Moving to Brooklyn

Welcome to the beginning of your Brooklyn adventure! Moving to a new place can be exhilarating yet daunting--but rest assured, we've got you covered. The borough of Brooklyn, known for its diverse culture, iconic landmarks, and vibrant culinary scene, is waiting to offer you a slice of the fascinating New York life. In this comprehensive Brooklyn relocation guide, we've packed everything you need to start scribbling new footnotes in this captivating borough. So, sit tight and say hello to your potential new home in the city that never sleeps--Brooklyn!

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What to Know Before Moving to Brooklyn

1. Brooklyn is Huge!

You may think of Brooklyn as just another borough in NYC, but this place is enormous! With populated neighborhoods stretching from Greenpoint in the north to Canarsie in the south, you'd need an entire day to traverse it end-to-end. In fact, if Brooklyn was its own city (which it actually was until 1898), it would be the 4th largest city in the United States by population. So, buck up and be ready to explore this colossal land of independent coffee shops, iconic hot dog stands, and lush green parks.

2. Comprehending the Subway is an Art

The New York subway system is quite expansive, stretching its metal tentacles in all corners of the city. Getting used to it can be a bit of a trial. Some lines run express skipping certain stops, while others are local and stop at every platform. Google Maps will be your lifesaver here, but remember, the more you ride, the more you'll get the hang of it. Also, it's worth noting that the G train exclusively serves Brooklyn and Queens but does not enter Manhattan. Take note and plan your commute accordingly.

3. The Cost of Living

Brace yourselves, dreamers! The cost of living in Brooklyn is quite high. While it's typically less expensive than Manhattan, don't expect too much of a budget reprieve. It's not just rent, groceries, dining out, and even a cup of coffee tend to be pricier here. However, the diverse cultural experiences and high-energy lifestyle may well compensate for the inflated costs.

4. Green Thumbs Rejoice!

Contrary to popular belief, Brooklyn is not just a concrete jungle. It has its fair share of green spaces for those who crave a bit of nature in the city lifestyle. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a beloved gem boasting cherry blossom trees and serene Japanese gardens. Prospect Park, designed by the same minds behind Central Park, provides verdant green retreat to jog, picnic, or simply take in the beauty of the surroundings. Brooklyn also hosts several farmers markets, including the exceptional Greenmarket at Grand Army Plaza, perfect for eco-friendly, locally sourced groceries.

5. It's a Melting Pot of Cultures

Brooklyn truly is a crossroads of the world. It's home to historic enclaves like Little Odessa and Chinatown, vibrant Caribbean communities in Crown Heights, a significant Orthodox Jewish population in Borough Park, and even one of the largest African American communities in the United States in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Such a diverse patchwork of cultures means a wealth of cultural experiences and of course, phenomenal food!

6. The Lesser-Known Artistic Mecca

While many know about the Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim, few are aware that Brooklyn has an impressive art scene of its own. Areas like DUMBO and Bushwick are full of artist studios and public art installations. Specifically, The Bushwick Collective is a neighborhood where buildings are turned into stunning mural canvases and DUMBO walls frequently witness captivating public art events. Plus, the lesser-known Brooklyn Museum is the third-largest museum in NYC boasting significant collections and must-see exhibitions.

So, as you pack your bags for Brooklyn, remember, it's more than just a borough - it's a unique concept in itself. Its personality might seem overpowering at first but give it time, and you'll fall in love with its quirky charms, distinctive neighborhood, and vivacious energy!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Brooklyn

Pros of Living in Brooklyn

Cultural Diversity

Brooklyn is known for its rich cultural diversity with people from all walks of life. This diversity is reflected in its culinary scene, music, art, and festivals, providing a rich tapestry of experiences and perspectives.

Vibrant Art and Music Scene

Brooklyn is a hub of creativity with a vibrant art and music scene. Whether you are into indie music, street art, or gallery exhibits, Brooklyn has something to offer. Venues like Brooklyn Academy of Music and galleries in DUMBO are popular spots for cultural experiences.

Fantastic Food

The food scene in Brooklyn is unrivaled with a vast array of international cuisine and innovative culinary concepts. From the famous Brooklyn pizzerias to fusion food trucks, there is always something delicious to discover.

Beautiful Parks

Despite being in a bustling city, Brooklyn is home to many beautiful parks, such as Prospect Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park. These green spaces are perfect for picnics, bike rides, or simple leisurely strolls.

Historic Architectural Charm

Brooklyn boasts a unique and charming architectural style, with well-preserved brownstone houses and industrial warehouses converted into lofts. This gives the neighborhood a unique character and appeal.

Cons of Living in Brooklyn

High Cost of Living

The cost of living in Brooklyn can be overwhelmingly high, from housing to groceries. While it varies depending on the neighborhood, overall, living in Brooklyn can be quite expensive compared to other parts of the country.

Traffic and Parking

One of the downsides to living in Brooklyn is the heavy traffic and often difficult parking situation. The roads are often congested, especially during peak hours, and finding a parking spot can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Noisy Environment

Due to its dense population and active nightlife, Brooklyn can be quite noisy. Noise pollution from cars, construction, and street activities can sometimes make it difficult for residents looking for peace and quiet.


Brooklyn is one of the most populous boroughs in New York City, and the area can feel overcrowded at times. This can lead to packed subways and busy streets, which may not be enjoyable for everyone.

High Crime Rates in Some Areas

It must be noted that while Brooklyn has many safe neighborhoods, there are areas where crime rates are higher than the national average. It's important to research and choose your neighborhood wisely.

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Is Brooklyn a Good Place to Live?

Brooklyn, NY is a great place to live because of its unique blend of cultures, a plethora of world-renowned restaurants, and unlimited arts and entertainment options. From unforgettable walks on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge to the rustic charm of historic brownstones, it offers an urban yet homely vibe. Not to mention Brooklyn's beautiful parks, decent public transportation, and a community-driven atmosphere that make it a resident's delight!

What Is Brooklyn Famous For?

The Brooklyn Bridge

Stretching across the East River, the Brooklyn Bridge is a world-renowned architectural landmark. Completed in 1883, this suspension bridge offers an iconic skyline view of Manhattan and serves as a symbol of unity between the boroughs.

Coney Island

Once the largest amusement area in the US, Coney Island offers a rich blend of history and fun. With its stunning beaches, lively boardwalk, and legendary hot dogs from Nathan's Famous, no other place captures the spirit of Brooklyn quite like Coney Island.

Beverley Road Historic District

The Beverley Road Historic District adds a unique charm to Brooklyn, showcasing a series of beautiful row houses built in the early 20th century. This neighborhood exudes an old-world aura, rendering a glimpse of Brooklyn's bygone era.

Bushwick Street Art

Bushwick, an industrial neighborhood in Brooklyn, is famous for its vibrant street art scene. Here, buildings serve as canvases for popular and up-and-coming artists alike, transforming this working-class neighborhood into an open-air art gallery.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, residents of Brooklyn, New York have an average property tax rate of approximately 0.90%, which is higher compared to the national average of 1.07%. This rate is relatively low for New York State, but is still one of the highest in the country.

Sales Tax

The combined sales tax rate for Brooklyn, NY is 8.875% as of 2023. This rate includes the New York state sales tax of 4%, the Brooklyn city tax of 4.5%, and the Metropolitan Commuter Transportation District surcharge of 0.375%. This sales tax rate is higher than the average US sales tax rate of approximately 7.12%.

Income Tax

The New York state income tax rate ranges from 4% to 8.82% as of 2023, with Brooklyn residents falling under this state taxation. Along with this, residents also pay a city income tax, with rates ranging from 3.078% to 3.876%. Combined, these rates make New York one of the highest taxed states for income in the US.

Housing Market

The Brooklyn housing market, while robust, is notably more expensive compared to many other US regions. As of 2021, the median home value in Brooklyn is $700,000, significantly above the national average. Renters should anticipate paying around $2,500 per month on average. However, Brooklyn's diverse neighborhoods provide a range of options, from luxury waterfront residences to more affordable units. Considerations for both renters and buyers must include cost of living and commutation besides housing costs. Despite higher prices, Brooklyn continues to attract for its vibrant culture and accessibility.

Cost of Living

Brooklyn, NY, currently has a high cost of living compared to many other US cities. Factors such as housing, utilities, groceries, healthcare, and transportation significantly contribute to this high cost. For instance, housing in Brooklyn is notably more expensive than the national average. While Brooklyn offers numerous amenities, cultural diversity, and job opportunities, its high cost of living is a significant consideration for individuals and families contemplating living there.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Brooklyn, NY, boasts a highly variable four-season climate. Summer can be hot and humid, with temperatures occasionally reaching into the upper 90s (degF). Winter can be quite cold and typically sees a fair amount of snow, with temperatures often dipping below freezing. Spring and autumn offer more moderate weather, with occasional rain and typically pleasant temperatures. The city does experience its share of natural disasters including hurricanes, tropical storms, and nor'easters. These can result in flash floods and heavy wind damage. Despite these weather extremes, Brooklyn's overall climate is fairly temperate, and the city is prepared to cope with weather-related emergencies. A testament to Brooklyn's resilience, its people are well-acquainted with braving the elements while maintaining the energetic pace of life that defines the region.

Typical weather in Brooklyn, NY

Economy & Job Market

* Health Care and Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Educational Services

* Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

* Construction

Brooklyn, NY, much like an intriguingly complex independent film, has a story of economic transition that's as unique as the locals' famous accent. Once a booming manufacturing hub in the 19th century, today's Brooklyn has traded factories for 'hip' high-tech startups, higher education institutions, and hospitals. As it continues to serve up a significant slice of the 'Big Apple's' economy, we find that the Health Care and Social Assistance industry reigns supreme, accommodating Brooklyn's diverse population. Other thriving sectors include Retail Trade, Education Services, Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, and of course, Construction -- a nod to its ongoing appetite for growth and redevelopment.

Planning to pack up and move to Brooklyn? Think those artisan doughnuts and vintage flea markets are a sweet selling point? Well, get ready because Brooklyn's job market is just as appealing, especially if you know where to look. As of June 2021, the unemployment rate stands at 10.8%, which is slightly higher than the national average, hinting at some competition. However, there's an exciting array of job opportunities across a much more diverse range of industries than most places. The healthcare sector, with its bustling hospitals and health centers, is a major employer, closely followed by the retail and education sectors. For the artistic and tech-savvy souls, Brooklyn's thriving art scene and booming tech industry also offer unique opportunities to strut your stuff. Have a killer noodle recipe? Brooklyn's food industry is famously adventurous! So tighten your bootstraps, your Brooklyn dream quest is about to begin.

Traffic and Transportation

Brooklyn, or as the locals say, "the heart of the Big Apple," is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and... traffic! Often with a whimsical undertone of honking, Brooklyn's traffic can present quite the urban ballet. The average commute? Let's just call it 45-minutes of pure, unadulterated bonding time with fellow New Yorkers. Don't fret! Public transportation options in Brooklyn are as diverse as the city itself. From hopping on the subway with the ever-reliable Metropolitan Transportation Authority to partaking in a more scenic route via NYC Ferry, options abound! Air travel is also a breeze (pun intended) with JFK and New York LaGuardia airports in close vicinity. Insider tip: if you're near Brooklyn Heights, don't forget to indulge in the postcard-perfect views as helicopters from Brooklyn's own heliport whir above you. Brooklyn traffic and transportation, ladies and gents - a truly eclectic adventure!

What is the traffic like in Brooklyn, NY?

Best Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

1. Park Slope

If you're a fan of beautiful vibes and stunning architecture, then Park Slope is definitely a neighborhood to consider. Known for its iconic brownstones, family-friendly environment, and vibrant arts scene, there's always something fun to do or see in Park Slope. Want to enjoy outdoor activities? The adjacent Prospect Park offers countless recreational possibilities. Enjoy from famous eateries to trendy boutiques, and don't forget the lush, green streets, adding an extra charm to this remarkable neighborhood.

2. Williamsburg

Ready to dive headfirst into all things hipster? Then allow Williamsburg to roll out the red (or should we say, reclaimed wood) carpet for you. This area overflows with thrift stores, art galleries, boutiques, and craft coffee shops. It's not uncommon to find local musicians strumming away on every corner. Nonetheless, Williamsburg isn't all hipster vibes - the beautiful waterfront provides breathtaking views of Manhattan, and Smorgasburg, an outdoor foodie paradise, caters to every palate imaginable.


Want to live where you can practically reach out and touch the Manhattan skyline? Welcome to DUMBO (which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). This tiny nook tucked between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges offers an industrial chic atmosphere, with cobblestone streets and converted warehouse homes. The local dining, shopping, and arts scene is thriving, and you'll be a stone's throw away from the stunning Brooklyn Bridge Park, not to mention the truly unbeatable views.

4. Carroll Gardens

For those who crave a mix of old-world charm and modern amenities, Carroll Gardens may very well be your dream come true. The tree-lined streets are adorned with charming brownstones, many with beautiful front gardens (a rarity in NY). This neighborhood is also famous for its Italian heritage, hence the elegant Italian eateries and bakeries are everything gourmands could ask for. Additionally, Carroll Gardens is near to many top-notch schools, which makes it an excellent choice for families.

5. Bushwick

Finally, if you crave an artsy, up-and-coming area with a creative and diverse vibe, then get your welcome mat ready for Bushwick. Recognized as a hotspot for street art, Bushwick's vibrant murals serve as the backdrop for many an Instagram shot. The nightlife scene is diverse and pulsing, from quirky bars to avant-garde performance spaces. This area also hosts the annual Bushwick Collective Block Party, a massive celebration of local art and music.

At the end of the day, what makes a neighborhood the best is how well it fits your lifestyle, interests, and needs. Each of these five Brooklyn neighborhoods has its own unique allure, environment, and community feel. So whether you're a music-loving foodie, a nature enthusiast, or somewhere in between, there's a corner of Brooklyn that's just right for you, waiting to be discovered.

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Things to Do

Brooklyn, NY, a cultural melting pot bursting with diversity, creativity, and an unbeatable food scene. Everyone wants a taste of life in the hip borough, and whether you're moving here or just passing by, Brooklyn invites you to get lost in its streets and dauntingly rich experience. If you're eager to explore and immerse in something fantastic, here is a roundup of seven not-to-miss activities in Brooklyn, including some lesser-known jewels.

1. Stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge

Your Brooklyn adventure wouldn't be complete without crossing the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Soak up the panoramic city views while walking the wooden pathway elevated above the traffic. Stay for sunset and watch as the Manhattan skyline is set ablaze with stunning hues.

2. Explore the Smorgasburg food market

If you consider yourself a food lover, you're in for a treat. From April through November, the Smorgasburg food market lines up over 100 local vendors offering an irresistible selection of bites that perfectly embody Brooklyn's spirit: diverse, innovative, and certainly delightful.

3. Discover art at Bushwick Collective

A somewhat lesser-known must-do: witness the thriving, vibrant street art scene in Bushwick Collective. This open-air gallery showcases artistry from local and international artists alike, with murals constantly morphing--giving you a different visual feast with every visit.

4. Visit Coney Island

For a quintessential Brooklyn experience, head to Coney Island. From enjoying classic rollercoaster rides at Luna Park to devouring the famous Nathan's hot dog, Coney Island embodies Brooklyn's fun, effervescent spirit. Don't miss the annual Mermaid Parade!

5. Hop breweries in Williamsburg

Beer enthusiast or not, brewery hopping in Williamsburg is a unique way of getting a taste of Brooklyn's creativity. With local crafts featuring interesting flavor profiles, you're bound to find a brew that matches your palette--perhaps even discover a new favorite.

6. Attend a Secret Science Club meeting

Here's something the guidebooks might not tell you. Every month, at the Bell House, the Secret Science Club meets. Everyone is welcome to join scientists in discussing thought-provoking topics, from interstellar travel to neuroscience, over a pint of locally brewed beer.

7. Get lost in The Green-Wood Cemetery

This may sound morbid, but Brooklyn's Green-Wood Cemetery is a tranquil oasis worth exploring. Apart from being the final resting place for several notable personalities, it boasts beautiful landscapes, sweeping views, and an impressive collection of 19th-century architecture.

Brooklyn is a place where you'll find stories in every corner, murals that shout louder than words, and a gastronomic scene that embodies the borough's diversity. A galore of surprises awaits your exploration, and no matter what your interests, Brooklyn has something for you. This list is just a fraction of what you can delve into. Get geared and ready to start exploring the true spirit and vibe that is uniquely Brooklyn!

Things to do in Brooklyn, NY?

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