Moving to Anaheim

Welcome to the adventure of moving to Anaheim, California! Known as the home of the enchanting Disneyland Resort and the adrenaline-rush inducing Angel Stadium, Anaheim offers an irresistible blend of thrill, tranquility, and tradition. But it's not all fun and games- this city boasts an impressively diverse economy, top-notch schools, and neighborhoods teeming with vibrancy. Before you begin packing those boxes, let us provide you with a comprehensive relocation guide, underscoring all the enchanting secrets that are just waiting to be discovered in the heart of Orange County. Get ready, your fairy-tale relocation to Anaheim begins here!

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What to Know Before Moving to Anaheim

1. Anaheim: The Happiest Place on Earth

Yes, the heart of Disneyland can be found in Anaheim, and it's a city that often feels like one big playground. Disney is Anaheim's #1 employer, so chances are you might find yourself becoming part of Mickey's extended family. Whether you're visiting for the weekend or making the move permanent, Disneyland's dual parks, Downtown Disney, and numerous annual festivals will provide endless entertainment. Not bad for a city that had its beginnings in 1857 as a humble colony founded by German wine makers and grape farmers.

2. Sports Fans, Unite!

Whether your allegiances lie with baseball, hockey, or esports, Anaheim's got something for you. It's home to MLB's Los Angeles Angels and the NHL's Anaheim Ducks. For the gaming-enthused, the city also hosts the annual Blizzcon event, a celebration of Blizzard Entertainment's game universe. But the sports love doesn't stop there. Anaheim was the birthplace of the iconic sports brand, Vans, back in 1966. So, get ready to swap your glass slippers for a pair of skate shoes!

3. You'll Love the Climate

Anaheim boasts a Mediterranean climate that's sunny about 73% of the time. The weather is warm and comfortable most of the year, with an average high of about 78degF. So bring your sunscreen, because you'll definitely need it. And on the rare occasion that you do see precipitation, remember to enjoy it - winter rainfall averages about 3 inches or less!

4. It's a Foodie's Paradise

Anaheim offers an impressive culinary scene sure to satisfy food lovers of all sorts. The Anaheim Packing District, housed in a historic 1919 citrus packing house, is a food hall like no other, with a lineup of artisan eateries that will take you around the world, one bite at a time. And that's not all - the city is home to Orange County's oldest brewery, the Anaheim Brewery, which brings back the beer brewing tradition that dates back to the city's early days.

5. Anaheim's Groovy Music Scene

The music scene in Anaheim is as diverse as its inhabitants. The city hosts a variety of concerts and music festivals throughout the year. How's this for trivia? Local high school Loara is the alma mater of both Gwen Stefani and a certain young man named Marcus Mumford of Mumford & Sons fame!

6. The Secret of The Underground City

Here's something you likely don't know about Anaheim. There is a long-standing rumor that Walt Disney built a series of tunnels, known as "The Utilidors", beneath Disneyland to transport supplies, catch misbehaving park-goers, and for Disney Characters to move around the park out of sight when off-duty. This quirk just adds to the charm and mysterious allure of the city.

In conclusion, Anaheim is a place filled with endless sunshine, sporting history, a gastronomical feast, and even secret underground passages. Whether you're a Disney devotee, sports enthusiast, or food lover, Anaheim offers a unique combination of work, play, and everything in between. Time to pack your bags and set your GPS to the happiest place on Earth!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Anaheim

Pros of Living in Anaheim

Proximity to Popular Attractions

Located in Orange County, Anaheim offers easy access to multiple popular attractions like Disneyland, Knott's Berry Farm, and many beautiful coastal beaches. This makes it perfect for individuals and families who enjoy regular outings and fun-filled weekends.

Excellent Weather

Anaheim is known for its pleasant climate with warm summers and mild winters, generally offering beautiful weather throughout the year. This weather can make the city enjoyable for those who love the outdoors and allow for year-round trips to the beach or local parks.

Multitude of Sports Options

For sports enthusiasts, Anaheim offers a lot, being the home of Major League Baseball's Los Angeles Angels and National Hockey League's Anaheim Ducks. Moreover, other major sports teams are just a short drive away for residents to enjoy games and matches.

Diverse Food Options

Anaheim's food scene is quite diverse and unique, with a variety of cuisines from around the world. The lively food scene in the city offers something for everyone and it's a food lover's paradise.

Strong Economy

As home to the headquarters of numerous national and international companies, Anaheim boasts of a strong economy. Job opportunities are plenty, and the city attracts individuals seeking careers in industries such as tourism, manufacturing, and retail.

Cons of Living in Anaheim

High Cost of Living

One significant downside of living in Anaheim is the high cost of living. From housing to groceries and healthcare, many residents find expenses to be above the national average, which could present a financial challenge for some families and individuals.

Traffic Congestion

Like many other California cities, Anaheim suffers from high traffic congestion especially during rush hours. This could result in longer commute times, which can be stressful for residents commuting daily to and from work.

Overcrowding due to Tourism

Anaheim is an internationally recognized tourist destination, especially because of Disneyland. Such high tourist influx can lead to overcrowding, particularly during holiday seasons, which can, at times, disrupt the local living experience.

Limited Parking

The availability of parking can also be a limitation in Anaheim, especially in and around popular spots. Residents often complain about the difficulty in finding suitable and affordable parking.

Higher Than Average Crime Rate

While Anaheim has many safe neighborhoods, its overall crime rate is slightly higher than the national average. However, as with all cities, some areas are safer than others and doing thorough research on neighborhoods could help in finding safe communities.

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Is Anaheim a Good Place to Live?

Anaheim, CA is a great place to live because it boasts beautiful weather, a vibrant arts scene, and it's home to the happiest place on earth - Disneyland! Additionally, it offers a diverse culinary scene with restaurants ranging from gourmet to food trucks, and outdoor enthusiasts will love the many parks and hiking trails. Living in Anaheim also means you're not far from iconic Californian atractions like the Pacific Ocean and Hollywood!

What Is Anaheim Famous For?

Disneyland Resort

The city of Anaheim is home to the absolutely magical Disneyland Resort! This world-famous amusement park, which opened in 1955, is known for its iconic Sleeping Beauty Castle, as well as its collection of attractions, shows, and dining options all inspired by classic Disney characters and stories. It's the spot where everyone, regardless their age, gets to unleash their inner child.

Anaheim Ducks

Let's slide into sports! Anaheim is known for its professional ice hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. This National Hockey League team, founded in 1993 by the Walt Disney Company, has already scored a Stanley Cup victory. The Ducks bring an energetic vibe to the city - perfect for sports enthusiasts and those just up for a good game!

The Anaheim Packing District

Considered a culinary heaven, the Anaheim Packing District has your taste-buds covered. This converted vintage citrus-packing warehouse is now a bustling food hall, boasting a range of delicious eateries and unique stores. Be ready to explore an array of cuisines from all over the world.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Did someone say baseball? Well, the Angel Stadium of Anaheim is home to Major League Baseball's Los Angeles Angels. Built in 1966, it's the fourth oldest active Major League Baseball stadium. Offering picturesque views and a lively atmosphere, a visit here during baseball season never fails to be a home run!

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

In 2023, the property tax rate for residents of Anaheim, CA is approximately 1.07%. This rate is generally on par with the rest of the nation, which has an average property tax rate of about 1.07%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Anaheim, CA for 2023 is 7.75%. This is notably higher than the average US sales tax rate of around 5.56%, positioning Anaheim's sales tax towards the upper end compared to other US cities.

Income Tax

As part of California, Anaheim's income tax in 2023 can range from 1% to 13.3% depending on the individual's income level. This is significantly higher than the average combined state and federal income tax rate in other parts of the US, which typically ranges from 10% to 37% depending on income.

Housing Market

The housing market in Anaheim, CA is more competitive than other parts of the US. Median home values stand at around $750,000, significantly higher than the national average of $277,000. While this suggests a lucrative market for buyers, renters are dealing with a comparatively high median rent of approximately $2,450 per month, far above the US median of $1,500. Despite the high housing costs, Anaheim continues to attract residents due to its robust economy, low unemployment rate, and top-rated amenities.

Cost of Living

Anaheim, CA tends to have a relatively high cost of living compared to other cities. Its index typically exceeds the national average, primarily due to housing costs. Other factors contributing to this high cost include utilities, grocery bills, and transportation. Nonetheless, when contrasted with other Californian cities, Anaheim's cost of living is somewhat moderate. For instance, it is lower than in San Francisco and Los Angeles, but higher than Sacramento and Fresno. Analyzing each specific factor can certainly help one understand the full financial implications of residing in Anaheim, CA.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Anaheim, California is characterized by a semi-arid climate with warm, steady temperatures all year round. Summers are hot with average high temperatures hovering around 85 degrees Fahrenheit while winters are mild, rarely falling below 45 degrees. This pleasing Californian weather consistently offers over 280 sunny days annually, making it a favored destination for outdoor enthusiasts. However, the city's weather isn't without challenges. Anaheim is prone to both drought and occasional heavy rainstorms that can result in flash flooding. Like the rest of California, the city is situated in a seismically active region leading to a high risk of earthquakes. Other potential natural disasters include wildfires during dry, hot periods and occasional strong winds known as Santa Ana winds. Despite these risks, Anaheim's inviting climate and sunshine continue to attract residents and visitors alike.

Typical weather in Anaheim, CA

Economy & Job Market

* Hospitality and Tourism

* Manufacturing

* Health Care

* Retail

* Professional and Business Services

Anaheim, CA is not just about Mickey Mouse's house. This city has a broad and diversified economy with a rich history that leans towards manufacturing and production. While people all over the world associate Anaheim with Disneyland (which, let's be honest, is quite a glamorous tenant), the city's economy goes far beyond Cinderella's Castle. The foundations of the economy were laid in manufacturing, electronics, and canned fruit, believe it or not! Today, the city hosts a myriad of companies ranging from the automotive parts production industry to aerospace technology and everything in between. But, of course, let's not forget that Disneyland Resort is the city's largest employer, adding a hefty sprinkle of fairy dust to Anaheim's hospitality and tourism sectors.

Are you packing your bags for Anaheim? Great! Knowing where to look to find your own pot of gold (or just a regular paycheck) is essential. The city boasts a healthy employment rate, often outperforming the national average. With prominent sectors being hospitality and tourism, health care, and manufacturing, these areas hold promising job prospects. The city also boasts a significant number of jobs within retail and professional services. So whether you are a wizard with a stethoscope, a backstage hero in manufacturing, or have a knack for retail magic, Anaheim has a place for you. This city is truly the Happiest Place on Earth, and not just for visitors to Sleeping Beauty's Castle, but also for those who call Anaheim home and contribute to its thriving economy.

Traffic and Transportation

Oh, sweet Anaheim! Famous for its traffic like any SoCal native can tell you. On average, commuters around here spend about 31 minutes on their one-way commute, a little more than the national average. But hey, extra time to rock that car karaoke, right? If solo car trips aren't your jam, you can leapfrog around the city using public transport. Anaheim Resort Transportation (ART) buses criss-cross the city, covering key areas and even Disneyland! Anaheimers also have Metrolink Trains at their service, connecting them with greater Southern California. For those with a jet-set lifestyle, John Wayne Airport and Ontario International Airport are at a stone's throw away to cater to your sky-high travel needs. All in all, Anaheim has got you covered, whether you're a high-flyer or a road-tripper.

What is the traffic like in Anaheim, CA?

Best Neighborhoods in Anaheim

1. Downtown Anaheim

Right smack down the middle of Anaheim, you'll find a place that's got an eclectic mix of the old and new. Downtown Anaheim beautifully combines its historic Californian roots with the innovative ventures of the 21st century. Bursting with boutique shops, a buzzing farmer's market, and the flagship location of Anaheim Brewing Company, there's always something going on. And let's not forget the culinary delights on Center Street Promenade. Hidden gems include the soul-warming comfort food at Pour Vida and the delicious thin-crust pizzas at Umami Burger.

2. Anaheim Colony Historic District

Depart from the buzzing energy of the city and step into serene, tree-lined streets of the Anaheim Colony Historic District. As Anaheim's oldest and largest district, there's no shortage of historic charm or architectural beauty. For true history buffs, visiting Founders' Park is a must-do to immerse in Anaheim's past. Peppered with charming bungalows, Victorian beauties, and craftsman-style homes, this district has a strong sense of community, hosting numerous events like the annual car show and the Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

3. Anaheim Hills

Looking for a breath of fresh air? Welcome to Anaheim Hills, where stunning natural beauty meets laid-back luxury living. With picturesque trails such as the Oak Canyon Nature Center and the Anaheim Hills Riding and Walking Trail, it's perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. For the golf lovers, the Anaheim Hills Golf Course offers a well-kept course with breathtaking views. And yep, you've guessed it, this community is also home to top-notch educational institutions making it popular for families.

4. Platinum Triangle

Now, this is where the action's at! Promising an urban lifestyle, the Platinum Triangle is a booming hub for entertainment, sports, and business. Home to the Angels Stadium and the Honda Center, there's no shortage of concerts, games, and events for the sports fans and music buffs. Delicious eateries, cool bars, ultra-modern apartments teamed with its close proximity to Disneyland, make this an ultra-vibrant spot that never sleeps.

5. West Anaheim

Packed with master-planned communities, West Anaheim is a treasure trove for families and those seeking a quiet suburban life. It's got a diverse and close-knit community, great schools, safe streets and plenty of parks for that perfect family picnic. Plus, it has a killer coast advantage! Slip into your flip-flops and hit the golden sands of Huntington and Seal Beach, both just a short drive away for residents. The Bella Terra Shopping Center located nearby is renowned for its retail therapy relieving options.

In conclusion, each neighborhood in Anaheim carries its unique charm, and there's somewhere for everyone, be it history buffs, sports lovers, nature enthusiasts, or beach bums. So, if you're moving to Anaheim, get ready to find a neighborhood that suits your vibe and welcomes you home!

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Things to Do

Welcome to the heart of Orange County, California - Anaheim. This glorious city might be widely known for its glorious Disney empire, but trust us, there's much more to this city than the iconic mouse ears. For newcomers and old residents alike, here are the top seven things to do in Anaheim - from the classic favorites to some hidden gems that even locals might not know about!

1. Explore Disneyland Resort and Downtown Disney

No visit to Anaheim is complete without paying homage to the place where dreams come true. Whether you're a fan of thrill rides, character meet-ups, or simply want to relax in a world of fantasy, Disneyland has you covered. But, don't forget about Downtown Disney - a vibrant shopping, dining, and entertainment district that requires no entry ticket. Hint: It looks absolutely magical during the night!

2. Catch a game at the Angel Stadium

For sports enthusiasts, watching a live game at the Angel Stadium - home of the Los Angeles Angels - is a must-do. The vibe here is infectious, and the stadium interior has an old-world charm to it. An interesting tip: go for a stadium tour for an exclusive behind-the-scenes experience.

3. Enjoy a night out in Anaheim Packing District

The Anaheim Packing District offers a variety of eclectic dining and entertainment venues housed in a charmingly restored citrus packing house. Do try some mouth-watering comfort food and enjoy live music performances. In the heart of the district, you'll find the picturesque Farmer's Park, perfect for a leisurely stroll.

4. Set off on a Brewery Tour

Beer aficionados, you're in luck! Anaheim boasts an impressive array of breweries, such as Brewery X and Anaheim Brewery. Several of them offer brewery tours, where you can see the process, taste some special brews and learn about the local history of brewing.

5. Visit the hidden gem: Oak Canyon Nature Center

Tucked away from the city bustle lies the Oak Canyon Nature Center - a verdant 58-acre natural park featuring hiking trails, streams, and native wildlife. Perfect for a tranquil escape, this place doesn't usually make it on typical tourist itineraries, making it all the more special!

6. Explore the unconventional: Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center

Ever fancied flying a plane? Make that dream come true at the Flightdeck Flight Simulation Center. Offering realistic flight simulations in fighter jet or commercial airplane cockpits, this is an out-of-the-box experience you won't find in guidebooks. An unconventional adventure, indeed!

7. Discover art at the Muzeo

Introduce yourself to the city's historical and cultural milieu at Muzeo, a unique museum that features rotating exhibits of art, history, and culture. Bonus: It's situated in Anaheim's beautiful downtown historic district, which is a treat to explore in itself.

So, there you have it - seven dynamic experiences that offer much more than just the Disneyland fantasy. Whether you enjoy having thrilling adventures, strolling around in serene environments, or indulging in local culture and history, Anaheim has something to capture everyone's imagination. Make these experiences part of your Anaheim life and let the city's charm grow on you!

Things to do in Anaheim, CA?

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