Top Moving Companies in Heber, UT

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1 Best of Utah Moving Company Superb
2 Big Boy Movers Fabulous
3 Two Man Movers & Storage Fabulous
4 Wright Moving Company Fabulous
5 Thresher Piano Movers Very Good
6 Utah Valley Movers Very Good

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Superb! based on 1700+ data points.

About Best of Utah Moving Company

Based in Salt Lake City with two other locations, Best of Utah Moving Company specializes in relocations across the Beehive State. Founded in 2012, the locally-owned and operated company prioritizes customer satisfaction in every job, whether it’s moving across the city or the state. Fully-licensed and insured, this SLC mover offers high-quality and efficient full-service relocations without the hefty price tag. With consistent 5-star rating reviews, Best of Utah takes pride in its professional and honest team of movers who are familiar with the local community and work hard so you can settle in in your new and exciting destination worry-free.

Why Hire Best of Utah Moving Company

You should hire Best of Utah Moving Company for a move if you're looking for a professional and reliable moving company with highly skilled and friendly movers. With a focus on customer satisfaction and care for your belongings, the company has received positive reviews for their prompt and efficient service, as well as their attention to detail and ability to handle heavy furniture with care. Whether you're moving within Utah or across the country, Best of Utah Moving Company will make sure your move is as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. You won't regret choosing them for your next move!

Services Offered

  • Local moving
  • Long distance moving
  • Office moving
  • Climate-controlled storage
  • Packing & unpacking
  • Protection & valuation

What customers love most about Best of Utah Moving Company are:

- Professionalism and efficiency: Customers appreciate the level of expertise the movers have and the ability to complete moves in a timely manner.
- Careful handling of belongings: The movers are praised for taking extra precautions to ensure items are safely transported and arrive in good condition.

Although the vast majority of reviews boast a stellar 5-star rating, here are a few rare concerns that may not necessarily apply to every customer experience for Best of Utah Moving Company:

- Going over the time estimate and charging for an additional hour: A reviewer mentioned that the movers took 20 minutes over the allocated time, leading to being charged for an extra hour.
- Minor damage to items after using storage pods: One customer reported that after leaving their belongings in storage pods provided by the company, a couple of items had minor damage upon retrieval.

Fabulous! based on 1200+ data points.

About Big Boy Movers

Every move is different. That is why Big Boy Movers offers personalized service that caters to your unique needs. If you're looking for a flexible and accommodating local or long-distance mover, trust Big Boy Movers. It specializes in organizing the steps of your move so you can focus on living life without having to worry about the nitty-gritty details of relocation. And because Big Boy Movers prides itself on high standards, employees are rigorously trained and retrained to ensure reliability. From packing and loading up your belongings for transportation, all the way down to unpacking at your new home Big Boy Movers is there with you every step of the way. If you're searching for movers in Provo, UT for your next move, remember to consider all your options before making a decision.

Why Hire Big Boy Movers

You should hire Big Boy Movers for a move if you are looking for a company that is reasonably priced, professional, and has a history of providing good customer service. Many customers have praised the movers for their hard work, efficiency, and ability to handle their belongings with care. They are also flexible and able to accommodate last minute requests. While some customers have reported issues with the movers not wrapping furniture properly, the majority of reviews are positive and recommend the company.

Services Offered

  • Long-Distance moving
  • Loading
  • Unloading
  • Packing
  • Residential moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Long-Term storage

What customers love most about Big Boy Movers are:

- Their professionalism and efficiency: Customers appreciate that the movers are prompt, courteous, and hard-working, ensuring a smooth moving experience.
- Careful handling of belongings: The movers take care to avoid any damages and even help with packing to protect important items.

The most common customer complaints for Big Boy Movers are:

- Damaged items or property during the move
- Lack of proper training and professionalism from the movers

Fabulous! based on 400+ data points.

About Two Man Movers & Storage

Trusted by the residents and businesses because of its speedy and reliable quality services, Two Man Movers and Storage relocates people in Salt Lake City, UT to the next street, state, or even beyond international borders. Operating as an agent for Stevens Worldwide Van Lines, this company combines the resources of a national establishment with the flexibility and meticulousness of a local family-owned and operated entity. Two Man Movers crafts customized relocation solutions that are tailored to fit each client's unique requirements and budget. Throughout every step of the relocation process - from packing and loading, to furniture assembly and providing storage solutions, right through to specialty moves - Two Man Movers remains ceaselessly committed to delivering outstanding customer service.

Services Offered

  • Local Moving
  • Long Distance Moving
  • International Moving
  • Office Moving
  • Specialty Item Moving
  • Full Service Storage
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Packing Services
  • Piano Moving
  • Pool Table Moving
Fabulous! based on 150+ data points.

About Wright Moving Company

Wright Moving Company is a trusted moving service in Utah that provides a safe, organized, and reliable way to transport your belongings across the state. It offers full-service moving solutions for residential and commercial customers, including packing, unpacking, delivery, and even junk removal. For those who need on-site, labor-only movers, Wright Moving can also send you a crew to help you load and unload your truck, install art pieces, rearrange furniture, clean your home, and stage your real estate properties. They may not be in the list of Provo, UT's top-rated movers, but these pros believe in being transparent with customers, whom they treat with the same level of respect that they would want for themselves. That’s why these movers always aim to provide a great experience for everyone who chooses to work with them. Wright Moving Company is based in Heber, Park City, and St. George. It was established in 2015.

Services Offered

  • Residential and Commercial Moving
  • Customized moving based on your needs
  • Cheap moving services
  • Local moving services
  • Long-distance moving services
  • Cross-country moving services
  • International moving services
  • Small moving services
  • Piano moving services
  • Pool table moving services
Very Good based on 200+ data points.

About Thresher Piano Movers

As an industry leader in heavy awkward, expensive item transportation, storage, and relocation; Thresher Piano Movers has built a reputation for excellence. Providing state-of-the-art packing, piano moving technology, local expertise, and the best customer service is what this top-rated piano mover does every day. Thresher Piano Movers are experts when it comes to transporting pianos, organs, or heavy musical instruments across town. The professional staff and employees at Thresher Piano Movers have been expertly trained on how to handle different types of instruments and equipment ensuring you that your valuable instrument is in the best of hands every step of the way. Check out other Provo, UT moving services for more options.

Why Hire Thresher Piano Movers

You should hire Thresher Piano Movers for a move if you want a professional and experienced team that takes great care of your piano during the move. They are affordable, quick to schedule, and provide excellent customer service. Many customers have praised the movers for their professionalism, friendly attitude, and efficiency. They are experienced in moving pianos and have the equipment and skills to handle even the trickiest of moves. Based on the positive reviews, Thresher Piano Movers is a trustworthy and reliable company that will ensure your piano is moved with care.

Services Offered

  • Piano moving
  • Vault & safe moving
Very Good based on 100+ data points.

About Utah Valley Movers

Moving to a new house is an exciting milestone and you can do it stress-free with Utah Valley Movers located in Lindon, Utah. Its professional movers will box and pack your belongings, load everything into trucks, and transport it for you. Upon arrival at your new location, Utah Valley Movers also takes care of getting all your valuables unloaded from the truck and unpacked into your new home. As a one-stop solution for all moving needs, this smart choice saves you time and helps relieve stress by eliminating any last-minute hassles or slowdowns as you get settled into your new home whether it’s down the street or across town. If you're seeking for movers in West Valley City, UT, our website provides a list of reputable options for your consideration.

Services Offered

  • Residential Moves
  • Commercial Moves
  • Moving Services
  • Free moving blankets and wrap
  • Loading and unloading our truck
  • Packing your house into boxes
  • Moving Truck
  • Moving Blankets
  • Wrap Tools
  • Assembly / Reassembly


How much do movers cost in Heber, UT?

Movers in Heber cost on average $713 for a crew of 2 movers and a truck to move a 1 bedroom apartment up to an average of $4,279 for 4 movers and a truck to move a 4 bedroom house. See the chart below for a detailed breakdown by type of move and home size.

Home Size Crew Size Labor Only Movers & Truck Full Service
0 2 $ 178 $ 446 $ 802
1 2 $ 285 $ 713 $ 1,248
2 3 $ 642 $ 1,605 $ 2,808
3 3 $ 909 $ 2,273 $ 4,145
4 4 $ 1,712 $ 4,279 $ 7,489
5+ 4 $ 2,140 $ 5,349 $ 9,272
*Please note: These Heber, UT moving prices are rough approximations based upon nationwide data as well as local Heber and/or Utah data. To determine the exact costs associated with your move, get a quote from a licensed Heber mover.
  1. Best of Utah Moving Company is the #1 moving company in Heber, UT with a superb rating based on 1700+ data points.
  2. Big Boy Movers is the #2 moving company in Heber, UT with a fabulous rating based on 1200+ data points.
  3. Two Man Movers & Storage is the #3 moving company in Heber, UT with a fabulous rating based on 400+ data points.
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