not, jet-setters! Cleveland Hopkins International Airport is standing by, ready to whisk you off on your next adventure. Oh, the places you'll (yes, you guessed it) CLE! So, whether you're a local, a visitor, or just passing through, you're sure to find your groove navigating the streets and skies of Cleveland.

What is the traffic like in Cleveland, OH?

Best Neighborhoods in Cleveland

1. Tremont

Step into Tremont, the definition of a lively, vibrant neighborhood. Just south of downtown Cleveland, Tremont is famous for its rich history, architectural charm, and a diverse mix of modern restaurants, boutiques, and galleries. It's the hub for art and culture, hosting year-round events like Taste of Tremont and the Tremont Arts and Cultural Festival. Take a stroll through Lincoln Park, or marvel at the iconic 19th-century homes and churches that adorn the neighborhood.

2. Ohio City

If you are not only a foodie but also a beer aficionado, then Ohio City is destined to be your paradise. Known as the city's artisan neighborhood, Ohio City boasts a plethora of farm-to-table restaurants, craft breweries, and the beloved West Side Market - a haven for artisanal food. Besides its epicurean treats, Ohio City offers lush green spaces, vibrant arts scene, and is home to Gordon Square Arts District and Transformer Station.

3. Downtown Cleveland

Downtown Cleveland is the heartbeat of the city and a mecca for sports lovers, history buffs, and entertainment seekers. It houses the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Playhouse Square, and three professional sports arenas. A walk through downtown offers uninterrupted views of the city's skyline, mouth-watering dining options, and never-ending nightlife. If an urban, energetic atmosphere with access to the city's best amenities is what you seek, look no further than Downtown Cleveland.

4. University Circle

Intellectual, artsy, and pulsating with life, University Circle is Cleveland's cultural epicenter. As the home to world-renowned educational and healthcare institutions, this neighborhood enchants with its rich blend of education, arts, and healthcare innovation. Immerse yourself in culture at the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History, or enjoy a concert at Severance Hall. Don't miss the Wade Oval, which hosts cultural events and picnics amidst its picturesque green space.

5. Detroit-Shoreway

A neighborhood that is rapidly catching fame for its rebirth, Detroit-Shoreway is a perfect blend of old and new. It explodes with charm as historic houses coexist with creative modern architecture. The neighborhood thrills with its theatre scene - home to the Cleveland Public Theatre and the Gordon Square Arts District. On the culinary scene, Detroit-Shoreway offers everything from gourmet dining to classic burger joints. As the sun sets, take a relaxing walk through the Edgewater Park offering stunning views of Downtown Cleveland and Lake Erie.

In conclusion, whether you are an arts enthusiast, a foodie, lover of history or architecture, or someone who cherishes urban city life or friendly community living, Cleveland's diverse neighborhoods have something unique to offer. Each inviting with its distinct charm and vibe, pick the one that resonates the best with your lifestyle, hobbies, and interests. And remember, it's not just about picking a house, it's about picking a lifestyle and a community that feels like home!

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Things to Do


Relocating to the heart of the Buckeye State? Welcome to Cleveland, a city of thriving arts, sports mania, and delectable cuisines interspersed with surprising pockets of natural beauty. Whether you're a foodie, a history buff, a sports enthusiast, or someone who appreciates stunning architecture, there's plenty to keep you entertained. Here are seven must-see attractions to help you make the most of your new life in Cleveland:

1. Explore The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Get ready to unleash your inner rock star at the iconic Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This museum, appropriately shaped like a record player, houses memorabilia of music legends, including Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Rolling Stones. With ever-changing exhibits, it's a place you can visit over and over again without experiencing the same thing twice.

2. Experience the Vibrant West Side Market

Moving to Cleveland without paying a visit to West Side Market is a big no-no. This bustling food market has been serving the community for a century now, offering a diverse range of fresh produce, locally roasted coffee, handcrafted pastries, and much more. It's the perfect spot for a leisurely Saturday morning stroll, or to pick up ingredients for a home-cooked meal.

3. Take in a game at Progressive Field

A perennial favorite among residents, Progressive Field offers fierce competition as the home of the Cleveland Indians. This vintage-style ballpark in the downtown area perfectly blends the past and present, providing an immaculate view of the city's skyline. Make sure to grab a hot dog and foam finger for the full experience!

4. Wander around Cleveland Botanical Garden

The Cleveland Botanical Garden is a lush urban retreat featuring 20 unique gardens filled with exotic plants and vibrant seasonal color displays. Also boasting a glasshouse that's home to butterflies and birds, it's a small slice of paradise in the heart of the city.

5. Discover the Hidden Treasure - The Arcade

Originally built in 1890, The Arcade in downtown Cleveland is often overlooked, yet it's an architectural marvel worth visiting. With its ornate iron balconies, glass ceiling, and beautiful boutiques, The Arcade is perfect for a leisurely afternoon of shopping and dining.

6. Immerse in Art at Transformer Station

Off the beaten path is the Transformer Station, a contemporary art venue in Ohio City. This former substation of the Street Railway Company now hosts rotating exhibits of local and international artists, providing a unique and intimate cultural experience for art-lovers.

7. Visit the Quirky A Christmas Story House

If you're a fan of the classic holiday film "A Christmas Story," you'll love visiting Ralphie's actual house. This quirky museum offers a behind-the-scenes look at the movie, complete with the famous leg lamp shining in the window.

Remember, moving to a new city is a lot more fun when you take the time to explore. So, step out of your comfort zone, and dive straight into Cleveland's vibrant culture, history, and people. There's so much to explore in this warm and bustling city that you're sure to find yourself calling Cleveland home in no time. Happy exploring!

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