Moving to Thousand Oaks

Nestled uniquely between the energetic buzz of Los Angeles and the serene tranquility of the California coast, Thousand Oaks promises a lifestyle that truly captures the spirit of the Golden State. With its captivating blend of endless outdoor adventures, a thriving arts community, top-tier school systems, and some of the safest neighborhoods in the country, moving to Thousand Oaks, CA might feel like you've stumbled upon a well-kept secret. Welcome to your comprehensive guide to relocating to this hidden gem, where you can explore everything this vibrant city has to offer.

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What to Know Before Moving to Thousand Oaks

1. A Welcoming Combination of City and Suburb

If you relish the notion of living in a locale that smartly combines the perks of urbanity with the tranquility of suburbia, Thousand Oaks is your spot. Nestled between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Thousand Oaks offers the best of both worlds, with easy accessibility to both city life and the relaxed charm of a smaller community. Enjoy a vivacious downtown, phenomenal schools, ample parks and open spaces, all in one smooth package.

2. Sunny Days Are a Lifestyle Here

Planning to move into Thousand Oaks? Pack light on sweaters and heavy on sunscreen! With over 250 sun-soaked days in a year, Thousand Oaks boasts a remarkable, moderate climate that residents simply adore. While the summer days can get warm, ocean breezes keep the heat in check, leading to perfect beach days. And yes, winter here means flip-flops and t-shirts!

3. Safety is Paramount

In Thousand Oaks, safety isn't just a bullet point in a brochure, it's a reality. Year after year, this city features in the list of the safest cities in America. Thanks to the effective local law enforcement and the involved community, living in Thousand Oaks means peace of mind is a given. Whether you are a singleton or a family person, safety is undoubtedly a standout feature of this city.

4. You'll Most Certainly Jog into a Deer!

Here's a fun, little-known fact about Thousand Oaks - prepare to have wildlife as your neighbors! The city derives its name from the numerous oak trees that beautify the region, creating an environment that attracts an array of wildlife, including deer, coyotes, and even bobcats. An early morning run may quickly turn into a delightful rendezvous with a deer or two!

5. Home to America's Most Interesting Soccer Mom

Another unique fact about Thousand Oaks is that it is the hometown of Heather Mitts, three-time Olympic gold medalist for women's soccer and unabashed soccer mom. Yes, this city has a history of breeding talent in various fields. Who knows, you might run into future Olympians at the city's many parks, playing fields, and excellent sports training facilities!

6. Cultural Hub with a Flourishing Art Scene

Thousand Oaks is not just about nature and sports; this city is also a cultural melting pot. Take a break from the sun and visit one of the many museums, galleries, or theaters that the city hosts. Attend a live performance at the Civic Arts Plaza or view a rotating gallery at the Thousand Oaks Community Gallery. This city is truly a haven for arts and culture enthusiasts.

Now, whether you are looking for a sunny place to retire or a safe, vibrant environment to raise your kids, Thousand Oaks checks every box. Not only does it boast the glamorous nightlife of Los Angeles and the serene beaches of Santa Barbara, but it's also a home where you will find peace, safety, and a strong community spirit. Plus, the chance of bumping into wildlife or an Olympic gold medalist at the local supermarket is just an added bonus! Needless to say, Thousand Oaks is a pretty fantastic place to call home. What to know before moving to Thousand Oaks, CA image
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Pros and Cons of Living in Thousand Oaks

Pros of Living in Thousand Oaks

High Quality of Life

Thousand Oaks consistently ranks high for its quality of life. The city is known for its clean environment, low crime rate, excellent schools, and abundant recreational opportunities. It's one of the safest cities in the U.S., making it a highly desirable place to raise a family.

Outdoor Recreation

Thousand Oaks is a great place for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers numerous pristine parks and open spaces, including the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, for hiking, cycling, and camping. With its proximity to the beach, residents can also easily enjoy coastal activities.

Arts and Culture

Thousand Oaks is rich in arts and culture. The city is home to the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, which offers various cultural and entertainment events. It also has several interesting museums and galleries that enrich the local culture.

Strong Economy

Thousand Oaks has a robust economy with numerous job opportunities. It's known for its biotechnology industry, having several well-established companies in this field. The city's strong employment market attracts professionals from diverse sectors.

Great Shopping and Dining

Thousand Oaks offers diverse shopping and dining experiences. The Oaks mall houses numerous boutiques and department stores, while unique local restaurants serve different cuisines to cater to a variety of tastes. This makes the city a great place for people who enjoy gastronomy and retail therapy.

Cons of Living in Thousand Oaks

High Cost of Living

Living in Thousand Oaks can be expensive. The cost of housing, groceries, and other expenses are considerably higher than the national average. This may not be ideal for those on a tight budget.

Heavy Traffic

Thousand Oaks residents often face heavy traffic, especially during peak hours. Though the city has a generally good system of roads and freeways, commuting can still be time-consuming and stressful.

Lack of Diversity

Though gradually changing, Thousand Oaks has been perceived as being not as culturally diverse as other parts of California. Its population predominantly consists of residents of European descent, which some may see as a lack of cultural variety.

High Taxes

The state of California has one of the highest tax rates in the U.S. and Thousand Oaks is no exception. The high taxes can be a deterrent for some people considering moving to the area.

Seasonal Wildfires

Like much of California, Thousand Oaks is at risk of wildfires, especially during the dry season. Wildfires can cause damage and disruption, and are a continuing concern for residents.

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Is Thousand Oaks a Good Place to Live?

Thousand Oaks, CA is a great place to live because of its calm, suburban vibe, excellent schools, and close proximity to both the beaches and cultural spots of Los Angeles. With its numerous parks, hiking trails, and stunning mountain views, outdoor enthusiasts always have something to explore. Also, its low crime rate and a strong sense of community make it a perfect place to raise a family, or enjoy a peaceful retirement.

What Is Thousand Oaks Famous For?

The Gardens of the World

One of the most distinct landmarks in Thousand Oaks is the Gardens of the World. This beautiful, 4.5-acre garden features representations from different parts of the world including a Japanese Garden, English Rose Garden, French Garden, an Italian Garden and more. It's a truly enchanting space where visitors can enjoy a tranquil stroll surrounded by beautiful plants, flowers and statues.

Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza

This performing arts center is Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza considered one of the top cultural hubs of the Conejo Valley. Housing both the Fred Kavli Theatre and the Janet & Ray Scherr Forum, the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza hosts a myriad of events and performances including Broadway shows, concerts, lectures, and other entertainment.

The Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

If wilderness and outdoor activities are your things, then Thousand Oaks, situated right next to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, is an absolute dream. This vast park is perfect for hiking, cycling, horseback riding, camping, and spotting wildlife and native plants. It's Southern California's largest urban national park.

Thousand Oaks' Open Space Conservation Areas

Thousand Oaks is widely recognized for its open space with over 15,000 acres of natural publicly owned and operated space encompassing more than 150 miles of trails for hiking, cycling, and equestrian use. There's a deep commitment to the preservation of local wildlife and ecosystems, reflected in the city’s Open Space Conservation Areas, providing numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the average property tax rate in Thousand Oaks, CA, is approximately 0.76%, which is lower than the national average of 1.07%. Despite being larger than the California state average of 0.73%, Thousand Oaks' rate is still relatively moderate compared to many other cities nationally.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Thousand Oaks is 7.25% in 2023, matching the baseline state rate of California. However, this is somewhat higher than the typical US sales tax rates, which differ by state and can vary from 0% to 7.25%.

Income Tax

In 2023, the California state income tax rate, which also applies to Thousand Oaks, ranges from 1% to 13.3% based on income level. This is considered high compared to other states, with some states having no income tax, and most others having top rates under 10%.

Housing Market

The Thousand Oaks, CA housing market features median home values significantly higher than the national average, reflecting the desirability of this upscale, amenity-rich community. As of 2021, the median home value is around $791,000 compared to $281,000 nationally. The area also offers a robust rental market, with average rents of $2,500, also above the national average of $1,100. Higher costs are mitigated by fantastic local amenities, education, and job opportunities. The Thousand Oaks market is competitive for both buyers and renters, underscoring the need for prospective residents to act decisively in their housing pursuit.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Thousand Oaks, CA is considerably higher than the national average, largely due to high housing costs. This affluence is indicative of the city's strong local economy. It is more affordable than other high-end Californian cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, yet pricier when compared to smaller towns and cities in the state. The high cost is offset by excellent amenities, low crime rates, and high median incomes, making Thousand Oaks a desirable place to live.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Thousand Oaks, CA, boasts a Mediterranean climate characterized by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Temperatures range from the 40s to the 80sdegF throughout the year, striking a perfect balance for outdoor enthusiasts. The area receives roughly 18 inches of rainfall annually, mostly falling between November and April. Microclimates are commonplace, varying significantly across short distances. The weather instills a sense of serenity, making it an appealing stat for many. However, it's not devoid of natural calamities. Thousand Oaks occasionally experiences wildfires due to its location near chaparral landscapes, especially during periods of drought and high winds, typically from late summer to early fall. Though rare, earthquakes, a common issue in California, may also pose a risk due to its proximity to several significant fault lines. Nevertheless, the community's preparedness plays a significant role in managing these challenges.

Typical weather in Thousand Oaks, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

* Health Care and Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Educational Services

* Manufacturing

Once a major hub for the aerospace industry, Thousand Oaks, CA, has shifted gears, embracing a diverse and booming economy. The largest industry today is the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services sector, attracting scores of professionals looking for opportunities in everything from scientific research to consulting. Health Care and Social Assistance is another key sector, accommodating a healthcare-conscious populace. In line with the city's strong emphasis on education, the Educational Services sector also thrives. Retail Trade serves the city's bustling consumer market, and Manufacturing sustains its industrial base, spanning from biotechnology to telecommunications products. Basically, whether you're a surgeon or a scientist, there's something for everyone in Thousand Oaks!

If you're craving the California sun and keen on moving to Thousand Oaks, you're in luck - this city offers an extremely promising job market! The unemployment rate is lower than the national average, reflecting a healthy economy brimming with opportunities. The best industries to explore for jobs include the Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services sector, as well as the Health Care and Social Assistance sector - these industries are booming and consistently offer numerous job openings. The city's commitment to education makes the Educational Services sector a viable option for job seekers too. And let's not forget about Retail Trade or Manufacturing - whether you're selling the latest fashion or making life-saving medical devices, you're sure to find your place in Thousand Oaks.

Traffic and Transportation

Welcome to Thousand Oaks, CA, a city where the average commute clocks in around 30 minutes. Not too shabby, right? Now, let's talk transportation - we're more than just a one-horse town. Sure, we've got our trusty cars, but public buses also run ten routes throughout the city, with Thousand Oaks Transit (TOT) leading the charge. Forget your vehicle? No problem! Many Thousand Oakers walk or bike to work, so you can save the environment while getting some exercise. And let's not forget our remote working friends - telecommuters make up a decent part of our population too!

Need to fly? The Hollywood Burbank Airport is around 45 miles away and the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) around 50 miles out. Whether you're a homeward-bound traveler or just in town for a meeting, Thousand Oaks keeps you moving efficiently and with plenty of style. Enjoy your stay, or hey, maybe even stick around!

What is the traffic like in Thousand Oaks, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Thousand Oaks

1. Newbury Park

Just north of the Santa Monica Mountains, Newbury Park is a sprawling neighborhood perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. Its proximity to the Boney Mountain State Wilderness Area makes it a hot spot for hiking, camping and picnicking. The area boasts a host of open spaces, parks and wildlife reserves, making every morning jog in Newbury Park feel like an adventure. Its public schools have an impressive reputation as well. Plus, the culinary scene there isn't too shabby. Newbury Park features a wide range of restaurants that provide plenty of options whether you're in the mood for sushi, Italian or Mexican cuisine.

2. Westlake Village

For a suburban haven that knows how to chill, you can't beat Westlake Village. This neighborhood surrounds a lake and boasts a country club that features a championship golf course. Not into golf? Not a problem. The lakefront area provides ample opportunities for boating and fishing. Plus, nearby are the Santa Monica Mountains, which offer epic hiking and mountain biking trails. With its laid-back yet luxe atmosphere, Westlake Village provides an ideal locale for families and retirees.

3. Thousand Oaks Proper

This is the heart of it all. Thousand Oaks Proper provides a mix of the suburban and urban vibes that gives this city its unique appeal. It's home to several shopping centers, including The Oaks mall, which features a mix of high-end and budget-friendly stores. The neighborhood's school district is renowned, making it an attractive option for families with children. Plus, with the much-loved Civic Arts Plaza -- a hub for theater, music, and arts -- right in the neighborhood, there's never a shortage of things to do.

4. Conejo Valley

Known for its breathtaking views and peaceful atmosphere, Conejo Valley is a distinctive neighborhood that offers both luxury and tranquility. The local schools have a solid reputation and the community's tight-knit vibe is welcoming to new residents. Natural beauty is just a glance away, with Wildwood Regional Park and Paradise Falls offering hiking, biking and unmatched scenic splendor. Conejo Valley's strong sense of community paired with its undeniable allure makes it a top contender.

5. Simi Valley

If you're looking for a fun, family-friendly neighborhood with a dash of Hollywood, Simi Valley is the place for you. Yes, you read that right -- part of this neighborhood lies within Thousand Oaks' jurisdiction. It's home to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum and was also the filming location of cult TV show "Little House on the Prairie". The neighborhood gives off a friendly, suburban vibe with plenty of parks and community activities. For those interested in history, Simi Valley proudly flaunts its collection of historical landmarks and buildings. Plus, its schools are highly acclaimed.

So, there you have it! These are some of the best neighborhoods Thousand Oaks, CA offers. Each one has its own flavor and individual appeal, from serene natural vistas to bustling central hotspots. Whether you're a family with kids, a nature lover, a retiree or a single professional looking for a balance of fun and tranquility, you'll find a spot here that feels just right.

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Things to Do

Welcome to Thousand Oaks, California - a city that gets its name from the numerous oak trees dotting the undulating landscapes! This beautiful city, part of Greater Los Angeles, is ideally positioned between the dazzling Hollywood lights and laid-back beachside beauty of Malibu. There is a blend of nature and urban attractions, offering something for all appetites. Whether you're moving there or just planning to visit, here are seven of the top things to do in Thousand Oaks.

1. Explore Gardens of the World

Immerse yourself in nature's glory in the midst of a bustling city at the Gardens of the World. This beautiful location helps you escape the city's noise and bustle as you roam through different garden themes, including English Perennial & Rose, French, Italian, and Japanese. Whether you're an avid horticulturist or just want some tranquility; this place is an absolute treat!

2. Visit the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza

The beating heart of the city's artistic and cultural scene, the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza lays out a packed calendar of shows, concerts, and performances throughout the year. There's always something entertaining happening here. Plus, the striking architecture is worth lingering over!

3. Hike in the Wildwood Regional Park

A must-do in Thousand Oaks is exploring the Wildwood Regional Park. Offering 1,732 acres of open space, it is a hiker's and wildlife lover's paradise. The park offers trails to waterfalls, and through stunning landscapes and beautiful terrain. Picnic spots and quiet corners let you soak in nature's calm.

4. Discover History at the Chumash Indian Museum

This somewhat unknown museum is a gem in Thousand Oaks. It offers fascinating insights into the life, culture, and history of the Native American Chumash tribe. Surrounded by 436 acres of natural park land, the Chumash Indian Museum is an experience of immersive history. Don't miss the guided tour that takes you through the recreated village!

5. Enjoy Shopping at The Oaks

No, this isn't about more trees! 'The Oaks' is a large shopping complex with a plethora of brands, dining experiences, and entertainment options. Whether you're a shopaholic, foodie, or a movie buff, you can be certain of an enjoyable time here.

6. Visit Paradise Falls

Despite being relatively unknown, Paradise Falls is truly a piece of paradise tucked away in the Wildwood Park. The 40-feet tall waterfall is a refreshing sight and a cool reward after a hike. This little secret of Thousand Oaks offers unforgettable moments and breathtaking nature shots.

7. Explore Thousand Oaks Library

There's something truly entrancing about a good library, and the Thousand Oaks Library is no exception. This might not be a Library of Congress, but the sense of serenity paired with the expansive knowledge housed in this location makes it a must-visit. Add to that the enchanting kid's section, a real hit for families with little ones.

Thousand Oaks is a unique blend of mesmerizing nature and invigorating urban life, with secrets tucked away amongst its iconic trees. From immersion in history at the Chumash Indian Museum and Theatre Arts at the Civic Arts Plaza, to hikes leading to Paradise Falls and peaceful strolls in Gardens of the World; the vibrant mix of experiences makes the city one of the best places to live or visit in California. So, strap on your shoes and let your Thousand Oaks adventure begin!

Things to do in Thousand Oaks, CA?

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