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About Chapa's Moving Service

If you’re moving in or out of San Antonio or the Rio Grande Valley, Chapa's Moving Service can offer you an exceptional moving experience with its high standards of quality and professionalism. With over 40 years of experience in the moving industry, Chapa's Moving Service has what it takes to get you moved with the stress. It prides itself on having helped thousands of families and businesses across South Texas and the surrounding areas with their moving needs. Chapa’s offers streamlined moving services, including residential, commercial, local, long-distance, and piano moves, plus packing and storage. Hiring a full-service moving and storage company allows you to focus on other aspects of your move while a team of professional movers takes care of the entire moving process from start to finish. You won’t have to lift a finger!

Why Hire Chapa's Moving Service

You should hire Chapa's Moving Service for a move if you want a reliable and professional moving company that will handle your belongings with care. The company has received positive reviews from customers for their courteous and accommodating movers, quick and efficient work, and their ability to accommodate special requests. Customers have also praised the movers for their ability to handle fragile items and disassemble and reassemble furniture. Chapa's Moving Service is a great choice for anyone looking for a moving company that is affordable, prompt, and provides excellent customer service.

Services Offered

  • Residential Moves
  • Commercial Moves
  • Long Distance Moves
  • Local Moves
  • Self Storage Units
  • Piano Movers
  • Relocation of safes
  • Loading and unloading rented moving vehicles
  • Packing Services
  • Sale of moving boxes and packing supplies

What customers love most about Chapa's Moving Service are:

- Their professionalism and efficiency, ensuring a smooth and stress-free moving experience.
- The courteous and friendly staff who handle customers' belongings with care and attention, providing helpful packing tips and timely service.

Although the vast majority of reviews boast a stellar 5-star rating, here are a few rare concerns that may not necessarily apply to every customer experience for Chapa's Moving Service:

- Some customers experienced scratched furniture and lost items during the move.
- Concerns about workers not being background checked and potential theft issues.

Authorized for Local Moves within Texas
Last Checked: 12/09/21

State License Information

Legal Business Name
DBA Company Name
License No.
006456196C Verify
Date Issued
Very Good based on 150+ data points.

About Rockstar Moving Company

Rockstar Moving Company believes in treating every customer like its namesake, a rockstar. Whether you’re moving a home or an office, it provides an exceptional customer experience with a wide range of moving services to help you get to your destination. Rockstar caters to both home and business moving needs, offering local and long-distance moves, along with packing and unpacking options and liability coverage to protect your move. Rockstar’s trucks are equipped with extra boxes and packing supplies to help you box up any items that may need packing at the last minute. This McAllen moving company is here to make your move seamless and hassle-free, so you can focus on settling in post-move.

Why Hire Rockstar Moving Company

You should hire Rockstar Moving Company for a move if you want a team of professional, kind, and efficient movers who will handle your belongings with care. The company has received positive reviews for their promptness, knowledge, and hard work, as well as their friendly and accommodating nature. They are experienced in handling heavy and bulky items, and are known for their ability to work efficiently while still taking great care of customers' belongings. With a focus on customer satisfaction and an affordable price, Rockstar Moving Company is the right choice for your next move.

Services Offered

  • Residential Moving Services
  • Local Moving
  • Packing & Unpacking
  • Long Distance Moving
  • Moving Protection
  • Commercial Relocation Plan
  • Secure Service Providers
  • Labor-Only Assistance
  • Importance of a Good Plan
  • Sign Up Newsletter

What customers love most about Rockstar Moving Company are:

- Professionalism and efficiency: Clients appreciate how fast, careful, and experienced the movers are while handling their belongings.
- Excellent customer service: The team is friendly, accommodating, and highly communicative, making the moving process seamless and stress-free.

The most common customer complaints for Rockstar Moving Company are:

- Lack of professionalism: Forgetting appointments and not showing up to scheduled jobs
- High prices for the services they provide

Very Good based on 150+ data points.

About Jones Moving & Storage - McAllen

Moving is a tough business but Jones Moving & Storage makes it look easy with full-service solutions for all your moving needs. As an agent of Mayflower Transit, Jones Moving & Storage has a nationwide network of resources to ensure that your precious belongings are in the best care no matter where you’re moving to in the Rio Grande Valley or beyond. It also provides logistical solutions to and from its warehouse that is designed specifically to store furniture and have it moved between your residences. Jones Moving & Storage is highly capable of handling all kinds of moves including residential and commercial relocations and even vehicle transport. It is also licensed and insured for local, long-distance, and even international moves, so it can handle your move, near or far.

Why Hire Jones Moving & Storage - McAllen

You should hire Jones Moving & Storage - McAllen for a move if you want professional, friendly, and efficient service. Many customers have praised their customer service, on-time delivery, and courteous behavior. The delivery crew is knowledgeable and skilled in handling and installing appliances. The company is responsive to customer needs and flexible with changes during the moving process. Most customers have had a positive experience with Jones Moving & Storage - McAllen and would recommend the company to others.

Services Offered

  • Local moving services
  • Long distance moving services
  • International moving services
  • Commercial storage services
  • Local delivery and installation services
  • Furniture storage services
  • Logistics services
  • Residential moving services
  • Vehicle transportation services
  • Final mile services

What customers love most about Jones Moving & Storage - McAllen are:

- Their professionalism and efficiency in handling appliances and installations, making for a smooth customer experience.
- The courtesy and respect exhibited by the staff, who often go above and beyond in assisting and accommodating customer needs.

The most common customer complaints for Jones Moving & Storage - McAllen are:

- Billing issues
- Rude and unprofessional staff behavior

Good based on 100+ data points.

About Lui Lui Moving Services

Lui Lui Moving Services is a locally owned and operated company in Edinburg serving the Rio Grande Valley with efficient home and business moves. Whether you’re moving to a different Texas city or a different state, this team of knowledgeable and friendly movers will take care of everything for you. They understand that your possessions are important to you and will do everything to protect them from damage. When you book a move with this company, you can be confident that your belongings will be treated with the utmost honesty and respect. Lui Lui Moving Services has other locations in Harlingen and Brownsville, offering 24/7 availability 365 days a year. It is ready to help you at any time – day or night, weekday or weekend. See how much it will cost to move your belongings safely and securely. Get a free moving estimate today.

Why Hire Lui Lui Moving Services

You should hire Lui Lui Moving Services for a move if you want a reliable and efficient moving service that provides great customer service, quick and professional handling of your belongings, and reasonable prices. The movers have received positive feedback for their hard work, speed, and professionalism, and many customers have praised their friendly and helpful demeanor. Additionally, the company has received many positive reviews for their honesty and punctuality, making them a great choice for your next move.

Services Offered

  • Large Single Items Moving
  • Entire Households Moving
  • Offices Moving
  • Medical Equipment Moving
  • Short & Long Distance Moving
  • White Glove Moving

What customers love most about Lui Lui Moving Services are:

- Professional and efficient service: Customers appreciate the speedy and careful handling of their belongings by the movers.
- Affordable and transparent pricing: Clients find the prices to be reasonable and quoted accurately ahead of time.

Although the vast majority of reviews boast a stellar 5-star rating, here are a few rare concerns that may not necessarily apply to every customer experience for Lui Lui Moving Services:

- High pricing compared to competitors: One reviewer mentioned the quote they received was $2700 more than other moving companies.
- Missing items and lack of coverage: A customer claimed they were missing four boxes and that the company's insurance didn't cover their loss. Another reviewer mentioned their TV cable was taken.

Good based on 100+ data points.

About Valley Junk Removal

Valley Junk Removal is a locally owned and operated business serving the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission metropolitan area. This McAllen company offers affordable moving and junk hauling services for residential and commercial customers. It has a team of experienced local movers that can help you load and unload your belongings and get rid of debris, furniture, appliances, curbside trash, and construction waste. They also do property cleanouts and many handyman jobs, such as landscaping, cabinet installation, door and window repair, drywall service, and carpet removal. Valley Junk Removal uses only eco-friendly methods of junk disposal, recycling boxes, paper products, plastic bottles, and anything else that can be used again in some form or another. It provides same or next-day services, so you can count on this crew to be there for you if you’re in a hurry or have an emergency.

Services Offered

  • Junk Removal
  • Hauling
  • Furniture Removal
  • Yard Waste Removal
  • Scrap Metal Removal
  • Couch Removal
  • Sofa Removal
  • House Cleanout
  • Garage Cleanout
  • Debris Removal
Good based on 150+ data points.

About Lui Lui Moving Service, LLC

If you’re looking for a trusted and efficient moving service in the Rio Grande Valley that is also affordable, then look no further than Lui Lui Moving Service, LLC. It’s a full-service moving company that is locally owned and operated in McAllen, Texas, and believes in treating every customer with honesty and respect. Whether you’re just moving down the street or across town, you can be sure that Lui Lui Moving Service, LLC will put your needs first, making your moving day experience smooth and stress-free. With Lui Lui, you can focus on more important things rather than worrying about your where your belongings are and when they’ll get to you.

Why Hire Lui Lui Moving Service, LLC

You should hire Lui Lui Moving Service, LLC for a move if you want a company that has received positive reviews for their efficiency, professionalism, and care in handling belongings. Some customers have reported good communication, quick and careful service, and movers who went above and beyond. However, as with any moving company, there have also been some negative experiences reported, such as poor communication, damage to items, and unprofessional behavior. It is important to carefully consider both positive and negative reviews before making a decision.

Services Offered

  • Large Single Items: piano, safe, pool table, precious antique moving
  • Entire Households moving
  • Offices moving
  • Medical Equipment moving
  • Short & Long Distance moving
  • White Glove service

What customers love most about Lui Lui Moving Service, LLC are:

- Their efficiency, professionalism, and reasonable prices, making the moving experience hassle-free and smooth.
- The level of care they take with belongings, using special equipment and wrappings to protect items like designer furniture and grand pianos.

The most common customer complaints for Lui Lui Moving Service, LLC are:

- Inefficient scheduling process
- Unprofessional telephone communication

Good based on 150+ data points.

About Two Men and a Truck

As a fully licensed and insured moving company that has been in the business for well over 30 years, Two Men and a Truck has built a globally recognized brand with over 300 locations in the United States, Canada, Ireland, and the United Kingdom. What sets it apart is that each location is locally owned and operated. The McAllen, Texas location serves the entire Rio Grande Valley with the company’s high standards, offering packing, loading, and hauling services. No matter what your relocation needs are, Two Men and a Truck can take care of them. This full-service mover will also make sure that your property is not left with the mess of relocation trash or even furniture and appliances that you no longer need.

Why Hire Two Men and a Truck

You should hire Two Men and a Truck for a move if you are looking for a professional and efficient moving experience. Many reviews praise the movers for being on time, polite, and careful with their customers' belongings. They also offer a range of services, from packing and loading to storage solutions. While some customers have had negative experiences with the company, many others have had positive experiences and recommend them for their services. In general, Two Men and a Truck has received positive feedback for their customer service and professionalism.

Services Offered

  • Local Moving
  • Junk Removal
  • Storage
  • Long-Distance Moving
  • Packing Services
  • Boxes & Supplies
  • Furniture Disposal
  • Home or Business Renovations
  • Foreclosure or Eviction Cleanouts
  • Removal of Unwanted Items from Garage Cleaning, Estate Cleaning, or Business Cleaning

What customers love most about Two Men and a Truck are:

- Their professional and efficient service, with movers taking extra care in protecting furniture and belongings.
- The courtesy, friendliness, and promptness of the staff, making the moving experience easy and stress-free.

The most common customer complaints for Two Men and a Truck are:

- Overpricing and hidden fees: Customers mentioned being charged significantly more than the original quote and complained about additional fees.
- Unprofessional behavior: Several reviews cited rude and unresponsive staff, including the owner.

Good based on 100+ data points.

About RGV Household Services

RGV Household Services is more than a moving company. This outfit offers almost every service you need to get your home in top shape. If you’re moving anywhere in the Edinburgh-McAllen metropolitan area, RGV Household Services offers labor-only moving and cleaning services so you won’t get left with a mess in your new property. Whether it’s unwanted appliances, furniture, construction debris, or even leftover trash from the move, its team of full-time professionals can haul it all away leaving your home clean and spotless. RGV Household Services also offers handyman services, lawn care, and landscaping so you can have the home of your dreams.

Services Offered

  • Pool Table
  • Appliance
  • Piano
  • Storage
  • Furniture
  • Packing
  • Local
  • Hourly
  • Commercial
Good based on 100+ data points.

About Rick's Moving & Storage LLC

Established in 1966, Rick's Moving & Storage LLC has over 25 years of expert experience as a family-owned and operated moving company that offers smooth and stress-free moving services at affordable prices. Based in McAllen, Texas it has served families all over the Rio Grande Valley with its full-service solutions for packing, loading, and transport that make your moving day a whole lot easier and worry-free. Rick's Moving & Storage LLC even offers labor services if you need assistance in loading or unloading a rental truck or mobile storage unit. Its professional movers are skilled and experienced in handling your move with care and respect.

Services Offered

  • Local moving
  • Long-distance moving
  • Cross-country moving
  • Small moving
  • Piano moving
  • Pool table moving
  • Appliance moving
  • Furniture moving
  • Packing services
  • Storage services

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How much do movers cost in Edinburg, TX?

Movers in Edinburg cost on average $397 for a crew of 2 movers and a truck to move a 1 bedroom apartment up to an average of $2,384 for 4 movers and a truck to move a 4 bedroom house. See the chart below for a detailed breakdown by type of move and home size.

Home Size Crew Size Labor Only Movers & Truck Full Service
0 2 $ 99 $ 248 $ 447
1 2 $ 159 $ 397 $ 695
2 3 $ 358 $ 894 $ 1,564
3 3 $ 507 $ 1,266 $ 2,309
4 4 $ 954 $ 2,384 $ 4,172
5+ 4 $ 1,192 $ 2,980 $ 5,165
*Please note: These Edinburg, TX moving prices are rough approximations based upon nationwide data as well as local Edinburg and/or Texas data. To determine the exact costs associated with your move, get a quote from a licensed Edinburg mover.
  1. Chapa's Moving Service is the #1 moving company in Edinburg, TX with a fabulous rating based on 650+ data points.
  2. Rockstar Moving Company is the #2 moving company in Edinburg, TX with a very good rating based on 150+ data points.
  3. Jones Moving & Storage - McAllen is the #3 moving company in Edinburg, TX with a very good rating based on 150+ data points.
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