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GM Moving Company

GM Moving Company


About GM Moving Company

GM Moving Company is a professional moving service provider based in the United States. The company offers comprehensive moving solutions for both residential and commercial customers. Their experienced team ensures that the moving process is smooth and efficient, minimizing disruption to clients’ daily lives. With a focus on personalized service and attention to detail, GM Moving Company sets itself apart from other moving businesses by prioritizing customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, specific information regarding the company’s years in business, location, service area, and ownership is not available from the provided website information.

Moving Services

Is GM Moving Company Licensed To Perform Local Moves within Texas?

The TXDMV regulates moving companies that operate within the state of Texas
Active Last Checked: 12/09/21

License Number: 006874662C

License Status: Active

Date Issued: 10/07/20

Verify License:

Physical Address: 186 GUMBO DR ROCKWALL, TX

Mailing Address: 805 WREN CT FORNEY, TX

Is GM Moving Company Licensed To Perform Interstate Moves From Texas To Another State?

This licensing information comes from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and applies to a moving company's ability to perform a long distance INTERstate move
(for example: from California to Texas). If your move crosses state lines within the same commercial zone, or metropolitan area (for example: DC to Alexandria, VA), it is generally not considered an interstate move and a moving company may not need an "Active" license from FMCSA to perform this type of move. INTRAstate moves (within the same state or city) are regulated by state and local jurisdictions and licensing requirements vary according to locale.
Authorized For Interstate Moves

Last Checked




Entity Type




Entity Type


Legal Name: Tt & A Trucking Inc

DBA Company Name: Gm Moving Company

Physical Address: 805 Wren CT Forney TX 75126

Mailing Address: 805 Wren CT Forney TX 75126

# of Registered Trucks, Tractors, or Vans: 3

# of Registered Drivers: 1

Most Recent USDOT Update (MCS 150): 10/05/22

Most Recently Reported Annual Interstate Miles: 75,038 (2021)

*Note: this license information has not been manually verified. Please confirm all license information at


184 Gumbo Dr, Rockwall, TX, 75032
(877) 246-6902
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