Moving to Cedar Rapids

Welcome to your ultimate guide on moving to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, an alluring city characterized by bohemian enclaves, rich cultural history, and striking landscapes. Cedar Rapids, or "The City of Five Seasons" as locals fondly call it, boasts flourishing entrepreneurial scenes, top-tier schools, and a deeply connected community. It's the perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city opportunities. Hang on to your hat, this guide will take you on an enthralling journey as we unravel the wonders of moving to this Midwestern gem!

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What to Know Before Moving to Cedar Rapids

1. No Need to Stick to the Speed Limit

Okay, don't get too excited! We mean that in Cedar Rapids, you don't have to drive everywhere. The city comes packed with an excellent public transport system, so whether you're heading out for a night on the town or commuting to work, the bus system has got you covered. Plus, the city is super walkable and bike-friendly. So, for your daily errands or leisurely strolls, just slip into some comfy shoes or hop on a bike for that feel-good vibe.

2. A Taste Bud Travelogue

You've probably already heard that Iowans are serious about their corn, but the foodie scene in Cedar Rapids is much more than that - and it's bursting with flavor. World cuisines, craft breweries, bakeries, and more upscale dining experiences await you. Don't forget to try the iconic loose meat sandwich - a Midwest gem that is a must!

3. Arts Scene? More Like Arts Dream!

Imagine living in a city brimming with cultural excitement - that's Cedar Rapids for you. Art aficionados will fall in love with the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, home to the world's largest collection of work by local artist Grant Wood. For theatre lovers, Theatre Cedar Rapids should be on their must-visit list for some awe-inspiring performances. You'll feel like you're living in what seems like a perpetual arts festival!

4. The Little Known Freedom Festival

Every summer, Cedar Rapids comes alive with the Freedom Festival - a nearly month-long tribute to America's independence. You'll feel your heart swell with patriotism as the city lights up with spectacular fireworks, parades, tributes, and concerts. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? But guess what, not many outside Cedar Rapids know of this glorious festival.

5. Fellow Nature Lovers, Assemble!

In Cedar Rapids, you'll get to enjoy a stunning mix of urban life and natural beauty. The city is nestled among rolling hills and is split by the Cedar River - a paddler's paradise. You'll also find more than 96 parks, garden spaces, and nature trails. Each season brings out a new vibrancy in the city's green spaces, so prepare to have your social media feed filled with nature's beauty all year round.

6. The Quaker Oats Scented City

Did you know that Cedar Rapids is home to the largest cereal factory in the world? Yep, the Quaker Oats factory is right here and often infuses the city air with a warm, comforting aroma of baking oats and cereals. How about starting your day with a whiff of piping hot, freshly baked oats? That's quite unique, isn't it?

So, packing yet? Cedar Rapids, with its natural beauty, thriving arts scene, melting pot of cuisines, convenient transport, unique festivals, and oh-so-appealing aromas, is an exciting stopover for life's adventure. Whether you're a nature lover, arts enthusiast, foodie, or someone on the lookout for a fuss-free life in a vibrant city, Cedar Rapids welcomes you to dive right in!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Cedar Rapids

Pros of Living in Cedar Rapids

Low Cost of Living

Cedar Rapids' cost of living index is lower than the national average, making it an affordable place to live. This extends to everything from rent and utilities to groceries and dining out, so your dollar goes further.

Strong Sense of Community

Cedar Rapids is known for its tight-knit community with plenty of neighborhood activities and cultural events. The sense of community is palpable, making it easy for newcomers to feel like they belong.

Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

With numerous parks, trails, and green spaces, Cedar Rapids provides plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities. Residents can enjoy activities ranging from hiking, biking, fishing, and camping, allowing for a balanced lifestyle.

Relatively Low Crime Rate

Cedar Rapids has a relatively low crime rate compared to other U.S. cities of its size. This is noteworthy for those who value safety and peace of mind when considering their next place to live.

Strong Job Market

Cedar Rapids offers a strong job market in sectors such as healthcare, education, and IT. The unemployment rate is typically below the national average, and many companies in the area are known for their employee satisfaction.

Cons of Living in Cedar Rapids

Winter Weather

Winters in Cedar Rapids can be harsh, with cold temperatures and heavy snowfall commonly occurring. This may be a significant drawback for those not accustomed to dealing with these types of conditions.

Lack of Public Transportation

Public transportation options in Cedar Rapids are limited, which means owning a car is almost a necessity. The city is spread out, making it challenging to get around without a vehicle.

High Property Taxes

Despite the generally affordable cost of living in Cedar Rapids, the property tax rates are higher than the national average. That means homeowners will have to budget for this extra expense.

Limited Nightlife

Cedar Rapids lacks the vibrant nightlife scene found in bigger cities. While there are some local bars and restaurants, the options can feel limited, particularly for younger residents or those accustomed to a bustling nightlife.

Limited Racial and Ethnic Diversity

Cedar Rapids is less racially and ethnically diverse compared to larger cities. This might be a drawback for those looking for a more multicultural environment.

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Is Cedar Rapids a Good Place to Live?

Cedar Rapids, IA is a great place to live because of its affordable cost of living, growing job market, and rich cultural offerings like the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art and Paramount Theatre. Moreover, it's a heaven for outdoor enthusiasts due to its close proximity to the Cedar River, offering numerous kayaking and fishing opportunities. And let's not forget the city's vibrant dining scene that caters to everyone's taste buds!

What Is Cedar Rapids Famous For?

National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

One of the many things architecturally attractive about Cedar Rapids is the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library. This museum is a stellar reflection of the city's rich Czech and Slovak heritage. It provides visitors fascinating insights into Czech and Slovak culture, with art exhibitions, folk costumes, and historical artifacts worth seeing.

Grant Wood Studio and Visitor Center

The city of Cedar Rapids is notably the birthplace of renowned artist, Grant Wood, most famous for his painting "American Gothic". At Grant Wood Studio and Visitor Center, one can take a peek into the life and works of this extraordinary artist. The center offers a tour of Wood's original studio, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the environment that inspired his masterpieces.


Nestled within Cedar Rapids is Brucemore, a historic estate that spans 26 acres of picturesque landscaped grounds. This mansion is a testament to the city's historical significance and its commitment to conservation. Its architectural splendor and beautiful gardens make for a stunning and peaceful retreat.

The Paramount Theatre

Cedar Rapids is also famous for the Paramount Theatre, a symbol of the city's love for the arts. This historic venue, with its beautifully restored interior and excellent acoustics, stages a variety of world-class productions. From Broadway shows to symphonies, the Paramount Theatre continues to captivate audiences with its rich lineup.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, Cedar Rapids, IA has an estimated property tax rate of 1.6-2%, slightly higher than the national average. The rate can vary depending on the property's assessed value and the county's tax rate.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Cedar Rapids, IA is 7% as of 2023. This combines the state rate of 6% and local district rate of 1%, which is a slightly lower sales tax rate compared to the national median of 7.12%.

Income Tax

For 2023, the state of Iowa has a progressive income tax rate ranging from 0.33% to 8.53% depending on taxable income. This is slightly higher than the average state income tax rates across the US.

Housing Market

The Cedar Rapids, IA housing market presents a unique opportunity due to its affordability compared to other parts of the US. The median house value here is around $142,000, which is less than the national median. Rent prices average at about $842 monthly, again considerably below the national average. Though the city has seen a steady increase in market values recently, it remains an appealing location for buyers and renters desiring a lower cost of living. However, this affordability is balanced with moderate property appreciation rates, offering potential for profit to investors and homeowners looking to resell in the future.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Cedar Rapids, IA is relatively affordable, particularly when compared to larger U.S cities. It is 16.4% lower than the national average, making it more economical than many other American cities. This lower cost of living is largely driven by housing expenses which are significantly less than other cities. However, healthcare and utilities slightly surpass the US average. Despite these costs, Cedar Rapids offers its residents a balanced, cost-effective lifestyle.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Cedar Rapids, Iowa experiences a moderate, four-season climate typical of the Midwestern United States. The summers range from warm to hot, sometimes reaching temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s F, complimented by abundant rainfall. Autumns are pleasant and crisp, highlighted by beautiful foliage. Winters can be quite harsh, characterized by heavy snowfall and temperatures sometimes dipping below zero. Spring often exhibits mild temperatures but can be unpredictable with occasional bouts of cold or warmth. Natural disasters in Cedar Rapids primarily revolve around thunderstorms, tornadoes, and floods. Severe thunderstorms may lead to flooding, especially along Cedar River, while tornado season peaks from April to June. Despite the challenges, residents often appreciate the climatic diversity Cedar Rapids offers.

Typical weather in Cedar Rapids, IA

Economy & Job Market

* Processing, Manufacturing, and Distribution

* Health Care and Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Education Services

* Finance and Insurance

Cedar Rapids, IA, also known as the "City of Five Seasons," boasts a vibrant economy rooted in various major industries. Historically, this charming city was a booming hub for processing, manufacturing, and distribution, and these industries remain significant to this day, with companies like General Mills and Quaker Oats calling it home. Moreover, the Cedar Rapids economy has evolved over the years to embrace a more diverse economic landscape. Health Care and Social Assistance represent another vital part of the economy, with top medical facilities offering numerous employment opportunities. Retail Trade, Education Services, and Finance and Insurance sectors add to the city's economic appeal, creating a balanced, dynamic, and diverse job market within this midwestern gem.

Heading to Cedar Rapids, IA, with an eye to score your dream job? Well, you're in for a treat! As you scout the versatile job market, pay close attention to the robust healthcare sector, as hospitals and medical centers often have a plethora of positions to fill. For those with a penchant for the hustle and bustle of commerce, you might find the thriving retail trade more your speed, with jobs available in everything from mom-and-pop shops to big-box retailers. Furthermore, employment rates in Cedar Rapids are generally excellent, often pacing ahead of the national average. So there's every reason to be excited about your upcoming move to Cedar Rapids, the city where opportunities abound for job seekers in all walks of life!

Traffic and Transportation

Hey there, fellow traveler! Let's explore the hustle and bustle of Cedar Rapids, IA's traffic and transportation. Average commute times here hover around a breezy 20 minutes. You could read a few chapters of a good book or even conquer a level or two of your favorite mobile game in that time. If you fancy letting someone else do the driving, hop on the Cedar Rapids Transit. Their buses are a wallet-friendly, green way to visit the city's hotspots. And if you're jet-setting across the country or off on an international adventure, the Eastern Iowa Airport has got you covered. Fly high over any traffic below and arrive at your far-off destination in style. So, whether you're a daily commuter or just passing through, Cedar Rapids offers a variety of transit goodies to get you where you need to go with a smile on your face!

What is the traffic like in Cedar Rapids, IA?

Best Neighborhoods in Cedar Rapids

1. New Bohemia

The historical district of New Bohemia, fondly known as NewBo, tops our list due to its vibrant cultural scene. Bridging the old world and the new, NewBo has a unique way of combining historic charm with contemporary lifestyle. As the artistic heart of Cedar Rapids, expect to find bustling galleries, unique art installations, and the iconic CSPS Hall, which hosts everything from concerts to theater productions. And if you get hungry after all that art, NewBo City Market will satiate your appetite with its wide array of food stalls, selling everything from gourmet cheese to mouth-watering BBQ.

2. Czech Village

Czech Village encapsulates the deep-rooted heritage and pride of Cedar Rapid's Czech and Slovak inhabitants. If quaint, old-world charm is your style, then Czech Village is the neighborhood for you. The National Czech & Slovak Museum is a must-visit, featuring immersive exhibitions of the area's rich history. You'll also find quaint shops selling traditional Czech pastries and cultural merchandise. The area is also known for its annual Houby Days, St. Nicholas Day, and other colorful cultural festivals.

3. Wellington Heights

For those seeking an area full of historical grandeur blended with a strong sense of community, Wellington Heights is the place to be. This neighborhood boasts majestic century-old houses, tree-lined streets, and friendly, community-minded neighbors. The area is also home to some of the best schools in Cedar Rapids, making it an ideal place for families. Plus, with its proximity to downtown, you're never far from the excitement of city life.

4. Kingston Village

Kingston Village is the epitome of urban living in Cedar Rapids. This neighborhood offers a fantastic blend of residential and commercial spaces, with many apartments offering incredible views of the Cedar River and downtown. The area has recently seen a resurgence, with plenty of new businesses, restaurants, and a bustling nightlife scene. Don't miss the McGrath Amphitheatre that hosts outdoor concerts against the scenic backdrop of the river.

5. Elmwood Park

This quiet, residential neighborhood of Elmwood Park is a contrast to the bustling urban areas of the city. Elmwood Park is an idyllic area filled with charming houses, beautiful elm trees, and stunning park spaces where residents can relax and enjoy the outdoors. The community is close-knit, with frequent neighborhood gatherings and an active neighborhood association. Furthermore, amenities like schools, shopping centers, and restaurants are just a short drive away, ensuring convenience along with tranquility.

In conclusion, whether you're a lover of art, history, or just a friendly neighborhood atmosphere, Cedar Rapids undoubtedly has a neighborhood that makes you feel at home. The city is filled with diverse districts, each providing a distinct vibe and unique lifestyle. The mix of historic charm, cultural diversity, and urban renewal gives Cedar Rapids a unique appeal that will surely make your move a delightful experience.

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Things to Do

Welcome to Cedar Rapids, one of Iowa's biggest cultural hubs! From a lively arts scene to mouthwatering eats, the city has so much to offer. So, sit back, relax, and let's dive into seven of the best things to do in this charming Midwestern town, two of which are chances are you've never heard before!

1. Check out the NewBo City Market

Located in the booming New Bohemia district, the NewBo City Market is a must-visit for foodies. It's a hot spot for locally grown produce, unique culinary experiences, and live entertainment. Here, you can sample a variety of ethnic foods, browse handmade crafts, and mingle with locals.

2. Soak in the arts at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

Home to the largest collection of Grant Wood's art, the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art delivers bold exhibits that celebrate Cedar Rapids' rich culture and history. Not just for art enthusiasts, it's a brilliant place for anyone who appreciates creativity and thought-provoking exhibitions.

3. Visit the Brucemore Estate

The Brucemore Estate is a piece of living history that captures over a century of Cedar Rapids life. Enjoy the gorgeous gardens, take a guided tour of the mansion, or catch one of the many special events that are hosted throughout the year.

4. Explore Indian Creek Nature Center

Embrace the great outdoors at the Indian Creek Nature Center. This slice of wilderness offers nature trails, bird watching, and hands-on educational exhibits. It's a hidden gem that provides a tranquil retreat from the city's hustle and bustle.

5. Delve into history at the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library

As one of the lesser-known attractions, the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library explores the Czech and Slovak stories, celebrating freedom, identity, and human resilience. You can explore stunning exhibits or join in special cultural events or workshops. It is a profound cultural immersion that gives insight into Cedar Rapids' rich heritage.

6. Have a laugh at Penguins Comedy Club

Penguins isn't just a comedy club; it's a local institution. You can check out upcoming shows and information here. Providing the citizens of Cedar Rapids with belly laughs for over 20 years, the club features comedians from across the country, ensuring an unforgettable night full of laughter and fun.

7. Go for a stroll in Kingston Village

Kingston Village offers a delightful blend of old and new. Stroll around the historic neighborhood, glimpse the beautiful murals, and shop in trendy boutiques or dine in farm-to-table restaurants. There's even an escape room for thrill-seekers!

Now that you have your Cedar Rapids bucket list, it's time to start exploring and making memories in your new hometown. It's a city brimming with culture, history, and community spirit; each new discovery is sure to fill you with excitement for the adventure that lies ahead. Enjoy your journey!

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