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Fabulous! based on 250+ data points.

About A-1 Pioneer Moving and Storage

Salt Lake City-based A-1 Pioneer Moving and Storage has been in business for over 50 years, specializing in local, statewide and nationwide relocations. As an agent for Wheaton Interstate Moving, the locally-owned and operated company has the experience, expertise, and meticulousness to provide efficient and affordable moving and storage solutions. Serving individuals, families, and businesses in and around SLC and neighboring cities, it prides itself on its excellent customer service, going above and beyond clients’ expectations. Fully-licensed and insured, A-1 Pioneer gives you peace of mind and helps you transition to your new base without hassle or issues.

Services Offered

  • Residential moving
  • Storage services
  • Commercial/office moving
  • Piano moving
  • Local and world wide moving
  • Full-service moving
  • Organizing, packing, moving, and storing belongings
  • Cheap moving tips
  • Hourly moving services
  • Packing, storing, and moving furniture

What customers love most about A-1 Pioneer Moving and Storage are:

- The professional and friendly staff who carefully handle belongings, providing efficient and fast service.
- The company's flexibility, excellent communication, and extra measures taken to protect floors, walls and items during the move.

The most common customer complaints for A-1 Pioneer Moving and Storage are:

- Missing items and unprofessional handling of delicate items
- Discrepancy between the initial quote and the actual cost of the move

Very Good based on 50+ data points.

About S and S Moving

With the thousands of decisions, you have to go through, before, during, and even after a move, it’s no wonder relocating is one of the most stressful life events you’ll experience. S and S Moving strives to make it much better for you and your family with excellence and precision. It’s a professional moving company in Hooper that promises to deliver your things in one day as long as you’re moving within a 500-mile radius. S and S Moving specializes in residential, commercial, local, and long-distance moving services. It offers full-service solutions, including packing, loading, and handling specialty items such as pianos or safes. When you're looking for movers in Ogden, UT, S and S Moving is always open to help you with your moving needs, big or small.

Services Offered

  • Residential Movers
  • Commercial Movers
  • Packing
  • Moving to and from storage units
  • Large Item Transport
  • Packaging Services
  • Special packaging for unique items
  • Complete moving services
  • Moving within a 500 Mile Radius
  • Furniture moving

What customers love most about S and S Moving are:

- Professional and efficient service with incredibly fair pricing and an experienced, respectful crew.
- Quick work with attention to detail and care for belongings, ensuring a stress-free moving experience.

Although the vast majority of reviews boast a stellar 5-star rating, here are a few rare concerns that may not necessarily apply to every customer experience for S and S Moving:

- A couple of dents and wall dings during the moving process
- No other complaints found

Very Good based on 150+ data points.

About Thresher Piano Movers

When dealing with your precious piano, you can’t trust just any mover. You have to trust professionals with years of experience moving these valuable instruments. Thresher Piano Movers is an expert in handling, moving, and storing pianos. Its professional movers in Ogden, UT know exactly how to wrap and secure any piano or organ, ensuring safe transport to wherever it needs to go in Northern Utah. And if you need to temporarily store your piano while you get your new home ready, Thresher Piano Movers can also keep it safe then deliver it in the same condition in which it was picked up. Aside from pianos and organs, it specializes in moving vaults, safes, and other awkward heavy items.

Services Offered

  • Professional Piano Moving
  • Vault & Safe Moving

What customers love most about Thresher Piano Movers are:

- Professional and efficient moving services that prioritize care of the piano
- Great customer service experiences with friendly and considerate staff

The most common customer complaints for Thresher Piano Movers are:

- No show appointments and lack of communication
- Deceitful and unprofessional behavior

Very Good

About Lyons Services

Lyons Services is your one-stop-shop moving company. Offering specialized services for moving, demolition, and hauling. Established in 2016, it takes pride in its hand-selected workers that include military veterans and mechanics. Whether you're moving locally or need Ogden, UT moving services for a long-distance relocation or just need some help in removing unwanted items or cleaning out your garage, Lyons Services is ready to lend a professional helping hand. It promises to work quickly and efficiently but at the same time ensures that your belongings and property are protected throughout the process. Trusted by the local community, Lyons Services has many customers raving about the quality of service, which is why its business continues to flourish through referrals and returning customers.

Services Offered

  • Storage
  • Packing
  • Local
  • Cheap
  • Long Distance
  • Furniture

What customers love most about Lyons Services are:

- Their friendly, professional, and efficient team that goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.
- The prompt, affordable, and detail-oriented service they provide, making the moving process easier and stress-free for clients.

The most common customer complaints for Lyons Services are:

- Unprofessional behavior: One reviewer mentioned that Cordell appeared to be high during the walkthrough and insisted on being paid via his personal Venmo account without providing a receipt.
- Poor scheduling and communication: Several customers shared experiences of being charged for a walkthrough, sudden cancellations, rescheduling issues, and difficulties in getting timely refunds.


About Smooth Movers Moving & Storage Of Ogden

Smooth Movers Moving & Storage is a professional, affordable, and reliable moving company in Logan that started in 1998. In over two decades of serving local and long-distance moving customers, it’s earned a reputation for providing personalized care and attention. As a Utah mover, it takes pride in always giving the best service, whether it’s providing packing, loading, crating, or storage solutions. No two moves are ever the same, and Smooth Movers Moving & Storage is very accommodating of your specific needs, whatever they may be. And it guarantees a competitive price without sacrificing the quality of service. Whether moving home, condo, apartment, or even an entire office, there’s no job too big or small for Smooth Movers Moving & Storage. If you are looking to explore more options for moving, you can head over to this curated list of Ogden, UT moving services for further reference.

Services Offered

  • Full Service Packing
  • Commercial Moving
  • Residential/Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Full-Service Storage

What customers love most about Smooth Movers Moving & Storage Of Ogden are:

- Professionalism and efficiency: Customers appreciate the hardworking and efficient nature of the staff.
- Careful handling: The movers are commended for being cautious with belongings and ensuring safe transport.

The most common customer complaints for Smooth Movers Moving & Storage Of Ogden are:

- Lack of communication: Customer experienced lack of proactive communication when the movers were unable to provide the service.
- Scheduling issues: The movers did not show up at the scheduled time and did not have a moving truck available, causing disruption to the customer's moving plans.

Good based on 50+ data points.

About Units Storage of Northern Utah

As a family-owned and operated, Units Storage of Northern Utah provides an innovative and straightforward solution to the challenge of relocation. Whether you face a residential or commercial move, portable storage units offer a convenient and cost-effective method to move from one place to another. Units Storage of Northern Utah will deliver a specialized container right to your doorstep and you can take the time you need to get it packed and loaded. And whenever you’re ready, just have the container picked up and delivered to your new home or hire this Salt Lake City, UT moving service to have Units Storage of Northern Utah store it until you’re ready for it. This moving option eliminates a lot of the complications and provides a more straightforward and cost-effective approach to moving.

Services Offered

  • Storage
  • Packing
  • Local
  • Cheap
  • International
Good based on 50+ data points.

About College Movers

Located in West Haven, Ogden, UT, College Movers is a company consisting of industrious, dynamic college students. This company focuses on providing budget-friendly labor services for both residential and commercial moves, as well as assisting with various tasks around your home or business. College Movers recruits bright, neat, and driven workers from a local college to manage all the heavy lifting for you.

While it does not offer moving vehicles or supplies, it will gladly assist with loading and unloading your truck or container, shifting furniture within your home or workplace, and organizing events or cleaning up afterwards. The costs are clear and upfront, without any hidden charges. As this company operates in a variety of states across the nation, they can assist even if you reside outside of Utah. You can find other branches of College Movers in AZ, FL, ID, TX, NV, and WA.

Services Offered

  • Cheap moving services
  • Local moving services
  • Hourly labor services
  • In-home moving services
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Event setup and cleaning services
  • Residential moving services
  • Business moving services
  • Odd job assistance services
  • Set-up and clean-up services

What customers love most about College Movers are:

- The professional, hardworking, and efficient nature of their movers, completing tasks quickly and carefully.
- The friendly, courteous, and positive attitude of their moving teams, providing excellent customer service and accommodating requests.

Although the vast majority of reviews boast a stellar 5-star rating, here are a few rare concerns that may not necessarily apply to every customer experience for College Movers:

- Some customers reported minor damage such as scratches on floors, which may have been caused by inexperience.
- A few customers suggested keeping a closer eye on the movers during the process to ensure cautious handling of items.


About Two Men and a Truck

Two Men and a Truck is a national, full-service moving company that has been in business for more than 35 years. Based in Lansing, Michigan, it has more than 350 locations worldwide, including Ogden, Utah. The company provides comprehensive home and business relocation, packing and unpacking, junk removal, and storage services. Its moving services encompass local and long-distance moves across town or across the country. The company constitutes professionally-trained movers and high-quality equipment. They also sell moving boxes and packing supplies at competitive prices. The company distinguishes itself by providing a customer referral rate of 96%, demonstrating customer satisfaction and trust in their services.

Services Offered

  • Local moving
  • Junk removal
  • Storage services
  • Long-distance moving
  • Packing services
  • Commercial moving
  • Home renovations
  • Business furniture disposal
  • Downsizing services
  • Appliance removal

About U-Pack

Established in 1997, U-Pack is a long-distance moving company headquartered in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Their economical pricing model only charges customers for the space their belongings occupy, rather than a flat fee. Services offered by U-Pack include door-to-door moves for residential properties of all sizes, military moves, cross-country relocations, senior citizen moving services, student moves, job relocations, and small moves. U-Pack has garnered a reputation for providing expedient, straightforward service along with flexible solutions, and consistently excellent customer support. Including fuel costs in their rates, U-Pack offers a cost-friendly experience for those looking for moving services in Ogden, UT.

Services Offered

  • Long Distance Moving
  • Military Moves
  • Cross Country Moving
  • Senior Moving
  • Student Moves
  • Job Relocation
  • Small Moves
  • Compare Moving Services
  • U-Pack vs Full Service
  • U-Pack vs Portable Storage

About Super Moving Bros

Super Moving Bros is a trusted moving company based in the Ogden, UT area, providing professional and efficient services to the surrounding community. As a family-owned business, their team of trained movers serving Ogden, UT ensure that all belongings are carefully handled during residential, commercial, and long-distance relocations. In addition to standard moving services, Super Moving Bros also offers packing/unpacking and specialty moving services for items such as pianos. Notably, the company is transparent with their pricing, ensuring clients are never caught off guard with hidden fees. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Super Moving Bros is a reliable choice for various moving needs.

Services Offered

  • Residential Moving
  • Commercial Moving
  • Packing/Unpacking
  • Space/Piano Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Upfront and Transparent Pricing

What customers love most about Super Moving Bros are:

- Their fast, efficient, and professional service, making sure to handle customers' items carefully and respectfully.
- The friendly, helpful, and responsive attitude of the team, ensuring customer satisfaction and easing the stress of moving.

Although the vast majority of reviews boast a stellar 5-star rating, here are a few rare concerns that may not necessarily apply to every customer experience for Super Moving Bros:

- Damage to items: One customer mentioned their fridge doors were dented, part of their bed frame was broken, and holes and dents were left on their walls. They also mentioned the company did not fix the damages and left them hanging.
- Dishonesty: The same customer felt the company was dishonest by not addressing the damages caused during the move.


How much do movers cost in Ogden, UT?

Movers in Ogden cost on average $600 for a crew of 2 movers and a truck to move a 1 bedroom apartment up to an average of $3,603 for 4 movers and a truck to move a 4 bedroom house. See the chart below for a detailed breakdown by type of move and home size.

Home Size Crew Size Labor Only Movers & Truck Full Service
0 2 $ 150 $ 375 $ 676
1 2 $ 240 $ 600 $ 1,051
2 3 $ 540 $ 1,351 $ 2,364
3 3 $ 766 $ 1,914 $ 3,490
4 4 $ 1,441 $ 3,603 $ 6,305
5+ 4 $ 1,801 $ 4,504 $ 7,806
*Please note: These Ogden, UT moving prices are rough approximations based upon nationwide data as well as local Ogden and/or Utah data. To determine the exact costs associated with your move, get a quote from a licensed Ogden mover.
  1. A-1 Pioneer Moving and Storage is the #1 moving company in Ogden, UT with a fabulous rating based on 250+ data points.
  2. S and S Moving is the #2 moving company in Ogden, UT with a very good rating based on 50+ data points.
  3. Thresher Piano Movers is the #3 moving company in Ogden, UT with a very good rating based on 150+ data points.
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