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About U-Pack

U-Pack has become a household name by providing some of the most affordable moving solutions for moving long distances. Whether you’re moving within the city, state, or across the country, U-Pack offers a unique, affordable, and convenient solution without you losing any flexibility or control over your moving process. With U-Pack, you can decide what you need and when. It has specialized storage containers that can be delivered right to your doorstep, giving you the freedom of packing and loading at your own pace. Once you’re ready, its professional drivers can pick up your load and deliver it to your new home or a storage facility—a solution that’s more convenient than DIY and more affordable than traditional movers.

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6402 NW 74th Ave, Miami, FL, 33166
(844) 611-4582
U-Pack has a very good rating compared to all movers nationwide. To see the best movers in Miami, FL, click HERE.
U-Pack offers cheap, long distance, cross country, storage, packing, local and international moving services.
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