Moving to Berkeley

Craft your own personal gold rush, only this time the treasure isn't precious metal but an enriching lifestyle in one of the golden state's most vibrant communities - Berkeley, CA! Brimming with character, culture, and Californian charisma, Berkeley's welcoming arms coax many towards its landscaped shores. Yet, before you start humming 'California Dreamin', our comprehensive Berkeley relocation guide is here to make this transition seamless and exciting. From the idyllic Mediterranean climate to witnessing the intellectual prowess of the nation at UC Berkeley, brace yourselves as we take you through an enthralling journey of what it means to truly call Berkeley 'home'.

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What to Know Before Moving to Berkeley

1. It's Not Just a College Town

Most people associate Berkeley with its world-renowned university, UC Berkeley. While the university undeniably plays a huge role in the city's identity, it's not the only thing about Berkeley that's noteworthy. This city hosts a unique blend of numerous cultures, progressive politics, an intense love for organic food, and a thriving arts scene. In Berkeley, there's something for everyone - whether you're a student, a professional, a retiree, or a die-hard foodie!

2. You're Going to Need a Bike

One of the best ways to traverse Berkeley is on two wheels. The city has deliberately cultivated a bike-friendly culture, with numerous bike lanes, paths, and racks, not to mention a bunch of bike shops. If pedal-power isn't your thing, fear not - public transportation options abound, ranging from the Bay Area's BART system to bus networks. But do take note: driving and parking in Berkeley can be a nightmare, especially in areas close to the university.

3. Expect a Progressive Environment

As the birthplace of the 1960's Free Speech Movement, Berkeley proudly upholds its heritage of socio-political activism and liberal philosophy. Important discussions around environmental sustainability, civil rights, and social justice happen on the daily here. Get ready to expect vibrant, passionate discourse around just about anything, from local governance to global issues. It's all part of the charm!

4. You'll Be Living in a Microclimate

Berkeley, like much of the San Francisco Bay Area, exists in its own unique microclimate which is different from what the weatherman predicts for San Francisco. Berkeley is warmer and sunnier, with temperatures ranging from a cool 45degF in winter to a pleasant 73degF in summer. Always check the local weather forecast before heading out; Berkeley's weather can fluctuate a fair bit throughout the day.

5. Brace Yourself for The Big Game

Every year in late November is The Big Game, a football competition between UC Berkeley and Stanford University, which triggers friendly rivalry and great excitement. The whole city gears up for this event, and no matter where you are - it's nearly impossible to avoid. But don't worry even if you're not into sports, it's also a great time for social get-togethers and city-wide festivities.

6. There's a Secret Path System

As a newcomer, you should know that Berkeley has a somewhat secret, semi-hidden system of public paths and stairways that crisscross the entire city. Initially designed in the early 20th century for hillside residents to make their way down to streetcar lines, today they double as shortcuts, exercise routes and even fun exploration adventures! Discovering and navigating these paths can turn into a unique, exploratory weekend activity where you can enjoy stunning views and hidden corners of the city.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect, it's time to pack up and experience the charm of Berkeley for yourself. There's always something happening in this vibrant, quirky city, and it's up to you to dive right in and make the most of what Berkeley, CA, has to offer!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Berkeley

Pros of Living in Berkeley

Nature Access

For outdoor enthusiasts, Berkeley, CA provides quick and easy access to a wide range of natural settings. From hiking in the nearby Tilden Regional Park to boating in the Bay, there is a variety of activities to enjoy.

Cultural Experiences

Berkeley is known for its rich and diverse cultural experiences. Enjoy world-class performances at the famous Greek Theatre or take part in one of the many arts and music festivals that the city hosts every year.

Quality Education

Boasting some of the top-ranked schools and universities, including the renowned University of California, Berkeley, the city offers excellent educational opportunities. This also contributes to a vibrant intellectual atmosphere in the city.

Diverse Food Scene

Berkeley is home to a diverse culinary scene, with an extensive array of dining options from all over the world. The city is particularly known for its organic and sustainable food movements, led by notable establishments such as the Chez Panisse.

Pleasant Climate

Berkeley has a Mediterranean climate characterized by mild, moist winters and warm, dry summers. This type of weather makes it comfortable to live in year-round, and is especially suitable for outdoor activities.

Cons of Living in Berkeley

High Cost of Living

Berkeley, like many parts of California, has a high cost of living. Everything from housing to groceries tends to be more expensive here, which might be a challenge for some individuals or families.


Being an urban area with a high population density, Berkeley is often subjected to heavy traffic. This might mean longer commuting times, which could be stressful and time-consuming.

Scarcity of Parking

The scarcity of parking can be a problem, particularly in downtown Berkeley and near the university. This can be inconvenient for residents and visitors alike, who might need to spend extra time searching for parking spots.

Earthquake Risk

Due to its location along the San Andreas Fault, Berkeley is at a higher risk for earthquakes. Over the years, the city has experienced significant seismic activity, which might be a concern for some residents.

Homelessness Issue

Like many West Coast cities, Berkeley has been grappling with a sizeable homeless population. This has led to social and economic issues in some areas of the city, affecting its overall livability.

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Is Berkeley a Good Place to Live?

Berkeley, CA is a great place to live because of its friendly neighborhoods, vibrant art scene, and diverse culinary offerings. The stunning natural beauty and breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay and the city's commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation are more reasons why one would choose Berkeley as their home. Additionally, it's undeniably an intellectual hub, hosting one of the world's best public universities - University of California, Berkeley.

What Is Berkeley Famous For?

Home to University of California, Berkeley

Known around the world as a leader in higher education, this institution is the original campus of the University of California system. It consistently ranks among the best universities globally with its exceptional academic programs and its faculty having won numerous prestigious awards including the Nobel Prize.

Birthplace of the Free Speech Movement

While we're not diving into politics, the historical significance of the Free Speech Movement in the 1960s is universally known. It started with UC Berkeley students standing up for their right to free speech and academic freedom, significantly influencing student activism across the country.

Center for Gourmet Food and Dining

Foodies rejoice! Berkeley is the home of the 'gourmet ghetto', an area with a high concentration of high-quality dining, from expensive gourmet restaurants to local, organic food stores. The city's restaurants and chefs have won numerous awards for their exceptional cuisine.

Epicenter of Seismic Research

Sitting astride the Hayward Fault, Berkeley is a natural laboratory for the study of seismic activity. The Seismological Laboratory at UC Berkeley is one of the world's most respected centers for seismic research, advancing the scientific understanding of earthquakes and improving earthquake risk management.

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, Berkeley residents are subject to a property tax rate of approximately 1.14% of their home's assessed value. This is higher than the national average of about 1.07% but lower than the overall average rate for the state of California which stands at about 1.25%.

Sales Tax

The current Sales Tax rate in Berkeley is about 9.25%. This rate is relatively high compared to the nationwide average of about 7.12% and is also above the California state average of 8.56%.

Income Tax

The residents of Berkeley, like all California residents, pay a progressive income tax with rates ranging from 1% to 13.3% as of 2023. This is far higher than the nationwide average income tax rate of about 4.6%.

Housing Market

The housing market in Berkeley, CA, is known for steep prices and competitiveness. The median home value, standing at $1.2 million, significantly surpasses the national median. Berkeley's rental market too, is high-priced, with a median rent of around $3,000/month. The market trend, however, shows positive prospects for both renters and buyers, with property values steadily increasing, suggesting a beneficial investment long-term. Moreover, the city boasts a captivating blend of cultural scenes and top-ranked schools. While purchasing or renting here is certainly more hefty than average, the investment may be worthwhile given the city's unique offerings and promising returns.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Berkeley, CA is considerably higher compared to most US cities. Several factors contribute to this, including housing, which is notably more expensive in Berkeley. Groceries, healthcare, utilities, and transportation also impact the overall cost, which is currently nearly 80% higher than the national average. This translates into a necessity for higher earnings to maintain a comparable standard of living. Despite these high costs, many are attracted to Berkeley for its favorable climate, education opportunities, and cultural offerings.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Berkeley, CA, boasts a Mediterranean climate characterized by wet, cool winters and dry, warm summers. Located right next to San Francisco Bay, its weather is often tempered by ocean breezes, making extreme temperatures uncommon. Average high temperatures peak at around 72degF during summer months while winter lows can drop to nearly 42degF. Berkeley receives most of its rainfall between November and April, with minimal precipitation during summer months. While instances of natural disasters are relatively low, Berkeley is located within the highly seismic San Francisco Bay Area. As such, it occasionally experiences earthquakes due to the nearby Hayward Fault. Moreover, high winds combined with dry summer and autumn conditions can also heighten the risk of wildfires in the city's hilly regions. Despite these, measures are in place to mitigate the impacts of such disasters.

Typical weather in Berkeley, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Technology and biotechnology

* Education

* Healthcare

* Professional services

* Retail trade and hospitality

Berkeley, California, also lovingly known as Bezerkeley, has a vibrant and varied economy. Steeped in a tradition of progressive intellectualism, Berkeley's economy has grown from the influential University of California, Berkeley, the city's largest employer, bringing education into prominence as a key industry. Tech and biotech have also been booming, thanks to the scientific labs and spin-offs from the university's research. Healthcare is another major player in the Berkeley economic scene, with plenty of hospitals and healthcare facilities dotting the city. The professionals services, retail trade and hospitality sectors all thrive, driven by the highly educated populace and a strong tourist influx.

So you're thinking of trekking out to Berk-town, eh? Good on ya! With an unemployment rate generally below the national average, your chances of lining up a gig are pretty darn good. If you're in the tech or biotech industry, you're in luck! The city maintains a bustling technology and biotechnology sector, thanks to the innovative entrepreneurial climate nurtured by the university. Got a knack for imparting knowledge? The education sector is robust, and UC Berkeley is always on the hunt for brilliant minds. Healthcare professionals would find plenty of opportunities too, with numerous hospitals and health institutions. Or maybe you're more into interacting with people? The retail, trade, and hospitality sectors could be your best bet as these industries see a consistent demand from both residents and visitors alike. Welcome aboard and best of luck with the job hunt!

Traffic and Transportation

Beep beep! It's time to talk about Berkeley, CA's travel scene! Get ready to rev up those engines, because the average commute time around these parts is roughly 27 minutes, beating the national average by 3 minutes! Isn't that speedy?

For those who prefer to kick back and let others do the driving, Berkeley offers several public transport options. Finally, you can finish that page-turner you've been buried in! The Bay Area Rapid Transit system, affectionately known as BART, has two stations right in town. AC Transit provides comprehensive bus service - they've really mapped it all out! Need a lift? No worries, ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft have you covered in a pinch.

Feeling a little jet-set? Oakland International Airport is only a short drive away, bringing the world to Berkeley's doorstep. Grab your passport, Berkeley, the sky's the limit!

What is the traffic like in Berkeley, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Berkeley

1. North Berkeley

North Berkeley, also known as "Gourmet Ghetto", is a culinary mecca for food enthusiasts. Legendary eateries like Chez Panisse and The Cheese Board Collective have shaped the area's impressive culinary reputation. This neighborhood has picturesque, tree-lined streets with classic Berkeley bungalows and Arts and Crafts-style homes. Furthermore, residents can enjoy local favorites like the North Berkeley Farmers Market and Berkeley Rose Garden. This is a perfect spot for those who appreciate a mix of suburban and urban vibes.

2. Elmwood

Elmwood is a laid-back neighborhood brimming with charm. The district is known for its early 20th-century architecture and distinctive bay area bungalows that are sure to capture architectural enthusiasts' hearts. Elmwood's commercial district, located on College Avenue, is filled with small shops, restaurants, and the popular Rialto Cinemas Elmwood. Don't forget to explore the local parks, including Willard Park and John Hinkel Park. Elmwood is perfect for someone who values both tranquility and accessibility.

3. Downtown Berkeley

Downtown Berkeley is the epicenter of the city's vibrant cultural and social scene. Here, you can find the bustling UC Berkeley campus, the renown Berkeley Repertory Theatre, and top-notch establishments like the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. This area is a hub for entertaining nightlife with numerous music venues and pubs. It's perfect for those who love the hustle and bustle of a busy urban environment. Despite its lively nature, there are plenty of parks and green spaces scattered throughout the neighborhood for a breath of fresh air.

4. South Berkeley

South Berkeley harmoniously combines historic charm with a strong community spirit. Often awash with lively murals and spontaneous musicians, this dynamic neighborhood showcases the essence of Berkeley's bohemian spirit. There are plenty of dining options that celebrate the area's cultural diversity -- from mouthwatering Mexican food to Asian-fusion cuisine. Home to Malcolm X Elementary School and a weekly farmers market, this area is ideal for families who want to be part of a close-knit community.

5. Claremont-Elmwood

Claremont-Elmwood is one of the more affluent and elegant neighborhoods in Berkeley. Dotted with large, historic beautiful homes, and sprawling with well-manicured green spaces, the neighborhood resonates an upscale vibe. The focal point of the area, The Claremont Club & Spa, is a locals' favorite for relaxation. The area is also home to the sprawling Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve, which features numerous hiking trails with stunning views of the San Francisco Bay. If luxury and access to outdoor activities are high on your list, Claremont-Elmwood might be the perfect fit for you.

In conclusion, each Berkeley neighborhood has a unique vibe, but they all offer an incredible mix of culture, natural beauty, and adventure. Regardless of where you choose to live, you're sure to enjoy the eccentricity and beauty that is the essence of Berkeley. Happy house hunting!

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Things to Do


Ready to explore the eclectic and quintessential Bay Area city of Berkeley, California? Known for its unique blend of intellectual passion, counter-culture vibes, and culinary excellence, there is never a shortage of enriching and fun activities to do in this charming city. Bursting with cultural vitality, here are the top seven things a rookie Berkeley dweller should absolutely do.

1. Unleash your inner intellectual at the University of California, Berkeley

Home to one of the world\'s most prestigious universities, visiting the historic UC Berkeley campus is a must. Soak in the intellectual atmosphere, marvel at the Sather Gate, and climb the iconic Campanile tower for breathtaking panoramic views of the city.

2. Scale the Indian Rock

We are elevating the typical park visit. Located in the Northeast Berkeley hills, the Indian Rock Park offers a fantastic spot for rock climbing and bouldering, or even a sunset picnic with 360-degree views of the San Francisco Bay Area. This spot is a well-kept locals\' secret, perfect for those who like to veer off the beaten path.

3. Delve into the Gourmet Ghetto

There\'s no denying the food scene in Berkeley is a gastronomic delight. The Gourmet Ghetto, a nick-name for the area in North Berkeley, is where you\'ll find a high concentration of fine dining establishments including the renowned Chez Panisse. Behold the birthplace of California cuisine, food truck festivals, and the original Peet\'s coffee shop.

4. Transport yourself to the Ancient Mediterranean at The Hearst Greek Theatre

Dating back to 1903, this open-air amphitheater, modeled after ancient Greek theaters, has hosted countless concerts, plays, and graduation ceremonies. Attend a concert under the stars at the Hearst Greek Theatre and you won\'t be disappointed!

5. Venture into the Unexpected East Bay Vivarium

For all animal lovers and adventurers, this one\'s a quirky treat. The East Bay Vivarium is the oldest and largest reptile store in the US, where you can learn about (or even hold) a wide variety of unusual creatures. From snakes and tarantulas to turtles and lizards, it\'s an exciting place of discovery.

6. Take a stroll in the Tilden Park Botanic Garden

Showcasing California\'s diverse flora in a serene setting, the 10-acre garden features thousands of the state\'s native plants and trees. Complement your stroll by visiting the Tilden Nature Area and Little Farm for a wholesome Berkeley experience.

7. Nourish your appreciation for folk music at The Freight and Salvage

This long-standing institution, hidden gem for many, is dedicated entirely to promoting folk music. Catch a live performance at The Freight and Salvage and immerse yourself in a community of music lovers from around the world.

In conclusion, Berkeley is a city of beauty, warm and vibrant energy, intellectual exploration, countless hidden gems, and gastronomic delights. For those who have just arrived to set up a new home in Berkeley, exploring these seven top things to do can offer enriching experiences, making the transition enjoyable and culturally enriching. After all, it\'s not just a city, but a lifestyle!

' Things to do in Berkeley, CA?

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