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Ready to leap into a world of enchanting beauty, boundless adventure, and incredible opportunity? Look no further than Colorado! This striking state holds the key to your dream lifestyle – whether you crave the great outdoors, savor vibrant urban living, or anything in between. Our comprehensive Colorado relocation guide is here to assist on your journey, seamlessly unearthing the hidden gems that truly make this place sparkle. Hold on tight, it's time to ride through the captivating realms of Colorado's valleys, mountains, and cities that eagerly await your arrival.

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What to Know Before Moving to Colorado

1. Get ready to adjust to the altitude

There’s no escaping the fact that Colorado is located at a seriously high altitude (Denver, the state capital, is known as the Mile High City after all). It may take newcomers a little time for their bodies to adjust to the thinner air. Those moving to Colorado might find themselves experiencing symptoms like headaches, shortness of breath, or trouble sleeping. But don’t worry; give it some time and your body will adapt to its new, lofty home. In the meantime, stay well-hydrated, get plenty of rest, and consider easing into physical activities until you’re feeling more adjusted.

2. Enjoy the outdoorsy lifestyle

One of the most attractive things about moving to Colorado is the easy access to a variety of outdoor recreational activities. Year-round sunshine (more than 300 days a year!) allows for hiking, biking, and rock climbing, while picturesque ski resorts provide fun for snow enthusiasts. With so many choices, it's no surprise that Colorado is consistently ranked as one of the healthiest states in the U.S. Your weekends and free time can now be filled with exploring the mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes that dot the beautiful landscape.

3. Be prepared to navigate unpredictable weather

While Colorado might be known for its sunny days, that doesn't mean that the weather is always predictable. With its location up in the mountains, Colorado's weather can be quite changeable; it might be sunny one moment then snowy the next – sometimes all in the same day! When moving to Colorado, be prepared for sudden weather shifts by dressing in layers and keeping an umbrella or light jacket handy just in case.

4. Say goodbye to your humidifier

Colorado's high altitude means that the air is much drier than in other parts of the country, so you likely won't need to keep a humidifier running 24/7. However, this also means you'll have to give more attention to skincare and hydration. Get ready to invest in some good quality moisturizer and keep drinking plenty of water to stay properly hydrated and comfortable.

5. Experience the glorious aspen foliage in the fall

When you think of fall foliage, chances are that New England springs to mind. However, Colorado's aspen groves give the East Coast a run for its money when it comes to stunning autumnal displays. With shimmering golden leaves that seem to glow in the sunlight, walking through an aspen grove in the fall is a true joy. So, when autumn rolls around, grab your camera and soak in the beautiful colors for yourself.

6. Take advantage of Colorado's hidden wine country

When you think of American wine country, you probably think of rolling vineyards in California and Oregon. However, Colorado has its own hidden gem in the form of the Western Slope region. Located on the other side of the Continental Divide from Denver, this area boasts several wineries producing exceptional vintages. Be sure to sample these local delights and enjoy a vineyard tour or two once you’re settled in your new Colorado home.

In conclusion, moving to Colorado offers a wealth of opportunities for those who love the outdoors, sunshine, and a healthy lifestyle. That said, there are some unique aspects to life in Colorado that new residents should be prepared for, such as the high altitude, dry air, and sometimes unpredictable weather. But with so many wonderful experiences to be had in this breathtaking state, adjusting to these quirks should be a small price to pay for the incredible adventure that awaits!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Colorado

Pros of Living in Colorado

Outdoor Activities

Colorado offers a variety of outdoor activities for residents such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, mountain biking, and camping. This makes the state a haven for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers looking to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.

Scenic Beauty

Colorado is home to many breathtaking landscapes, including the famous Rocky Mountains, scenic valleys, and the Garden of the Gods. This makes the state a popular tourist destination, and residents can enjoy these beautiful sights year-round.

Healthy Lifestyle

Colorado consistently ranks as one of the healthiest states in the US, with lower instances of obesity and a higher life expectancy. This is likely due to the state's emphasis on outdoor activities and a culture that promotes health-conscious living.

Strong Economy

Colorado has a thriving economy in various industries such as aerospace, technology, and agriculture. The state boasts a low unemployment rate, offering job opportunities in different sectors, making it an ideal place to start or advance in your career.

High Quality of Life

Colorado offers a high quality of life for its residents, with top-notch education systems, diverse culture, and great entertainment options. The state is also known for its friendly communities and progressive mindset, contributing to a welcoming atmosphere for newcomers.

Cons of Living in Colorado

High Cost of Living

Colorado has a relatively high cost of living, especially in popular cities like Denver and Boulder. Housing costs have seen significant increases in recent years, making it challenging for many people to find affordable housing or purchase a home in the area.

Traffic and Population Growth

With rapid population growth, traffic congestion has become a common issue in Colorado's major cities. The increase in cars on the road also contributes to air pollution, and residents may find it challenging to navigate rush hour traffic during peak times.

Unpredictable Weather

Colorado's weather can be unpredictable, with sudden shifts between sunny days and snowstorms, especially in the mountain regions. This can make it difficult to plan outdoor activities in advance and may require adjusting to quickly changing weather conditions.

Tourism and Crowded Attractions

Due to its natural beauty and outdoor activities, Colorado is a popular tourist destination, which can lead to crowded attractions and busy roads. This can be frustrating for residents who may encounter difficulty finding parking or have to deal with packed trails and campsites during peak seasons.

High Altitude

Living in Colorado means adjusting to a higher altitude, which can cause some health issues such as altitude sickness, dehydration, and shortness of breath. It may take newcomers time to acclimate to these conditions, and they may need to be cautious during physical activities, especially in the mountains.

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Is Colorado a Good State to Live In?

Colorado is a great place to live because of its stunning landscapes, active lifestyle, and diverse cultural offerings. Residents enjoy vast outdoor recreational opportunities, a rapidly growing economy, and a strong sense of community in this “Centennial State.”

What Is Colorado Famous For?


Rocky Mountain High

With 58 peaks soaring over 14,000 feet high, Colorado is a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts. From hiking and rock climbing to skiing and snowboarding, the majestic Rocky Mountains provide endless opportunities for adventure and breathtaking views.

A Colorful Capital

Denver, affectionately known as the "Mile High City," sits exactly one mile above sea level. This bustling metropolis offers a vibrant arts scene, diverse dining options, and a rich history, all set against the stunning backdrop of the Rockies.

Legally Green

Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana use in 2012. As a result, there's a thriving cannabis industry within the state, with numerous dispensaries, tours, and events dedicated to celebrating and educating visitors about the world of weed.

Microbrew Mecca

Beer lovers, rejoice! Colorado is home to more than 300 craft breweries, earning it a well-deserved reputation as a haven for craft beer enthusiasts. From small, family-owned operations to nationally renowned brands like New Belgium Brewing, there's a brew for every taste in the Centennial State.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

Property tax rates in Colorado are among the lowest in the country, with an average rate of 0.49% in 2023. This is significantly lower than the national average of 1.07%.

Sales Tax

As of 2023, the combined state and local sales tax rate in Colorado averages 7.63%; however, it can range from 2.9% to over 11%. This places Colorado's sales tax within the middle range of sales tax rates in the United States.

Income Tax

Colorado has a flat income tax rate of 4.55% for all residents. This rate is lower than the national average for state income tax rates, with many states employing progressive income tax systems where higher earners pay more.

Housing Market

Colorado's housing market is highly competitive with both home prices and rental rates significantly higher than the national average. The state has a median home value of $477,000 compared to the US median of $295,300, and a median rent of $1,775 compared to the US median of $1,062. While the market is more affordable in smaller towns and rural areas, homebuyers and renters should be prepared for fast-moving inventory and limited availability in popular cities like Denver and Boulder.

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Cost of Living

Colorado's cost of living remains slightly higher than the national average, largely due to housing costs. While the state offers competitive salaries and a strong economy, its housing and rental markets continue to be expensive, making it less attractive for people considering relocating. Colorado ranks higher in cost of living when compared to nearby states like Utah and Kansas. Despite this, the state remains appealing for its natural beauty, outdoor activities, and quality of life, making it a desirable destination for many.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Colorado experiences a diverse climate due to its varied topography, ranging from semi-arid to alpine climates. The state enjoys an overall temperate weather pattern, marked by cold, snowy winters and warm, sunny summers. With over 300 days of sunshine annually, Colorado is well-known for its sun-soaked days and clear blue skies. The eastern plains have a semi-arid Continental climate, while the western region has significantly colder winters and cooler summers. Mountainous areas endure heavy snowfall and alpine conditions. The state is susceptible to multiple natural hazards, such as droughts, wildfires, landslides, and flash floods. In addition, Colorado is located in a seismically active region, making it prone to occasional low-to-moderate earthquakes. Severe weather events, including thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hailstorms, also pose a danger to residents. Despite these challenges, many are drawn to Colorado's beautiful scenery and abundant outdoor recreation opportunities.

Economy & Job Market

Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

Healthcare and Social Assistance

Real Estate, Rental, and Leasing

Advanced Technology and Manufacturing

Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

Known for its picturesque landscapes, Colorado has a history of thriving businesses that compliment the abundant outdoor recreations. Historically, mining for gold, silver, and other hard minerals was a cornerstone of Colorado's economy, which later gave way to the energy industry and manufacturing. Presently, the Centennial State boasts a diverse and robust economy with strong top industries, such as professional, scientific, and technical services, healthcare and social assistance, and real estate. In recent years, advanced technology and manufacturing have gained momentum, and of course, outdoor recreation and tourism play a vital role in Colorado's economy.

Hey there, future Coloradan! If you're planning a move to this beautiful state and seek employment, you're in luck as Colorado consistently boasts low unemployment rates, hovering around 2.4% - 3.0%. The Denver and Boulder areas are known for their booming job markets, with a strong presence in technology, renewable energy, and aerospace industries. Additionally, cities like Fort Collins and Colorado Springs provide ample opportunities in the healthcare and education sectors. The continued growth in tourism, driven by the state's unmatched natural beauty and recreational activities, also presents job openings in the hospitality and service industries. So pack your bags, and let the big blue skies of Colorado open up exciting career prospects!

Traffic and Transportation

Oh, Colorado... that breathtaking, mountainous paradise! The Centennial State is not just about taking in the stunning views; it's also about getting from point A to point B in style. While most Coloradans rely on cars, even in big cities like Denver or Colorado Springs, the average commute time is a breeze compared to other major urban areas – it is just under 25 minutes! Whether you're a local or a visitor, there's a whole slew of public transportation options to choose from. You can hop on RTD's slick light rail or buses in the Denver metro area or take a scenic ride on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway. Mountain towns like Aspen and Vail also have their own free bus systems – we love a freebie, right?

For those looking to soar above the Rockies, Colorado boasts one of the nation's busiest airports (Denver International Airport) and several regional hubs, such as Colorado Springs and Aspen. So when you're ready to hit the open skies or crave a new adventure, Colorado has got you covered! Happy travels!

What is the traffic like in Colorado?

Things to Do

Welcome to colorful Colorado, the epitome of natural beauty, thrilling adventures, and western culture! Whether you're moving to the state or just exploring, you'll surely find more than seven exciting things to do. To help get you started, we've narrowed down some unique, fun, and hidden-gem activities that will make your Colorado experience unforgettable.

1. Hiking the Maroon Bells

Colorado is synonymous with the great outdoors, and hiking is one of the top pastimes for many locals. For those new to the state, the Maroon Bells is a must-visit destination. These stunning twin peaks, located in the Elk Mountains of the White River National Forest, are a breathtaking sight accompanied by a scenic trail. Take a leisurely 1.9-mile hike to Maroon Lake for incredible views of the peaks reflecting off the water, or challenge yourself with the 11-mile round trip to Crater Lake.

2. Soaking in Strawberry Park Hot Springs

After a long day hiking, the naturally fed mineral springs in Strawberry Park Hot Springs make for a relaxing retreat. The park offers a series of large, steaming pools nestled amongst the picturesque mountains. Open year-round, Strawberry Park is a unique experience for those looking to take a break from ordinary life and immerse themselves in nature. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit!

3. Experiencing Meow Wolf

Art lovers, rejoice! Meow Wolf is a quirky and imaginative art experience located in Denver, featuring the unique work of over 200 artists. Enter the immersive world they've created, filled with hidden passages, secret rooms, and interactive exhibits that challenge your perceptions of reality. Fantastic for families and solo adventurers alike, you'll find yourself exploring for hours at this captivating playground for the senses. It's an art exhibit unlike any other you've experienced before.

4. Sandboarding at Great Sand Dunes National Park

Tucked away in Southern Colorado is Great Sand Dunes National Park, home to the tallest sand dunes in North America. While hiking up these towering piles of sand is an adventure of its own, there's an even more thrilling way to explore this unique environment - sandboarding! Rent a board at the park entrance and carve your way down the slopes, or try "sand sledding" for a family-friendly alternative. Just be prepared to have sand in your shoes for days.

5. Canoeing in Grand Mesa National Forest

Let's swap out the sand for some serenity and head over to Grand Mesa National Forest. With more than 500 lakes and reservoirs, the opportunities for paddling and canoeing amidst natural splendor are abundant. Take a peaceful canoe trip across the turquoise waters of Island Lake while admiring the stunning rocky skyline, or choose from countless other options within the park. The Forest Service even offers a canoeing class for those looking to hone their skills before venturing out on their own.

6. Gazing at the Paint Mines

For a lesser-known and truly surreal experience in Colorado, the Paint Mines Interpretive Park is a hidden gem. With otherworldly, colorful geological formations made of vibrant clay and sandstone, this natural landmark is a striking visual treat. These formations have even been used by Native Americans for pottery and paint-making in ancient times. Hike around the trails and lose yourself in the unique labyrinth-like landscape that combines history and wonder.

7. Exploring the Wild Animal Sanctuary

Last, but certainly not least, visit the Wild Animal Sanctuary, a 789-acre haven dedicated to rescuing and housing abused, neglected, or illegally-owned captive wildlife. At this unique sanctuary, you can journey along the 3-mile elevated walkway for intimate views of over 500 animals, including lions, tigers, bears, wolves, and many more. This incredible opportunity to observe and learn about their stories will make you fall in love with Colorado's dedication to wildlife preservation.

While this list encompasses just a handful of adventures awaiting you in Colorado, there are countless more to discover. The state's natural beauty, vibrant cultural scene, and outdoor recreation opportunities make it a playground for people of all ages, interests, and abilities. So get out there, explore, and remember: the best way to experience Colorado is to do like the locals do and embrace a spirit of adventure!

Things to do in Colorado?

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