Moving to New York City

Here's to the bold hearts drawn to the mesmerizing symphony of bright lights, towering skyscrapers, and eclectic cultures that is New York City! Embarking on a journey to relocate to the Big Apple can be as electrifying as it is daunting, but fear not. Our comprehensive guide will illuminate NYC's captivating neighborhoods, diverse cuisines, myriad of opportunities, and yes, even the art of hailing a taxi. Dive in, and let this guide be your beacon in embracing your new life in the city that never sleeps. Welcome to the concrete jungle, where dreams are made--welcome to New York City!

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What to Know Before Moving to New York City

1. The Buzz of the City that Never Sleeps

If you're moving to New York City, be prepared for a lifestyle that never slows down. NYC is a city that thrives on energy and activity round the clock. From the incessant honking of taxis to late-night food runs at local restaurants, the Big Apple keeps you on your toes. You will have something to do no matter what time of day it is. It's an insomniac's dream!

2. New York City is a Melting Pot

New York City is often referred to as a cultural melting pot, and for good reason. Here, you will find people from every corner of the world interspersed with homegrown New Yorkers, all bringing their unique flavours to the city. This diversity shines through in the food, the festivals, and even the languages you hear on the subway.

3. The Unwritten Code of the New York Subway

NYC has an extensive subway system, and using it is almost a rite of passage. However, this constantly-busy, labyrinthine transportation network comes with its own unwritten rules. Forget about 'ladies first' or 'elderly first'. It's 'women and children first' during peak hours, and everyone else fends for themselves. Also, giving up your seat to a pregnant woman or an elderly person is not only polite, it's almost a legal obligation.

4. The High Cost of Living

Life in the Big Apple can leave a sizable dent in your budget. The cost of living is significantly higher than the national average. From groceries to rent, be prepared to shell out more than you're used to. But remember, with the steep price tag comes a lifestyle and opportunities found nowhere else. You may find the cost of living worth every penny!

5. Pigeons: The Unofficial Mascot of NYC

So, about the the 'rats with wings', yes we're talking about pigeons. For those moving to NYC, they're something of an initiation. Whether you're enjoying your lunch in the park or just walking to the subway, expect a pigeon or two to share your personal space. It's all part of the authentic New York City pigeon experience.

6. The Secret Language of the City

Have you ever heard of 'N Train' or 'the L'? Or people talking about 'going Uptown' or 'Down'? If not, better start learning the local lingo. The secret language of New York City mainly revolves around transportation lines and districts. The N, Q, R, and W trains run on the Yellow Line. Up means North, down means South. Acronyms rule NYC: SoHo (South of Houston Street), DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), and Tribeca (Triangle Below Canal Street). So, before you move, brush up on your 'New York speak' to make your transition smoother.

NYC is a place like no other. It's fast, diverse, expensive, and absolutely wonderful. Whether you're moving for the cosmopolitan culture, the numerous opportunities, or simply for the love of the city, NYC welcomes you with open arms. Just remember, get a good pair of walking shoes, master the subway etiquette, embrace the pigeons, learn the lingo and most importantly, cherish every minute spent in the city as 'a New Yorker'.

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Pros and Cons of Living in New York City

Pros of Living in New York City

Access to a Diverse Food Scene

When it comes to food, New York City is hard to beat. The city offers an unrivaled array of international cuisines, from iconic street food like hot dogs and pretzels to gourmet dining at world-renowned restaurants. Whether you're searching for the best pizza slice, or want to venture into Ethiopian or Peruvian fare, NYC has got you covered.

Cultural and Entertainment Opportunities

New York City is known as the cultural capital of the world and for good reason. The city is home to hundreds of museums and galleries, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim. In terms of entertainment, Broadway shows, concerts, film festivals, and sports events are just some of the many options available.

Public Transportation

New York City is one of the few locations in the U.S. where you can easily live without a car. Thanks to a vast public transportation system, comprised of subways, buses, and ferries, getting around is typically quick and affordable. Plus, walking and biking are also popular modes of transportation here.

Networking and Career Opportunities

As a global city, New York City provides enormous opportunities for networking and career growth across many fields - particularly in industries such as finance, fashion, and the arts. The city's energetic atmosphere and ambitious population can also be quite motivating for those looking to advance in their careers.

Green Spaces and Outdoor Activities

Despite its reputation as a concrete jungle, New York City is full of parks and green spaces. Central Park, Prospect Park, and the High Line are just a few examples, offering opportunities for jogging, picnicking, or simply enjoying nature in the heart of the city. Waterfront promenades and scenic hikes are also within easy reach on the city's peripheries.

Cons of Living in New York City

High Cost of Living

It's no secret that living in New York City is expensive. Rents are consistently high across all boroughs, and costs for groceries, dining out, and other basic necessities tend to be above the national average as well. This can potentially impact your lifestyle and saving habits.

Busy and Fast-Paced Lifestyle

New York City is known for its fast pace and constant hustle. While this energy can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming or stressful for some people. It's not uncommon for New Yorkers to work long hours and have long commute times, which could contribute to a high-stress lifestyle.

Noise and Pollution

As expected from such a populated city, noise and pollution are unavoidable aspects of New York City living. From the honking of taxis at all hours, construction noise or the constant thrum of activity, quiet can be hard to find. Air pollution and litter can also be noticeable, particularly in the busier parts of the city.

Lack of Privacy

With over 8 million people living in a relatively small space, privacy is a luxury in New York City. You'll likely live very close to your neighbors and crowded streets and public transportation are a norm, which could lead to a feeling of constantly being surrounded by people.

Winter Weather

Winters in New York City are typically long, cold, and snowy. The city can experience harsh weather conditions during these months, which can lead to disruptions in public transport and other inconveniences, such as disruption of services or difficulty maneuvering sidewalks. If you're not into cold weather, this might be a downside for you.

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Is New York City a Good Place to Live?

New York City, NY is a great place to live because of its rich cultural scene, numerous dining options, and unmatched career opportunities. With world-renowned museums, legendary Broadway shows, and a hustle and bustle energy that's invigorating, NYC is definitely an exciting place to call home. Plus, you can't forget about the charm of Central Park and the incredible views offered by the city's remarkable skyline.

What Is New York City Famous For?

The Statue of Liberty

A gift from the people of France to the United States, the Statue of Liberty is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. Standing tall on Liberty Island in New York Harbor, this colossal sculpted woman continues to greet thousands of visitors, and is often their first sight upon arrival to the city.

Times Square

Known as "The Crossroads of the World", Times Square is a buzzing entertainment hotspot and one of the world's busiest pedestrian areas. With its glitzy billboards, giant screens, and vibrant energy, it epitomizes the hustle and bustle of city life in New York.

Central Park

The green heart of New York City, Central Park is an urban oasis spread over 843 acres. Providing much needed recreational space for city residents, it's not just a park, but a grand canvas where artists, musicians, and performers share their talents with locals and visitors alike.


The name 'Broadway' is virtually synonymous with American theatrical performances. This bustling avenue, lined with 41 professional theaters, each seating 500 or more people, carries a rich legacy of world-class entertainment, from powerful dramas to high-kicking musicals. Discover the history and upcoming events of this iconic avenue on its official website.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, New York City property tax rates are set to an average of 0.837%. This rate is exceptionally lower when compared to the US average property tax rate of 1.07%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax in New York City stands at 8.875% as of 2023. This rate is quite average when compared to sales tax rates across the United States, where the minimum rate is 2.9% and the maximum is 7.25% excluding local tax.

Income Tax

Income tax in New York City is quite high, with rates ranging from 3.078% to 12.696% in 2023. When compared to the nationwide rates that vary from 0% to 13.3%, NYC residents can fall into some of the highest tax brackets in the country.

Housing Market

The housing market in New York City, NY is highly competitive compared to other US markets, boasting some of the highest prices per square foot. As of 2021, the median home value in NYC is around $652,307, over double the US median. In terms of rentals, the average rent is approximately $2,801 per month, more than double the US average of $1,463. Although, since the pandemic, rental prices have decreased by around 12.7%, providing prospective renters a slight reprieve. Buyers and renters alike must be prepared for a fast-paced market with diminishing inventory.

Cost of Living

New York City, NY continues to have one of the highest costs of living in the US. On average, living costs are 129% higher than the national average, encompassing housing, utilities, groceries, and healthcare. While NYC's vibrant culture and opportunities provide undeniable allure, cities like Austin, TX and Madison, WI offer a lower cost of living while still preserving an enriching urban lifestyle. However, the exorbitant living costs in NYC can be somewhat offset by higher average salaries, given the city is a major business hub.

Weather & Natural Disasters

New York City, NY, enjoys a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and cold winters. The average temperatures in summer can range from 70-90, while winter can plummet to 20-40. Spring and fall serve as temperate transitions with moderate rainfall. Weather phenomena such as heatwaves, blizzards, and occasional hurricanes punctuate NYC's weather patterns. Particularly, winters can bring severe snowstorms or nor'easters, capable of rendering the city under a blanket of snow. New York City's coastal location also makes it vulnerable to hurricanes, albeit infrequent. In addition, the city is susceptible to flooding, both from tropical systems and heavy downpours. Despite these occasional extremes, New York's climate largely contributes to its charm, creating a vibrant awakening in spring, a city in bloom in summer, a picturesque autumnal landscape in fall, and a stunning snow-dusted spectacle in winter.

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Economy & Job Market


New York City, fondly known as the "city that never sleeps", boasts a powerful and diverse economy that is truly a spectacle. Historically, the city has been a major hub for industries such as manufacturing and shipping due to its strategic port location. However, the current landscape has significantly transformed and is dominated by sectors like financial services, healthcare, and social assistance, which really do reflect the hustle and bustle of the city. The New York Stock Exchange and Wall Street have led to the city's reputation as the world's leading financial powerhouse. Moreover, the Big Apple's thriving healthcare sector is home to some of the nation's top hospitals and research institutions. The retail industry too is vibrant (yes, there's absolutely no shortage of places to spend your well-earned bucks!), and education as well as professional services also play a crucial role in keeping the city's economy buzzing.

Planning to move to New York City? Exciting times ahead! If you're seeking a job, it's beneficial to know that the city typically has an unemployment rate that sits below the national average. This, my friend, is a testament to the city's robust job market. Some of the best areas to look for jobs are Manhattan, where most businesses and large corporations are located, and Brooklyn, which has become a hotspot for startups and creative industries. Be prepared that the competition can be stiff, but the opportunities are vast and truly endless. If you got the grit and the grind, the city's thrilling job market is ready for you to take a bite out of the Big Apple!


Traffic and Transportation

An average New Yorker might swap their daily croissant for a shorter commute - it's an adventure all on its own! Rustling through that Gotham-like jungle usually takes around 40 minutes. But who's complaining? Boredom isn't an option with the array of public transportation. From the sprawling subway, the lifeline of NY, to the iconic yellow cabs and fleets of buses, you're always on the move!

Grab an adrenaline shot with the Staten Island Ferry or surrender to the enchanting cable car ride across the Roosevelt Island. But wait, the City has wings too! Air travel's a breeze with three major airports - JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark. Whether you're jetting off to somewhere sunny or coming in hot, the Big Apple's air options are just as buzzing as its streets. So join the ride, it's a hustle, but hey, it's New York!

What is the traffic like in New York City, NY?

Best Neighborhoods in New York City

1. Greenwich Village

The intellectual's paradise, Greenwich Village, often known as 'The Village,' has long been the land of free thinkers, artists, and poets. With its bohemian roots, it's not surprising to find streets sporting cafes, bistros, bookshops, bars, and brownstones, creating an enticing mix of sophistication and charm. Washington Square Park doubles as the neighborhood's heart and soul, where residents, students, and tourists mingle around the iconic marble Arch - a symbol of NYC's creative spirit.

2. Upper West Side

For those who dream of a mix of the metropolitan and the residential, Upper West Side could be the answer. Home to the prestigious Lincoln Center, Beacon Theatre, and The American Museum of Natural History, culture is manifest at every corner in this neighborhood. Add to that the delicious bagels of Zabar's, the picturesque Riverside Park, the Classic apartments of the Central Park West Historic District and you'll discover an intoxicating blend of city life with a suburb-like charm.

3. SoHo

South of Houston Street, commonly referred to as SoHo, is a dream come true for art appreciators and shopaholics alike. Known for its spectacular cast-iron structures and cobblestone streets, SoHo houses everything from flagship boutiques of top designers to exceptional art galleries. With a rich history, SoHo has been the center stage for some monumental cultural movements and continues to teem with creativity.

4. Brooklyn Heights

Escape from the concrete of Manhattan into the delightful tree-lined streets of Brooklyn Heights. One of NYC's most picturesque communities, Brooklyn Heights is surrounded by a stunning promenade that offers breathtaking views of Manhattan's skyline and the revered Brooklyn Bridge. Besides its stunning architecture and serene vibe, the neighborhood is also home to a range of local eateries and shops that give a warm, homely feel.

5. East Village

If you're young or young at heart, East Village will charm you with its energetic and eccentric beat. Known for its vibrant nightlife, music scene, and avant-garde arts, the neighborhood encourages individualistic expressions. Divinely diverse, East Village is a potpourri of ethnic restaurants, tattoo parlors, vintage clothing boutiques, and dive bars. Above all, the neighborhood stands as a symbol of NYC's innovative spirit.

In conclusion, New York City is a kaleidoscope of neighborhoods each with a unique personality, charm, and culture. Whether you're an artist, culture enthusiast, shopaholic, foodie, or just someone in search of serenity amidst the city-chaos, there's a neighborhood in the city that feels like home. And these five neighborhoods surely embody the best of what NYC has to offer.

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Things to Do

Welcome to the Big Apple, the city that never sleeps, where dreams come true and adventures are around every corner! New York City can be quite overwhelming with its hustle and bustle, but fear not, we are here to guide you. Here are the top seven things to do that will make you fall in love with this uniquely captivating city!

1. Exploring Central Park

Whether it's an invigorating morning run, an afternoon picnic, or a calming evening stroll, Central Park is an oasis amidst the skyscrapers. With various activities, like romantic boat rides on the lake, Shakespeare in the park, and jazz shows at the SummerStage, this beautiful green sanctuary is always high on the list of newbies and locals alike.

2. Visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Fondly known as "The Met", it's the largest art museum in the United States. This iconic museum houses over two million works of brilliant art from across the globe. From Egyptian artifacts, Renaissance paintings, to the works of modern masters, The Met is an art lover's paradise. Don't forget to cap off the visit by enjoying the panoramic views of Central Park from the rooftop garden.

3. Venturing into SoHo

For fashionistas, SoHo is the place to be! Short for "South of Houston Street", this hip neighborhood is known for its cobbled streets lined with fashionable boutiques, chic galleries, and trendy restaurants. Indulge in some retail therapy and when hunger strikes, seek out some of the city's best eateries nestled amidst the slick cast-iron facades of historic buildings.

4. Going Underground with the NYC Subway Art

Here's one for you - want to enjoy art without paying pricey museum tickets? Grab a metro card, ride across the subway lines, and discover underground art installations. From the whimsical bronze statues at the 14th Street station to the glass mosaics at the Eastern Parkway stop, this is a hidden gem that offers a fascinating blend of utility and creativity.

5. Experiencing Coney Island

When the hustle of the city gets too much, escape to Coney Island. This popular seafront destination offers a boardwalk, beaches, the iconic Cyclone roller coaster, and delicious seafood at Nathan's Famous. When night falls, get enamored by the vivid neon lights and festive atmosphere.

6. Sailing to Governors Island

This is an under-the-radar seasonal hot spot that's ideal for those looking to have a fun day out in the sun. Reachable by ferry, Governors Island offers cycling, picnicking, mini golf, and concerts. Soak in the stunning views of the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan skyline - perfect material for a fabulous Instagram post!

7. Sampling NYC"s Iconic Food at Smorgasburg

An unique open-air food market, Smorgasburg is a must-visit for all foodies. From April through October, over 100 vendors gather in Williamsburg and Prospect Park, offering an array of international cuisines, craft beers, vintage flea market finds and more. From vegan burgers, to decadent donuts and the famous Ramen burger - your palate will thank you!

Welcome to New York City, a place like no other where every day promises a new adventure! Explore, immerse, and enjoy what this city has to offer. So, put on your walking shoes, and let these delightful experiences make their way onto your New York bucket list!

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