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Need a reliable Chicagoland moving company to help you with your interstate move? We’ve compiled a list of the best long-distance movers in Chicago and throughout the entire state!

Great Guys Moving is the ultimate resource for residential and commercial moves to or from the Windy City. We feature reputable, established moving companies committed to providing customer satisfaction through a range of high-quality relocation services, including packing, wrapping, boxing, furniture assembly, and appliance installation. We also list specialty movers for items such as pianos and hot tubs. Many of these long distance moving and storage companies have storage facilities for your belongings too if you need space while you’re figuring out your moving logistics!

At Great Guys Moving we take pride in what we do – ensuring that customers get the best value possible. Whether you’re moving out of state or cross country, our recommended Chicago movers will take care of all your relocation needs from start to finish with their highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment. With our help, you can find state-to-state movers that are courteous and professional. They will make sure you feel like family from day one! If you’re looking to move across the country soon, hire the perfect mover from Great Guys Moving. Get a quote now with just a few clicks!

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Exceptional! based on 2250+ data points.

About H2H Movers Inc

Are you looking to move places but are worried about the cost? Then, H2H Movers might be the best choice for you. This moving company provides people in Chicago with a smooth moving experience at an affordable price. On top of standard moving services, H2H also offers highly requested services like packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, disassembling and assembling, and furniture rearrangement. Besides being moving experts, employees of H2H are also friendly and nice. With H2H Movers, customer satisfaction is a top priority. You can rest well, knowing that your belongings are in good hands.

Why Hire H2H Movers Inc

You should hire H2H Movers Inc for a long distance move if you value a company with a strong reputation for professionalism, efficiency, and customer service. Many customers have praised their punctuality, careful handling of belongings, and fair pricing. Although some minor communication issues have been reported with the office staff, the majority of clients have had overwhelmingly positive experiences with H2H Movers. Their moving crew is known for being friendly and attentive to customers' needs. Overall, H2H Movers Inc provides an excellent moving service that leaves most customers highly satisfied.


Authorized for Interstate Moves
Last Checked: 11/24/22

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Information

Legal Business Name H2H Movers Inc
USDOT 2428328 Verify
MC MC-836885 Verify
Registered Trucks/Vans 6
Registered Drivers 2
Total Annual Miles Moved 1,375,811 (2022)
Superb! based on 1650+ data points.

About Golan's Moving & Storage

Since 1990, Golan's Moving and Storage has helped people in Chicago with seamless relocation experiences. From a small band with just one truck and four movers, the group has grown into a large moving company that moves people both locally and nationwide. With decades of experience, Golan's services are top-notch and unrivaled. These include professional packing and careful disassembly of furniture during the pre-move phase, as well as unboxing and arrangement of items after the move. Golan's Moving has built an outstanding reputation as one of Chicago's best moving companies.

Why Hire Golan's Moving & Storage

You should hire Golan's Moving & Storage for a long distance move if you value a company that consistently receives positive feedback for its promptness, professionalism, and customer-centric approach. Many customers have praised their friendly and efficient crews, as well as their ability to handle delicate and valuable items with care. Though a few clients experienced discrepancies in cost estimates, the overall sentiment is that Golan's Moving & Storage delivers a high-quality moving experience with exceptional customer service. While it's important to be aware of potential concerns, the majority of customers would recommend Golan's Moving & Storage for a seamless long distance move.


Authorized for Interstate Moves
Last Checked: 11/24/22

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Information

Legal Business Name Golan's Moving & Storage Inc
USDOT 504435 Verify
MC MC-258359 Verify
Registered Trucks/Vans 20
Registered Drivers 21
Total Annual Miles Moved 1,258,000 (2020)
Superb! based on 1250+ data points.

About 2 Guys and a Van

2 Guys and a Van is a family-owned Chicago moving company that lives up to its motto, "Moving Made Simple." This mover specializes in moving dorms, apartments, condos, homes, and offices. In addition to the traditional moving services, 2 Guys and a Van also provides specialty services like same day and emergency moves, furniture rearranging, and rental truck and storage container loading and unloading. The company understands the limits of its workforce and strives to never overbook, so you get the best possible moving experience. Additionally, this fully licensed and insured Illinois mover offers affordable rates with no hidden fees. Request a free quote today!

Why Hire 2 Guys and a Van

You should hire 2 Guys and a Van for a long distance move if you're looking for a team of efficient, professional, and courteous movers who take great care of your belongings. Their positive reputation is evident in numerous glowing reviews, highlighting their punctuality, affordability, and excellent customer service. They are well-known for their attention to detail in wrapping and protecting furniture, as well as going the extra mile by disassembling and reassembling items when needed. The company has a track record of successful and stress-free moves, ensuring a pleasant experience for customers. Just keep in mind that there may be a gas surcharge for moves outside city limits, but the total cost generally remains competitive with other local options.


Superb! based on 1750+ data points.

About Elite Moving & Storage Inc

For decades, Elite Moving and Storage has graced the city of Chicago with its professional relocation services. This Chicago moving company is committed to providing fast, reliable, and excellent relocation services for customers. With a deep understanding of how a move works, the company offers competitive rates without compromising the quality of services. Whether you're facing a local or long-distance relocation, you can trust that your move will be a smooth one. In addition to moving, Elite also provides a secure storage facility for your belongings. If you're looking for a full-service Chicagoland mover with a white-glove touch, Elite Moving and Storage is an excellent choice.

Why Hire Elite Moving & Storage Inc

You should hire Elite Moving & Storage Inc for a long distance move if you value a company with a history of successful moves and satisfied customers, as evidenced by their positive reviews. Their team has been described as professional, courteous, and efficient, and they offer reasonable prices for their services. They've been praised for their flexibility and timely completion of moves, as well as their commitment to customer satisfaction. However, it's important to be aware that some customers have experienced issues with lost or damaged items, so it may be helpful to take extra precautions with valuable possessions. Overall, Elite Moving & Storage Inc has many satisfied customers who would recommend their services for a long distance move.


Authorized for Interstate Moves
Last Checked: 11/24/22

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Information

Legal Business Name Elite Moving & Storage Inc
USDOT 1567283 Verify
MC MC-580862 Verify
Registered Trucks/Vans 14
Registered Drivers 14
Total Annual Miles Moved 426,000 (2021)


  1. H2H Movers Inc is the #1 long distance moving company in Chicago, IL with an exceptional rating based on 2250+ data points.
  2. Golan's Moving & Storage is the #2 long distance moving company in Chicago, IL with a superb rating based on 1650+ data points.
  3. 2 Guys and a Van is the #3 long distance moving company in Chicago, IL with a superb rating based on 1250+ data points.
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