Top Moving Companies in Federal Way, WA

Rank Moving Company Rating Logo
1 Two Men And A Moving Van LLC Superb
2 Puget Sound Moving Fabulous
3 A2B Moving & Storage Fabulous
4 Uplift Movers LLC Fabulous
5 Marsik Movers LLC Fabulous
6 Tetris Moving Company Fabulous
7 Marsik Movers LLC Fabulous
8 Rainier Delivery Fabulous
9 ACME Moving Labor, LLC Very Good
10 Olympic Moving & Storage Very Good

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Superb! based on 600+ data points.

About Two Men And A Moving Van LLC

Two Men and a Moving Van helps Tacoma residents move quickly and easily with its dependable moving services. Whether you're planning a residential or commercial relocation, this company has years of experience ensuring its customers' moving experiences are as smooth as possible. Free moving supplies come included with every move, including dollies, wardrobe boxes, hand trucks, moving blankets, and shrinkwrap. With packing and storage services available upon request, Two Men and a Moving Van makes it easy to customize your service to your exact needs. Its affordable rates and transparent pricing make it a highly recommended option for those seeking movers in Seattle, WA.

Why Hire Two Men And A Moving Van LLC

You should hire Two Men And A Moving Van LLC for a move if you want a professional, reliable, and efficient moving company. The movers are well-trained, quick, and careful with your belongings. They will take the stress out of moving and ensure that your items are protected. Customers have reported that the company is easy to deal with, has great communication, and provides good value. Additionally, they are punctual and show up on time for your move. With all of these positive attributes, you can trust that Two Men And A Moving Van LLC will provide you with a great moving experience.

Services Offered

  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Packing services
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Storage Services
  • Accurate disassembly and assembly of furniture
  • Packaging of details and fittings in a specially designed material
  • Careful loading into the car, transportation, and unloading at the destination
  • VIP Moving Service

What customers love most about Two Men And A Moving Van LLC are:

- Professionalism and efficiency: Customers are impressed by the movers' politeness, friendliness, and dedication to completing the job quickly and carefully.
- Care for possessions: The team is known for carefully wrapping and protecting furniture, ensuring no damage occurs during the moving process.

The most common customer complaints for Two Men And A Moving Van LLC are:

- Slow and inefficient movers, causing the moving process to take longer than expected
- Damaged furniture and mishandling of items during the move

Authorized for Local Moves within Washington
Last Checked: 8/04/22

State License Information

Legal Business Name
Two Men and a Moving Van LLC
DBA Company Name
Move for Less
License No.
45734 Verify
Fabulous! based on 550+ data points.

About Puget Sound Moving

Providing moving services throughout the state of Washington, Puget Sound Moving has been helping residents of Tacoma and the entire Puget Sound area move since 2009. From local residential moves to long-distance commercial relocations, this company has the equipment and the expertise to complete any move quickly and efficiently. Also, if you're in need of movers in Seattle, WA, Puget Sound Moving offers a range of other services, including packing, furniture assembly, senior moves, in-home moves, and storage solutions. As a result, if you've been searching for a moving company that can handle every aspect of your move, Puget Sound Moving could be perfect for you.

Why Hire Puget Sound Moving

You should hire Puget Sound Moving for a move if you're seeking a highly responsive, efficient and professional team. They offer great communication, are respectful to your valuables and assemble furniture at your desired location. They work under various weather conditions and are flexible with rescheduling. Their pricing is fair and they take care of the packing and disposal of materials. They have glowing reviews from past clients for their punctuality, friendliness, and diligence.

Services Offered

  • Local Moving
  • Long-distance Moving
  • Hourly Moving
  • Packing Services
  • Residential Moving Services
  • Antique Movers
  • Commercial Moving Services
  • Apartment Movers
  • House Movers
  • Furniture Movers
Authorized for Local Moves within Washington
Last Checked: 8/04/22

State License Information

Legal Business Name
Puget Sound Moving, Inc.
License No.
42634 Verify
Fabulous! based on 450+ data points.

About A2B Moving & Storage

Moving to a new home is an exciting adventure, but the actual move itself usually isn't. There are a lot of challenges and stress that go along with a move, especially if it’s a long-distance one. Luckily, there's A2B Moving & Storage. It's a family-owned and operated moving company that can handle local or long-distance moves. Its mission is to get you to your new home quickly, safely, and at an affordable rate. In other words, it takes away all the stress and burden of moving. That way, you can focus on the new adventure instead of pulling your hair out of frustration. A2B Moving & Storage has its headquarters in Auburn, Washington, but it’s licensed and insured to tackle interstate and even cross-country relocations in Seattle, WA too.

Services Offered

  • Local Moves
  • Long-Distance Moves
  • Packing Services
  • Storage Services
  • Residential Moves
  • Commercial Moves
  • Labor-Only Moving
  • Unpacking Services
  • Complete Moving Packages
  • Temporary Storage
Fabulous! based on 300+ data points.

About Uplift Movers LLC

Whether you're moving locally in Tacoma, WA or to any city in Washington, Uplift Movers can get you there safely and efficiently thanks to its fleet of modern trucks and its team of professional movers. This company was founded in 2018 on the principles of quality and affordability. Today, Uplift Movers offers packing services and supplies as well as furniture delivery in addition to its standard loading and unloading services. From one-bedroom apartments to large estates, this company has the experience and expertise to ensure your belongings remain completely safe throughout your move.

Services Offered

  • Local and Long Distance Moving
  • Packing Services
  • Furniture Deliveries
Fabulous! based on 150+ data points.

About Marsik Movers LLC

Marsik Movers LLC is a local, Federal Way-based business offering moving services throughout Seattle and Bellevue. It is committed to providing the highest level of service and assisting you with your relocation needs, whether residential or commercial. As one of the experienced movers serving Tacoma, WA, Marsik Movers’ full-service moving solutions include packing, loading, delivering, and unloading items at your new home or business location. Furniture and beds will be disassembled and reassembled by its crew, which can also load and unload your rental truck or deliver any furniture piece you need to transport to your home or office. Marsik Movers is licensed and insured with years of experience behind it, so this company knows how to handle different types of belongings, including glassware, china plates, crystal vases, and electronics equipment. Services are offered at reasonable hourly rates, which starts only when the team shows at your doorstep. Find more about other movers at Tacoma, WA moving services.

Services Offered

  • Residential Move
  • Commercial Move
  • Packing Services
  • Local Move
  • Cheap Move
  • Last-Minute Move
  • Furniture Moving
  • Piano Moving
  • Pool Table Moving
  • Appliance Moving
Authorized for Local Moves within Washington
Last Checked: 8/04/22

State License Information

Legal Business Name
Marsik Movers LLC
License No.
46737 Verify
Fabulous! based on 100+ data points.

About Tetris Moving Company

Founded in 2016, this locally-owned moving company performs residential and commercial moves on a local and long-distance basis. Tetris Moving Company offers a range of moving services including packing, unpacking, furniture assembly, in-home moves, and courier services. With its team of professionally trained movers, Tetris Moving is qualified to move everything from apartments and houses to retail stores, office buildings, and more. Tetris Moving also moves specialty items, including pianos, safes, and hot tubs under 750 pounds. This company's honest, transparent pricing and history of professionalism has made it a recognized option within the Tacoma, WA movers

Services Offered

  • Cheap moving services
  • Local moving services
  • Long-distance moving services
  • Cross-country moving services
  • International moving services
  • Small moving services
  • Piano moving services
  • Pool table moving services
  • Appliance moving services
  • Last-minute moving services
Fabulous! based on 150+ data points.

About Marsik Movers LLC

Marsik Movers LLC is a local moving company that offers its services throughout Seattle and Bellevue. As full-service movers, its crews are trained to handle every aspect of your move, including packing, loading, and moving. Since you won't have to lift a finger, you have more time and energy for more important things. Marsik Movers LLC prioritizes safety and protection. Even before moving items, its movers will make sure to place floor and carpet protection because it understands that it’s not just the items that are valuable, but your property as well. Marsik Movers LLC has the license and insurance needed to give you peace of mind because the last thing you need on moving day is secure and safe movers in Tacoma, WA.

Services Offered

  • Residential move
  • Commercial move
  • Packing services
  • Local moves (within 50 miles)
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Full service move
  • Furniture delivery
  • Hourly rate moves
  • Cheap moves
  • Storage services
Fabulous! based on 50+ data points.

About Rainier Delivery

Founded in 2011, Rainier Delivery has risen through the ranks to become a popular name among Tacoma, WA moving services. This company places a premium on professionalism, high-quality customer service, and upfront pricing. Presenting a complete suite of services, the Rainier Delivery looks to be a resourceful solution to all moving related needs. Ranging from residential and commercial moving to services like junk removal, donation pickups, packing, furniture delivery, furniture assembly, and labor-only loading, Rainier Delivery aims to cover all aspects of your move. No matter the size of your move, they strive to provide a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Services Offered

  • Furniture Pick Up / Delivery
  • Residential / Commercial Moving
  • Loading / Unloading
  • Packing / Unpacking
  • Assembly / Disassembly
  • Disposal / Donation
Authorized for Local Moves within Washington
Last Checked: 8/04/22

State License Information

Legal Business Name
Filon, Pavel S.
DBA Company Name
Rainier DeliveryRainbow Movers
License No.
39730 Verify
Very Good based on 50+ data points.

About ACME Moving Labor, LLC

Moving is back-breaking work, and the stress just adds to that. It gets even worse when you need to move in a hurry. Fortunately, ACME Moving Labor, LLC is here to the rescue. For over ten years, it has provided Seattle with stress-free moving labor services. It removes all the burden, so you don't have to shoulder it by yourself. What sets ACME Moving Labor, LLC apart is that it offers 24/7 emergency services. It understands that sometimes life can throw you a curveball, and not all moves are planned. That's why its professional movers are available around the clock. It'll always be ready to help you out any time of the day or night.

Services Offered

  • Packing and Moving Service
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Container Storage
Not Authorized for Local Moves within Washington
Last Checked: 8/04/22

State License Information

Legal Business Name
Ball, Cheryl Ann
DBA Company Name
Acme Moving Labor
License No.
44379 Verify
Very Good based on 100+ data points.

About Olympic Moving & Storage

Olympic Moving & Storage is an expert mover that serves Federal Way, Washington. What sets it apart is that it services over 13,000 families and businesses each year. It's been a premier choice since 1994 and continues providing its high-quality moving services to this day. Not only does Olympic Moving & Storage handle moving and packing, but it also offers storage solutions to meet all kinds of needs. What's more, all its warehouses are approved by the Department of Defense. So what more assurance could you need if the government puts its trust in Olympic Moving & Storage? You can be confident that all your valuables are in the best of hands. Need more services options or perhaps, you want to compare? Check out the list of experienced movers serving Seattle, WA that we have gathered.

Services Offered

  • Local Moving
  • Interstate Moving
  • International Moving
  • Partial or Full Packing
  • Transportation of Your Goods
  • Custom Crating
  • Long or Short Term Storage
  • Full Value Protection
  • Business Solutions
  • Employee Relocation

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How much do movers cost in Federal Way, WA?

Movers in Federal Way cost on average $453 for a crew of 2 movers and a truck to move a 1 bedroom apartment up to an average of $2,717 for 4 movers and a truck to move a 4 bedroom house. See the chart below for a detailed breakdown by type of move and home size.

Home Size Crew Size Labor Only Movers & Truck Full Service
0 2 $ 113 $ 283 $ 509
1 2 $ 181 $ 453 $ 793
2 3 $ 408 $ 1,019 $ 1,783
3 3 $ 577 $ 1,444 $ 2,632
4 4 $ 1,087 $ 2,717 $ 4,755
5+ 4 $ 1,359 $ 3,397 $ 5,888
*Please note: These Federal Way, WA moving prices are rough approximations based upon nationwide data as well as local Federal Way and/or Washington data. To determine the exact costs associated with your move, get a quote from a licensed Federal Way mover.
  1. Two Men And A Moving Van LLC is the #1 moving company in Federal Way, WA with a superb rating based on 600+ data points.
  2. Puget Sound Moving is the #2 moving company in Federal Way, WA with a fabulous rating based on 550+ data points.
  3. A2B Moving & Storage is the #3 moving company in Federal Way, WA with a fabulous rating based on 450+ data points.
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