Top Moving Companies in Forest Park, GA

Rank Moving Company Rating Logo
1 U-Pack Fabulous
2 All My Sons Moving & Storage Fabulous
3 JDA Movers LLC Very Good
4 Ox and Bull Logistics Very Good
5 Thee Moving Company Very Good
6 S&S Professional movers & Junk Removal Very Good
7 Move Something Movers Very Good
8 Cleansville Movers Very Good
9 Two Men and a Truck Good
10 Royal Movers ATL Good
Fabulous! based on 300+ data points.


Fabulous! based on 6450+ data points.


Very Good

It’s hard enough to find a reliable moving company but then add in the tackling your long moving to-do list. JDA Movers LLC comes to the rescue by providing various services that will cover your moving needs without any of the anxiety and worry. You can have more freedom to focus on other things by letting professional movers take care of the move. JDA Movers LLC has eased the moving tensions of many families in and around Atlanta, Georgia. It continues to provide its moving and packing services to the local community. Whether you just need help in loading or need the whole packing and moving service, JDA Movers LLC has your back.


Very Good based on 50+ data points.

Moving is a very stressful moment in life. Aside from all the things that need packing, there are many other things to settle. Ox and Bull Logistics provides a solution by eliminating one area of stress. As a moving labor service company, Ox and Bull Logistics, helps you with the heavy lifting. Whether loading or unloading a rental truck, mobile container, or storage unit, its moving crews will ensure everything is done safely. Ox and Bull Logistics understands that time is valuable and makes sure not to waste any of yours. From the moment the team arrives, you’ll see why it has a reputation for efficiency and professionalism.


Very Good based on 250+ data points.

Thee Moving Company is a family-owned and operated business headquartered in Atlanta, GA. It services the entire USA with residential and commercial movers specializing in artwork and delicate items. Thee Moving Company gives customers quick, safe, and efficient moves with free packing materials and trucks that can hold a four-bedroom house in one load. It can also help you pack and unpack your container and handle specialty moves such as pianos, pool tables, hot tubs, washer and dryer units, and deep freezers. Thee Moving Company has stellar customer ratings and glowing reviews on Google. It has a knowledgeable customer service team and a crew of professional, well-trained, and friendly movers committed to offering the best prices in the industry with no hidden fees or surprises. This company is fully licensed and insured with $1,000,000 in coverage.


Very Good based on 150+ data points.


  • Appliance
  • Storage
  • Furniture
Very Good

There are many things involved in a relocation; it’s not just packing things up and moving. Move Something Movers understands this very well. That’s why it tailors every move to the specific needs of each customer. It understands there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to moving. Move Something Movers serves Atlanta, McDonough, and the surrounding areas with a full range of moving services. From packing to transport, there’s nothing Move Something Movers can’t handle. It has a fleet of moving trucks that can suit a variety of moves. Whether you are moving from a small apartment or a multi-bedroom mansion, there’s a truck that fits you. And Move Something Movers will get you moved safely and efficiently.


Very Good

Cleansville Movers is an Atlanta moving company that emphasizes family. Established in 2015 by a husband and wife team that met in college, Cleansville Movers has grown into a reputable mover serving the surrounding Georgia area. It provides reliable labor services to give you extra pairs of helping hands in loading or unloading. Renting your truck, mobile container, or storage unit gives you a lot of flexibility and savings. But Cleansville Movers understands that moving is back-breaking work. That’s why it offers professional moving labor services to help you with all the heavy-lifting. With the help of Cleansville Movers, you won’t have to worry about any accidents or a potential hospital bill.


Good based on 550+ data points.


Authorized for Local Moves within Georgia
Last Checked: 3/04/22

State License Information

Legal Business Name Two Men and A Truck
License No. 500163 Verify
Status Active
Good based on 50+ data points.

Royal Movers ATL is a locally owned and operated business with over 2,000 houses and apartments moved to date. It provides services throughout Greater Atlanta, including long-distance options for relocating outside the metro area. Royal Movers specializes in residential and commercial moves. Whether you’re moving from a condo, downsizing in your retirement years, or in need of professional assistance to relocate your office, this company is fully equipped to meet your needs efficiently and on time. All of its staff are insured professionals for your protection. You can rest easy knowing that nothing will go wrong in the process. Royal Movers also offers junk removal, furniture rearranging, and delivery services for both small packages and large items on any budget. It takes pride in providing quality service at affordable prices with absolutely zero hidden fees or charges.


  • Storage
  • Local
  • Piano
  • Packing

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How much do movers cost in Forest Park, GA?

Home Size Crew Size Labor Only Movers & Truck Full Service
0 2 $ 111 $ 278 $ 500
1 2 $ 178 $ 444 $ 777
2 3 $ 400 $ 999 $ 1,749
3 3 $ 566 $ 1,415 $ 2,581
4 4 $ 1,066 $ 2,664 $ 4,663
5+ 4 $ 1,332 $ 3,331 $ 5,773
*Please note: These Forest Park, GA moving prices are rough approximations based upon nationwide data as well as local Forest Park and/or Georgia data. To determine the exact costs associated with your move, get a quote from a licensed Forest Park mover.
  1. U-Pack is the #1 moving company in Forest Park, GA with a fabulous rating based on 300+ data points.
  2. All My Sons Moving & Storage is the #2 moving company in Forest Park, GA with a fabulous rating based on 6450+ data points.
  3. JDA Movers LLC is the #3 moving company in Forest Park, GA with a very good rating.
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