Known as the Constitution State, Connecticut is the southernmost state in New England, cradled by Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New York, and Long Island Sound. Despite its diminutive size, Connecticut packs a wicked punch with a rich history, culture, natural beauty, cuisine, and education. It’s also home to the nation’s #2 highest earners, rustic charm, gorgeous beaches, exquisite fall foliage, and much more.

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Living in Connecticut: What to Know Before Moving to Connecticut

Moving to the Nutmeg State? If so, you’ll want to consider a few things before heading to the 3rd smallest state by size (5,543 square miles) and the 29th largest state by population (3.57 million).

Pros and Cons of Living in Connecticut


  • Lovely scenery: Home to true four seasons, the region is not only one of the most gorgeous in the country, but also the world. It’s easy to fall in love with this New England beauty.
  • Central location: Connecticut is close to NYC, Boston, Providence, and more. It also offers a highly attractive small-town experience, as depicted in shows like Gilmore Girls.
  • High incomes: Ranking #5 among states with the highest median income, Connecticut residents make a median of about $74,000 and an average of nearly $106,000 per year (#2 in the US).
  • Outstanding education: It’s no secret you’ll find some of the finest schools and educational opportunities in the world, from Westport Public Schools to UConn and Yale University.
  • History, arts & attractions: Connecticut is a triple threat in this department: Mystic Seaport, Yale University Art Gallery, College Street Music Hall, Connecticut Wine Trail, the list goes on.
  • Delicious food: Officially named by the Library of Congress as the birthplace of the hamburger, Connecticut, has a long history of incredible seafood, pizzerias, breweries, and delicatessens.
  • Birthplace of famous people: John Mayer, Katharine Hepburn, Seth MacFarlane, Annie Leibovitz, Casey Neistat, Meg Ryan, Paul Giamatti, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Ralph Nader, and more!


  • The high cost of living: Of course, with all these awesome benefits, living in CT also comes with a higher price tag. Living expenses aren’t the highest in the United States, but property taxes are pretty costly.
  • Steep taxes: Speaking of taxes, tax rates in Connecticut are among the worst. Along with the fourth-highest property tax rate in the US, it also has some of the highest gas prices.
  • Frigid winters, humid summers: There can be quite an extreme swing between seasonal temperatures and weather. Winters are cold and snowy. Summers are hot and humid.
  • Lack of sunshine: It’s got stunning scenery, but there’s also a lack of sunlight here. Residents see an average of four hours of sunshine during the summer and two hours during the winter.
  • Terrible traffic: Considered to have some of the worst highways in the nation, along with worn-out roads and bridges, the state is also home to some of the worst drivers and congestion.
  • Weird laws: It’s hilarious what’s on the books in Connecticut. For instance, you can’t eat in a car in Bloomfield. Also, it’s illegal to walk backward after sunset in the village of Devon. 

Is Connecticut a Good Place to Live?

Connecticut is a wonderful place to live because it’s famous for being the home of Yale University and also boasts great cuisine, as well as easy access to some of the best cities in the world. The Constitution State is a gorgeous New England beauty with fall foliage, abundant cultural attractions, and many opportunities for higher education. Not to mention, it is filled with incredible eateries and delicatessens for foodies to explore.

What Is Connecticut Known For?

  • Yale University: Probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Connecticut is its esteemed educational institute. Founded in 1701, it is one of the eight prestigious Ivy League schools that dot the Northeast. 
  • Yankee Doodle: Its amusing to know that Connecticut’s state song was originally sung by British troops making fun of rag-tag American troops during the French and Indian War in 1755.
  • Hamburger: According to the Library of Congress, a resident of New Haven is credited with inventing the beloved hamburger in 1900. Louis’ Lunch still serves up its version of the hamburger — a proprietary meat patty slapped between two pieces of white toast with cheese, onion, and tomato — at its original family-run location.
  • USS Nautilus: The very first nuclear-powered submarine was built and cast off in Connecticut. Retired in 1980, after 26 years in use, it now lives in New London, Connecticut at the Submarine Force Museum where visitors can see it free of charge.
  • The Hartford Courant: Connecticut is home to the oldest newspaper in the country that is still in circulation. Launched in 1764, this newspaper still delivers the latest news to CT residents north of New Haven.

Tax Rates

  • Property Tax: 2.07%. The effective real-estate tax rate is #4 highest.
  • Sales Tax: Connecticut’s base state sales tax rate is currently 6.35%.
  • Income Tax: 3–6.99%. The state has a progressive income tax code.

Housing Market

To Rent or Buy? Overall, it is a cheaper option to rent rather than buy a home in Connecticut. The median monthly mortgage payment is $2,065, while the median monthly rent is $1,123. This difference is $942 per month or nearly $11,304 per year.

  • Median Home Value: $255,555
  • Median Rental Expense: $1,080 (1BR), $1,352 (2BR)

Cheapest Places to Live in Connecticut:

  1. Torrington
  2. Naugatuck
  3. Bristol
  4. Meriden
  5. Norwich
  6. Waterbury
  7. New Britain
  8. Middletown
  9. West Haven
  10. Milford

Cost of Living

According to the Cost of Living in Connecticut by BestPlaces, Connecticut has a cost of living index of 107.8. This index is higher than the national average of 100.

Utilizing EPI’s Family Budget Calculator, we can compare the average monthly costs in three Connecticut areas. We’ll use a family of four for these examples (2 adults + 2 children).

Simsbury (Hartford County):

  1. Housing = $1,142
  2. Food = $789
  3. Childcare = $1,305
  4. Transportation = $1,188
  5. Healthcare = $1,024
  6. Other necessities = $779
  7. Taxes = $1,062
  8. Grand total = $7,289 per month or $87,464 per year

Hartford/West Hartford/East Hartford:

  1. Housing = $1,158
  2. Food = $810
  3. Childcare = $1,389
  4. Transportation = $1,215
  5. Healthcare = $1,041
  6. Other necessities = $794
  7. Taxes = $1,114
  8. Grand total = $7,520 per month or $90,240 per year

Stamford/Norfolk Metro Area:

  1. Housing = $1,986
  2. Food = $883
  3. Childcare = $1,579
  4. Transportation = $1,231
  5. Healthcare = $1,216
  6. Other necessities = $1,157
  7. Taxes = $1,827
  8. Grand total = $9,879 per month or $118,551 per year

Weather & Natural Disasters

Connecticut sits between the northern part of the temperate zone and the southern part of the humid continental zone. The northern portion of Connecticut experiences humid summers and colder winters with moderate snowfall. As for the southern/coastal region of the state, it sees more humid, hotter summers and cooler winters that bring a mix of sporadic snowfall and rain.

Climate Statistics:

  1. Average rainfall: 50 inches
  2. Average snowfall: 37 inches
  3. Sunshine: 194 sunny days
  4. Summer high: 83°F (July)
  5. Winter low: 18°F (January)

The state of Connecticut faces several natural disaster risks, including Nor’easters and flooding. To be prepared, check out the Connecticut State Department of Public Health’s natural disaster resource.

Natural Disaster – Threats & Risks:

  1. Nor’easters
  2. Hurricanes
  3. Coastal Flooding
  4. Inland Flooding
  5. Snowstorms
  6. Extreme Heat
  7. Drought
  8. Wildfires
  9. Tornadoes
  10. Earthquakes

Economy & Job Market

According to Economy Rankings by US News & World Report, Connecticut is currently ranked #30 in the United States. This score is based on three subcategories: business environment (#10), employment (#28), and growth (#43). Its GDP is approximately $264.5 billion, and the median income is $42,029.

Top Industries:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Bioscience
  3. Digital Media
  4. Green Technology
  5. Insurance & Financial Services

Top Employers:

  1. United Technologies (Farmington, 201,600 employees)
  2. XPO Logistics (Greenwich, 90,000 employees)
  3. Otis Elevator (Farmington, 63,000 employees)
  4. Amphenol (Wallingford, 62,000 employees)
  5. Subway (Milford, 58,300+ employees)
  6. Stanley Black & Decker (New Britain, 54,000+ employees)
  7. Aetna (Hartford, 49,500 employees)
  8. Carrier (Farmington, 44,500+ employees)
  9. Cigna (Bloomfield, 41,000 employees)
  10. Pratt & Whitney (East Hartford, 38,700+ employees)
  11. Xerox (Norwalk, 36,900 employees)
  12. EMCOR Group (Norwalk, 31,000 employees)
  13. Praxair (Danbury, 26,400+ employees)
  14. Harman International Industries (Stamford, 26,000 employees)
  15. Frontier Communications (Norwalk, 23,900+ employees)
  16. Booking Holdings (Norwalk, 22,500 employees)
  17. Fox Den (Old Greenwich, 22,000 employees)
  18. Hubbell Incorporated (Shelton, 18,000 employees)
  19. Hamilton Sundstrand (Windsor Locks, 17,100+ employees)
  20. The Hartford (Hartford, 16,900 employees)

Looking for work in Connecticut? Here are some handy resources:

  1. page: Find a Job –
  2. Job search: Indeed, LinkedIn, CollegeRecruiter, CareerBuilder
  3. Resume help: Monster, TopResume, ResumeRobin

Traffic and Transportation

When it comes to traffic, Connecticut has a less than stellar reputation. Along with a combo of bad highways, worn-out bridges and roads, and proximity to NYC and Boston, the New England state also has some of the worst drivers in the United States. All of these unfortunate factors lead to high traffic congestion.

On a brighter note, Connecticut does rank high in driving safety (the second-best in the country). There’s also a nice assortment of transportation options to get around the Constitution State.

Major Forms of Transportation:

  1. Airports (including Bradley International Airport)
  2. Rail (Amtrak, Metro-North Railroad New Haven Line, Shoreline East)
  3. Statewide Bus Services (Connecticut Transit)
  4. Charter Buses (Greyhound, Peter Pan Bus)
  5. Ferry (Chester-Hadlyme Ferry, Rocky Hill-Glastonbury Ferry)
  6. Taxi / Limousine Services
  7. Personal vehicles
  8. Car Rentals
  9. Bicycles
  10. Ridesharing (Uber, Lyft, etc.)

Primary Interstate Highways:

  • Interstate 84: At almost 98 miles in length, I-84 goes through Danbury, Waterbury, Hartford, and Union. It runs from the New York state line in Danbury to the Massachusetts state line.
  • Interstate 86: Built in 1971, this stretch of interstate highway is a little over 31 miles long. It travels from I-84 in East Harford to the Massachusetts state line. The interstate highway was formed in 1971.
  • Interstate 87: At only 1.41 miles in length, I-87 is the shortest section of highway in Connecticut. It runs from the New York state in near Greenwich to the York State Line near Armonk, NY.
  • Interstate 91: This acts as the primary north-south thoroughfare for the western part of the state. I-90 makes its way from the Massachusetts state line in Springfield, MA, to I-95 in New Haven.
  • Interstate 95: At 111.57 miles long, I-95 is the longest section of interstate highway in CT. It travels from the New York state line in Port Chester, NY to the Rhode Island state line in Hopkinton, RI.

According to Best and Worst States to Drive In by WalletHub, Connecticut ranks #40 in the nation. This ranking is based on four subcategories: cost of ownership & maintenance (#47), traffic & infrastructure (#34), safety (#2), and access to vehicles & maintenance (#24).

Things to Do

Tourist Destinations:

The Constitution State is home to rich American history and natural attractions.

  • Mystic Seaport: As a faithfully recreated seaside village from the 19th century, Mystic Seaport has a captivating charm. Explore tall ships, the aquarium, Colonial buildings, and more.
  • Yale University: As one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions in the US, Yale offers daily tours of Sterling Memorial Library, the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library, and so on.
  • Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum: Among the many museums devoted to art, the Aldrich is the only one in the state dedicated to contemporary art (and without any permanent exhibits).
  • The Glass House: Designed by Philip Johnson back in 1949 – he built it as his personal residence – the structure stands as a prime example of minimalist use of steel and glass as building materials.
  • New England Air Museum: Located at Bradley Airport, the New England Air Museum is devoted to the history of aviation. Its three hangars house more than 65 aircraft.

Food & Drink:

Connecticut is home to amazing burgers, fresh seafood, and more! Here are the top picks:

  • Top All-You-Can-Eat: Evergreens at the Simsbury Inn (Simsbury)
  • Top Bar: The Griswold Inn Tap Room (Essex)
  • Top Beer: Fuzzy Baby Ducks by New England Brewing Co. (Woodbridge)
  • Top Brunch: Engine Room (Mystic)
  • Top Sandwich: Abbott’s Lobster in the Rough (Noank)
  • Top Burger: The Original Burger at Louis’ Lunch (New Haven)
  • Top Chocolate Shop: Bridgewater Chocolate (West Hartford)
  • Top Chinese Restaurant: Peking Edo (New Haven)
  • Top Donuts: Dottie’s Diner (Woodbury)
  • Top Food Truck: The Mercado Food Truck (Glastonbury)

State Parks:

Want to explore Maryland’s natural beauty? Consider these popular state parks:

  • Sleeping Giant State Park: Ideal for viewing the fall foliage. Located in Hamden.
  • Harkness Memorial State Park: This Roman Revival-style mansion, the former summer home of philanthropists, boasts 42 rooms and sits on a sprawling 304-acre estate in Waterford.
  • Gillette Castle State Park: Located in East Haddam, this state park is home to a more modest 24-room mansion.
  • Hammonasset Beach State Park: This Madison-area beach offers swimmers and sunbathers 2-miles of beachfront on Long Island Sound.
  • Kent Falls State Park: Hike the falls, covered bridge, and more at this Kent destination.


The state is home to outstanding museums. Here are the Top 5 choices:

  • Yale University Art Gallery: The oldest college art museum in the United States.
  • The Submarine Force Museum: Home of the world’s first nuclear submarine.
  • Hill-Stead Museum: This museum in Farmington houses a large collection of French Impressionist paintings.
  • New Britain Museum of American Art: Focus on American artists and their work.
  • The Mark Twain House & Museum: The American writer Samuel Langhorne Clemens once called this grand Victorian Gothic house home.

Cool & Unusual:

Looking for something off the beaten path in Connecticut? Check out:

  • Holy Land, USA: John Baptist Greco built the park back in the 1950s as a religious roadside attraction dedicated to God. Found in Waterbury, the amusement park now sits abandoned.
  • Zaffis Museum of the Paranormal: Following in the footsteps of his paranormal-investigator relatives, John Zaffis eventually built this museum that houses items from his cases.
  • Traveler Restaurant: Are you a hungry bookworm? Don’t miss this spot. Nestled on the border between Connecticut and Massachusetts, the restaurant gives every diner a free book.
  • Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library: Located at Yale University, a 6-story tower protects this rare collection. It houses many works, including the Voynich Manuscript.
  • Walker Library of the History of Human Imagination: This private library – it was built for the founder of the Walker Digital R&D facility, Jay Scott Walker – is inspired by M.C. Escher.

Schools and Universities

Ranked #5 among states with the best schools by USA Today, Connecticut boasts the 5th highest public-school funding in the country (at $17,283 per pupil). It also has the 4th highest percentage of adults holding a bachelor’s degree or higher (38.6%). As for higher education, it’s home to several prestigious institutions, including Yale University (ranked the third best university in the United States).

Top CT Colleges:

  1. Yale University (New Haven)
  2. University of Connecticut (Storrs)
  3. Wesleyan University (Middletown)
  4. Connecticut College (New London)
  5. Trinity College (Hartford)
  6. Quinnipiac University (Hamden)
  7. Sacred Heart University (Fairfield)
  8. The United States Coast Guard Academy (New London)
  9. Fairfield University (Fairfield)
  10. University of Bridgeport (Bridgeport)

Top CT Public School Districts:

  1. Westport School District (Westport)
  2. New Canaan School District (New Canaan)
  3. Glastonbury School District (Glastonbury)
  4. Amity Regional School District No. 5 (Woodbridge)
  5. Darien School District (Darien)
  6. Weston School District (Weston)
  7. Farmington School District (Farmington)
  8. Wilton Public Schools (Wilton)
  9. Fairfield School District (Fairfield)
  10. West Hartford School District (West Hartford)

How to Become a Connecticut Resident

Becoming an official resident of Connecticut offers several advantages, including being able to qualify for financial aid and in-state tuition. Here are several ways to establish your Connecticut residency:

  1. Move to the state and establish domicile
  2. Purchase a home or sign a long-term lease
  3. Sever times with former state or territory
  4. Open bank account(s) in Connecticut
  5. Gain employment in the state
  6. Obtain a new CT driver’s license
  7. Title and register vehicles here
  8. Register to vote in Connecticut
  9. File Connecticut state taxes
  10. Enroll kid(s) in a school district

As for college tuition purposes, we suggest you fully research every college and university in which you are interested. Each institution follows its own set of criteria when determining eligibility.

Moving to Connecticut DMV

Acquiring a new driver’s license:

After moving to Connecticut, a new resident has 30 days to transfer a driver’s license.

Steps to getting a new license:

  1. Move to the state of Connecticut
  2. Gather the following documents: acceptable forms of ID, current driver’s license, completed Application for Non-Commercial Driver’s License, and payment for applicable fees
  3. Visit a local DMV Hub office
  4. Take a vision test
  5. Have photo taken
  6. If a license is expired, must take knowledge and road tests
  7. Pay application and license fees

Vehicle registration:

New CT residents must transfer registration of an out-of-state vehicle within 60 days.

First, if your vehicle is older than model-year 2016, you’ll need to pass a CT emissions test. Next, before you head out to your local DMV office, you’ll need to gather the following documents: 1) ID 2) Proof of insurance 3) Completed registration form (H-13B) 4) Vehicle inspection report 5) Proof of ownership (original title) or, if leasing, lienholder info and original power of attorney 6) Payment for fees.

To qualify to vote, you must be:

  1. A citizen of the United States
  2. A resident of Connecticut
  3. 18 years or older on election day
  4. Not under felony conviction or sentence
  5. Not disqualified due to court order

Connecticut offers same-day registration and online voter registration. The state does not permit early voting or no-excuse absentee voting. On election day, voters in Connecticut must show some form of valid ID at the polls. A photo is not required. Proof of citizenship is also not required in the state.

*NOTE: Convicted felons in Connecticut regain their voting rights upon completion of their sentence.

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Best Places to Live in Connecticut

Scoping out where to live in the Constitution State? Here are some of our top picks by region:


Population: 18,400
Median Home Value: $315,400
Region: Northern Connecticut

Our first stop takes us to Avon. Situated in the Farmington Valley region of Hartford County, the town of less than 19,000 is considered the #1 best suburb to buy a house in Connecticut. Approximately 85% of residents are homeowners, and public schools are highly rated.

As a suburb of Hartford, the capital of the state, Avon exudes a classic New England charm. And as previously mentioned, this is arguably the best place in CT to become a homeowner. The median selling price is currently $308,000, and buyers enjoy remarkable value for their money here. Couple that with stellar schools, low crime, and proximity to the city, and you have a winning combination!

  • Top private schools in Avon, CT: Avon High School, Avon Middle School, Pine Grove School, Roaring Brook School, and Thompson Brook School
  • Top private schools: Avon Old Farms School, Farmington Valley Academy Montessori, and Talcott Academy of Science, Mathematics, and Technology

First-time buyer or looking to grow your family? Either way, Avon is a great suburb to raise kids and commute in the state of Connecticut.


Population: 25,000
Median Home Value: $314,700
Region: Northern Connecticut

Next, we make our way to Simsbury. Another top suburb of Hartford, the northern Connecticut town of 25,000, is ranked by many as one of the best places to live in the state. Here, 83% of residents own their homes, and public schools are highly ranked.

With an attractive mix of selling points – it offers stellar schools and is great for families, to name a few – Simsbury has been earning accolades left and right. These praises caught the attention of The Crazy Tourist, which placed Simsbury at the top of the list of 15 best places to live in Connecticut. It’s surprising to see a suburb of a capital city come in first place, but Simsbury is definitely worthy of the praise!

  • Top public schools in Simsbury, CT: Simsbury High School, Tariffville School, Canton High School, Tootin’ Hills School, and Central School
  • Top private schools: Westminster School, The Ethel Walker School, The Master’s School, St. Mary’s School, and The Cobb School

Looking for arguably the best place to live in the Hartford area? Look no further than Simsbury.


Population: 3,000
Median Home Value: $287,800
Region: Northern Connecticut

Weatogue, a census-designated place (CDP), is a small village of approximately 3,000. Considered the second-best place to raise a family in the Hartford area, the tiny suburb offers a neighborly, welcoming atmosphere. 83% of residents are homeowners, and the public schools are highly rated.

If you’re looking for a quiet place close to Simsbury and Hartford, but with even more affordable housing and a smaller population, Weatogue is the top choice. Along with Avon, it’s one of the best places to buy a house in the entire state. With a small-village vibe, there are plenty of family-centered activities available, including swimming, soccer, ice skating, and picnicking, parades, festivals, and fairs.

As for drawbacks, the population is comprised mainly of families, elderly, and wealthy people. But considering what the village offers – the great housing market, super-low crime, and an environment perfect for raising kids – the pros definitely outweigh this relatively minor con.

  • Top public schools in Weatogue, CT: Simsbury High School, Tootin’ Hills School, Central School, Latimer Lane School, and Henry James Memorial School
  • Top private schools: The Walker School and The Cobb School

In search of a cozy village near the town of Simsbury? Weatogue is waiting with open arms.

West Hartford

Population: 63,400
Median Home Value: $258,800
Region: Northern Connecticut

Our last stop in northern Connecticut lands us in West Hartford. With a population of less than 64,000, and as a suburb of Hartford, the city is ranked the #1 suburb in Connecticut. 72% of residents own their homes, and the public schools are exceptional.

Less than a 15-minute drive west of Hartford, West Hartford is consistently ranked as not only one of the best places to live in the state but the entire country. Home of the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) and the University of Hartford (UHart), the area is particularly popular with millennials.

Among its top-selling points: affordable housing, charming atmosphere, safe & secure neighborhoods, plenty of activities (swimming, hiking, numerous clubs, so on), and an awesome downtown. Affectionately called “The Center,” West Hartford Center is an extremely popular downtown area. From Blue Black Square to Pixi Hair Studio to Bridgewater Chocolate, there’s something for everybody!

  • Top public schools: Conrad High School, Hall High School, Bugbee School, Bristow Middle School, and Whiting Lane School
  • Top private school: Kingswood-Oxford School, Northwest Catholic High School, Hebrew High School of New England, Renbrook School, and St. Thomas the Apostle School
  • Top colleges: The University of Saint Joseph, University of Hartford, and American Institute-West Hartford.

If you’re considering a move to a Connecticut suburb, you’ll be hardpressed to find one that offers quality amenities, opportunities, and activities like West Hartford!

New Haven

Population: 130,000
Median Home Value: $181,600
Region: Southern Connecticut

Moving down to the southern portion of Connecticut, we make our first stop in New Haven. Nestled along the northern shore of Long Island Sound, the coastal city of 131,000 is one of the Top 100 places to live in America. About 72% of residents rent their homes, and the public schools are rated average.

Home to Yale University, New Haven fuses quintessential New England charm with cosmopolitan livability. Speaking of livability, the city recently ranked #77 among the Top 100 Places to Live by Livability. The list of appealing features includes a top college-town atmosphere, scrumptious food, funky & cute shops, vibrant nightlife, a strong business community, and low-cost housing. It also has a superb infrastructure, providing high walkability and accessible public transportation.

The top employers include Yale University and Southern Connecticut University. Downtown New Haven is home to many stellar stores, cafes, restaurants, parks, and more. As for drawbacks, there are parts of the city that struggle with unemployment, crime, and poverty.

  • Top public schools: Booker T. Washington Academy, Elm City College Preparatory School, Engineering – Science University Magnet School, Amistad Academy, and Worthington Hooker School.
  • Top private schools: Hopkins School, The Foote School, St. Francis & St. Rose of Lima School, Catholic Academy of New Haven, and Cold Spring School.
  • Top colleges: Yale University, Albertus Magnus College, Southern Connecticut State University, University of New Haven, and Gateway Community College – Connecticut.

From ivy-league education to topnotch entertainment to the charming environment (plus, amazing pizza!), you can certainly make the argument that New Haven is one of the greatest cities in the nation.


Population: 131,000
Median Home Value: $479,800
Region: Southern Connecticut

Found in Fairfield County, Stamford sits along the Long Island Sound. As the second-most populous city in Connecticut, Stamford is considered the #52 best city for young professionals in the United States. Approximately 54% of residents are homeowners, and the public schools rate as above average.

Known as a cultural community, Stamford has a strong arts scene and high diversity (including a wide swath of culture and cuisine). It is also home to several Fortune 500 companies (with one of the highest concentrations of corporations in the US) and some of the highest earners in Connecticut. It’s also part of the Greater New York metro area, and it’s only about 30 miles northeast of Manhattan.

Along with its convenient proximity to major hubs, Stamford offers plenty of things to do, reasonable housing prices (from condos to luxury homes), low unemployment, numerous events (like [email protected]), beaches, parks, public & private marinas, and a thriving & welcoming place in Stamford Downtown.

As for downsides, summertime brings hot and muggy weather. As for winter, it can get pretty cold and snowy. Overall, though, it’s a small price to pay for a city that works so great.

  • Top public schools: North Mianus School, International School at Dundee, North Street School, Eastern Middle School, and Old Greenwich School
  • Top private schools: King School, Trinity Catholic High School, Bi-Cultural Day School, St. Cecilia Elementary School, and Trinity Catholic Middle School
  • Top college: University of Connecticut – Stamford
  • Top neighborhoods: Newfield, Westover, Turn of River, North Stamford, and Springdale

If you’re an ambitious professional or growing family, Stamford is the #1 place to live to take advantage of a diverse range of opportunities and a great lifestyle in the southwestern tip of Connecticut.


Population: 10,400
Median Home Value: $699,200
Region: Southern Connecticut

Weston, situated in Fairfield County, is a town of less than 11,000. It’s considered one of the Top 5 places to live in Connecticut. An astounding 96% of residents own their homes, and the public schools are excellent.

According to HomeSnacks, Weston is #1 among the safest cities in Connecticut. That’s saying a lot, considering the overall high safety rating of the state of Connecticut. Violent crime is virtually non-existent. The town is also home to Devil’s Den Preserve, the largest preserve in CT, ideal for fun outdoor activities. Weston offers residents proximity to NYC, and almost 20% of them commute to the Big Apple for work.

As for drawbacks, the city is on the steeper side in terms of housing prices (with a current median listing price of $777,000). You certainly get what you pay for, though.

  • Top public schools serving the Weston area: Weston High School, Weston Middle School, Weston Intermediate School, and Hurlbutt Elementary School

Quiet, wooded, and offering a consummate selection of top-tier schools and other benefits, Weston is a beautiful, diverse, and accepting community for families, retirees, professionals, and LGBTQ folks.


Population: 28,000
Median Home Value: $1.04 million
Region: Southern Connecticut

Last but not least, we end our tour in Westport. As a highly desirable “suburb” of NYC – it’s 52 miles northeast of the city – the city of 28,000 is one of the richest communities in the United States. About 83% of residents are homeowners, and the public schools are highly rated.

Offering first-rate schools, exquisite coastal living, beautiful homes, stellar shopping & dining in Downtown Westport, and famous residents (including Nile Rogers, Michael Bolton, Joanne Woodward, and Paul Newman), Westport is a place with a passion for education, arts, and living well. The median annual household income is between $150,000 and $180,000, and the town is business-friendly.

As for downsides, this is the most expensive housing market on the list. The median home value is currently $1.04 million. Values have declined by almost 5% year-over-year as of the beginning of 2020. Needless to say, though, it takes quite a bit of financial wherewithal to live in Westport, CT.

  • Top public schools in Westport, CT: Staples High School, Greens Farms School, Long Lots School, King’s Highway Elementary School, and Saugatuck Elementary School
  • Top private schools: Greens Farms Academy, Pierrepont School, Landmark of Ridgefield Academy, and The Learning Community Day School
  • Top college: Cortiva Institute – Westport

Offering a blend of rustic beauty, coastal charm, and the right amount of sophistication, Westport is a superb place to live, with a small-town vibe and a big heart along Connecticut’s Gold Coast.

How to Move to Connecticut State

Without proper planning and execution, a Connecticut move can be super stressful. Below, we’ve included a handy interstate moving checklist to help you keep on time and budget.

Two to Three Months Before Moving

  • First of all, don’t procrastinate: Okay, so this should be obvious. But it’s easy to put things off until the last minute. If you want to enjoy a drama-free CT relocation, you’ll need to plan. Begin to prepare for your move at least two to three months before your moving date.
  • Check out your new community: Moving to a new state is exciting, but are you prepared for the change? The best way to find out is to explore your new town or city. If possible, plan a trip. Get to know everything the area has to offer: job opportunities, schools, events, activities, etc.
  • Research moving companies: Not all CT movers offer reliable services. To safeguard yourself, compare at least three to five candidates. Makes sure each company is fully licensed and insured for your type of move. Great Guys makes the process super easy. Contact us today!
  • Book moving services ASAP: Once you’ve narrowed your search, it’s time to select the right services. For the best rates and availability, you’ll want to hire early on. Are you looking for even greater savings? If so, look into moving during the off-season (winter and fall) to save more money.
  • Decide on a place to live: If you’ve done this already, skip to the next step. If not, keep in mind what suits your needs and wants. Do you like the vibrancy of a city? Or the peace & quiet of a small town? Remember, this move is yours. Don’t settle if you don’t have to.
  • Notify important parties: Rent your place? Give your landlord a heads up ASAP. This notice will limit any issues with your reference or deposit. Own your home? For a successful sale or rental process, reach out to a real estate professional. Their expertise will go a long way.
  • Perform purging process: Also known as decluttering, this saves space and money. To start, take inventory of your household. Next, one room at a time, sort through stuff. Choose what you want to keep or discard. Label or separate accordingly, then sell, donate, or recycle disused items.
  • Reserve storage: Not quite ready to move into your new place? Have a bunch of stuff that won’t fit in your new home? In any case, our moving partners also provide affordable storage.
  • Take a look at insurance: Don’t overlook it. You never know when an accident will strike. Better safe than sorry. Contact your insurer and moving company for current coverage and options.

One to Two Months Out

  • Start the packing process: Again, procrastination is not your friend. Don’t make that mistake! It’s imperative you give yourself ample time to collect quality moving supplies and properly pack (especially fragile items). Need help? We can hook you up with a cheap packing service.
  • Change mailing address: To do so, either visit a local post office or go online to the USPS site. Also, don’t forget to update information for online services, box subscriptions, and so on.
  • Cover utilities and services: Don’t forget to close accounts (bank accounts, local memberships, etc.) you won’t need anymore. If possible, have utilities turned off the day after you move. Schedule new services like internet to be active by the time you move into your new place.
  • Visit doctors (both for pets and humans): Got a furry friend or two? Take them to the vet. Also, check out Connecticut state and local pet laws. Schedule special transport if required. As for kids and yourself, make appointments to see physicians, pediatricians, eye doctors, and so on.
  • Take care of food: Have a pantry or fridge filled with perishables? Save yourself a trip or two to the grocery store and eat this first. Then, donate or give to friends, family, and neighbors anything you can’t eat.
  • Have cash handy: You never know when you could use some cash on the road, particularly during a long-distance haul. Withdraw a few hundred for emergencies and to tip movers.

One to Two Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Clean: At this point, you should be pretty much done with packing. If so, take this opportunity to start cleaning your old place. Fully empty and sanitize the fridge and other kitchen appliances. It’s also a good idea to hire pro cleaners for a good house showing or to satiate your lease.
  • Create essentials box: Also known as a ‘first-night’ box,’ it should contain all the items you’ll need for the first 24 to 48 hours at your new place. Make sure to include stuff like meds, prescriptions, toiletries, bedding, clothes, tools, snacks, hand tools, and so on.
  • Service vehicle: Planning on driving to Connecticut? If so, it pays to make sure your ride is in tiptop shape. Take your vehicle in to be professionally inspected and serviced. Have routine services performed, including oil change, tire rotation, and air conditioning check.
  • Confirm moving arrangements: About a week out, touch base with your moving company. Double-check arrival time, exchange on-road contact numbers, and go over instructions.
  • Commemorate your move: Don’t forget to spend quality time with loved ones. Some ideas include throwing a going-away party, planning a group outing, and scheduling one-on-one time. Whatever you choose to do, you can spread out activities over one day or several weeks.
  • Stay in: The night before moving day, you’ll want to rest up. Instead of going out late or partying, try to stay home, relax, eat well, hydrate, and get plenty of quality sleep.

Moving Day

  • Meet up with movers: Moving day has arrived! To make sure everyone’s on the same page, try to meet up with moving crew. Answer any questions and provide clarification on instructions.
  • Perform walkthrough: Have the movers finished up? Great! Take this time to take one last tour of your old place. As you go from room to room, look out for overlooked items or messes.
  • Enjoy yourself: The last few months have been hectic. Remember, though, that the journey is just as important as the destination. Make some great memories to start this new chapter!

Quality Moving Services from Connecticut Movers

Great Guys Long Distance Movers offers top Connecticut moving services at reasonable rates.

Long Distance Moves

Headed to or out of the Nutmeg State? Whether you’re moving from a New England state or relocating cross-country, our network of experienced long-distance movers is the best in the business.

Intrastate & Local Moves

Moving to New Haven? West Hartford? In any case, you don’t have to sacrifice when it comes to moving services. Hire vetted, trustworthy local movers at a price that will put a big smile on your face.

International Moves

Taking off to a new country soon? Whether it involves a new corporate position, fresh start, or military relocation, we can hook you up with a licensed international relocation service for a seamless move.

Small Load Moves

Just because you don’t live in a big house doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy convenient moving services. From one-bedroom apartments to dorms and studios, our small-load movers are quick and cheap.

Furniture Shipments

Got an heirloom curio cabinet? Maybe an entire house full of bulky furniture? Whatever your needs, we can connect you with a furniture moving company with the right tools, knowledge, and experience.

Piano Transport

Whether you have a vintage organ or concert piano, you deserve to have your treasured instrument handled with the utmost care. Our piano movers provide safe delivery to a new home or venue.

Art Shipping & Transport

Don’t leave your precious art, antiques, or collectibles in the wrong hands. Our art shippers are highly specialized. From non-abrasive packaging to custom carpentry services, we’ve got you covered.


Remodeling? Traveling the globe? Need to stash extra items? In any event, you could use secure & clean storage. Our moving partners offer short-term and long-term storage options. Contact us today!

Last Minute & Short Notice Moves

Dealing with a sudden move? We know how stressed you must be. Fortunately, we specialize in situations like this. When you’re in a pinch, we can find you reputable last-minute movers ASAP.

Residential Moves

Moving into a new household? Congrats! This transition is an exciting time, but it’s also one filled with anxiety. Let one of our dependable CT residential moving companies take the stress right off your shoulders.

Packing Services

Don’t have the time, energy or capability to pack everything? No worries! Our friendly professional packers are ready to lend a helping hand – from partial packing to full-service packing options.

Commercial and Office Moves

Relocating your office or the entire company? Rely on the best commercial movers in Connecticut. From small retail spaces to corporate HQ relocations, we have the perfect fit for a successful transition.

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