Top Moving Companies in Sioux City, IA

Rank Moving Company Rating Logo
1 Brouwer Relocation Inc Fabulous
2 Iowa Moving 1 Fabulous
3 Affordable Moving Fabulous
4 Action Moving & Storage, Inc. Very Good
5 Black Belt Movers Very Good
6 Always Moving Forward Good
7 AAA Movers LLC Good

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Fabulous! based on 800+ data points.

About Brouwer Relocation Inc

Brouwer Relocation, Inc. is a third-generation family-owned and operated company providing residential, commercial, and specialized moving services since 1969. Brouwer Relocation added a location in Sioux Falls but continues to serve its home base of Rock Valley and surrounding areas. Whether it's a residential or business move, the company ensures a smooth, comfortable relocation for your family or organization. Brouwer Relocation offers local and long-distance moving, nationwide moving, office moving, and corporate relocation. The company also provides storage solutions for your belongings' safekeeping, from household and commercial to boxed filing and warehousing. Its professional crew will help with specialized moves, including freight, home delivery, tradeshow, liftgate, industrial, and more. Brouwer Relocation also provides logistics for hotels, retail stores, retirement homes, and telecommunication companies.

Why Hire Brouwer Relocation Inc

You should hire Brouwer Relocation Inc for a move if you want a company that provides excellent customer service, is professional, and takes great care in handling your items. They have received positive reviews for their prompt delivery, great communication, and their delivery drivers are friendly and courteous. Customers have also appreciated their ability to deliver items ahead of schedule, and their willingness to call before delivery. Brouwer Relocation Inc is a trustworthy and reliable company that will make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible.

What customers love most about Brouwer Relocation Inc are:
- Professional and friendly service: Brouwer Relocation Inc's employees are known for their professionalism, kindness, and appreciation, going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.
- Excellent communication: Customers appreciate receiving notifications about their delivery and accurate arrival times, keeping them informed throughout the process.

Although the vast majority of reviews boast a stellar 5-star rating, here are a few rare concerns that may not necessarily apply to every customer experience for Brouwer Relocation Inc:

- Some customers experienced issues with items being delivered in poor weather conditions, resulting in water damage to their belongings.
- A few customers mentioned their packages arriving with some minor damage to the packaging.


Fabulous! based on 150+ data points.

About Iowa Moving 1

If you've been looking for an affordable alternative to full-service movers in Des Moines, Iowa Moving 1 could be perfect for you. This labor-only moving company provides superior customer service while saving you money on your move. Unlike full-service moving companies, Iowa Moving 1 does not provide a moving truck. Instead, its professional movers take the hassle out of your move by loading and packing items into your rental truck. Iowa Moving 1 performs residential and commercial moves, including in-home, apartment, and storage unit moves. As a result, this company is suitable for a wide range of moving needs.

Why Hire Iowa Moving 1

You should hire Iowa Moving 1 for a move if you want a company that prioritizes great customer service, efficient and professional movers, and a stress-free moving experience. Many customers have praised the movers for their hard work, friendliness, and consideration for their belongings. The company has received positive feedback for their communication and responsiveness, and many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the cost and value of their services. Whether you're moving a small apartment or a large house, Iowa Moving 1 is a great option for a hassle-free move.

What customers love most about Iowa Moving 1 are:
- Professionalism and efficiency: The moving team is well-trained, courteous, and highly skilled at packing and handling customers' belongings
- Excellent customer service: From scheduling to actual moving day, the company is prompt, responsive, and attentive to customers' needs and requests

The most common customer complaints for Iowa Moving 1 are:
- Tardiness: Some customers have reported movers showing up later than the scheduled time.
- Inconsistent work quality: Some customers mentioned that one mover worked harder than the other, leading to uneven work distribution.


Fabulous! based on 150+ data points.

About Affordable Moving

Affordable Moving is a locally-owned and operated company offering residential and commercial moving services in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. With six years in business, its experienced team of professional movers and packers helps make your local or long-distance transition into a new home or office worry-free and convenient. Its moving crew can handle your furniture, desks, chairs, pool tables, and whatever other items you want to transfer. The company provides clean moving trucks with moving pads and equipment for safe delivery and transit. Affordable Moving also offers moving discounts to men and women who are on active duty or veterans as well as for senior citizens.

Why Hire Affordable Moving

You should hire Affordable Moving for a move if you are looking for a professional and efficient moving experience. Many customers have praised the moving team for their hard work, speed, and care in handling their belongings. The company also offers affordable prices and flexible scheduling. Additionally, customers have reported positive experiences with the company's customer service and communication. With numerous positive reviews and a track record of happy customers, Affordable Moving is a great choice for your next move.

What customers love most about Affordable Moving are:
- Professional and efficient services, taking great care of customers' belongings and completing moves quickly with no damage.
- Friendly, courteous, and hardworking staff members who provide excellent customer service at affordable prices.

The most common customer complaints for Affordable Moving are:
- Damaged items and not compensating for the damages
- Hidden fees and inaccurate quotes provided


Very Good based on 150+ data points.

About Action Moving & Storage, Inc.

Action Moving & Storage, Inc. is a premier moving company that serves Sioux City and Omaha. In business since 1983, it has the skills and experience to handle all kinds of moves of any size. Whether residential or commercial, local or long-distance, there’s no job too big or small for the professionals at Action Moving & Storage, Inc. It offers a complete moving experience from packing up all your things to unpacking everything at your new home. You can also take advantage of its secure climate-controlled storage solutions for in-between homes, giving you more convenience and flexibility. Whatever your moving needs entail, Action Moving & Storage, Inc. will take care of you.

Why Hire Action Moving & Storage, Inc.

You should hire Action Moving & Storage, Inc. for a move if you are looking for a company with excellent customer service and experienced workers. The company has a team of friendly and fast movers who are able to handle moving even in challenging weather conditions. They have good communication skills and a positive attitude, ensuring that the moving process is a stress-free experience. Many customers have highly recommended the company for their efficient and careful handling of belongings. The company also has a team of office staff who are responsive and helpful with scheduling and answering questions.

What customers love most about Action Moving & Storage, Inc. are:
- Professional and friendly crews: Customers appreciate the hard-working, polite, and efficient movers who handle their belongings with care.
- Excellent communication and customer service: The office staff are praised for being helpful, efficient, and easy to work with, providing clear information throughout the process.

The most common customer complaints for Action Moving & Storage, Inc. are:
- Damaged items: Customers reported damaged furniture, scratched items, and holes in walls.
- Poor communication and handling of claims: Some customers experienced difficulty in addressing damages with the company, receiving inadequate resolutions or dismissive responses.


Very Good based on 50+ data points.

About Black Belt Movers

When it comes to moving, Black Belt Movers offers the highest standard of service. It’s been in business for over nine years, offering local and long-distance relocation services for Nebraska residents, from Omaha all the way to Sioux City. From the beginning, Black Belt Movers has always focused on providing exceptional customer support and service; it understands your needs and comes up with the best solutions to fit within your budget. As a full-service mover, it’s an expert in everything, including packing, loading, unloading, in-home moving, and even piano moving. Black Belt Mover’s professional crews are ninjas that work hard, get things done, and do it all safely with a smile.

Why Hire Black Belt Movers

You should hire Black Belt Movers for a move if you want a team of efficient and personable movers who will take care of your belongings. Many customers have reported positive experiences with the company, praising their hard work, quickness, and attention to detail. Some customers have also highlighted the friendliness of the movers, and the company's affordability. Overall, Black Belt Movers has a track record of providing good customer service, making them a good choice for your move.

What customers love most about Black Belt Movers are:
- Their efficiency, punctuality, and friendly service, making moves stress-free and easy.
- Movers taking extra care in handling items and placing them in the right rooms for easier unpacking.

The most common customer complaints for Black Belt Movers are:
- Not responsive and disorganized: Difficulty in communication and booking the services.
- Multiple follow-ups required: Customers had to send multiple emails or make multiple calls to confirm their bookings.


Good based on 50+ data points.

About Always Moving Forward

Always Moving Forward is a premier veteran-owned moving company serving Eastern Iowa. It specializes in local residential moving services with the same professionalism and dedication expected in a military organization. Always Moving Forward employs full-time professional moving crews trained to take care of every stage of the moving process. From packing and loading to transport and unloading in your new home - Always Moving Forward takes care of all the heavy lifting so you can take care of your family. It also provides the necessary materials and supplies along with expert packing services to make your moving day a lot less tiring and a lot more enjoyable.

Why Hire Always Moving Forward

You should hire Mas Moving Forward for a move if you want experienced, friendly, and efficient movers who take care of your belongings with care. They offer great customer service, clear communication, and a stress-free moving experience. Customers have praised the crew for their hard work, professionalism, and attention to detail. They provide a full range of moving services, including loading, transport, and unloading, and they have received high praise from multiple customers for their excellent work and affordability. With many positive reviews and satisfied customers, Mas Moving Forward is a reliable choice for your next move.


Good based on 50+ data points.

About AAA Movers LLC

AAA Movers LLC is a top-rated moving company based in Des Moines, IA. Serving the local Des Moines metro area, this company excels in helping customers relocate to their new homes or offices with ease. As local Des Moines movers, they have vast experience in navigating tight corridors, small elevators, and multiple floor levels. The company offers a wide range of professional movers, handling relocations of various sizes, including piano moves, office furniture, and full residential moves. Besides providing affordable services, AAA Movers sets itself apart from other moving companies by delivering time-saving solutions for a hassle-free move.



How much do movers cost in Sioux City, IA?

Movers in Sioux City cost on average $349 for a crew of 2 movers and a truck to move a 1 bedroom apartment up to an average of $2,096 for 4 movers and a truck to move a 4 bedroom house. See the chart below for a detailed breakdown by type of move and home size.

Home Size Crew Size Labor Only Movers & Truck Full Service
0 2 $ 87 $ 218 $ 393
1 2 $ 140 $ 349 $ 611
2 3 $ 314 $ 786 $ 1,375
3 3 $ 445 $ 1,113 $ 2,030
4 4 $ 838 $ 2,096 $ 3,668
5+ 4 $ 1,048 $ 2,620 $ 4,541
*Please note: These Sioux City, IA moving prices are rough approximations based upon nationwide data as well as local Sioux City and/or Iowa data. To determine the exact costs associated with your move, get a quote from a licensed Sioux City mover.
  1. Brouwer Relocation Inc is the #1 moving company in Sioux City, IA with a fabulous rating based on 800+ data points.
  2. Iowa Moving 1 is the #2 moving company in Sioux City, IA with a fabulous rating based on 150+ data points.
  3. Affordable Moving is the #3 moving company in Sioux City, IA with a fabulous rating based on 150+ data points.
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