Moving to Wichita

Welcome to the pursuit of a little slice of Americana! Prepare to immerse yourself in the heartland as we guide you through the thrills of relocating to Wichita, Kansas. The seductive whisper of the wind through the wheat fields, the playful punch of the vibrant arts scene, the engaging camaraderie of friendly locals, and the captivating sprawl of a city steeped in history - all of these make Wichita an enticing place to call home. Let's embark on this journey through the quintessential Midwest, as your adventure of moving to Wichita begins.

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What to Know Before Moving to Wichita

1. Affordable Cost of Living

Let's start off with some good news, shall we? One of the best things about Wichita is that it's pretty darn affordable. The cost of living here is significantly lower than the national average. This means you can bag a decent size home for a fraction of the price you'd need to shell out in many other U.S. cities. Go ahead and enjoy spacious living with spare change for good dinners and weekend escapades, Wichita has got your wallet covered!

2. The Weather Leaves You Guessing

Next up on things you ought to know before moving to this sunflower state city is the weather. It might be sunny one moment, stormy the next - be prepared for a wide range of meteorological experiences! Winters can be pretty chilly, too. But hey, variety is spice of life right? Keep your wardrobe versatile and you'll be just dandy.

3. Aviation City

Bet you didn't know Wichita is known as the "Air Capital of the World", did you? Home to several large aircraft manufacturing companies including Spirit AeroSystems, and Textron Aviation, no wonder so many aerospace engineers call this place home. If you're a flying aficionado or simply like the idea of living in a city with a rich aviation history, Wichita could be your place.

4. Food Truck Heaven

Fancy some mouth-watering street food? Well, you're in the right place! Wichita boasts a vibrant food truck scene, serving up everything from gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches to Korean barbecue. Head over to the Food Truck Plaza during lunch hours to indulge in some of the city's best bites. This mobile dining extravaganza is a must-try experience for all food lovers in town! Just don't blame us for the potential food coma later.

5. The Keeper of the Plains

Arguably the crown jewel of Wichita's arts scene, the Keeper of the Plains is a magnificent 44-foot tall sculpture residing at the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas rivers. This multifaceted masterpiece by Native American artist Blackbear Bosin has become an intrinsic symbol of the city. Switch on its Ring of Fire for a truly mesmerising view during sunset. It's our little hidden secret, shh!

6. Lovers of Outdoor Activities Would Be Thrilled

Last but certainly not least, Wichita is an outdoor enthusiast's dream come true. With miles of scenic bike trails, multiple public golf courses and plenty of green spaces like Botanica Wichita, Sedgwick County Park and the Great Plains Nature Center, you'll have an abundance of options to soak in the outdoors. Get ready to embrace Mother Nature, folks!

Packed with small town charm, an eclectic arts scene and a hearty helping of beautiful open spaces, Wichita, Kansas, is a hidden gem that's just begging to be discovered. Prepare to fall in love with its unique blend of urban and rural, modern and historic, all the while feeling welcomed by the trademark Midwest warmth of its locals. Take note of the particulars we've highlighted and look forward to uncovering more interesting quirks of the city that can easily be your next best decision in life. See you soon in Wichita!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Wichita

Pros of Living in Wichita

Low Cost of Living

One of the biggest advantages of living in Wichita is the low cost of living. The cost of everything from groceries to healthcare is cheaper in Wichita compared to national averages. This makes it an attractive place to live for people who are conscious about their budget and want to make the most out of their income.

Strong Job Market

Wichita boasts a strong job market, particularly in industries like aviation, healthcare, and manufacturing. This means that there are plenty of job opportunities, making it easier for people to find employment and pursue their chosen career paths.

Rich History and Cultural Scene

Wichita has a rich history and a vibrant cultural scene. It's home to various arts and cultural institutions, such as the Wichita Art Museum and the Orpheum Theatre. Plus, it regularly hosts events and festivals which highlight the city's charm and character.

Affordable Housing

The housing market in Wichita is quite affordable, with a wide range of housing options available to suit different budgets. Whether you're looking to rent or buy, Wichita's housing market offers good value for money.

Friendly Community

People in Wichita are generally friendly and welcoming, leading to a strong sense of community. It's a place where you can easily make friends and feel at home, making it a great place to move to if you value close-knit communities.

Cons of Living in Wichita

Weather Extremes

Wichita experiences a wide range of weather conditions, including extreme heat in the summer and very cold winters. This is something you'll need to prepare for if you're not used to these weather extremes.

Limited Public Transit

The public transportation system in Wichita is limited, making it less convenient for those who don't own a vehicle. While there is a bus system in place, it may not be as extensive or reliable as the public transit systems in larger cities.

Potential for Tornadoes

Wichita is located in "Tornado Alley" and, while rare, there is the potential for severe weather in the form of tornadoes. It's important for residents to be aware of this risk and prepared to act should a tornado warning be issued.

Less Diverse Food Scene

Compared to larger cities, Wichita has a less diverse food scene. While there is a fair share of homegrown eateries, fine dining or more diverse international cuisine might be a bit limited.

Potentially Lower Salary Range

While the cost of living is low in Wichita, so are the average salaries. If you're used to higher wages from living in a large city, you may need to adjust your expectations when relocating to Wichita.

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Is Wichita a Good Place to Live?

Wichita, KS is a great place to live because it offers a blend of urban flair and rural charm, providing an affordable cost of living and plentiful job opportunities in the aviation industry. The city is rich with art, culture, and recreational activities such as the Old Town district with its brick-lined streets and century-old warehouses transformed into a hotspot for shopping, dining and entertainment. With its friendly community, top-notch schools and beautiful parks, Wichita definitely has much to offer its residents!

What Is Wichita Famous For?

Air Capital of the World!

Nope, you won't find any helium balloons here. Instead, Wichita is famous for its contributions to the aerospace sector, boasting some of America's largest aircraft manufacturers like Learjet, Airbus, and Spirit AeroSystems. It's proud to be the flight path less taken, with a rich aviation history that soars above many other US cities.

Sedgwick County Zoo

Think your local pet shop's got variety? Get wild and visit the 7th largest zoo in America! The Sedgwick County Zoo, home to more than 3,000 individual animals of nearly 400 different species. Every visit is a safari, so come and unleash your inner animal - and remember, it's all fun and games until the peacock tries to join your picnic.

Keeper of the Plains Statue

Standing proud on the confluence of the Big and Little Arkansas rivers, the Keeper of the Plains is a 44-foot steel sculpture that celebrates the area's Native American heritage. So get ready to embrace the legends and traditions of the Plains Indians - no membership to the tribe required! Visit Keeper of the Plains for more information.

Birthplace of Pizza Hut and White Castle

Culinary history was made here, folks! In a scene straight out of a food lover's fairy tale, Wichita served as the launching pad for both Pizza Hut and White Castle. That's right - whether you have a hankering for a hearty hamburger or a hunk of heavenly pizza, you have Wichita to thank.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the average property tax rate in Wichita, KS is about 1.4% of assessed home value, which is higher than the national average of 1.1%. This means that a homeowner with a home valued at $100,000 will pay approximately $1,400 in property taxes per year.

Sales Tax

The total sales tax rate in Wichita, KS as of 2023 is 7.5%, which is slightly below the national median of 7.12%. This rate consists of 6.5% state sales tax and 1% local government tax and it applies to all retail sales of goods and services.

Income Tax

Kansas has a progressive income tax rate with a maximum marginal tax rate of 5.7% as of 2023. However, Wichita residents are also subject to federal income tax, which has rates ranging from 10% to 37%. This combination of state and federal rates is comparable to rates in many other parts of the US.

Housing Market

In comparison to the national average, Wichita, KS exhibits a notably affordable housing market. The median home value stands at $139,202, significantly lower than the US median of $217,500. This lower cost extends to the rental market, with a median rent of $850 per month, compared to the national average of $1,062. Despite this affordability, home appreciation in Wichita over the last 10 years has been 41.2%, closely tracking the national average of 49.5%. Prospective homeowners can expect steady growth while still capitalizing on competitive pricing, making Wichita a compelling consideration for both renters and buyers.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Wichita, KS is considerably lower compared to other US cities. For instance, housing costs are about 66% lower than the national average, translating into noteworthy savings. Groceries and health services are also more affordable. Overall, the cost of living index in Wichita is significantly lower which indicates that the city offers a more cost-effective lifestyle without compromising on the quality of life. This advantageous economic scenario makes Wichita an attractive destination for families and individuals seeking affordable living.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Wichita, KS experiences a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot, humid summers and cold, dry winters. The weather in Wichita showcases a wide range, with January temperatures averaging around 32degF, while July soars to an average of 93degF. Rainfall is fairly distributed throughout the year, with May being the wettest month. Occasional thunderstorms and hailstorms are a significant part of Wichita's climate, often leading to flash floods. Moreover, Wichita lies in 'Tornado Alley' and is frequently subjected to tornadoes, especially during Spring and early Summer. Its geographical location also makes it prone to ice storms in winter and extreme heat in summer. Despite these natural hazards, the beautifully changing seasons and temperate autumn and spring weather make Wichita's climate quite versatile and interesting.

Typical weather in Wichita, KS

Economy & Job Market

- Aerospace and Defense Industry

- Healthcare and Social Assistance

- Manufacturing

- Education and Training Services

- Retail Trade

Wichita, the largest city in Kansas, is often called "The Air Capital of the World," and for good reason. The city has a long and storied history in the aviation industry, dating back to the early 20th century when it produced a good chunk of the world's aircraft. Companies such as Spirit AeroSystems, Textron Aviation, and Learjet continue to anchor the aerospace industry in Wichita. In addition to aviation, healthcare and social assistance is a significant segment of the economy, as is manufacturing, education and training, and retail trade. Whether you're a pilot, engineer, teacher, healthcare professional or retailer, there's a good chance that one of Wichita's many thriving sectors has a place for you.

For someone planning to move to Wichita with job hunting on their agenda, there's some good news and some things to consider. Wichita's unemployment rate typically hovers around the national average, which creates a competitive, yet not overwhelming job market. The city's cost of living is also significantly lower than the national average, which may offer more flexibility in your job search. The large aerospace and manufacturing industries provide many opportunities, particularly for engineers and technical workers, while the healthcare and education sectors are also strong employment areas. So dust off that resume, practice your interview skills, and get ready to land your dream job in the heart of the Midwest!

Traffic and Transportation

In charming Wichita, Kansas, locals can enjoy surprisingly pleasing commute times. The average journey to work is a paltry 18.5 minutes - that's over 20% quicker than the national average! Who knew extra snooze time is part of the Wichita allure? Getting around town comes with a touch of old-school glamour with Wichita Transit - the city's very own public bus system. Regularly operating 18 routes, including a free downtown trolley service, it takes you around the city with a touch of vintage flair. And, if you've got to flit off to further places, Wichita Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport winks at your service. Offering multiple flights daily to over a dozen direct destinations, it's your gateway to explore beyond the plains. So, whatever your travel style, Wichita has got you covered. Simply sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride!

What is the traffic like in Wichita, KS?

Best Neighborhoods in Wichita

1. Riverside

If you're looking for culture, history, and a tight-knit community, Riverside might just be your perfect match. This neighborhood is one of Wichita's oldest and most culturally dynamic. It combines diverse architectural designs, copious scenic views from three local parks, and a blend of vintage and modern living quarters. You'll also find Wichita Art Museum and Botanica, a stunning 17-acre garden, nestled in Riverside. Can you imagine weekend strolls beside the Arkansas River or picnics under the 'Keeper of the Plains' sculpture? Don't mind if we do!

2. Eastborough

East of downtown Wichita you'll find quiet, tree-lined residential bliss at Eastborough. This coveted enclave stands out for its peace, quiet and safety. Known for manicured lawns, large, charming houses, and lush landscapes, the area makes you feel as though you're living in a quaint English village. It offers a unique suburban tranquility while being only a short drive away from the city buzz. Add in Eastborough Park, a beautiful setting for walking, jogging or just quietly contemplating, and you have an idyllic place to call home.

3. College Hill

Quaint brick roads, historic homes, a vibrant community, and a touch of academic flair frame the backdrop for College Hill. This neighborhood is certainly up there as one of the best in Wichita. Have a celebratory toast at College Hill Creamery, or enjoy an open-air concert at the Historic College Hill Park. The charm is real, folks! Residents here also delight in the annual College Hill Pool Party and the Riverside Tennis Workshop. College Hill mixes a vibrant atmosphere with quiet, suburban living, making it one cool place to set your bags.

4. Old Town

If you're a bit of an urbanite at heart, allow us to introduce you to Wichita's Old Town. Formerly known as a warehouse district, Old Town has transformed into an eclectic hub of entertainment, shopping, and living. Brick-lined streets and converted warehouses now house an array of unique boutiques, galleries, restaurants, and apartments. Cultural attractions are plenty, including the Old Town Theatre and the Museum of World Treasures. Is a trendy, upbeat life calling your name? Old Town is your answer.

5. Delano

Historic, artsy, and located on the west side of Wichita, Delano is a neighborhood full of charm. Delano offers a spirited mix of shopping, dining, and entertainment. An evening walk along the river or a thirst-quenching visit to one of the local breweries, Delano has a vibe that is hard to resist. Here, you can attend the fun-filled Delano Fall Fair, or cheer on the local baseball team at the new Riverfront Stadium. Even Wyatt Earp would be proud of how this former cowboy town has developed!

In conclusion, whether you're looking for a vibrant, bustling community or a tranquil, picturesque suburb, Wichita is full of diverse neighborhoods just waiting to welcome you. Riverside, Eastborough, College Hill, Old Town or Delano, each of these neighborhoods brings its own distinct flavor to the table. So, go ahead! Pack those boxes, grab the keys to your new home, and kickstart your adventure in the heart of Kansas!

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Things to Do

Welcome to Wichita, Kansas! An urban hub in the heart of America, Wichita is brimming with culture, history, intriguing attractions and beckons newcomers to explore its charm. Whether you're relocating for work, family, or simply because you fell for the enticing allure of this dynamic city, Wichita's got numerous attractions to keep you entertained. Let's take a jaunt through seven of the top things to do in this vibrant city, including a couple of hidden gems you might not have expected.

1. Wander the Wichita Art Museum

Home to one of the most comprehensive collections of American art in the country, the Wichita Art Museum is a must-see. From traditional landscapes to contemporary mixed media, the museum has over 8,000 pieces that run the artistic gamut.

2. Explore the Old Cowtown Museum

Step back in time at the Old Cowtown Museum, a living history museum that recreates Wichita's 19th-century life. You'll love the costumed interpreters, vintage buildings, and the immersive atmosphere that makes history come alive.

3. Visit the Sedgwick County Zoo

As the seventh-largest zoo in the country, the Sedgwick County Zoo is home to more than 3,000 animals of nearly 400 different species. A visit to the zoo provides an excellent day out for families, or for anyone interested in learning more about the world's varied wildlife.

4. Stroll Through Botanica Wichita

Looking for tranquility amidst city hubbub? Stroll through the colorful paths of Botanica Wichita, a beautiful wedge of greenery that offers over 17.6 acres of stunning gardens, including a Japanese garden, a butterfly garden, and a stunningly illuminated Christmas light display in winter.

5. Feel Quirky at The Keepers On Parade

Here's the first hidden gem - a lesser-known attraction that'll definitely add a quirky element to your Wichita experience. Interesting, colorful, and downright fun, the Keepers on Parade are unique Keeper of the Plains statues decorated in all sorts of styles scattered around the city.

6. Catch a Game at INTRUST Bank Arena

For sports enthusiasts, catching a game at the INTRUST Bank Arena is a must. This venue often hosts popular concerts, sporting events and other exciting programs. It's flexible enough to hold everything from ice hockey to basketball, rodeos to wrestling.

7. Jet to the Cosmosphere

Here's your second hidden attraction: the Cosmosphere. Although technically in Hutchinson (just a short drive from Wichita), this world-class space museum houses the largest combined collection of U.S. and Russian space artifacts in the world. You can touch a moon rock, stand under a real Saturn V rocket, and even take a simulated space flight!

To conclude, these are just a few of the exciting things you can do when you move to Wichita, Kansas. The city offers a healthy mix of history, culture, and fun - all waiting for you to discover. Don't forget to unearth the city's hidden gems tucked away in corners you'd least expect. Welcome to your new home, and let the adventures begin!

Things to do in Wichita, KS?

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