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Very Good based on 200+ data points.


Very Good based on 200+ data points.

HonDep Moving may be a small business with over 8 years of experience, but it lives up to its name which is a portmanteau of Honest and Dependable Moving. To the point that it guarantees satisfaction by encouraging you to check customer reviews, which do give justice to its moniker. With the motto “Always Honest. Always Dependable”, HonDep Moving is a top mover in Savannah, GA for both local and long-distance relocation services. As a fully licensed and insured moving company, it provides full-service for any kind of relocation need from residential to commercial and everything in between including white glove packing for fragile and delicate items.


Very Good based on 300+ data points.

More than 30 years ago, two high school boys started an after-school moving business. Today, Two Men and a Truck is a moving company with over 350 locations both domestically and internationally. Its location in Pooler, GA brings decades of expertise in residential and commercial relocation services to Savannah. Two Men and a Truck have a unique core value referred to as “The Grandma Rule” that has been just one reason for its overwhelming success and continued growth. It provides more than just top-quality local and long-distance relocation services but also covers vaulted storage and junk removal. Two Men and a Truck lives up to its “Mission to Exceed Expectations”.


Very Good based on 100+ data points.

C-Port Delivery and Moving Services is a locally owned and operated moving company in Savannah and Macon, GA. It offers residential and commercial relocation services for both local or interstate moves. C-Port Delivery And Moving Services also offer furniture delivery and assembly within Savannah and the surrounding locations. This service is a highlight of some customer reviews that note C-Port Delivery And Moving Services provided customer satisfaction by properly assembling items such as beds and office furniture. It also provides same-day delivery services within Savannah and surrounding communities as well as a fully equipped labor service for packing and loading.


Good based on 100+ data points.

Savannah Moving is a local moving company in Savannah, GA that has been around for over 20 years, bringing decades of local moving experience. It is staffed by well-trained professionals with a mission to satisfy customer expectations. On top of residential relocation services, Savannah Moving also offers commercial relocation of offices regardless of how small or large the business. It is especially experienced with the complications of apartment moves such as dealing with complex rules and regulations as well as navigating stairs and tight hallways. Savannah Moving promises to make sure that items both big and small are moved safely and securely.


Good based on 50+ data points.

Honest Moving & Company LLC is a local moving company that provides relocation services in Savannah, GA, and Jacksonville, FL. It can also handle interstate or long-distance relocations and is fully licensed and insured. On top of residential and commercial moving services, Honest Moving & Company LLC also provides loading and unloading labor for storage containers with professional and well-trained staff. In fact, many customer reviews highlight how quick and efficient the packing and unloading services are for mobile storage. Honest Moving & Company LLC lives up to its name with thorough communication before and during your move and will take utmost care to avoid damage to your items.

Good based on 50+ data points.

For over 5 years, Savannah and Sons Moving has provided reliable relocation services for residential households and commercial businesses. Located in Savannah, GA it provides local and nationwide moving services for homeowners and businesses of all sizes. Packing services are also provided with special care for large items that may need extra muscle. From delicate antiques like pianos to large appliances, Savannah and Sons Moving’s heavy lifting service team takes precautions to ensure careful loading and transportation. Moreover, its reputation for efficient and punctual service is a highlight of satisfied customer reviews.


Good based on 150+ data points.

PODS Moving & Storage is already a big brand name on its own, so it’s no surprise that it also has storage facilities located in Savannah, GA that serve the greater Savannah area. PODS Moving & Storage operates by providing specially designed mobile storage units you can use for your relocation needs. It offers flexible pick-up and delivery options including various storage sizes to meet your needs and budget. You also have the option to keep the storage unit on-site or take advantage of its secure storage facility. PODS Moving & Storage also provides its services in Atlanta, Columbus, and Macon among other Georgia locales.



WP&L Moving Solutions is a unique relocation service located in Savannah, GA that covers a niche in the moving and storage industry. The name stands for “We Pack and Load”, which is exactly the specialty service it provides through professional and well-trained labor services. Considering that a majority of moves in the US are “Hybrid Moves” where customers perform part of the relocation themselves, WP&L Moving Solutions provides the labor and expertise in packing and loading rental trucks or storage containers to ensure you get the most out of every nook and cranny whether you are moving locally or long-distance.



Historic Moving Company is a local moving company with offices in Savannah, GA, and Bluffton, SC. It provides full-service relocation in the Savannah and Hilton Head areas where its movers can handle everything from small household moves to large business relocations. Historic Moving Company places an emphasis on customer satisfaction with customer reviews especially praising the owner, Dylan, on his communication and professionalism. Historic Moving Company is consistent in taking the utmost care of items whether the move entails handling large furniture or small breakables. It also provides loading and unloading of storage units or mobile pods, which has also garnered positive customer feedback for excellence in service.


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Home Size Crew Size Labor Only Movers & Truck Full Service
0 2 $ 114 $ 284 $ 511
1 2 $ 182 $ 454 $ 795
2 3 $ 409 $ 1,022 $ 1,789
3 3 $ 579 $ 1,448 $ 2,641
4 4 $ 1,091 $ 2,726 $ 4,771
5+ 4 $ 1,363 $ 3,408 $ 5,907
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  2. HonDep Moving is the #2 moving company in Savannah, GA with a very good rating based on 200+ data points.
  3. Two Men and a Truck is the #3 moving company in Savannah, GA with a very good rating based on 300+ data points.
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