Top Moving Companies in Yeadon, PA

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1 Broad Street Movers Superb
2 EverSafe Moving Co. Superb
3 Suburban Solutions Moving and Transport Fabulous
4 Mambo Movers Fabulous
5 Bellhop Moving Fabulous
6 Old City Movers Fabulous
7 BR Moving Fabulous
8 All My Sons Moving & Storage Fabulous
9 The Sultans of Schlep, LLC Fabulous
10 Georges Moving & Cleaning Company Fabulous
Superb! based on 650+ data points.

For over 12 years, Broad Street Movers has been performing residential and commercial moves in the Philadelphia, PA, area. As an independently owned and operated moving company, Broad Street Movers strives to make its customers’ moving experiences smooth and stress-free. In addition to local relocation services, this company offers long-distance moves anywhere in the country, with express moves to Washington DC and New York City. Whether you’re looking for labor-only movers or a full-service experience, Broad Street Movers has a service option that’s bound to fit your needs. With over 200 five-star reviews, Broad Street Movers is one of Philadelphia’s highest-rated moving companies.


Authorized for Local Moves within Pennsylvania
Last Checked: 4/13/22

State License Information

Legal Business Name Broad Street Movers, Llc
License No. 8916467 Verify
Status Active
Superb! based on 800+ data points.

Founded in 2011, EverSafe Moving has built a reputation in the Greater Philadelphia area for courtesy, care, and quality due to its team of highly-trained movers and dedication to hard work. With EverSafe’s Price Lock Guarantee, you can be assured you’ll never pay more than 10% more than the quoted price. This company provides both local and long-distance moving services as well as packing services, piano moves, and storage solutions. Plus, with EverSafe’s furniture, fixtures, and equipment services, it’s easy to store, move, or liquidate your extra fixtures during your move. EverSafe Moving has hundreds of five-star reviews and has performed thousands of moves, making it one of Philadelphia’s premier moving companies.


Fabulous! based on 400+ data points.

Suburban Solutions Moving and Transport is a Philadelphia-area moving company with multiple locations on the East Coast. Founded in 2010, this moving company has quickly grown to be one of Pennsylvania’s premier relocation options with hundreds of five-star reviews and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. From residential and commercial relocations to junk removal, cleaning, packing, and specialty moving services, Suburban Solutions has a wide range of options for any move. The team of trained, professional movers at Suburban Solutions has years of experience, so you can be assured that your belongings are in safe hands.


Fabulous! based on 650+ data points.

This locally owned and operated moving company is well-known in the Philadelphia area for its team of experienced, hard-working, and organized movers. Mambo Movers offers residential relocation services locally and long-distance as well as packing services, hoisting, and more. Each truck comes with moving blankets, straps, packing material, and furniture assembly tools to ensure that all of your belongings remain safe throughout the move. Whether you’re moving across the city or across the country, Mambo Movers’ years of experience and commitment to service make them a popular choice in Philadelphia, with hundreds of five-star reviews.


  • Packing
  • Local
  • Piano
  • Furniture
Fabulous! based on 1450+ data points.

Founded in 2011, Bellhop Moving is a national moving company with locations in nearly every state, including Pennsylvania. In Philadelphia, Bellhop performs local and long-distance residential moves for the entire area, including Fishtown, Old City, Fairmount, and beyond. As a national moving company, Bellhop is uniquely equipped to handle long-distance moves of any distance, making them an especially good option for those moving cross-country. In addition to its standard moving service, Bellhop also offers hourly labor, making it easy to decide exactly how much help you need with your move. With over 200,000 moves performed in the past nine years, Bellhop is one of the most experienced moving companies available.


Fabulous! based on 500+ data points.

Old City Movers is a Philadelphia-based company that has been helping people relocate since 2006. Insured and bonded, it offers full-service residential and commercial relocations to destinations within and outside Philly. Old City Movers will not just get your things from one place to another – it will take care of every aspect in between so you can focus on settling into your new place. This team can also help you load or unload your Pod or trailer if you need assistance with your DIY move. They can even pick up that new appliance you purchased from a store and deliver it to your home. Old City Movers has the equipment and expertise to move delicate artwork and hoist furniture into windows or up over balconies. If you’re looking for honest, efficient, and affordable moving professionals, this is the company to call.


Fabulous! based on 250+ data points.

From small to large residential and commercial moves, BR Moving takes the stress away from moving. Founded over a decade ago in Philadelphia, the locally-owned and operated company offers premium relocation services, performing local, intrastate, and interstate relocations. Whether it’s packing, loading, assembling furniture, or handling specialty items, it has the experience and expertise to guide and assist you through the entire moving process. With customers as its highest priority, it handles your prized possessions with care and customizes solutions to address your moving challenges and requirements. BR Moving gives you the peace of mind you deserve on moving day.


Fabulous! based on 6100+ data points.

All My Sons Moving & Storage is a fourth-generation family-owned and operated moving company. As you can tell from its business name, it cares about your family like one of its own. Whether you’re moving locally or long-distance, All My Sons Moving & Storage will help make your move more straightforward and less stressful. It offers full-service packing, crating, loading, and even storage to give you more convenience and flexibility to tackle the challenge of moving. Best of all, it’ll accommodate your needs while keeping prices within your budget. All My Sons Moving & Storage can handle moves as big as commercial offices or as small as a studio apartment, and it always tackles every move with its signature family values approach.


Fabulous! based on 250+ data points.

The Sultans of Schlep is an independently owned and operated moving company in Philadelphia. It’s been in business since 2002 and provides affordable moving services for families and businesses that need to move in or around Philadelphia and Camden. With years of experience under its belt, The Sultans of Schlep is familiar with the entire moving process and can help you through all the stages of moving or simply help out where needed. It offers labor services for packing and unpacking, furniture rearrangement, and more. The Sultans of Schlep can also help you declutter and get organized. The company offers expert advice on deciding what you need to get rid of and how to get rid of it. It’ll even help you reduce, recycle, and haul away all your unwanted items.


  • Furniture
  • Packing
  • Local
  • Cheap
Fabulous! based on 200+ data points.

Opened in 2018, Georges Moving & Cleaning Company is a minority- and family-owned moving company providing moving services in and around Philadelphia. Though relatively new to the industry, the business has quickly become a trusted and recommended mover among its residential and commercial clients. It provides several service types, including local moving, long-distance moving, senior moving, packing, unpacking, crating, loading, unloading, and storage/pods. The company also offers cleaning solutions, like routine clean or a move-out deep clean, using eco-friendly commercial solutions and technologies. The company also offers post-construction cleaning, post-event cleaning, and more. Georges Moving & Cleaning is a preferred moving company in the metropolitan Tri-State area.


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How much do movers cost in Yeadon, PA?

Movers in Yeadon cost on average $348 for a crew of 2 movers and a truck to move a 1 bedroom apartment up to an average of $2,091 for 4 movers and a truck to move a 4 bedroom house. See the chart below for a detailed breakdown by type of move and home size.

Home Size Crew Size Labor Only Movers & Truck Full Service
0 2 $ 87 $ 218 $ 392
1 2 $ 139 $ 348 $ 610
2 3 $ 314 $ 784 $ 1,372
3 3 $ 444 $ 1,111 $ 2,026
4 4 $ 836 $ 2,091 $ 3,659
5+ 4 $ 1,045 $ 2,614 $ 4,530
*Please note: These Yeadon, PA moving prices are rough approximations based upon nationwide data as well as local Yeadon and/or Pennsylvania data. To determine the exact costs associated with your move, get a quote from a licensed Yeadon mover.
  1. Broad Street Movers is the #1 moving company in Yeadon, PA with a superb rating based on 650+ data points.
  2. EverSafe Moving Co. is the #2 moving company in Yeadon, PA with a superb rating based on 800+ data points.
  3. Suburban Solutions Moving and Transport is the #3 moving company in Yeadon, PA with a fabulous rating based on 400+ data points.
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