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Imagine waking up to endless sunny days in a city brimming with opportunities and known for its high quality of life. Welcome to Gilbert, AZ! This epitome of urban sophistication, nestled in the heart of the desert, comes with an unexpected twist of down-home comfort. In this comprehensive guide to Gilbert, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about moving here. From the city's vibrant culture, to its blooming job market and top-notch educational options. Get ready to embark on a captivating journey to your potential new home. Gilbert awaits you!

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What to Know Before Moving to Gilbert

1. Soaking in the Sun in Gilbert, AZ

In Gilbert, AZ, prepare to have a real, tangible relationship with the Sun. With an average of 297 sunny days, it's practically sunbathing paradise! Compared to the national average of 205 sunny days, settling in Gilbert means you'll quite literally be living on the sunny side of life.

2. The Thriving Culinary Scene

Next on the menu is Gilbert's impressively diverse culinary scene. Downtown Gilbert, or as the locals proudly call it "The Nation's Fastest Growing Metropolis," is brimming with a multitude of trendy eateries and charming cafes. With mouth-watering choices ranging from authentic Mexican cuisine to glistening sushi rolls, there truly is something for everyone. To top it all up, remember to pair your meal with some local beer, as Gilbert is also home to some pretty rad breweries.

3. Go Back in Time with Agritopia

Unique to Gilbert is Agritopia, a suburban neighborhood designed to promote a greater sense of community, where people can rub elbows with their neighbors on a daily basis. The houses are cozy, the people are friendly, and the entire neighborhood is designed around an urban farm. Yes, that's right! Living in Agritopia means you can pluck an orange straight from the tree for your breakfast - now, how cool is that?

4. Vibrant and Diverse Community

Always dreamed of living in a movie-like community where everyone knows each other? Moving to Gilbert, AZ can make this dream a reality. The town is well-known for having an impressively engaged and diverse community that frequently comes together to host and celebrate various events and festivals. Living here allows you to truly feel a sense of belonging.

5. The 'Hay capital of the world' tag

Okay, here's a fun fact - Gilbert was once known as the 'Hay shipping capital of the world'. While the town has achieved huge milestones since then and has grown considerably, it never forgets its origins. So, enjoy this piece of trivia, it's a great conversation starter when meeting new neighbors!

6. Outdoor Activities Galore

Lovers of the great outdoors will be spoiled for choice in Gilbert. Thanks to its sunny skies, you can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities all year round. With golf courses, aquatic centers, regional parks, hiking trails, and bike paths only a short distance away from any part of town, your weekends will be all sorts of exciting.

Unpacking these tidbits about Gilbert, AZ, it's clear that it's more than just a sunny place to live. It offers a unique blend of good food, a sense of community, a connection with nature, a dash of history, and did we mention the Sun? So, when you're moving to Gilbert, get ready to embrace a fun and vibrant lifestyle adorned with plenty of sunshine!

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Pros and Cons of Living in Gilbert

Pros of Living in Gilbert

Strong Sense of Community

This city boasts several neighborhood events and community activities that foster a strong sense of community. From food truck nights to summer concerts, there are plenty of opportunities to mingle and build relationships with fellow residents.

High Quality of Life

Gilbert is regularly named one of the top places to live in the U.S. for its low crime rates, excellent schools, and numerous parks. These attributes contribute to a high quality of life for both families and single individuals alike.

Outdoor Recreational Opportunities

Gilbert has a warm climate that makes it ideal for enjoying outdoor activities year-round. Residents have access to numerous parks, golf courses, and hiking trails that encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Job Growth and Economic Opportunity

With many top companies headquartered here, Gilbert offers a wide range of employment opportunities. The local economy is strong and diverse, contributing to steady job growth and economic opportunity for residents.

Excellent Educational Infrastructure

Gilbert is known for its strong educational system including great schools and libraries. Parents who move to Gilbert can feel assured their children will receive a first-rate education.

Cons of Living in Gilbert

High Summer Temperatures

The summer heat in Gilbert can be intense, with temperatures often exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This might prove to be a drawback for those who are not fond of extreme heat.

Higher Cost of Living

While the economic opportunities in Gilbert are highly appealing, the cost of living is higher than the national average. This might pose a challenge for residents especially in terms of housing and utility costs.

Scorpion and Other Wildlife Encounters

The desert environment in Gilbert can lead to occasional encounters with wildlife including scorpions. While these instances are often harmless, they can be off-putting to some residents.

Less Urban Feel

Although it's a burgeoning city, Gilbert, compared to nearby Phoenix, has less of an urban feel. Those seeking a fast-paced, cosmopolitan lifestyle might not find Gilbert to be to their liking.

Distance from Coastal Areas

While Gilbert has much to offer in terms of outdoor and recreational activities, it is located in a landlocked state. Those who appreciate coastal living and activities such as surfing and boating may find it less appealing.

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Is Gilbert a Good Place to Live?

Gilbert, AZ is a great place to live because of its vibrant downtown, exceptional recreational facilities, and top-rate schools. Its unique blend of small-town atmosphere with big-city amenities, coupled with a strong job market and safe neighborhoods, creates a quality of life that is hard to match. Plus, did I mention those sunny skies without an end, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts!

What Is Gilbert Famous For?

Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

One of Gilbert's crowning jewels, the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch, offers residents and visitors an engaging glimpse into the unique ecosystem of the desert. It's a great place for bird watching, fishing, hiking, and even stargazing, thanks to the on-site observatory!

Gilbert Historical Museum

Fancy a trip down memory lane? The Gilbert Historical Museum shows off the city's rich history with a collection of photographs, artifacts, and exhibits dating back to Gilbert's establishment. It's a delightful blend of fun, education, and heritage preservation.


The nationally recognized urban farm Agritopia is not your average neighborhood. Filled with beautifully designed homes, community gardens, and locally-sourced restaurants, Agritopia promotes a sense of strong community ties and sustainable living - quite the social experiment indeed!

Delicious Food Scene

If you're a foodie, Gilbert won't disappoint you. With a spectacular array of diverse cuisines, Gilbert's robust food scene is surprisingly lively for a suburban city. From the hip food trucks in Gilbert Feastival to the elegant restaurants downtown, it's no wonder Gilbert was named the "Best Foodie City in Arizona".

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Overview of Tax Rates

Property Tax

As of 2023, the average property tax rate in Gilbert, AZ is approximately 0.802%. This rate is relatively low compared to the national average, which is around 1.07%.

Sales Tax

The sales tax rate in Gilbert, AZ is currently 8.6% as of 2023. This is higher than the average U.S. sales tax rate of 7.12%, placing Gilbert on the higher end of the spectrum for sales tax.

Income Tax

Gilbert residents, as of 2023, pay a state income tax at a top rate of 4.5%. This is relatively low compared to the average top state income tax rate across the U.S., which is approximately 5.08%.

Housing Market

Gilbert, AZ boasts a vibrant housing market, though it is more expensive compared to other US regions. Median home value in Gilbert is around $370,000, substantially higher than the US average of $248,857. Renters pay approximately $1,700 per month, again steeper than the US median of $1,062. This suggests potential for real estate investment, with strong demand indicated by 97.5% occupancy rate. Gilbert witnesses frequent new construction, offering modern options for buyers. However, potential residents must weigh higher housing costs against benefits like low crime rates, excellent education, and high median household income.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Gilbert, AZ is relatively higher compared to other U.S. cities. Gilbert's higher expenses are mostly driven by housing costs, with median home prices above the national average. However, compared to nearby Phoenix, you'll find Gilbert more affordable overall. Despite the slightly above-average expenses, residents enjoy a high quality of life, excellent school systems, and a thriving job market in industries such as healthcare and technology. Ultimately, prudently balancing income and costs, Gilbert offers a worthwhile suburban lifestyle for many.

Weather & Natural Disasters

Gilbert, AZ experiences a desert climate characterized by hot summers and mild winters, synonymous with its Southwest American location. Average summer temperatures peak at over 100degF, while winter temperatures can drop, but generally remain above 40degF. These climatic conditions facilitate a sunny weather pattern, boasting over 300 days of sunshine annually. However, Gilbert does not entirely escape precipitation; the monsoon season between June and September brings sporadic, yet intense, rainstorms and occasionally dust storms, known as haboobs. While these natural events are a sight to behold, they can also lead to flash flooding. Gilbert is nonetheless relatively safe from the more severe natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or large-scale earthquakes, ensuring a peaceful living environment for its residents.

Typical weather in Gilbert, AZ

Economy & Job Market


* Health Care and Social Assistance

* Retail Trade

* Educational Services

* Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services

* Finance and Insurance

Historically, Gilbert, AZ's economy was largely agrarian, with a distinguishable focus on dairy farming and hay shipping. However, Gilbert sure hopped on the technological and industrial train fast, and today it's known as the booming "Silicon Desert" rather than the old hay capital of the world. The economy here embraces a gamut of various industries, with Health Care and Social Assistance leading the wolf pack. Alongside, Retail Trade, Educational Services, Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, plus Finance and Insurance also play significant roles in molding the robust commercial fabric of this sunny place.

If you're plotting to scribble Gilbert, AZ onto your moving calendar, you're certainly not alone! This sizzling spot, known for its breath-taking desert landscapes, clear blue skies and a dashing economy is a will-o'-the-wisp for enthusiastic job hunters. The unemployment rate here is below the national average, synonymous with opportunities knocking at every corner! Health Care and Social Assistance is the reigning king here, the Retail Trade and Educational Services sectors are also quite promising. And for the tech-savvy drifters, landing a job in the growing sector of Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services could be as exciting as riding a wild mustang under the Western sky. As they say, in Gilbert, besides the heat, dreams too, shine bright!


Traffic and Transportation

Speeding through the delightful city of Gilbert, AZ, you'll be astounded by the breezy commute times! On average, the commute for Gilbertsters (what we lovingly call Gilbert dwellers) is about 25 minutes. Not bad for more daily me-time, right?

Public transportation? You bet! The city offers a wonderful bus service that winds through the community. If you're more of a train person, don't worry! The Valley Metro Rail also has your back. The services are punctual, reliable and a fun way to engage with fellow commuters.

For those with a taste for the skies, Gilbert is just a hop, skip, and a jump (or quick drive) from Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. The proximity makes air travel convenient, so high-flyers can seamlessly transition from a desert touchdown to a cloud takeoff. Calling Gilbert home combines the best of surface commuting and air travel!

What is the traffic like in Gilbert, AZ?

Best Neighborhoods in Gilbert

1. Power Ranch

You better believe there's power in Power Ranch! This charming neighborhood has been ranked as one of the best places to live in Gilbert. With two large community parks that house recreational lakes, a fishing dock, swimming pools and endless miles of open trails, Power Ranch is an outdoor enthusiast's dream. The community offers a variety of events, classes and programs for both children and adults, providing an excellent opportunity to meet the neighbors and make some new friends.

2. Seville

Seville is a luxury community with a Mediterranean flair. In addition to its beautiful homes, Seville is home to an exclusive golf and country club. If you're a golf lover or enjoy staying active, Seville is the place for you. But don't fret if golf isn't your thing. Seville's lush parks, scenic walking paths, and community pool and spa will surely keep you entertained. What's more, the neighborhood boasts one of the top-rated elementary schools in the area, making it a perfect choice for families.

3. Agritopia

From farm to table! Agritopia is a unique urban farm community that promotes a simpler, agrarian lifestyle. The homes are designed around a working farm with orchards, vineyards and vegetable crops. Walking tours, farmer's markets, and community dinners, all revolve around the theme of sustainable living in Agritopia. Plus, you'll find some of the coolest eateries housed in classic barn-style buildings. If you're seeking a close-knit community with a heavy emphasis on local and sustainable living, Agritopia is for you.

4. Trilogy at Power Ranch

If you're over 55 and looking to live your golden years in style, look no further than Trilogy at Power Ranch. This active adult community has a bustling social calendar full of activities and events to keep you on your toes. From an 18-hole golf course, to a state-of-the-art fitness center, to biking and hiking clubs, there's never a dull moment. Additionally, Trilogy's homes have been designed with aging in mind, offering first-floor living and minimal maintenance.

5. Val Vista Lakes

Last but not least, Val Vista Lakes. An upscale waterfront community, Val Vista Lakes offers resort-style living at its finest. Picture lakes for boating and fishing, a clubhouse complete with a fitness center, tennis courts, and racquetball courts, and a lagoon swimming pool with a sandy beach. And if all these amenities aren't impressive enough, each sub-community within Val Vista Lakes has its own unique architectural style. Effortlessly combining beauty, luxury, and recreation, Val Vista Lakes is truly a remarkable neighborhood.

There you have it! Gilbert's top five neighborhoods each offering unique and exceptional living experiences. Whichever one you choose, we're sure you'll soon be calling Gilbert, AZ home sweet home.

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Things to Do

Welcome to Gilbert, Arizona - a charming city with a rich history full of must-do activities. Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle, prefer a speedier pace, or are one-of-a-kind indie, Gilbert is the town for you. We have curated a list of seven top things you should not miss out on when moving to this vibrant city. This list combines popular favorites and a couple of hidden gems, giving you a true taste of Gilbert.

1. Explore the Gilbert Historical Museum

Dive into the past and understand what makes Gilbert unique by visiting the Gilbert Historical Museum. This institution tells a fascinating story of Gilbert and the surrounding area through various exhibits and collections. Here, you will learn more about the indigenous tribes that once ruled the land, the city's roots as an agricultural hub, and the biggest events that shaped its present.

2. Enjoy outdoor at Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch

This preserve is a true outdoor haven, spread over 100 acres of land. The Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch lets you relish nature's beauty, get a glimpse of several wildlife species, and revel in some recreational activities. Try biking, hiking, or enjoy picnicking while taking in the natural beauty.

3. Visit the Gilbert Farmers Market

Get a real taste of Gilbert at the weekly Farmers Market. At this bustling, colorful market, you can explore a plethora of stands selling fresh produce, bakery items, artisan crafts, and more. There's no better place to feel the local vibe of Gilbert and discover the city's gastronomic scene.

4. Check out Gilbert's Agritopia

Food lovers, rejoice, because our next stop is Agritopia. This distinctive urban farm invites you to experience farm-to-table dining like never before. Tour the vibrant green fields, pick your own produce, or enjoy a sumptuously fresh meal at the community restaurant.

5. Wine and Dine at Postino Wine cafe

Enjoy a well-curated variety of wines and prodigious bruschetta boards at Postino Wine Cafe. With its laid-back ambiance and impeccable service, this spot is the perfect place to unwind after a long day, watch life go by or spend a leisurely weekend brunch.

6. Watch a Performance at Higley Center for the Performing Arts

Often overlooked by many newcomers, the Higley Center for the Performing Arts is one of Gilbert's hidden cultural gems. This modern venue regularly hosts a diverse array of performances, from local theatre and dance initiatives to renowned musical groups from around the world.

7. Dig Up Dinosaur Bones at Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs

Yes, you read that right. One of Gilbert's lesser-known unique activities is getting a prehistoric experience at the Pangaea Land of the Dinosaurs. Visitors can actually dig up replica dinosaur bones, making it a truly fun and interactive activity, especially for families or starry-eyed paleontologists.

There you have it - seven must-dos in Gilbert, Arizona. Ready to explore? Just unpack those bags, slap on some sunscreen, and get ready for a whirlwind of incredible experiences. This is just the beginning of the adventure that awaits you in Gilbert. Enjoy!

Things to do in Gilbert, AZ?

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