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Enchanting sunsets, untamed wilderness, and a vibrant cultural tapestry - the Land of Enchantment beckons! If you've been dreaming of a new beginning in New Mexico, you're in for a captivating journey. Our New Mexico relocation guide is crafted to help you embrace every delightful twist and turn of your big move. From finding your dream dwelling to exploring the state's hidden gems, let us paint the scenic roadmap for your whimsical life in America's bewitching Southwest.

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What to Know Before Moving to New Mexico

1. Get ready to fall in love with the desert landscape

If you're moving to New Mexico, it's time to embrace the beauty of the desert. With its arid climate, stunning mesas, and vast expanses of sagebrush, New Mexico lives up to its nickname, "The Land of Enchantment." Expect to be mesmerized by the vibrant sunsets, starry skies, and diverse flora and fauna that call the desert home. And don't forget about the striking adobe architecture that can be found dotting the landscape.

2. Green and red chiles are a way of life

New Mexico is known for its world-famous chile peppers, and you'll find them incorporated into many local dishes. When ordering at a restaurant, you may be asked the state's official question – "Red or green?", which refers to the type of chile sauce you'd like on your dish. If you can't choose, there's always the option to go "Christmas" style, meaning you get both red and green chile sauce! Learning to cook with these flavorful peppers can be a fun culinary adventure for new residents.

3. Embrace the unique fusion of cultures

One of the things that sets New Mexico apart is its rich blend of cultural influences. The state has a deep Native American history, with many tribes, such as the Navajo, Pueblo, and Apache, still living in the area. Additionally, Spanish colonizers contributed to the rich history of the state, and their influence can be felt in the language, architecture, and customs. This makes for a uniquely diverse population, with a shared love of the area's stunning landscapes and rich history.

4. Outdoor enthusiasts, rejoice!

When you live in New Mexico, you'll find yourself surrounded by incredible options for outdoor adventures, thanks to its diverse landscapes that range from snow-capped mountains to sweeping deserts. Hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding are all popular activities in the state. Feeling adventurous? Head to Carlsbad Caverns National Park to explore one of the most extensive cave systems in the world, or take a thrilling whitewater rafting trip through the Rio Grande Gorge.

5. Did someone say UFOs?

Get ready for a little extraterrestrial intrigue when you move to New Mexico. It's home to the notorious town of Roswell, which is best known for the alleged UFO crash landing in 1947. Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, the area has embraced its reputation as a UFO hotspot – including the International UFO Museum and Research Center. Plus, the unique landscape around the state has served as a filming location for several alien-themed movies and TV shows, adding to its other-worldly reputation.

6. Commemorate your love for hot air balloons

Albuquerque, New Mexico hosts one of the most spectacular events in the world – the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Every October, hundreds of hot air balloons fill the sky in a colorful and awe-inspiring display that draws visitors from around the world. If you're a New Mexico resident, don't miss out on attending this incredible festival and even consider taking your own hot air balloon ride to see the state's breathtaking vistas from above.

In conclusion, moving to New Mexico is sure to be an adventure. With its captivating desert landscape, unique cultural influences, and plethora of outdoor activities, you'll find plenty to keep you entertained and enamored with your new home. And, of course, there's always the spicy world of green and red chile cuisine to explore – just make sure you have a cold glass of water nearby to cool down your taste buds!

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Pros and Cons of Living in New Mexico

Pros of Living in New Mexico

Affordable Housing

New Mexico is known for its relatively low cost of living, including affordable housing options in comparison to other states. Residents can enjoy spacious homes at lower prices, giving them the opportunity to live comfortably without having to spend too much on housing expenses.

Outdoor Recreation

The state boasts a wide array of outdoor recreational activities, such as skiing, hiking, and fishing. State parks, like White Sands National Park and Carlsbad Caverns National Park, provide plentiful opportunities to explore New Mexico's unique landscapes and natural wonders.

Cultural Diversity

Moving to New Mexico means immersing yourself in a rich cultural history influenced by Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo-American traditions. The state celebrates this diverse heritage through festivals, arts, and cuisine, creating a unique and vibrant cultural experience.

Art Scene

This southwest state has a thriving art scene, with a plethora of galleries, museums, and festivals for art enthusiasts. Cities like Santa Fe and Taos are renowned art destinations, attracting artists and art lovers from around the world to experience their creative atmosphere.

Low Population Density

Compared to more densely populated states, New Mexico offers plenty of wide-open space and a slower pace of life. Those looking to reside in a more tranquil environment will appreciate the lower population density in this state.

Cons of Living in New Mexico

Higher Crime Rates

Unfortunately, New Mexico has a higher crime rate compared to the national average, with some areas experiencing higher rates of property and violent crimes. However, keeping informed on the safest neighborhoods and taking necessary precautions can help mitigate these risks.

Economic Growth Challenges

New Mexico faces some economic challenges in terms of unemployment, job growth, and median household income. There may be fewer job opportunities in certain industries compared to other states, which could impact one's ability to find suitable employment.

Water Scarcity

Due to its arid climate, New Mexico is prone to droughts and water scarcity issues. This can lead to water restrictions and increased prices for residents, as well as challenges in maintaining green lawns and gardens.

Long Driving Distances

Given the state's vast size and low population density, driving long distances between cities or even within cities can be quite common. Commuting times may be lengthier, and public transportation options in rural areas may be limited, necessitating a personal vehicle.

Hot and Dry Summers

New Mexico's climate is characterized by hot and dry summers, which may not be ideal for those who prefer milder temperatures and more humidity. The weather may require adjustments in outdoor activities and cooling measures inside one's home.

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Is New Mexico a Good State to Live In?

New Mexico is a great place to live because of its affordable housing, rich cultural heritage, and stunning natural beauty. The state offers an array of outdoor activities, delectable cuisine, and a strong sense of community that make it an ideal place to call home.

What Is New Mexico Famous For?


Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Carlsbad Caverns is an underground treasure trove of awe-inspiring natural beauty. Discover over 119 incredible caves, formed by sulfuric acid over millions of years, making this park an alluring destination for spelunkers and sightseers alike.

Hot Air Ballooning

Rise above the Land of Enchantment in a colorful hot air balloon, a thrilling adventure synonymous with New Mexico. Albuquerque hosts the annual International Balloon Fiesta , the largest gathering of hot air balloons in the world, which draws thousands of visitors to its vivid skies each October.

Green Chile Cuisine

With the green chile pepper as a staple ingredient, New Mexican cuisine takes center stage in local culinary delights. From smothering enchiladas to spicing up burgers, the flavorful heat of the green chile is a sensorial trademark and a must-try experience for any foodie visiting the state.

Roswell's Extraterrestrial Connection

Roswell became infamous in 1947 for an alleged UFO crash, propelling it into pop culture as a hub of mystery and intrigue. Today, visitors can explore the International UFO Museum and immerse themselves in all things otherworldly, trying to uncover the secrets of this enigmatic event.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

New Mexico has a relatively low property tax rate, averaging 0.78% as of 2023. This rate is lower than the national average of 1.07% and makes New Mexico the 30th lowest state in terms of property tax rates.

Sales Tax

As of 2023, the combined state, county, and local sales tax rate in New Mexico can range from 5.125% to 9.250%, depending on the location. Compared to other states, New Mexico ranks 18th in the U.S. in terms of sales tax rates, with an average combined rate of 7.82%.

Income Tax

New Mexico's income tax rates for residents range from 1.7% to 5.9% in 2023, based on a person's income bracket. Compared to other states with income tax, New Mexico's rates are relatively moderate, placing it in the middle of the pack among other U.S. states with a progressive income tax system.

Housing Market

New Mexico's housing market offers an affordable and diverse landscape for both buyers and renters. With a median home value of $255,109, lower than the national average, and a 7.6% year-over-year appreciation in home prices, it presents a good opportunity for investors. Renters will also find attractive options, as the median rent is around $1,200. New Mexico's overall cost of living is below the national average, making it a financially attractive destination when compared to other states. However, it's essential to research individual cities and neighborhoods to make informed decisions.

Housing market analysis of New Mexico

Cost of Living

When comparing the cost of living in New Mexico to other states, it's essential to consider various factors such as housing, utilities, transportation, healthcare, and groceries. New Mexico's cost of living index is 94.5, which is slightly below the national index of 100. This indicates that the overall cost is generally lower in New Mexico than the national average. However, each region may display variability; for instance, Santa Fe and Albuquerque might be more expensive than smaller towns. It is important to evaluate individual expenses to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the cost of living in New Mexico relative to other states.

Weather & Natural Disasters

New Mexico boasts a diverse climate, characterized by varied weather conditions across the state. Arid to semi-arid, the climate is usually hot with little humidity. Summers feature high temperatures ranging from 80°F to 100°F. Winters, however, are mild with lower temperatures around 20°F to 50°F and occasional snowfall in higher elevations. The region experiences marked temperature variations between day and night, often with a fluctuation of up to 30°F.

Rainfall in New Mexico varies greatly, with the eastern plains receiving the most precipitation, averaging 15-20 inches per year. Conversely, the state's deserts generally receive less than 10 inches. The annual monsoon season, occurring between July and September, brings thunderstorms and localized flash floods across the region.

Natural disasters that impact New Mexico include wildfires and droughts, which can lead to water shortages and ecological damage. Earthquakes are relatively rare, and major hurricane events are unlikely due to the state's inland location.

Economy & Job Market

Energy Production and Distribution

Aerospace and Defense

Healthcare and Bioscience

Film and Media

Advanced Manufacturing

New Mexico's economic landscape is a fascinating mix of historical and innovative industries. Traditional sectors like agriculture and mining have been foundational to the state's economy for centuries, providing a sturdy base for the influx of cutting-edge industries that have emerged more recently. Today, the state harnesses its natural resources and tech-savvy workforce in a variety of ways, leading to a dynamic job market that includes energy production, aerospace and defense, healthcare and bioscience, film and media, and advanced manufacturing.

If you're considering making a move to the Land of Enchantment, be prepared to embark on an exciting journey in the job market! As of October 2021, New Mexico's unemployment rate stands at 6.0%, which is slightly higher than the national average of 4.6%. However, there are pockets of opportunity throughout the state. Albuquerque, for example, is home to the state’s largest employers in aerospace and defense, including Kirtland Air Force Base and Sandia National Laboratories. Meanwhile, cities like Las Cruces and Santa Fe boast burgeoning film and media industries and healthcare hubs. Don't forget to explore the state's booming renewable energy sector and cutting-edge tech companies looking for talented professionals! So, polish your resume, practice your networking skills, and get ready for a successful career in enchanting New Mexico!

Traffic and Transportation

Let's talk about getting around in New Mexico! Commuting in the Land of Enchantment may teach you the art of being patient. Albuquerque, the state’s largest city, has an average one-way commute time of 22 minutes, which is not too shabby compared to some big metropolises. But if you're someone that appreciates a leisurely drive, then the slightly longer commutes in cities like Santa Fe might suit you just fine!

Now, if you're more into public transportation, New Mexico has a few options for you. In Albuquerque, you'll find the ABQ RIDE bus system, which can take you almost anywhere in the city. Over in Santa Fe, you can rely on the Santa Fe Trails bus service for all your in-city travel needs. And for a truly scenic ride, hop on the Rail Runner, a commuter train that connects Albuquerque and Santa Fe through the beautiful desert landscape.

Finally, let's not forget about air travel. The Albuquerque International Sunport is the state's largest airport, serving millions of passengers every year. Additionally, Santa Fe has a smaller regional airport offering direct flights to a handful of popular US destinations. So whether you're flying in or out, rest assured that New Mexico has you covered!

What is the traffic like in New Mexico?

Things to Do

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Are you moving to New Mexico, otherwise known as the Land of Enchantment? Get ready to be captivated by its glorious landscapes, rich culture, and delectable cuisine. Whether you are planning a weekend getaway, a holistic retreat, or a desert road trip, we have you covered. In this guide, we explore seven of the top things worth checking out in your new home state. From well-known must-sees to some lesser-explored hidden gems, prepare to fall in love with New Mexico all over again.

1. Hike the Mesmerizing White Sands National Park

Begin your epic New Mexico adventure with a trip to this surreal landscape. Home to the largest gypsum dune field in the world, White Sands National Park encompasses 275 square miles of pristine white desert, often mistaken for snow. Explore the park's hiking trails and dramatic contours, or kick the adventure up a notch by sledding down the dunes with a rented sled.

2. Go Underground at Carlsbad Caverns National Park

Embark on an extraordinary subterranean journey by visiting one of the most iconic cave systems in the world. Carlsbad Caverns is home to more than 119 astounding limestone caves, with the Big Room being the pièce de résistance. At over 8 acres, this staggering chamber is one of the largest accessible cave rooms in the world. A guided tour will not only lead you through the captivating cave formations but also inform you about their otherworldly origins.

3. Wander Through Enchanting Santa Fe

New Mexico's capital city is an art lover's paradise, offering a blend of contemporary galleries and Native American history. Stroll through the charming streets of Santa Fe to discover charming adobe buildings, eclectic art installations, and local artisan markets. Be sure to visit the iconic Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi or dine at some of the delightful farm-to-table restaurants that offer traditional Southwestern cuisine.

4. Indulge Your Taste Buds on a New Mexican Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail

This delectable culinary adventure takes you on a journey through both remote small towns and bustling city centers in search of the perfect green chile cheeseburger. A staple in New Mexican cuisine, this flavor-packed burger pairs local chiles with gooey cheese and succulent beef. Each stop on the trail boasts its own distinct take on this Southwestern staple, so get those taste buds ready for a mouthwatering ride.

5. Explore the Mysterious Shiprock

Located in the Four Corners region of the Navajo Nation, Shiprock is a striking rock formation soaring 1,583 feet above the desert floor. This sacred site holds immense spiritual and cultural significance for the Navajo people. While climbing Shiprock itself is not permitted, the adventurous can embark on a challenging hike to reach its base and admire it from a respectful distance. Ensuring you obtain the necessary permits and go with a Navajo guide, your experience will be all the more enriching and memorable.

6. Relax in the Tranquil Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs

Looking for a bit of relaxation amidst your New Mexico adventures? Pay a visit to the Ojo Caliente Mineral Springs Resort & Spa, nestled in a serene valley just north of Santa Fe. This idyllic retreat is home to several geothermal mineral pools, each with its unique healing properties. Treat yourself to a soothing soak while enjoying the breathtaking desert scenery that surrounds you.

7. Witness the Otherworldly Beauty of the Bisti Badlands

Immerse yourself in a landscape straight out of a science fiction movie by exploring the Bisti Badlands, also known as the Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness. This remote, lesser-known 45,000-acre area offers a labyrinth of bizarre rock formations, hoodoos, and colorful hills. Hiking the hoodoo-dotted trails without encountering another soul is an experience not to be missed. Here's more about Bisti Badlands.

In conclusion, New Mexico offers a rich tapestry of experiences that cater to nature lovers, foodies, history buffs, and explorers alike. We hope this guide will inspire you to venture out and discover the diverse wonders of the Land of Enchantment. Happy exploring!

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